Ch 57: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar


The final test results naturally won’t have any issues. After more than two hours, the little chicks were still lively and hopping around under the fence, searching for food.

Seeing this, Father Su completely let go of his worries. So, as soon as Mother Su returned from the neighbor’s house, she was immediately pulled aside by her husband. He handed her a pink object.

“This is something our daughter’s friend sent. They say it’s good for the eyes. Hurry and eat it.”

Mother Su was half skeptical, but she still put the seed in her mouth. It had a crispy texture and tasted similar to sunflower seeds and peanuts. This was because they all contained oils, resulting in a delicate flavor.

In just a few bites, she finished the relatively small seed and shared her thoughts after eating, “The taste is really good.”

Father Su grinned, “The main thing is to see if it works for the eyes. The taste is secondary.”

Mother Su gave him a disdainful look. This old man was really naive. Even if it was medicine, it wouldn’t take effect immediately. The taste was something she could experience right now.

“Lunch is ready.” Su Mu came into the house and called them to eat. Seeing that the seed was gone, she smiled and asked her mother, “How was the taste?”

“It was delicious, like a little snack.”

“That’s good.” Su Mu walked to the kitchen holding her mother’s hand. Father Su followed them with a soft expression in his eyes.

Su Mu had already prepared lunch. She didn’t make anything complex—just stir-fried Sichuan-style spicy beef, tomato scrambled eggs, garlic stir-fried vegetables, and spinach soup. The weather wasn’t too hot today, so instead of cooking porridge, she made steamed rice. A soup was a must for meals at home, a tradition that had lasted for decades.

stir-fried Sichuan-style spicy beef

tomato scrambled eggs

As the family of three chatted while eating, Father Su praised, “This Sichuan-style beef is flavorful and delicious.”

The Sichuan-style peppers had been pickled by Mother Su earlier. Su Mu found the pickled peppers in a corner of the kitchen, and a thought crossed her mind. She scooped out a few to use in stir-frying the beef.

“Sichuan-style peppers are also delicious when used to stir-fry chicken or duck organs. I’ll make some for you when I have the chance.”

“We’re in luck then.”

As they enjoyed the meal in the kitchen, a familiar car pulled into the yard. It was He Fu and Tang Hui, who had returned. The trunk was filled with quite a few things.

They walked in without hesitation, guided by their familiarity with the place. Laughter and conversation from the kitchen drew their attention. They exchanged a glance and immediately headed toward the kitchen.

Father Su’s seat faced the entrance, so when they approached, he saw them and stood up with a welcoming smile. “You’re back today, and you didn’t say anything in advance? Have you eaten?”

Tang Hui modestly replied, “We were on the road the whole time and forgot to tell you. Neither of us has eaten. Is there any food left?”

After over a month of getting along, they had already become like family with the Su family. Tang Hui was not reserved, and he immediately asked about food.

Father Su and Mother Su didn’t find this impolite. In the village, it was quite common to have a meal at someone else’s house. When Su Mu was younger, she often had meals at Grandma Li’s house.

“Unfortunately, we’ve finished all the food. Would you like me to make a bowl of noodles for you and Xiao Fu?” Mother Su offered.

“Don’t trouble yourself, Aunt. We can do it ourselves.” He Fu declined. He was quite skilled in cooking.

Usually, he often helped Mother Su in the kitchen, and she knew he had a foundation in cooking. So, she allowed them to go ahead on their own.

After a brief chat with Father Su and Mother Su, they left the dinning room with their hands behind their backs.

Su Mu was tidying up the bowls and chopsticks on the table, washing what needed washing and wiping what needed wiping.

Tang Hui went to the vegetable garden to pick vegetables, while He Fu was in the kitchen boiling water. After hesitating for a moment, Su Mu finally spoke up, “Big Brother He, why didn’t Gu Shi come back with you guys?”

“I was wondering when you’d ask.” He Fu teased. Seeing her feeling a bit embarrassed, he then answered her question, “Gu Shi wanted his grandparents to come here for a while to rest, but it seems Uncle Gu has some concerns. That’s why he delayed his return. Don’t worry, he’ll come back.”

A faint blush appeared on Su Mu’s face. “I’m not worried, why would I be worried?”

He Fu chuckled softly, and the sound of his laughter reached her ears, causing her to blush even more.

Swiftly cleaning up the kitchen, Su Mu immediately hurried out, almost giving the impression of fleeing.

After about half an hour, He Fu and Tang Hui had finished lunch and found Father Su and Mother Su. Gu Shi’s house had been renovated and ventilated. Starting today, they were going to move out of the Su family’s house. In terms of etiquette and common sense, they should inform the Su family.

“Are all your daily necessities in order?” Mother Su asked with concern. She felt a bit disappointed in her heart. With these kids around, the house had been a bit livelier. Soon, her daughter would also move out, leaving her feeling a bit empty.

“Everything is prepared. We’ve got everything we need.” He Fu took out the gifts he brought from the capital. “These were prepared by our elders at home. Please accept them, Uncle and Aunt.”

Seeing that the gifts were just some liquor and snacks, not particularly valuable, Father Su and Mother Su readily accepted them.

He Fu and Tang Hui returned to their original room, packed their belongings, and brought them downstairs.

“Well, Uncle and Aunt, we’ll be leaving now. We’ll visit again sometime.”

The distance between the two families was short, making it convenient for them to visit each other.

Mother Su smiled, “Make sure to come often. You’re always welcome. By the way, will you be joining us for dinner tonight?”

“No, thank you for the offer, Aunt. We’ll cook for ourselves. We’ve been eating at your place for a while, so now it’s time for me to take up my role as a nutritionist.”

A while later, the three of them left together. Su Mu tagged along mainly to help with the move.

Aside from their clothes and daily necessities, the car’s trunk contained newly purchased appliances for their home, such as an oven and a coffee machine.

After a couple of trips, they finished moving everything.

Gu Shi’s house was decorated with a spacious and open atmosphere, exuding a subtle warmth. This was something He Fu strongly requested, as being in such a space could improve one’s mood. Otherwise, with two individuals prone to psychological issues, living in a confined space might lead to problems.

Su Mu mainly took care of tidying up the kitchen, a relatively simple task that she finished quickly.

After leaving for a while with an umbrella, she returned to the house with a bouquet of flowers and found a few empty vases. Carefully, she arranged the flowers in them.

With the vibrant decoration of flowers, the feeling in the house became much warmer.

“The flowers are beautiful, Mu Mu. You’ve put in the effort,” Tang Hui came downstairs. After a period of rest, his mentality had become much more stable, unlike before when he was so fluctuating.

Occasionally, he also realized that there were some beautiful things in life, not everything was truly ugly.

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Su Mu responded with a smile, “In the future, you can cut the flowers yourself. Your artistic taste is excellent, and your flower arrangements will definitely be beautiful.”

“Sure, thanks.”

Tang Hui’s gaze fell on the vividly blooming flowers; they were truly beautiful.

At that moment, He Fu also came downstairs. After a few words with both of them, Su Mu returned home.

Tang Hui took out his phone and took a picture with the vase of flowers behind him.

He Fu couldn’t help but be surprised. In the past, he hardly ever looked at himself, let alone take selfies. But this was also a sign that his mental barriers were starting to break down. He patted Tang Hui’s shoulder, “Brother, well done.”

There was a hint of a smile in Tang Hui’s eyes as he softly said, “Actually, nothing is really that significant.”

Whether fans liked him or not, he couldn’t control their thoughts. It was enough to be true to himself. It took him several years to come to terms with this issue, and it was fortunate that he did.

Tang Hui logged onto his V-blog, something he hadn’t done in years. The moment he logged in, it felt like the chains on him dissolved into thin air, and he felt a sense of relief. His direct messages were flooding in, and the retweets, comments, and likes on his latest V-blog had already reached an astonishing number.

He opened his private messages, and the sincere and heartfelt words from his fans came into view. Below his blog post, the four words “等你回来” (Waiting for you to come back) dominated the screen.

See, some people dislike him, but there are also people who love him.

Tang Hui opened the editing box, uploaded the recent selfie, and captioned it, “I’m sorry for keeping you all waiting.” He clicked the submit button.

After completing these actions, he returned to his room to catch up on sleep. He had been on the road all morning and was feeling a bit tired.

Little did he know, his fans were going crazy.

The trending topic was rapidly climbing, and within a few minutes, it had exploded.

“Wuwuwu, you’re finally back.”

“Yea, the Lord of Coolness has returned!”

“Our male god has lost a lot of weight. Take care of yourself.”

“Who is this? Am I on 2G internet?”

“Clearly a post-’00s kid, you were probably not even born when he was dominating the screen.”

Their idol was finally back in business, and the fans started to join in too. They began educating people who didn’t know Tang Hui about his glorious achievements. The awards he had received were solid evidence of his talent. When bystanders saw that string of awards, their eyes began to blur. How hadn’t they heard of such an impressive individual before?

As a result, the films in which Tang Hui had acted started to gain more and more views.

In the Tang family’s home in the capital, they received this news as well. Tang Ying showed their parents her brother’s blog post. When Yang Caiwei saw the picture, tears immediately welled up in her eyes. Even the sturdy Tang Tianming couldn’t help but feel a warmth in his eyes.

When their son came back home during the Dragon Boat Festival, his condition had improved a lot. They genuinely appreciated He Fu now, and also the Su family members thousands of miles away. It was they who saved their son.

On the other side, Su Mu also received a call from Chen Guo.

“Mu Mu! Tang Hui just posted on his V-blog!”

“Really? Congratulations!” The atmosphere here had a purifying effect on the body. After living here for some time, Tang Hui’s improvement was within her expectations.

“Wuwuwu, I’ve finally waited for his return. Thank you, Mu Mu, thank you for helping him.”

“It’s okay, he’s my friend now too. It’s what friends do.”

Time continued to move forward. These past few days, Su Mu would visit the Misty Blossom every day, afraid of missing any fallen fruits.

She had carefully chosen the name Misty Blossom after much consideration, and it was quite fitting.

The materials for the flower house had been received, neatly piled up at the designated construction site. Now, they were just waiting for the arrival of Zhao Lei’s team.



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