Ch 43: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar


Su Mu returned home with a heavy heart. Everyone noticed her unusual mood and started asking what had happened. She recounted the incident from earlier and the online news, ending with, “I just wanted to live a quiet life without so many tourists coming to disturb the village’s tranquility.”

But the villagers were undoubtedly pleased. Tourists meant income from meals and accommodations. City folks also loved the local specialties like native chickens, ducks, and dried goods, providing another significant economic source.

In truth, the village’s scenery was no worse than that of external tourist spots: babbling brooks, scattered houses, unique peaks, and even the slender waterfall from the water source. The villagers were used to this scenery and saw it as ordinary. Yet, to outsiders, this picturesque village was an excellent weekend getaway.

Furthermore, Huayuan Village was easily accessible, only about an hour’s drive from the city.

Upon hearing this, Tang Hui’s expression turned grim. Though it couldn’t be hastily concluded that it was the construction team who had taken the photos and posted them online, he decided to call the team leader to investigate.

Gu Shi consoled her, “Perhaps the situation isn’t as bad as you think. I’ll have the trending topic taken down.”

“You can do that? Remove a trending topic?” Su Mu widened her eyes, as if she had learned a peculiar trick.

She had been away from the modern world for a long time and had only returned two months ago. She was still a bit shaky when it came to typing and naturally couldn’t remember these unwritten rules.

“Yes, I can.” Gu Shi said casually and made a phone call to his brother.

Before long, when Su Mu searched again, the images, topics, and comments were nowhere to be found. When she typed “Huayuan Village,” the search returned an error message.

“Gu Shi, you’re amazing!” Su Mu looked at him with shining eyes. He was quite pleased by the admiration in her gaze, though his expression remained indifferent. “It’s just a small matter.”

Tang Hui and He Fu watched him play it cool, not exposing him. What puzzled them was where this kid had learned these flirting techniques.

Regardless, the online issue was temporarily resolved. As for whether tourists would come later, they would have to wait and see.

Su Mu then turned her attention back to drying the grapes. Making raisins was actually quite simple. She selected ripe, flawless grapes, removed the stems, cleaned them thoroughly, placed them on bamboo mats, and left them to dry in the sun. Sunlight and time were the best creators.

After days of continuous sunshine following the previous rainy weather, sweet and fresh raisins would likely be ready in a few more days.

She had already dried a portion of the grapes, but there were still many left on the racks. Surprisingly, the grape vines were blossoming again, indicating that they were continuing to yield fruit.

Since she couldn’t consume so many, she gave some to Grandma Li and other friendly households. She also picked a basketful, which she asked the elderly driver who came every morning to deliver vegetables to take back to the city. She intended for him to share them with Big Brother Fu and Grandpa Fu.

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After Fu Da received the grapes and saw their large, plump forms, his eyes were filled with admiration. Su Mu was indeed skilled in cultivation!

Once he had tasted them, he called Su Mu.

“What did you say? You want me to plant grapes?” Su Mu was helpless. Fu Da was the type who always had a ready argument. She wasn’t even willing to expand her vegetable cultivation, so how could she agree to grow fruit? Managing fruit trees was even more demanding than cultivating vegetables.

As soon as Fu Da heard this, he understood her meaning. He felt a bit of a headache. If someone else had her cultivation skills, they would probably want to claim all the available land. Unfortunately, she had a tendency to be lazy.

Su Mu continued, “Brother Fu, please don’t say anymore. It’s impossible for me to plant fruit, at least not for now. Maybe in the future. However, I do have a lychee orchard on the hillside at my home. It should ripen in early June, and the quality is comparable to these grapes. Would you be interested?”

“I want them! I want as many as you have,” Fu Da immediately sat up straight.

“Great, I’ll talk to my father and set some aside for you. But as for the price…”

Su Mu had researched lychee prices, especially for the most expensive variety, the “Guagreen” lychee from Zengcheng, Guangdong Province. It once set a record of 555,000 yuan for a single fruit.

Even today, the Guagreen variety was still highly valued and difficult to find.

Although Su Mu hadn’t tasted Guagreen, she was confident that her lychees were the best, full of vitality and health benefits. So, she believed asking for a slightly higher price was reasonable.

“299 yuan per pound.”

Fu Da winced and exclaimed, “What variety of lychee is it?”

“It’s Nuomi Ci.” This variety was considered relatively high-end in the market. The flesh was translucent and milky white, with an extremely sweet taste. The fruit pit was even smaller than a soybean.

Indeed, it was an exceptional lychee variety.

After a moment of consideration, Fu Da spoke, “I need to see and taste them before making a decision. But you must reserve some for me in advance.”

Su Mu agreed, “Alright.”

Then she added jokingly, “You’re going to have them tested again, right?”

Fu Da responded calmly, undeterred by being found out, “There’s no other way. With such a high price, customers should be able to spend their money with confidence.”

After hanging up the phone, Su Mu was in a cheerful mood as she found her father to share the good news. Although the deal wasn’t confirmed yet, she had confidence in the quality of her lychees. With her care and the ample sunlight in Huayuan Village, the sugar content was steadily accumulating, and the taste wouldn’t disappoint.

Upon hearing the news, Father Su became agitated. He had been growing lychees for half his life, and did his daughter really think he wouldn’t recognize the taste of their own lychees? Was she trying to deceive people?

“Mu Mu, you can’t ask for such an exorbitant price. Our lychees aren’t worth that much. In previous years, when fruit merchants came to buy, getting four or five yuan per kilogram was considered a good price. In some years, it was less than two yuan. Selling them for 299 yuan per pound? You’re really daring to demand that price! And that Fu Da actually didn’t refuse? It’s all nonsense.”

Su Mu patted her father’s back. He had been supervising the construction site these days, claiming to be supervising, but in reality, he was working alongside the laborers, hauling bricks and materials. She couldn’t stop him no matter how hard she tried. She couldn’t let him get impatient and agitated now.

Once her father’s emotions settled a bit, she spoke, “Dad, I set this price because our lychees truly deserve it.”

Father Su was about to argue, but she cut in first, “Let me finish. In previous years, our grapes tasted sour and astringent, barely edible. Think about this year’s grapes. They’re as sweet as honey, with plenty of moisture. Have you ever tasted grapes better than those from our own vineyard?”

“And think about passion fruits and vegetables. Do you think it’s worth it?”

After hearing her words, Father Su hesitated. All these changes in the household started happening after his daughter suddenly returned from the city. He had even overheard his wife muttering that their daughter seemed different.

Later, she grew delicious vegetables, and even the produce from their vegetable garden changed.

He didn’t know what his daughter had experienced outside, but Mu Mu was still his daughter after all. Following her lead should be the right choice.

With these thoughts in mind, Father Su waved his hand and said, “Alright, I’ll go along with it. But if the fruits don’t turn out to be as delicious as you imagine once they ripen, you better lower the price. Don’t deceive Fu Da.”

Su Mu nodded, “Of course. If any fruit merchants come to buy, you don’t have to agree. Even if Fu Da’s offer doesn’t work out, I have a plan to sell the lychees.”

“Got it, this year’s lychees will be fully under your responsibility. Alright, with such bright sunlight, you should hurry back home,” Su Mu said.

She continued, “And what about you?”

“I’ll go move a few more bricks,” he said while waving his hand, heading back to the construction site before Su Mu could stop him.

She felt quite helpless. Despite having plenty of workers, her father insisted on working alongside them. She knew it was his way of preventing any shoddy work or shortcuts.

After seeing her father exchange some words and smiles with the workers from a distance, Su Mu decided to lend a hand herself. Eventually, she had to turn and head back home.

At the entrance of her house, she encountered the village chief walking towards her with a refined middle-aged man. Su Mu stopped at the doorway.

The village chief introduced the man, saying, “This is Su Mu, the one you’ve been looking for.”

Then he turned his head towards Su Mu and said, “This gentleman is from the capital. He’s here to conduct a practical examination of the land and the greenhouse.”

Suddenly, it dawned on Su Mu. This was the greenhouse construction manager recommended by Gu Shi.

“Hello, you must be Miss Su, the client. I’m Zhao Lei, responsible for the greenhouse construction. Nice to meet you, Miss Su. Thank you for having me travel all the way from the capital,” Zhao Lei greeted.

“Yes, that’s me. I’m Su Mu, and I’m the one looking to build the greenhouse. Nice to meet you, Mr. Zhao. Thank you for coming,” Su Mu replied.

“No need to be so polite, it’s my duty.”

Seeing that they had successfully connected, the village chief chuckled and said, “Well then, Mu Mu, I’ll take my leave.”

Su Mu nodded and smiled, “Thank you, Grandpa.”

“Hey, no problem. I’m off.” After saying that, he leisurely left with his hands behind his back.

He had sold land and was involved in the construction of a rehabilitation center in the village. All of this was thanks to Su Mu, and the village chief was well aware of it. With the energetic and capable villagers now contributing their labor to the construction site, there was a significant source of income.

These days, he was enjoying a comfortable life.

As for Su Mu, she led Zhao Lei into her house, had him sit under the grape arbor, and offered him some grapes to eat. The washed fruits were already on the table.

Then, she made a trip to the kitchen, brought out a chilled passion fruit lemon mint tea from the refrigerator, and poured a glass for him.

In the kitchen, Gu Shi was helping Mother Su when he noticed her swift movements. When she walked out of the kitchen, he saw her entertaining a man.

Without much thought, he followed her.

Seeing Gu Shi approaching, Su Mu smiled and said, “Gu Shi, the Mr. Zhao you introduced is here. Finally, my greenhouse plans are falling into place.”


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