Ch 19: Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

Fang Ziyang and Xie Wenxu’s sudden abnormal behavior was too obvious.

Although Wang Jiaojiao had a spoiled temper, she wasn’t stupid, and she had a special understanding of her long-standing opponent.

Fang Ziyang’s current actions reminded her of the past scenes when she tried to get close to Xie Wenxu. Every time Fang Ziyang saw her, he would have this guarded expression, but now it was clear that he was not guarding against her.

Xie Wenxu’s gaze was also particularly off…

In an instant, a conjecture flashed through Wang Jiaojiao’s mind, and she followed the gaze of the two individuals towards the door.

At the entrance of the private room, two people were standing. One was dressed in luxurious and rugged attire, while the other had a relatively ordinary appearance but was incredibly pure and beautiful. They were none other than Fang Qianhao and Yan Tong, whom everyone knew.

Fang Qianhao was the young master of the Fang family, so people in their social circle naturally recognized him.

As for the familiarity with Yan Tong, it was because of Fang Ziyang’s bullying video that went viral and attracted the attention of netizens nationwide. Since it involved Fang Ziyang, people in their social circle couldn’t resist taking a look.

It had to be said that although Yan Tong came from a humble background, he was truly good-looking. He wasn’t the type that was particularly stunning, but he exuded a pure and comfortable aura.

With fair and tender skin, starry eyes, a refined nose, and small delicate lips.

If it came down to looks alone, he definitely couldn’t surpass Fang Ziyang. However, Yan Tong’s pure temperament was truly unique.

Even Fang Ziyang had to admit that if they were put side by side, Yan Tong was the one who would attract men more. His innocent and pure, refreshing and ethereal qualities easily evoked a protective instinct in men.

Although Fang Ziyang’s appearance was stunning, his flamboyant and proud temperament made it difficult for people to approach him. The flame was too scorching, beautiful from afar but untouchable.

However, Fang Ziyang didn’t care.

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Yan Tong, like a dodder plant, needed to draw nourishment from men to survive. However, his inherent arrogance would never allow him to bow down to anyone. What he needed was a soulmate who could match and accompany him in the long run, not just any man who met his criteria for a partner.

Fang Ziyang appeared nervous and guarded, but his emotions remained unchanged throughout.

With his current ability to control his expressions, his outward appearance was enough to deceive these young boys and girls in the private room who had not yet matured.

Wang Jiaojiao’s gaze shifted back and forth between him, Xie Wenxu, and Yan Tong, and immediately confirmed her suspicions.

The person she had always been jealous of, Fang Ziyang, seemed to have finally encountered a rival.

Wang Jiaojiao suddenly felt excited.

She was quite self-aware. It was impossible for Xie Wenxu to have any interest in her. But she still enjoyed opposing Fang Ziyang. Why should Fang Ziyang, with a similar background and appearance, be the one to win Xie Wenxu’s affection and become the fiancé of the Xie family?

Her jealousy was directed towards Fang Ziyang. Regardless of who Xie Wenxu chose in the end, as long as it wasn’t Fang Ziyang, she would be happy!

While Wang Jiaojiao was excited because she had discovered a certain “secret,” Zhou Jun and Zhao Jingyu got into an argument with Fang Qianhao to defend their friend.

Zhou Jun disdainfully glanced at Yan Tong, who resembled a pure white lotus both in appearance and character, and his tone was filled with anger and sarcasm as he spoke to Fang Qianhao, who had brought them along.

“Fang Qianhao, are you out of your mind or did you take the wrong medicine? How come you brought every Tom, Dick, and Harry to our gathering in the circle? Especially someone who has bitten your own little brother.”

“If those who know the story say you are broad-minded and courteous, those who don’t might think you have a deep-seated grudge against your own brother and came here deliberately to disgust people. Or maybe, could it be that you feel there is a shortage of gossip news about the prestigious families in Jiang City recently and want to contribute a brotherly feud for the enjoyment of the netizens?”

Don’t be fooled by Zhou Jun’s sunny and handsome appearance; when it came to arguing, his mouth was notorious in the industry.

Zhao Jingyu didn’t back down either. With an indescribable gaze, he scrutinized Yan Tong and echoed Zhou Jun’s words.

“Hey, Zhou Jun, don’t be so mean with your words. You’re offending too many people. Brother Fang rarely brings people along, and how can there be such good-looking cats and dogs? In my opinion, our Ziyang… seems like he’s about to have a sister-in-law.”

The tone between the two was full of sarcasm and hostility.

They perfectly embodied the definition of arrogant cannon fodder.

“… ” Yan Tong’s face immediately changed, alternating between red and white.

He didn’t expect to be humiliated right from the start like this.

If he had known, he would have anticipated being looked down upon and harassed when coming here today. These young masters and misses were not easy to get along with. But he never expected to encounter Fang Ziyang’s two loyal friends here. These two guys were typical representatives of malicious cannon fodder, with venomous mouths and arrogant temperaments.

And wherever these two were, Fang Ziyang would definitely be there too.

Sure enough, with a quick scan of the room, Yan Tong soon saw Fang Ziyang sitting on the sofa, looking alert and defensive as he glared at him.

Xie Wenxu was sitting next to him.

Yan Tong felt deeply humiliated.

However, when he saw Xie Wenxu’s intense gaze directed at him, his feelings of humiliation quickly subsided.

It didn’t matter. The more Fang Ziyang ordered people to bully him, the more Xie Wenxu would dislike him. After three years of his efforts, Fang Ziyang, who used to shine as the protagonist, had lost his dazzling aura and become an envious, brainless, and foolish person.

It was ridiculous to think that such petty tricks could harm him.

With that in mind, Yan Tong no longer felt angry.

His eyes instantly turned red, and tears welled up, biting his lip with his beautiful teeth, standing helplessly in place as if being fiercely bullied but still trying hard to remain strong.

He looked at Fang Ziyang and spoke in a humiliated and sorrowful voice, “Fang Ziyang, I’m sorry. The trending video was not intentional on my part. I… I have explained it to everyone, but no one believes me. I… I never wanted to harm you and make everyone criticize you…”

Gentle yet strong, pure and innocent.

Without saying much, he could evoke a protective instinct in any man.

This was a tactic that Yan Tong was accustomed to using, and it always worked like a charm.

Fang Ziyang was too familiar with this move.

But if Yan Tong wanted to pretend, he would play along.

Crossing his arms, Fang Ziyang showed no intention of accepting the apology. With a cold face, he remained silent, clearly displaying his refusal to accept the apology.

His usual stubbornness and bad temper.

Yan Tong felt a mix of happiness and disdain towards this. Immediately, his expression became even more sorrowful, and tears welled up in his reddened eyes as if they were about to fall.


Fang Qianhao couldn’t control his temper any longer and glared angrily. He temporarily abandoned his usual etiquette and intelligence as a young master of the Fang family, transforming into a roaring emperor.

“Zhou Jun, Zhao Jingyu, watch your mouths! Xiao Tong is my guest! Moreover, this is Wang Jiaojiao’s birthday party. If I’m not mistaken, she didn’t invite you two, did she? Are you intentionally looking for trouble and seeking vengeance?”

Xie Wenxu’s face also turned cold, his gaze filled with chilling hostility.

However, due to the lack of a suitable position and with Fang Qianhao having already spoken up, he remained silent for the time being, his gaze heavy, clearly bearing a grudge and showing restraint.

Compared to the impulsive Fang Qianhao, Xie Wenxu seemed to have more sense.

But unfortunately…

Zhou Jun and Zhao Jingyu were not at all intimidated by their roaring and grudges, completely unafraid of offending others.

Zhao Jingyu blinked innocently, his eyes showing an innocent expression.

“Brother Fang, why are you suddenly so angry? Did we say something wrong? Isn’t Yan Tong supposed to be Ziyang’s future sister-in-law? So why did you bring him to Wang Jiaojiao’s birthday party? He’s not from our circle, is he?”

When it came to speaking nonsense and pretending to be innocent, Zhao Jingyu had quite the skill.

He completely ignored the humiliation they had directed at Yan Tong and shifted his attention to Yan Tong’s identity. With so many ambiguous relationships, it must be tiring for Yan Tong to deal with them all day long. As good people, they naturally had to help with matchmaking and make things easier for others.

Fang Qianhao was already pursuing Yan Tong, so he couldn’t go against his own thoughts and shake his head.

If he denied Zhao Jingyu’s words now, what reason would he have to continue pursuing Yan Tong in the future? Did he expect to be just friends forever? That was simply impossible!

Moreover, Zhao Jingyu’s words indirectly helped him test Yan Tong’s intentions.

With these secretive thoughts in mind, Fang Qianhao suddenly became “tongue-tied” and stood there unable to speak.

Zhou Jun took advantage of the situation and smiled ambiguously.

“Fang Qianhao, if Yan Tong isn’t our future sister-in-law, then… are you still playing the ‘secret lover’ game? But today is Wang Jiaojiao’s birthday, not our private gatherings. Isn’t it inappropriate for you to bring your lover here?”

The people in the private room immediately looked at Yan Tong with strange and intriguing gazes.

There was disdain, curiosity, and eyes full of admiration.

Here are the young masters and misses of the prominent families in Jiang City, born with inherent arrogance. The identity of a lover is a plaything that cannot be displayed openly in everyone’s eyes.

It must be said that Zhou Jun and Zhao Jingyu portrayed the role of malicious cannon fodders to the fullest, hitting the mark perfectly. Even Fang Ziyang felt the urge to beat up his two good friends.

But the effect was remarkable.

Not to mention Fang Qianhao, who couldn’t tolerate their volatile tempers.

Even the patient Xie Wenxu couldn’t bear it. Which man could endure seeing their beloved being publicly humiliated in such a manner? Zhou Jun and Zhao Jingyu’s words were beyond offensive.

“That’s enough!”

Xie Wenxu couldn’t hold back his anger and stood up.

The atmosphere in the private room became tense, and everyone turned to look at him, clearly surprised by his sudden outburst.

Fang Ziyang forced a smile and said, “Xie Wenxu, what’s the matter with you?”

Zhou Jun and Zhao Jingyu seemed startled as well, their arrogance suddenly extinguished. They stammered, “Xie, Brother Xie, we were just discussing Brother Fang’s little lover. Why are you so angry…”

The more they spoke, the stronger Xie Wenxu’s anger became. Yan Tong was the person he had set his sights on. What did Fang Qianhao have to do with it? The term “lover” was an insult to Yan Tong!

If these words were spread today, how would people in the circle view Xiao Tong in the future?

Zhou Jun and Zhao Jingyu were not people who lacked a sense of propriety. Although they were arrogant, they wouldn’t go too far. Today’s provocative behavior was undoubtedly instigated by Fang Ziyang.

These two individuals always listened to Fang Ziyang’s words, and Xiao Tong had just recently offended him.

Suddenly, he took the initiative to come to Wang Jiaojiao’s birthday party. Xie Wenxu couldn’t believe that he had received advance notice and deliberately came here to pick a fight and bully people!

Setting aside Zhou Jun and Zhao Jingyu, Xie Wenxu directly looked at Fang Ziyang, the main culprit. He could no longer maintain the gentle and kind image of his previous fiancé. Suppressing his anger, he said, “Ziyang, you have gone too far today.”

Fang Ziyang remained silent, and his previous docile and obedient demeanor disappeared.

He slowly stood up from the sofa, his expression blank as he stared at Xie Wenxu. His voice lacked any trace of emotion as he said, “How have I gone too far?”

“You deliberately came here today to bully him, didn’t you!”

Xie Wenxu’s voice was dark, his tone certain rather than questioning.

“And what if I did?” Fang Ziyang’s expression was indifferent, his eyes filled with coldness. “Are you questioning me on his behalf, defending him?”

This complete refusal to admit any wrongdoing only fueled Xie Wenxu’s anger further.

“Shouldn’t I question you? Fang Ziyang, when did you become so cruel? I know you were angry because of the viral video, but wasn’t that Xu Jiaqing’s doing? Xiao Tong is also a victim. You are making baseless speculations and taking out your anger on others. And now, you’ve gone so far today. Look at yourself now, do you know how ugly you are!”

This was the first time the gentle Master Xie lost his temper in front of others and spoke such reprimanding words.

Alright, I can’t pretend anymore.

“Xie Wenxu, whether I am ugly or not, I don’t know. But now I can finally be certain that you really slept with my leg! Xiao Tong, huh, calling so intimately! Damn!”

Fang Ziyang suddenly changed his face and kicked Xie Wenxu hard, knocking him down to the ground.

Then, it was as if a scorned wife who had caught her husband cheating and became furious. He knelt down on Xie Wenxu’s stomach, disregarding the onlookers, and slapped him repeatedly with both hands.

The sudden violence completely stunned everyone in the private room.

Zhou Jun and Zhao Jingyu took the opportunity while everyone was distracted and quietly slipped out.

Zhou Jun opened the door of the private room to allow better viewing for others.

Zhao Jingyu shouted loudly in the corridor outside the club,

“Oh my, Ziyang, please stop hitting him! Even if Xie Wenxu cheated, you can’t beat him like this. Worst case scenario, you can break off the engagement. But he is the heir of the Xie family. If you injure him, it will be a big problem. He is from the Xie family in Jing City!”

“Stop, stop! Ziyang, listen to our advice. Even if he cheated, you can’t do this. He is Xie Zheng’s son! You must be clear that you can’t harm the heir of the Xie family! Don’t cause trouble with the Xie family!”

“Ah, Ziyang, if you still can’t vent your anger, you just sleep with Xie Wenxu’s father. But please, don’t cause any casualties and ruin yourself!”

Amidst the deafening shouts, the surrounding private rooms simultaneously fell silent, and then the doors opened abruptly.

In one of the private rooms that hadn’t opened its door.

Xie Zheng’s hand holding the glass froze in mid-air…

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