Ch 14: Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

Nowadays, almost everything in the Fang family is in the hands of Fang Yandong and his son.

No matter how many strategies and ideas Fang Ziyang has in his heart, he cannot fully exert them, nor is it suitable to completely turn against them. Otherwise, with Fang Yandong’s methods, he would only be at the mercy of others.

However, it is currently not possible to directly deal with Fang Yandong, but it is possible to target Fang Qianhao.

His older brother does have the ability, indeed, but he has a major weakness, which is his impulsive personality. It gets better as he grows up, but now Fang Qianhao is only nineteen years old, and he easily gets agitated when he cannot control his temper.

To correct Fang Qianhao’s impulsive nature, Fang Yandong has put a lot of effort into it. He has already sent his eldest son to the company for training.

It can be seen that Fang Yandong is not a heartless person. He genuinely loves his son, and his indifference is only towards Fang Ziyang.

Returning to this world, Fang Ziyang now understands things that he didn’t understand before.

He will gradually regain the things that these people once took from him.

Fang Qianhao is also not worthy of inheriting their grandfather’s inheritance. In his past life, after obtaining the full inheritance rights from their grandfather, he never visited his mother and grandfather’s graves again. He is a heartless and selfish person.

“Why? Why isn’t brother saying anything? This is the inheritance right for half of our grandfather’s legacy. Are you afraid that Dad will swallow up your shares?”

Seeing Fang Qianhao speechless and remaining silent, Fang Ziyang continues to provoke him.

He wants to see how Fang Qianhao will choose.

Despite Fang Yandong seemingly favoring his eldest son, after fighting against these people for a whole ten years, Fang Ziyang knows their characters very well. Deep down, Fang Yandong is actually a very selfish person.

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Indeed, in the previous life, it is true that Fang Yandong loved Yan Tong, and it is true that he genuinely cared for his son. He did many things that made others envious for these two beloved family members.

However, once it truly involved shaking his own interests and position, Fang Ziyang dares to assert that this loving father can definitely abandon anyone.

This can be seen from the fact that in the beginning, when Yan Tong wanted to start a company, most of the startup capital came from his uncle’s bankrupted family fortune, while Fang Yandong only provided connections without much concern. It shows that Fang Yandong’s love has its limits.

This applies to Yan Tong, who has the aura of a protagonist, and how can Fang Qianhao compare to the interests in Fang Yandong’s heart?

Sure enough, when Fang Yandong heard his words, his gaze towards his eldest son changed.


The several billion inheritance from Grandpa Lu is undoubtedly tempting, but the 10% stake in the Fang Group is even more important. It not only represents money but also represents the power to have a say in the shareholders’ meeting.

If Fang Yandong wants to have real influence in the group, he must completely control the shares in the hands of his two sons.

However, both sons are problematic. One is willful and prodigal, while the other is scheming. Currently, he can only rely on their support and alignment but cannot directly control the use of the shares, making him feel helpless and restricted.

As for his youngest son, he believes he has him under control, even if he has rebellious thoughts.

However, if his carefully cultivated eldest son has the idea of betraying him and playing tricks behind his back, Fang Yandong cannot tolerate it under any circumstances…

Fang Qianhao obviously also realized this point. He knew his father’s temper and methods, and his face gradually turned pale, with beads of sweat appearing on his forehead.

He knew that at this moment, he should immediately express his attitude and agree, but he was unwilling to give up the several billion inheritance from Grandpa Lu. That money would be available for his use once he turned 20, and with just a few months left, the easily accessible wealth slipping away like that made his heart ache.


Even if he gave up the inheritance rights, after his younger brother caused such a disturbance, could he keep his shares securely in his hands?

At this moment, Fang Qianhao really wished to immediately tear Fang Ziyang, the troublemaker, to pieces to vent his anger.

And today, Fang Ziyang will not stop until he achieves his goal.

Seeing that the atmosphere in the living room was becoming more and more eerie, he once again pounced on Fang Yandong, affectionately embracing his arm to demonstrate his “loyalty.”

“Dad, I’m not like my brother who is heartless. I know that the company is in a difficult situation right now. I’m willing to transfer my shares to you immediately. As long as you don’t despise me for being profligate, it’s fine if I only have a small amount of shares left.”

He couldn’t keep the shares on both sides, and it would take some time to sell the remaining 5% of shares. Giving them away now could still be utilized.

Moreover, for him, the shares in the Fang Group currently couldn’t compare to Grandpa Lu’s inheritance because the shares couldn’t be easily liquidated.

And he, he needed money that he could use immediately.

However, for Fang Yandong, the shares were more important than cash. This display of loyalty was just right, and it calmed the suspicions he had towards Fang Qianhao to a great extent.

Although his youngest son was more willful, he didn’t particularly like him, but he couldn’t deny that the younger son had a much deeper father-son bond with him than the eldest son.

If this son continued to be obedient like this, he wouldn’t mind letting the youngest son live a life of luxury and prodigality. After all, he was still his own son.

“What nonsense is Ziyang talking about? Dad doesn’t care about those shares you have. Previously, I only asked you to transfer them because I was worried about you spending money recklessly. Now that you’ve grown up and become sensible, Dad can rest assured. You don’t need to worry about the company’s affairs. As long as you support Dad, whether you transfer the shares or not doesn’t matter.”

Fang Yandong revealed a refined and loving smile, as if he truly appreciated his son’s maturity and didn’t care about materialistic things like shares.

Fang Ziyang looked at him, his smile becoming more sincere, and his eyes shimmered with a sense of moved emotion.

“Dad, since you know that I like to spend money recklessly, why do you still let me have control? My self-discipline is so poor. No, let’s transfer the shares, Dad, and you can help me manage them. I trust you.”


Even though he immediately wanted to agree in his heart, Fang Yandong still had to maintain his facade on the surface.

Naturally, Fang Ziyang gave him a way out, “That’s settled then. If Dad feels uneasy about it, just give me more pocket money in the future. Otherwise, what will I do if I can’t control myself and squander all the shares?”

With the conversation reaching this point, if he continued to refuse, it would seem too fake and affected.

As the son whom Fang Yandong truly loved, how could Fang Qianhao not sense his father’s emotions? The arrogance he had just displayed instantly disappeared, and his face was filled with embarrassment, indignation, and unwillingness.

He had been scolded by his father before, but it was the first time it happened in front of his younger brother. It was an extremely humiliating blow to him.

He knew very well that he had to express his stance immediately, or else there would be a thorn left in his father’s heart. But he couldn’t accept it. Knowing his father’s temperament, once the shares were given away, he would never be able to retrieve them until Fang Yandong’s death.

As Fang Yandong’s son, he also had a heart that dared not be underestimated.

The shares absolutely could not be handed over to his father like this. Fang Qianhao glared at Fang Ziyang with hatred, grinding his teeth.

“Fang Ziyang, in the future, when you go out, don’t you dare say that you’re Fang Qianhao’s brother. It’s shameful! Grandfather’s inheritance is yours, but I want to see what you’ll do when you squander all that money!”

After saying that, Fang Qianhao turned around and quickly walked back to his room on the second floor, not daring to look at Fang Yandong’s expression from beginning to end.

Very well, he truly lived up to being the son who was educated by Fang Yandong with all his heart and effort.

Compared to himself, who was easily deceived, Fang Qianhao understood very well that neither his father nor his mother valued the shares in his hands.

Looking at Fang Yandong’s obscure and unclear expression, Fang Ziyang quietly curled up his lips in a subtle smile.

Since his goal had been achieved, he should also return to his room and rest. After playing the role of a dutiful son for so long, his patience was reaching its limit. The closer he got to these people, the more disgusted he felt.

“Dad, I’ll go back to my room and rest too. You can handle the share authorization and let me know when the documents are ready.”

With a casual attitude, Fang Ziyang finished his sentence and followed suit, leaving the room.

Only Fang Yandong, whose expression kept changing, remained in the living room, along with the nanny and the housekeeper huddled in a corner, exchanging puzzled looks.

Uncle Liu, who had been beaten before, had his eyes constantly flickering. His trembling arms hung at his sides, and his heart pounded rapidly while his mind was in a muddle.

Others may not have noticed, but he knew.

Young Master was just pretending earlier. He was pretending!

There was no way Young Master would simply hand over the shares so easily like that. He must have had a purpose.

And the master… he hadn’t noticed.

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