Ch 42: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

Amazing Result

The three of them, after settling here, would buy vegetables from Su Mu every few days. They would have their assistant send them back home through Shunda Express for their family members to taste. The grapes this time were included in that.

Upon hearing their request, Mother Su praised them for being filial and insisted that they pick the grapes without paying.

However, Gu Shi and his friends didn’t agree. They directly transferred the money to her WeChat account, just like they did with their meal expenses. Mother Su didn’t know how to refund the money to them, and her daughter was stopping her from helping. In the end, she had no choice but to accept the money, though Gu Shi’s group endured a barrage of complaints from her.

The grape clusters were large, and nearly two of them could fill a box. Mother Su also packed a small box of passion fruits for each of them, all headed for the capital city.

When the assistant got the notification, they arrived at the Su residence around noon and took away the boxes.

The local express service wasn’t particularly fast, so they usually had the assistant send the packages to the city first, then use a faster courier service from there.

For the past half month, the Gu, He, and Tang families had been relying on deliveries from Huayuan Village every day. The difference in quality was too obvious. They were about to taste grapes again, so it could be imagined that they wouldn’t be able to enjoy regular fruits for a long time.

It wasn’t just the vegetables; Su Mu’s flowers were also being highly appreciated by customers.

Originally, they were bought as a favor to the Gu family, but in the end, they benefited from it themselves.

Take Qian Yue from the Qian family as an example.

The Qian family was considered one level below the He family, but Qian Yue, in the upper echelons, was well-known. This recognition could be divided into two categories: notoriety and admiration.

And Qian Yue’s reputation fell into the latter category. She was intelligent. While the second-generation rich were still living a carefree life, she had managed to secure a spot in a prestigious foreign university through her own efforts. From time to time, news about her participation in various world competitions and winning highly prestigious championships would surface.

Throughout history, parents always liked comparing their children to others. Qian Yue’s success was like a thorn in the side of those from wealthier generations. However, in the eyes of the older generation, she was incredibly outstanding.

Upon returning from abroad, she took over the family business. Originally, Qian Group was ranked within the top 100 in China. Through her strong leadership and keen investment sense, she managed to elevate it to the top 20. It was worth noting that this transformation had only taken five years.

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During these five years, she had hardly rested, especially in recent days. Her headaches had become severe, and fearing for her life, she promptly went for a full-body checkup.

The results indicated excessive fatigue and advised her to rest well.

Naturally, Qian Yue couldn’t afford to follow the doctor’s advice. She had numerous employees relying on her.

Qian Yue’s mother felt distressed at how hard her daughter was working. She saw an advertisement for a flower shop that had an almost magical slogan. Since it came recommended by the Gu family, it couldn’t be wrong. Therefore, she chose a few types of flowers that could soothe the body, relax the mind, and ordered them.

Upon opening the package and seeing the flowers, she truly felt their uniqueness. The flowers were beautiful, and their fragrance was not overpowering but rather refreshing and elegant.

Without delay, Qian Yue’s mother placed the flowers in vases and arranged them in her daughter’s room. She also decorated the study, living room, and dining room.

In the evening, when Qian Ye returned to her room, the first thing she saw was the bouquet of flowers. She was delighted. No matter how strong a woman is inside, her heart always softens when she sees beautiful flowers.

She thought that the fragrance of the flowers would keep her awake, but unexpectedly, after her head touched the pillow, she fell asleep peacefully in no time.

When she woke up the next morning, her head didn’t ache as much as before. Instead, she felt refreshed and full of energy.

On that day, her work efficiency was astonishingly high, but Qian Ye didn’t think much of it. When something novel loses its freshness, even if it’s constantly in sight, it won’t remain in the heart.

Two weeks later, Qian Ye accidentally knocked over the flower vase. The vase almost fell to the ground, but she quickly caught it. That’s when she realized, wait, why are these flowers still here?

She carried the flowers out of the room and asked her mother, who was preparing a late-night snack for her, “Mom, did you replace the flowers in my room?”

Mother Qian brought a small bowl of clear soup noodles and smiled, “No, these flowers can last for over a month.”

Qian Ye frowned, “Mom, were you deceived? Were these flowers sprayed with something? Otherwise, how could they still be fresh after so long?”

“You, my child, what are you saying!” Mother Qian saw her daughter obediently eating the noodles and then continued, “Actually, whether you were deceived or not, you know better than anyone.”

“Hmm?” Qian Ye was puzzled.

“Have you noticed that your minor health issues haven’t recurred?” Mother Qian also had flowers in her bedroom, so she had a deep experience. She found that the fragrance of these flowers was much more effective than health supplements. It had even significantly improved her physical well-being.

Qian Ye put down her chopsticks, “Are you saying that the fragrance of these flowers is responsible for this?” To her, it sounded almost like a fairy tale.

She had firmly believed that her mother had been deceived. Even if the recommendation came from the Gu family, she couldn’t trust it. After she persuaded her mother to go to the hospital for a check-up, she still wasn’t reassured and had the flowers tested.

The final test result left her speechless. Mother Qian patted her daughter’s shoulder with a touch of pride, “See, I told you these flowers have remarkable effects. Daughter, let me ask the shop owner if they have any mint for sale. Buy a pot and place it on your office desk. Your health is bound to improve more and more…”

So, half a month later, the orders for the flower shop began to slowly increase once again.

The first batch of flowers had bloomed and withered, and Su Mu’s shipments mainly contained the newest blossoms. There were even extra gifts included, as there were simply too many flowers blooming. However, the orders couldn’t consume all of them, so she ended up giving some as bonus gifts.

The Su family was now like a sea of flowers, surrounded by flowers both inside and outside the courtyard.

A few days after the construction had started on the residential land, a few unfamiliar faces appeared in Huayuan Village. They held their phones and asked villagers for directions before finally finding their way to Su’s house.

“We’re here, oh my goodness, it’s even more beautiful than in the pictures, a million times more!”

“Oh, these flowers are blooming so beautifully!”

“Meimei, can you take a few photos for me?”

“Sure, I promise to take beautiful pictures.”

“Hey, wait a moment, I’ll pick a few flowers. It’ll look even better if I hold a bouquet in my arms.”

“Could these flowers have owners?” Another girl with glasses raised her concerns, “Aren’t we picking them randomly? What if they belong to someone?”

“The flowers are growing by the roadside, and there are so many of them. Picking a few won’t be a problem. Relax.”

The two girls started picking the flowers. Some stems were resilient and required a few attempts to be pulled out. The girl with glasses looked regretful as she plucked them.

Su Mu hurried over, coming a bit late. She jogged over and scolded, “What are you doing?”

She had been handling grapes earlier, intending to make some raisins. Little Violet had rushed over in a panic, its voice sharp and urgent, “Master, someone is trying to steal the flowers!”

Every flower under its management held value, and it wouldn’t allow anyone to take the flowers without paying the corresponding price. People who didn’t pay would not treat its flowers with care.

Upon hearing Little Violet’s report, Su Mu immediately rushed to the scene.

When the flowers first bloomed, they had attracted many villagers who came to admire them. Upon learning that she was the one who had planted them, they assured her that they would only look and not touch.

The areas along the road were collectively owned land, and she had used the space to plant flowers. She waved her hand, indicating that they could come and pick a few flowers whenever they liked, as long as they didn’t damage the flowers. Therefore, it was certain that the flower thieves weren’t from the village, or else Little Violet wouldn’t have been so angry.

As she approached, Su Mu realized they were indeed strangers – five of them in total, two males and three females, who looked like college students. They were holding cameras, and two of the girls had bouquets in their hands.

Su Mu then looked at the usually clean cement road, now scattered with flower leaves, roots, and soil. Seeing her displeased expression, one of the well-mannered young men stepped forward, looking somewhat embarrassed. “Sorry, we saw these beautiful flowers and… well…”

“So you just started picking them at random?”

The girl who advocated picking the flowers had an unpleasant expression. She spoke up, “These flowers are by the roadside. We didn’t know they had owners. What’s wrong with picking a few flowers?” The girl with glasses tugged at her sleeve, but she brushed her hand away.

Su Mu asked, “So you think you can just pick flowers from the roadside? Look at the roads in the village. Are there flowers on both sides? Why is it only my area that has them? Can’t you figure that out?”

The girl wanted to argue back but was restrained by her companions. The companions, however, were more courteous and quickly apologized.

“We’re really sorry, miss. It was our mistake. How about this? How much are these flowers? We’ll buy them from you.”

“That’s right, we saw how beautiful these flowers were and couldn’t resist picking a few.”

Considering that they were first-time offenders and had sincerely apologized, Su Mu decided to let it go. “Fine, let this be a one-time exception.”

“By the way, how did you find your way here?”

“Online, miss. Don’t you know? The scenery here has been widely shared online, and it even became a hot search topic. I bet more people will come later.”

Su Mu frowned. “What photos? What hot search?”

The girl with glasses took out her phone, opened the hot search page, and handed it to her. “Look, it’s right here. We saw these photos and thought the location seemed close, so we decided to come and take pictures.”

Su Mu briefly scrolled through the content and indeed, it was the scenery near her home. There were even a few photos that captured her small courtyard.

Numerous people in the comment section were excitedly discussing, inviting friends and planning to come visit.

The flowers had been blooming for almost a month, so why did they suddenly go viral in the last few days? Su Mu speculated that the construction team might have found the place beautiful and posted some pictures online, triggering this series of events.

Her head was throbbing; she had initially wanted to quietly earn money.



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