Ch 34: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar


With the confirmation from Gu Shi and Wei Liu, Su Mu’s worries eased. She was afraid that someone might intentionally place orders with new accounts just to play a prank on her.

Since the orders were legitimate, she started preparing for the shipping process. When she applied for the shop, Su Mu had already purchased courier packaging materials online and even customized exclusive courier boxes for the flower shop. The design was simple and elegant, quite attractive, exuding an indescribable sense of understated elegance. This was a design that Little Violet had personally created.

She brought out the boxes and materials from the warehouse and spread a bamboo mat on the ground to prevent the boxes from getting dirty. A flower shop’s prices were high, and good customer service was necessary. Otherwise, if the flowers were delivered in a dirty state, it would leave a bad impression.

Several burly men were around, so naturally, they wouldn’t let her, a young girl, handle everything alone. However, since they didn’t know the names of the different flowers, Su Mu needed to personally determine which flowers were meant for each order.

Before preparing the packaging, Su Mu asked her brother to go to the village’s express station and get some shipping labels. Then she said, “Gu Shi, help me read the order information, which flowers each customer bought.”

Gu Shi nodded and began reading the orders one by one, in the order they were received.

“Sunflower, one; Pink Daisy, one; Red Lily… All the quantities for this order are one, and the customer has bought every type of flower we have.” Gu Shi’s gaze briefly scanned the customer information—Ding Huai, the secretary’s name. He knew this order was from their own circle.

Su Mu: … Just as expected, they’re all like Gu Shi, not short of money.

She waved her hand. “You can take a break, no need to read further. I’ll start packing this order.”

Without the need to pick and choose, she directly placed the flowers she had cut in the morning into boxes of various sizes.

Inside the boxes, she placed a layer of anti-vibration fluffy paper. Before putting each flower in a box, she infused a hint of her special ability into them. This ability would temporarily turn the flowers into “fake flowers,” greatly increasing their flexibility. No matter how much the delivery was jostled or handled roughly, they would remain undamaged.

The treated flowers appeared and felt just like regular flowers, but their unique property would only become apparent if someone tried to pull or stretch them. However, this effect would only last for about six or seven days. After that period, they would revert to their normal state. Nevertheless, modern logistics were fast enough that the flowers could be delivered to customers well before this timeframe.

The first order was quite large, and it took several boxes to complete. The box containing the sunflowers was almost as tall as she was, creating a somewhat stunning visual effect.

After Su Chen returned, he wrote down the recipient’s contact information and address on the shipping label. Only then was this order considered halfway done.

The flowers she had cut were used up in the first order. Su Mu took a large pair of scissors and stood up, saying, “Gu Shi, come with me to cut more flowers. Big Brother Wei and Big Brother, you can start placing the anti-vibration fluffy paper in the boxes. Thank you for your help.”

Wei Liu patted his chest and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll make sure everything is done properly.” Over the past few days, he had come to enjoy this kind of simple physical labor—it was much easier than using his brain.

Under Wei Liu’s teasing gaze, Gu Shi followed Su Mu out of the room.

When Su Mu had scattered flower seeds around her property, a flower path had sprung up on both sides of the road, with flowers of various heights and sizes in full bloom. This attracted butterflies and bees from the mountains, and the sound of birds singing could be heard in the distance. It perfectly echoed Du Fu’s lines from the poem “Solitary Steps by the River Searching for Flowers”: “Playing butterflies linger in perpetual dance; carefree, charming orioles sing ceaseless songs.”

Su Mu admired their work with a heart full of delight, enthusiastically introducing some flower knowledge to Gu Shi. “This is a Ping Pong Chrysanthemum. Doesn’t its shape look just like a ping pong ball?”

Gu Shi followed her gaze to where she was pointing. Pink, white, yellow—several colors intertwined, and clusters of round, vibrant little flowers were in full bloom.

“Yeah, it does.” Gu Shi responded.

Seeing that he wasn’t as silent as before, Su Mu continued with even more enthusiasm. She looked up at a yellow flower that was at eye level with them. “Did you think this sunflower was growing abnormally?”

Gu Shi glanced at the flower. It did look peculiar. He hesitated for a moment before nodding.

“It’s not actually growing abnormally. It naturally looks like this. It hardly has a floral disc; it’s all petals. It’s a type of sunflower, and it has a cute name—Teddy Bear.”

“Look, there’s also that one with a large floral disc that’s tall and robust. The sunflower seeds we often eat come from it.”

As she talked about these flowers, she seemed to know them like the back of her hand, speaking eloquently.

Gu Shi looked at her, her confident little face seemed to be emitting a glow, radiant and warm, making it irresistible not to get closer.

Su Mu had no idea that the iceberg had silently begun to melt. With Gu Shi’s help, she cut a lot of flowers. In the end, the two of them were almost overwhelmed by the flowers.

Sitting in the yard, the sight of two huge bouquets struggling to move toward them brought laughter to everyone present.

Wei Liu and Su Chen laughed as they ran over to help.

Together, they gently placed the flowers on the bamboo mat, instantly covering the area.

For the next while, everyone pitched in to trim the flowers. Overly long stems had to be pruned slightly to fit them into the boxes.

Later, Chen Mengzhi and Su Mu joined in, and finally, by noon, they had completed all the orders.

Dozens of boxes of various sizes were neatly arranged together. This was the result of everyone’s labor over the course of two hours. Wei Liu took a photo of this scene and posted it on his social media with a caption: “Your orders are ready to set off! With my contribution, don’t be too touched~”

At the Capital sanatorium, He Fu raised his phone and said to Tang Hui, “Look at that kid, he’s really showing off.”

Tang Hui’s pale face softened at his words.


A busy morning passed, and lunch couldn’t be very elaborate. Everyone filled their stomachs quickly and began loading the boxes onto the car to take them to the village’s express station for shipping as soon as possible.

Su Chen took on this task, moving all the boxes away, leaving the yard spacious and empty again.

The flower shop received orders from time to time throughout the day, but Su Mu planned to only ship in the morning, since that’s when the flowers are in their best condition.

Around noon, the village chief came for a visit, mainly discussing matters related to land use and selling land.

“Has Uncle Liu decided to sell these lands?”

Buying an additional twenty acres of land wasn’t in her original plan, but now that it’s her vegetable field, it’s still possible to acquire it.

“He called last night and asked me to inquire about your opinion.”

After thinking for a moment, Su Mu agreed, “I will talk to Uncle Liu about the specifics. We’ll need Grandpa’s help as a witness when the time comes.”

The village chief said, “No problem.”

Su Mu asked again, “And how many families haven’t signed yet?”

“Half of them have already signed. The other half went to work in the morning and didn’t have time to come sign. They’ll probably finish signing by evening.”

“What about Grandma Wang?” Su Mu hesitated for a moment before finally voicing the question.

The village chief smiled, “She’ll sign sooner or later.”

Because this matter involved not only Old Lady Wang’s personal interests but also the interests of the whole village. If she doesn’t sign, she’ll become a target of criticism, and her descendants will find it hard to stand their ground in the village.

Though her son, the Jiang family, lived in the city, unexpected events can happen, and people’s fortunes can change overnight. Their roots and retreat are all in the village.

Su Mu was considering this point, which is why she proposed that the transaction should only continue after every villager agrees, rather than using a majority rule approach.

In the afternoon, Fu Da arrived at Su’s house with his father and the contract.

He had informed Su Mu in advance about his visit, and she wanted to sign the contract and settle the matter early. Therefore, as soon as they met, they gathered to discuss the contract and picking arrangement.

On the balcony, Wei Liu and Gu Shi stood, observing the two people sitting under the grape trellis. The cold aura emitted by someone made Wei Liu shiver.

“What’s the point of being upset here? Look at them, they’re getting along so well.”

Wei Liu’s words made Gu Shi’s face even darker. He couldn’t quite describe the feeling in his heart. Compared to losing control, this feeling seemed even more uncomfortable.

“I’m saying, you clearly like Mu Mu too, so why do you always wear such a cold expression when you’re around her?”

Gu Shi’s lips tightened.

After a long pause, he finally spoke, “You wouldn’t understand.”

Su Mu was like a mystery that fascinated him yet he didn’t dare to approach. When he was around her, his world became incredibly peaceful, and the clamor around him vanished.

He had tried it before. After leaving Su’s house, he calculated the distance. The farther he was from Su Mu, the louder the noises around him became.

So, he didn’t know whether he was attached to the tranquility of his life or if he genuinely liked her.

These two emotions blurred in Gu Shi’s mind, leaving him in confusion. She was a good girl, and until he was sure of his own feelings, he didn’t dare to take a step forward, afraid he might hurt her in the end.

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Genuine affection is pure and should not be tainted.

Wei Liu was quite irritated by Gu Shi’s words. He didn’t understand? With his own track record of ex-girlfriends, although you could hardly count them with both hands, at least he had way more romantic experience than this naive guy!

While this mini “dispute” between the two brothers was heating up, in the yard, Su Mu carefully examined the contract and, once she confirmed there were no issues, signed her name.

The contract was prepared in duplicate, with one copy for each of them. With this, the formal cooperation between the vegetable suppliers and distributors began.

“Currently, you can start harvesting certain vegetables such as hollow-stemmed vegetables, amaranth, and sweet potato leaves. Mr. Fu, what do you think?”

Fu Da enjoyed the pleasant breeze on his face and loosened his tie before responding, “I’ll inform them later. We’ll come over to harvest tomorrow.” Muyun City was only an hour away from Huayuan Village, and it wouldn’t take long for these vegetables to end up on customers’ tables. He could already imagine Rui Shang’s booming popularity.

These vegetables had high nutritional value. Since his father had consumed products from Su’s family, his symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease had significantly improved. His periods of lucidity were becoming longer, and he even had the energy to pressure him into getting married.

The water here was good, the vegetables were good, and the air was good. That’s why he brought his father along to rest at Su’s house for a couple of days.

If it were someone else, Su Mu probably wouldn’t be too happy about having guests in her house again. But, who could blame her? After all, he was her business partner. If they stayed for a couple of days, it wasn’t a big deal. It’s just two more pairs of chopsticks.

In the evening, the bowl of braised pork cooked by Father Su received unanimous praise. Even Gu Shi took a small piece.

Fu Qingming sighed, “It’s better to arrive early than to be on time. Su Tang, your culinary skills are on par with a five-star chef.”

Father Su chuckled and shook his head, “Oh, I wouldn’t dare haha.”

Some of the ingredients grew under Su Mu’s spiritual aura, which enhanced the appearance of this braised pork dish.

The fragrance wafted through the air, a balance of savory and sweet flavors. In the end, all the sauce was used to mix with rice by Su Chen and others.

Laughter and joy filled the air, under the shimmering night sky. Everything was simply delightful.


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