Ch 20: Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

Zhao Jingyu’s shout was truly earth-shattering.

As the center of attention, the private room where Fang Ziyang was located caused the surrounding private rooms to open their doors almost instantly. A group of elite bosses and their excited secretaries eagerly gathered around, their eyes filled with gossip.

The gossip about the Xie family in Jing City was indeed a big news.

As one of the largest families in China, the position of the Xie family was not well understood by ordinary people, but it was widely known among the upper class.

Families like the Fangs, who might be considered prestigious by ordinary standards, were nothing more than nouveau riche in the eyes of the upper echelons.

On the other hand, the Xie family was a true aristocratic family, with members involved in both the business and political realms. Their influence was intricate and far-reaching, making them a top-tier presence even in high society.

However, the Xie family placed great emphasis on their family reputation. Regardless of what was happening behind the scenes, every member of the Xie family presented themselves as a perfect and outstanding individual. Gossip about the Xie family was rarely heard.

So far, the biggest gossip about the Xie family was probably the fact that the current family head, Xie Zheng, was an only child.

Therefore, when people in the surrounding private rooms heard Zhao Jingyu shout about Xie Wenxu’s affair and subsequent beating, they were all shocked and interested. The scandals and anecdotes of the Xie family were rarely heard of in the circle, and witnessing such an event live was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Fang Ziyang was also taken aback by the commotion.

Although today’s scene was intentionally planned, using the provocation of Yan Tong to expose Xie Wenxu’s true colors and break his gentle and affectionate image in public, the goal was to gain the upper hand in terminating the engagement and avoid falling into the same despised situation as in their past lives.

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But he didn’t intend to make a big scene. The affair of Xie Wenxu could be publicized, but the matter of him wanting to sleep with Xie Zheng couldn’t be spread around randomly!

Ah, no, that’s not right. He didn’t want to sleep with Xie Zheng at all.

It was all nonsense before, just him scaring Xie Zheng with false words. He had no interest in sleeping with Xie Zheng, an old man who was serious, rigid, and had no sense of romance.

He still wanted to find the father of his child!

In this second chance at life, before completing his revenge and securing his place in the world, he didn’t want to get involved in matters of the heart.

Fang Ziyang had a feeling that Zhao Jingyu was a bit unreliable, but he didn’t expect him to be capable of saying anything. Feeling helpless, Fang Ziyang could only signal Zhao Jingyu with his eyes, urging him to throw out the prepared photos and quickly divert attention.

“Jingyu, show him the photos.”

After giving Xie Wenxu a few hard slaps and delivering a final blow below the belt while getting up, Fang Ziyang stopped the beating and regained his composure.

He felt an indescribable sense of satisfaction.

He had wanted to beat up Xie Wenxu, that bastard, for a long time. He had waited for this opportunity for two entire lifetimes. The pain that this person had caused him in his previous life was something he remembered every single moment.

In the beginning, Xie Wenxu had been so heartless and calculating, molding himself into a pitiful figure deserving of everyone’s sympathy. In this lifetime, Fang Ziyang was determined to completely expose this person’s true face and not let him play the innocent after committing such actions!

After Zhao Jingyu finished shouting, he seemed to realize that he had misspoken in the heat of the moment.

So, with great tacit understanding, he quickly shut his mouth and threw out the photos that Fang Ziyang had given him earlier.

The photos showed scenes of Xie Wenxu and Yan Tong together. Although there weren’t any explicit actions captured, the ambiguous gaze and gestures were enough for anyone with common sense to see that something was fishy.

Whether they could be used as evidence didn’t really matter. But with these photos, the suspicion of Xie Wenxu cheating was confirmed.

In the past, Xie Wenxu had strategically positioned himself on a moral high ground, and now Fang Ziyang was using the same tactic to take control of the narrative.

“Xie Wenxu, if you truly don’t love me anymore, we can discuss breaking off the engagement amicably. Let’s part ways on good terms. After all, it’s just an engagement, and we don’t even need to involve the Civil Affairs Bureau. But now, you’re cheating on me behind my back. What do you take me for? Your pet?”

“I initially didn’t believe these photos when I received them, but how do you explain them now? Did you draw your sword to help an injustice? Or are you so kind and compassionate that you would abandon your fiancé, who is being criticized and trending online, to help a stranger? You truly have a broad mind and love for the world, don’t you…”

“No wonder you haven’t been in contact with me much lately. After the incident with the video came out, you didn’t come to my aid as you claimed. You didn’t even bother to visit me. You said you were on a business trip out of town. I must have been crazy to believe your lies!”

Fang Ziyang mocked and accused without fear, shamelessly revealing the truth.

After speaking, he looked towards Yan Tong, who was sitting next to him, wearing a face filled with panic and innocence, and smirked.

“Yan Tong, don’t give me any nonsense about you and my fiancé being just friends or coincidental encounters. There are many places in these photos that your financial capacity can’t afford!”

“I didn’t know you had such ability. My longtime friends betrayed me because of you, my own brother turned against me because of you, and my fiancé has changed completely because of you. Tell me, are we really incompatible?”

The words caused varied expressions among the people around them.

Yan Tong stood in place with red eyes, trembling from the humiliation. “…”

He felt a mixture of anger and shame, along with deep resentment.

Since transmigrating, he did have a bit of a carefree attitude and enjoyed the attention from outstanding men around him. But that didn’t mean he had no sense of shame. At this moment, Fang Ziyang’s words felt like stripping him naked in public, incredibly embarrassing.

Moreover, he didn’t even like Xie Wenxu, let alone Fang Qianhao and Xu Jiaqing. They all had one-sided affection for him, but he considered them as backup options, maintaining a certain level of ambiguity while keeping a distance.

After all, these people, although outstanding and from affluent backgrounds, were too young. They were impulsive and full of youthful enthusiasm, and being together would inevitably lead to many conflicts and problems.

He preferred someone mature, stable, caring, and with more common interests.


He didn’t expect Fang Ziyang to expose him like this in front of everyone, without any consideration for his face!

Even though Fang Ziyang’s words were mostly speculative and lacked substantial evidence, once they spread, the impact on him would be enormous. After all, gossip is just for amusement, and who cares about the truth? Just like before, when Fang Ziyang was criticized, who really paid attention to the many doubts?

If Yan Tong used to merely dislike Fang Ziyang, now he truly hated him.

When he was reading the book, he already disliked Fang Ziyang’s way of doing things. Not only was he dominant in business, but he also had a thorny and fiery nature when it came to relationships.

Although the plot in the book was very satisfying, he felt that the protagonist, Fang Ziyang, was too heartless towards supporting characters like Xie Wenxu.

Xie Wenxu and the other supporting characters were so good to him, so affectionate, but just because of what he considered trivial matters, Fang Ziyang heartlessly broke off the engagement and rejected them, leaving the supporting characters heartbroken.

Although he didn’t finish reading the book before transmigrating, he had read most of it. Before transmigrating, he even saw that Fang Ziyang had an illegitimate child of unknown origin!

He felt so angry. Fang Ziyang’s private life was so chaotic, yet he had the audacity to accuse Xie Wenxu and others of wronging him. It was truly laughable…

Originally, he had only intended to rescue Xie Wenxu and the other supporting characters from their miserable fates and help them escape from the clutches of the despicable two-faced protagonist, Fang Ziyang. But now, he had to change his strategy!

He wanted to snatch away all the people who liked Fang Ziyang. He wanted to expose Fang Ziyang’s true face!

Fang Ziyang was simply unworthy of being the protagonist!

Yan Tong’s eyes turned red as he stared at Fang Ziyang with anger and resentment.

Coupled with his outstanding and pure appearance, he looked like someone who had been bullied but remained resilient and strong.

“Fang Ziyang, I understand that you hate me and resent me because of the viral video incident. I can understand and I don’t blame you. But it’s outrageous for you to spout lies like this. Based on these vague photos, you resort to violence and defame me. You told me to find the police quickly when something happened. Can I now accuse you of defamation?”

Yan Tong wasn’t stupid. Even if something did happen between him and Xie Wenxu, he couldn’t admit it under these circumstances without solid evidence.

Moreover, he and Xie Wenxu were still in the ambiguous stage. Regardless of how Xie Wenxu felt about him, he only saw Xie Wenxu as a friend with favorable feelings. Nothing significant had happened between them yet, so he couldn’t let others label them as something they weren’t.

Furthermore, he couldn’t bear to see Xie Wenxu, such a gentle and outstanding supporting character, being hurt by Fang Ziyang again!

Yan Tong’s voice and expression were filled with confidence and determination, showing no signs of guilt or pretense.

If Fang Ziyang didn’t understand the true nature of the other person and didn’t know what kind of person he was, he might have believed that the other person was truly innocent.

However, after the lessons learned in his previous life, he knew Yan Tong too well.

Yan Tong, he’s the type of person who considers himself virtuous and saintly, but in reality, he’s selfish and capable of manipulating others.

Regarding the book that featured him as the main character, Fang Ziyang didn’t know its specific contents. However, based on the golden book he saw and the inexplicable things Yan Tong said to him in the previous life, he could be certain that Yan Tong’s values were problematic.

He remembered what Yan Tong said when he came to see him before he died in the previous life.

Oh, it went like this…

“[Fang Ziyang, the outcome you’ve reached today is your own doing. If it wasn’t for your relentless actions against me, I would have just wanted to peacefully coexist, unrelated to each other. But you always opposed me, and I couldn’t bear it anymore.]”

“[Xie Wenxu loves you so much, and yet you betrayed him and shamelessly cheated on him, it’s truly outrageous.]”

“And your father, brother, and uncle who loved you so much, how did you treat them? Stealing company secrets, selling shares to rival companies, constantly playing dirty tricks behind their backs… Fang Ziyang, you have no conscience.”

Those accusations were still vivid in his mind.

After reading that golden book, he really couldn’t understand how Yan Tong could say such things. He didn’t believe that Yan Tong truly had no knowledge or suspicion of what Xie Wenxu, Fang Yan Dong, and the others did to him in private.

In the end, it was just the victors writing history.

As more and more people gathered around, Fang Ziyang, instead of getting angry, laughed sarcastically and spoke sharply,

“Do you think I’m slandering you? You know it deep down. If you feel wronged, go ahead and sue me. Why are you wasting your breath here? If you really think so, show it with your actions. I admire that.”

“And you say there’s nothing between you and my fiancé? The moment he thought I bullied you, he immediately jumpedout. I hit him, and you’re in such a hurry to step in. Do you all think everyone else is a fool except for you?”

Although his words weren’t pleasant, the reasoning behind them was correct.

If it’s not a big deal, why are you so eager to jump in?

The subtle gazes from everyone towards Yan Tong made him blush with a mix of embarrassment and anger. People who come to the Crown Club have seen it all, so what kind of person haven’t they encountered? Yan Tong’s innocent appearance may be deceptive, but it couldn’t completely influence others’ speculations. After all, not everyone in the world is ruled by love.

Unable to come up with a rebuttal at the moment, Yan Tong could only express his anger, “Fang Ziyang, you’ve gone too far!”

Yan Tong’s character was ultimately that of a pure and innocent white lotus. He relied on others to handle conflicts while he enjoyed the benefits. He wasn’t skilled at arguments like this.

But now, the two people he could rely on were one lying on the ground, still catching his breath while covering himself, and the other being held back by the prepared Zhou Jun and Zhao Jingyu. He had to rely on himself, but he couldn’t handle it.

No wonder these people always liked to beat him down to dust and then come forward to talk when he was in a pathetic state. The feeling of standing on the moral high ground and rendering the enemy speechless was indeed addictive.

“I’ve gone too far? You dared to seduce my fiancé. I already gave you face by not stripping you naked and throwing you onto the street. How come you have the audacity to act but won’t allow me to speak? Now shamelessness can be done so openly?!”

Fang Ziyang raised his hand to adjust his sleeve and wore a smile resembling a poppy flower.

“Yan Tong, instead of being jealous and arguing with me, why don’t you think about what to do with those netizens who I’m suing because of you? I believe with the abilities of my legal team, the court hearing will take place within a few days. The outcome of the case… well, you all have said that I’m an excessive person.”

Yan Tong’s face turned pale in an instant as he suddenly realized something.

If those netizens really encountered trouble, regardless of whether he instigated it or not, he wouldn’t be able to escape the connection. In the future, if he encountered any problems, who would dare to stand up for him and speak on his behalf! This was like cutting off the branch he was sitting on!

Fang Ziyang glanced lightly at him with a smile and didn’t say anything more. Instead, he raised his chin towards Zhou Jun and Zhao Jingyu, saying, “Let’s go.”

After speaking, the three of them left.

Yan Tong stood still, trembling with anger.

How dare Fang Ziyang, how dare he… Is this person insane?!

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