Ch 35: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar


On the second day, just as dawn was breaking, a small truck silently entered the entrance of Huayuan Village.

Father Su, Su Chen, and Su Mu had already been busy in the vegetable field. They had carefully lined a few large bamboo baskets with straw to prevent any damage to the tender vegetables due to bumps on the road. Two of the baskets were already filled, while the rest were waiting to be packed.

The driver and an employee from Rui Shang Supermarket stepped out of the truck. Su Mu raised her voice to inquire, “Have Rui Shang’s people arrived?”

A hearty voice responded, “Exactly, Miss Su. Mr. Fu asked us to come and collect the vegetables.”

Su Mu replied, “Please wait a moment. We’re still in the process of harvesting. It’ll probably take another half an hour.”

The two of them entered. Now that Su Mu could see their faces clearly, one was a burly driver who looked full of energy and had an indescribable air of authority. The other was a middle-aged woman with an open and pleasant countenance.

The driver uncle, said, “Looks like we arrived early. Mr. Fu asked us to help with the harvesting.”

Su Mu responded, “It’s really unnecessary for you to come so early and help out in the fields. It’s too much hard work.”

The woman laughed and said, “Don’t say that. It’s within our job description. Besides, from now on, we’ll be responsible for transporting the vegetables. Mr. Fu understands, so he even gave us a raise. Miss Su, don’t decline. Otherwise, we will find it hard to explain to Mr. Fu.”

Since it had come to this, Su Mu didn’t refuse any longer. However, she didn’t have small knives available, and using fingernails wasn’t hygienic. In the end, Father Su took a bamboo piece from the top of a basket and sharpened it into a makeshift knife. The vegetables were delicate, but cutting them with a bamboo knife didn’t affect their quality.

Su Mu led the two of them to the area with hollow-stemmed vegetables. “Uncle, Aunt, you’ll be responsible for harvesting the hollow-stemmed vegetables. When you cut them, try not to cut too low, leaving about two fingers’ length. That way, they’ll grow a second crop.”

“Sure, we understand.”

After giving these instructions, Su Mu returned to her original position. Although amaranth can also grow a second crop if the root stem is preserved, the lateral branches tend to grow more. However, since it was summer, they were prone to bolting and flowering. So, she pulled them up by the roots, which would help retain the moisture in the vegetables. It would also look more appealing, and the root stem was tender enough to be consumed.

She had planted two varieties of amaranth, one red and the other white. Their flavors were quite similar—both were tender and crisp, suitable for salads, stir-fries, or soups. The only difference was the color. Many people didn’t like the red amaranth’s color, as it resembled blood.

As Su Mu pulled up the amaranth with the roots, shaking off the soil, she glanced at the two employees’ movements. They unexpectedly handled the task efficiently, and the harvested hollow-stemmed vegetables were neatly arranged. Feeling reassured, she threw herself wholeheartedly into the process of harvesting the vegetables.

All four of them were skilled laborers, though Su Chen worked a bit slower. So, Su Mu instructed him to go back to the garden at home and pick some pumpkin and luffa seedlings. He could also check if there were any vegetables they were tired of eating or had too much of, and bring them over here.

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In less than half an hour, the four of them had harvested all the available vegetables. The vegetable field was now patchy, with areas that had been stripped bare.

Together, they carried the baskets to the side of the truck, and it took several trips to complete the task.

Next was the weighing. Because the baskets were Su’s own and this aspect hadn’t been considered earlier, they weren’t sure of the exact weight of the baskets. They would have to weigh them together with the vegetables and then deduct the weight of the baskets and straw later.

“Miss Su, please rest assured. Rui Shang would never do anything shady.” The driver uncle reassured her.

Su Mu smiled and said, “No worries, I trust you guys.”

After the weighing, the vegetables were loaded onto the truck. The weight of the hollow-stemmed vegetables was the highest, totaling 332 pounds. Next was the red amaranth at 306 pounds… and the lowest was the baby bok choy, with only 58 pounds.

While the finishing touches were being put on this side of the work, Su Chen drove a small car to bring the remaining produce from the garden.

There was a small basket of pumpkin seedlings and a bunch of luffa seedlings. There were also some peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, tomatoes, and more. Lastly, there was a large crate of sweet potatoes. These were dug out during the initial seedling cultivation. Since there were too many, they hadn’t been consumed yet. But Mother Su had stored them well, so they still looked fresh, as if they had just been dug out of the ground.

Su Mu explained to the two, “All of these were grown in our garden. Their taste is even better than those from the field. I discussed this with Mr. Fu last night. What do you think?”

The driver nodded, “Yeah, Mr. Fu mentioned it yesterday. Miss Su, he said that anything you handle will be collected.”

Su Mu hadn’t expected Fu Da to trust her so much. She felt quite happy and replied, “That’s great then. Please weigh all of these. It’s almost six o’clock now, and you’ll have to hurry back to set up the shelves.”

Except for the sweet potatoes, which were slightly heavier at 245 pounds, the rest weighed from a few pounds to over a dozen pounds.

The middle-aged woman assisted on the side, recording everything in a notebook. After finishing, she handed the notebook to Su Mu to check for errors or omissions.

Su Mu carefully reviewed it, and the data matched up. She returned the notebook to the woman, saying, “No issues.”

“In that case, Miss Su, we’ll head back now.” The driver closed the truck door and came over to greet her.

Su Mu nodded, “Sure, Uncle, Aunt, drive safely.”

“Thank you, Miss Su. We’re leaving.”

The three watched the small truck depart before getting into the car and heading back home.

Su Chen drove the car while sounding cheerful, “So, does that mean Mu Mu made several hundred thousand in just one morning?”

Su Mu rolled her eyes, “Don’t exaggerate. At most, it’s just tens of thousands. Where did you get ‘several hundred thousand’ from?”

“Well, that’s still a lot.”

Father Su didn’t speak. He was lost in thought. How do wealthy people think? They’d buy vegetables for a few dozen yuan per pound, even when it’s not meat.

All he could do was sigh about how much the world had changed and how he had fallen behind.

After returning home, Mother Su had already prepared breakfast—rice balls. The rice balls contained bits of beef, scrambled eggs, carrot, and cucumber. They were delicious and filling.

Su Mu had taught her how to make these rice balls before.

Mother Su’s rice balls were exquisitely small, with white rice tightly wrapping around the ingredients. Su Mu’s plump cheeks swelled up as she chewed, making her look especially cute.

“Mom, why did you wake up so early too?” Seeing her brother take out so many vegetables, Su Mu knew her mother must have helped with the harvesting.

Mother Su tapped her daughter’s head and scolded, “Swallow before speaking.”

“How could I sleep when you’re all busy?”

So, she had prepared breakfast, hoping they could eat as soon as they returned.

Su Chen stuffed a rice ball into his mouth and said, “Mom, we’re not doing any heavy work.”

Mother Su glared at him, “So I was wrong to get up?”

Father Su quickly chimed in, “That’s right, that’s right. Both of our children are concerned about you.”

“You don’t need to tell me that.”

Su Chen and Su Mu exchanged glances, their eyes filled with laughter that couldn’t be suppressed.

With their bellies full, Mother Su shooed them back to their rooms for a little more sleep. They had indeed gotten up early this morning, arriving at the fields before half-past five. They had been bending over to pick vegetables, so their backs and arms were feeling a bit sore.

After freshening up, Su Mu lay down on the soft bed and soon drifted off to sleep.

Peace and tranquility returned to the Su household.

The small truck, driven by the gentle morning breeze and the rising sun, arrived at the back entrance of the supermarket’s warehouse in less than an hour. It was still before seven o’clock.

The driver jumped off the truck and said to the waiting employees, “Hurry, a quick arrangement is all that’s needed to get these onto the shelves.”

Morning was a prime time for many people to visit the supermarket, especially the fruit and vegetable sections, as the morning produce was the freshest.

Therefore, the employees had little time. They had to organize the shelves before the peak customer flow arrived in the morning. Although it was a bit late now, Su’s vegetables were in excellent condition, with few wilted or old leaves. Moreover, they were very clean and didn’t even need to be rinsed. However, guided by the principle of service excellence, the employees carefully cleaned the vegetables.

Fu Da attached great importance to his cooperation with Su Mu. He had even established a dedicated team for it. They would be responsible for the sorting, stocking, and sales of Su’s produce. Additionally, he had set up a special “San Mu Vegetables” section in the most prominent location within the vegetable area.

“San Mu” was Su Mu’s code name from her time in the interstellar. In order to establish her brand, she referred to the products produced under her name as “San Mu.” This continued in the modern world as well. For example, the boxes she sent out yesterday had the words “San Mu” printed on them.

With the joint efforts of the employees, neatly packaged vegetables were arranged on the shelves. Price tags were in place, and loose vegetables were also set up. There was even an employee responsible for weighing and packaging in the “San Mu Vegetables” section, showing a high level of attentiveness.

Yu Xia was a maid from a wealthy family. She provided excellent service and cooked delicious food, proficient in both Chinese and Western cuisine. Because of this, her annual salary was high, surpassing that of many white-collar workers. She was satisfied with her job.

Recently, however, the young miss’s appetite had become picky. For several days in a row, she had been dissatisfied with the food Yu Xia prepared.

Having worked in this household for over a decade, Yu Xia knew that it wasn’t that the young miss was picking on her; the young miss genuinely couldn’t eat the food. She had watched the young miss grow up, so she was also worried about her.

On this day, she came to Rui Shang Supermarket as usual to buy fresh vegetables. To her surprise, the vegetable section had changed overnight, with the addition of a “San Mu Vegetables” section.

For a business to make such a big move indicated that this area could bring significant profits to the owner and also suggested that the quality of the goods was very high, and thus the prices were high too.

Without thinking too much, Yu Xia walked into the section. She planned to try these new, high-quality vegetables—perhaps they could help.

Based on her culinary experience of over a decade, these vegetables were indeed very good. Just look at the bok choy—it was as if it had been carved from jade, vividly green.

However, when she saw the price tags, she couldn’t remain composed. Although she had mentally prepared herself, these prices greatly exceeded her expectations. A small bundle of empty-heart amaranth was priced at a staggering 159 yuan for only 180 grams!

Loose hot chili peppers were even more expensive, reaching a high price of 259 yuan.

Red potatoes were relatively cheaper here, but they were still 99 yuan per pound.

She couldn’t help asking one of the service staff, “Why are your prices so high? And these are domestically produced.”

The staff member smiled and said, “Please take a look at this test report. The nutritional value of San Mu Vegetables is several times higher than that of ordinary vegetables, and the taste is also exceptional. So, this price is quite reasonable.”

Yu Xia had a decent education, and she managed to understand the report. She was amazed. If it was indeed true, then the price was reasonable for the quality.

The staff member then presented a plate of diced tomatoes, saying, “You can try a sample.”

Before even tasting the tomato, Yu Xia caught a whiff of its rich aroma, causing her mouth to water. She used a toothpick to pick up a small piece and put it in her mouth. The sweet and tangy tomato instantly melted, cool juice flowing down her throat. Her spirits lifted, and the taste was indeed wonderful. She wished there was more. She smacked her lips, savoring the flavor.

The taste test gave her confidence. She told the staff, “Please pack one tomato for me.”

The staff member nodded, picking a ripe and attractive one for her, making Yu Xia secretly content.

She then bought two green chili peppers, a bundle of bok choy, and thought for a moment before adding a medium-sized sweet potato to her purchases.

When it came time to pay, her heart ached. Several hundred yuan just vanished like that.

On the way back, she began to plan what to make for breakfast. Perhaps roasted sweet potatoes would be a good choice.


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