Ch 13: Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

In the entire villa, no one had expected Fang Ziyang to react so directly.

In everyone’s impression, Fang Ziyang was just a bit temperamental and willful. Even when he was truly angry, he would engage in verbal arguments but wouldn’t resort to physical violence. Overall, he wasn’t as bad as the outside world perceived him to be.

Especially towards his own family members, Fang Yandong and Fang Qianhao, he held respect and obedience in his heart.

But who would have thought that today Fang Ziyang would deviate from his usual behavior and directly slap his elder brother, leaving a bloody handprint that clearly showed the force behind it.

Not to mention Fang Qianhao himself, even Fang Yandong couldn’t snap out of his daze and was left standing frozen in place by this sudden change.

All the past grievances and resentments seemed to have taken a backseat after that single slap.

Fang Ziyang’s mood improved somewhat, and his mind regained control that had been lost in the surge of hatred. He stared at Fang Qianhao, whose face had regained its composure, and calmly wiped his hands with a tissue before continuing to speak.

“Although you are Ziyang’s brother, it seems that you don’t understand the responsibilities of being a brother. As a member of the Fang family and as Ziyang’s elder brother, when I encountered trouble outside, you not only failed to help but even added fuel to the fire. Since you lack understanding, and Dad is unwilling to educate, then for the sake of the Fang family’s reputation, I will have to take matters into my own hands…”

His indifferent tone and actions made it seem as if the slap just now was nothing more than a casual verbal reprimand.

This was a side of Fang Ziyang that no one had ever seen before.

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With a dominant and confident demeanor, accompanied by an underlying aura of intimidation, Fang Ziyang inexplicably exerted pressure on those around him.

Fang Qianhao’s blood rushed to his head, and the fiery pain on his face made him lose control of his anger on the spot. “Fang Ziyang, how dare you hit me! I’m your brother!”

“Just now, didn’t you say you didn’t want me as your brother? Why did you change your tune so quickly? Is this your way of fighting back?”

Fang Ziyang showed no intention of backing down, appearing nonchalant and filled with coldness. His tone was incredibly sharp and cutting.

His voice suddenly rose, carrying a strong sense of oppression, like a cornered beast that had erupted.

“Fang Qianhao, what are you even worth? You dare to point your finger at me and lecture me? Have you ever fulfilled your responsibilities as an older brother? Whenever I was bullied, you never stood up for me. Whenever I was criticized, you always turned it around and blamed me. Anything good that I had, you wanted to snatch it away.”

“And this time, it’s even worse. I was publicly humiliated in front of netizens across the country, to the extent that it affected the stock prices of our company. Yet, you didn’t even offer a single word of help. And now you’re still saying I’m in the wrong? Are you blind? Didn’t you see the evidence I presented during the livestream? You’re truly adept at distorting the truth!”

“Fang Qianhao, I must ask, how did I end up with a brother like you, a backstabbing brother? What benefits do you gain from tarnishing my reputation? Maybe tomorrow we should go to the hospital and get a DNA test done to see if we’re really brothers?”

At this point, Fang Ziyang turned his cold smile toward Fang Yandong, who was sitting on the couch.

“Dad is the same. I think our whole family should get a proper evaluation. We’re all children of the same parents, but why has our father always been biased? I almost got killed, and he still gets angry at me.”

The moment he returned, it felt like he was being interrogated by the Three Judicial Halls. If he didn’t make a scene about the hot search video today and take the opportunity to change his temperament, he would undoubtedly continue to be tightly controlled by others, just like before.

With the stimulation from this video, he would have a reasonable excuse for any unusual behavior in the future, so as not to arouse Fang Yandong’s suspicion.

As for the DNA test, it was just something he mentioned casually. Because he knew that it wouldn’t prove anything. In his previous life, he had doubted whether he was Fang Yandong’s son, considering how cold-hearted Fang Yandong was towards him.

But the reality proved that he was indeed Fang Yandong’s biological son, and even he and Fang Qianhao were true brothers.

This always disappointed Fang Ziyang. He wished he could be his mother’s illegitimate child, so that he could find some comfort in that, and have an excuse for Fang Yandong’s coldness towards him.

Betrayal is not terrifying; it is the betrayal from loved ones that hurts the most…

Fang Yandong obviously wasn’t worried about this, but when Fang Ziyang uttered such words, a flicker of surprise flashed across his composed face.

Then his expression turned ugly, and he slammed the table, shouting,

“Ziyang, what nonsense are you spouting! You come back and immediately cause a scene, even resorting to violence. Is this what your etiquette teacher taught you? Do you still consider me your father?”

“Well, then I must ask if I am considered your son in your eyes!”

Fang Ziyang refused to back down. His eyes suddenly turned red, filled with intense anger and stubbornness. “Dad keeps saying how much he loves me. I used to believe it, but now I think I might have been mistaken. In dad’s heart, I’m probably not that important…”

“Don’t bother with all those irrelevant words, dad. Today, I have a few questions for you and my brother. If you don’t give me satisfactory answers, I’ll sever ties and move out tomorrow, and I’ll take it to court.”

His voice was resolute, with a strong sense of injustice and anger. Anyone could tell that his words were not just spoken out of anger, but held genuine meaning.

Fang Yandong hadn’t expected Fang Ziyang to suddenly say such things, and his expression immediately changed.

He had also watched his youngest son’s livestream, initially not paying much attention to it. However, when he saw his son’s different demeanor and lack of his usual fierce aura during the livestream, his nonchalant attitude instantly became alert.

Fang Ziyang’s transformation was not something he wanted to see. He didn’t want his youngest son to be too capable; all he needed to do was live a life of indulgence and enjoyment.

That’s why he called Fang Qianhao back and prepared to interrogate him, to suppress and extinguish the sudden flames of rebellion in his youngest son.

But he never expected Fang Ziyang’s change to be even more drastic than he had imagined, and his attitude to be so strong and stubborn. It seemed that the stimulus caused by this incident had been too overwhelming for his youngest son…

This sudden loss of control made Fang Yandong very uncomfortable. Now wasn’t the best time for his youngest son to leave.

Fang Yandong forced himself to ease his expression, suppressing the intimidating aura he had just displayed, and returned to being a seemingly good father who had been temporarily overwhelmed by his child’s behavior.

His tone became much gentler.

“Ziyang, what are you talking about? Severing ties and moving out, do you really want to anger your father? If you have something to say, just say it. Dad knows that you’ve been wronged this time, but when have I ever neglected you? Did you see those nonsensical comments online?”

Although Fang Ziyang’s transformation seemed sudden, Fang Yandong didn’t doubt it too much. He simply thought that his youngest son had seen the comments from internet users and had been influenced and manipulated by them.

After all, Fang Ziyang had a impulsive and easily influenced personality, and Fang Yandong had been concerned about this.

Fang Ziyang didn’t offer any other explanation, so naturally he nodded in agreement, playing the role of someone who had been oppressed and was about to explode. He coldly sneered,

“So it seems that dad has also seen it? Well then, dad, why didn’t you explain? After all, I also think those internet users made some valid points. Dad has always been capable, nothing can ever defeat Father. So why did dad suddenly make such a big mistake? Could it be true, as they say online, that dad actually wants me dead?”

His sharp questioning left no room for mercy.

This time, before Fang Yandong could speak, Fang Qianhao immediately stepped in, his expression changing as he rushed to refute and accuse,

“Nonsense! How could dad ever do such a thing? Fang Ziyang, have you lost your mind? Actually believing all those nonsense from the internet.”

“If I’ve lost my mind, then how come you trust others instead of standing up for your own younger brother? It seems that the slap I gave you earlier has finally awakened you, big brother.”

Fang Ziyang mocked with a cold smile.

As soon as Fang Qianhao heard these words, the pain on his face suddenly intensified. The anger he felt from being slapped surged up, causing him to lose his composure. “How dare you say that!”

He seemed ready to rush forward and retaliate.

However, Fang Yandong promptly stopped them and scolded, “Sit down! Are you two really planning to fight in front of me today?!”

Naturally, they didn’t dare to continue.

Fang Qianhao gritted his teeth, feeling indignant.

In the past, perhaps Fang Yandong would have spoken up for him, but today Fang Yandong was not in the mood. His youngest son still had a significant role to play, and despite being angry at his behavior today, he couldn’t speak up for his eldest son anymore.

“Enough. Your younger brother is right in what he said, and it was right to hit you. You are the older brother, yet when something happens to Ziyang, not only do you fail to speak up for him, but you even side with outsiders to criticize your own brother. Let alone Ziyang being angry and wanting to hit you, I also want to ask what’s wrong with your brain!”

Fang Yandong put on the appearance of a fair and just parent.

He still didn’t know Yan Tong, so naturally, he wouldn’t offend his useful youngest son for someone he didn’t know. A few words of admonishment wouldn’t result in much loss.

Fang Ziyang found it amusing and didn’t respond, waiting for the continuation.

After sternly reprimanding Fang Qianhao, Fang Yandong shifted his gaze back to his youngest son and beckoned gently.

“Ziyang, come over and sit here with Dad. It’s been a long time since we had a good conversation as father and son. It’s all Dad’s fault for neglecting that. Today, let’s have a proper talk, just the two of us…”

Was he trying to change the subject and blur the focus?

Fang Yandong had no intention of explaining each and every comment on the internet because most of them were true. The more he explained, the more confusing it would become. The best approach was to divert attention and ignore them, brushing them off with a passing remark, which was easy to achieve when it came to his father-son relationship with his youngest son.


That was in the past.

How could Fang Ziyang let his “good father” have his way now? If he just casually brushed it off, how could he establish a new image for himself? How could he continue to cause trouble and make excuses in the future?

Before Fang Yandong’s “gentle and soft words” could get to the point, Fang Ziyang impatiently interrupted. He adopted a disdainful and sarcastic tone, as if he believed that being incited and manipulated by others was the ultimate truth.

“What’s there to talk about? Is Dad trying to play the emotional card? That’s a pity. Ziyang doesn’t feel like listening right now. What I want to know is how Dad explains those things said on the internet. Am I really your biological son? Have you been flattering and undermining me all these years?”

“Although I don’t want to believe it, the netizens are so powerful that I can’t even find a counterargument to the reasons they came up with. Dad asked me to transfer all my shares to you not long ago, so I want to ask, did you ask my brother to do the same?”

As he said this, Fang Yandong’s eyes flickered with a hint of darkness.

Fang Qianhao also became visibly tense, and the living room fell into silence.

However, the peculiar atmosphere didn’t last long. Fang Yandong quickly regained his composure, and his handsome and mature face showed no signs of any abnormality. He smiled gently and gracefully, as if he was truly delighted.

“It seems that Dad’s Ziyang has finally grown up. Unlike before, when he only knew how to play and make Dad worry. It seems that it’s time for Ziyang to gain some experience in the company as well. With experience, Dad’s Ziyang will be able to discern truth from falsehood.”

“As for the shares, of course, Qianhao’s shares will also be authorized to Dad. Dad hasn’t taken more than necessary from your shares all these years, but you two brothers, whenever you need pocket money, you sell your shares to me. If it wasn’t for the board meeting last time, I wouldn’t have known. So, Dad can’t let you keep those shares in your hands.”

Fang Yandong sighed. “Ziyang, Dad didn’t handle your situation well this time, and you suffered. But you have to understand, you are Dad’s biological child, and there’s no doubt about that…”

So, how could a father harm his own flesh and blood?

Fang Ziyang couldn’t help but find it amusing. Yes, how could a father harm his own child? But he had the misfortune of encountering such a situation. A tiger doesn’t eat its cubs. How thick-skinned must Fang Yandong be to play this emotional card with him?

Fang Ziyang fell silent, his gaze fixed on his two dear family members sitting opposite him.

After a while, he suddenly smiled, tears glistening in his eyes.

He rushed over and threw himself into Fang Yandong’s arms, burying his head against his father’s chest as he burst into tears.

“Dad, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to explode at you. Everyone is saying that you intentionally neglect me, that you prefer my brother over me.”

“Every time I come home, my brother scolds me. He always scolds me. Even before, you didn’t believe me. I was clearly falsely accused, but none of you believed me. Wuu…”

“I want to believe you, Dad, but I feel so miserable inside. I thought I wasn’t your biological child, and I thought your favoritism towards me was meant to spoil me.”

“I thought when you asked me to authorize my shares, it was really because you wanted to take them away, and I thought you didn’t care about me and wanted me to lose my inheritance rights to Grandpa’s estate. Everyone is saying these things…”

Fang Ziyang cried and spoke, like a lost child unable to find shelter from the rain.

Each word carried countless helplessness, and Fang Yandong and Fang Qianhao’s expressions kept changing.

Fang Yandong wanted to say something.

But Fang Ziyang raised his head, tears streaking down his delicate and beautiful face, his eyes red.

“Dad, were they all lying to me? Dad, do you really love me the most?”

“Of course.”

Fang Yandong’s smile remained elegant and affectionate.

In an instant, Fang Ziyang stopped crying and broke into a smile. He wiped away his tears, his voice nasally and full of willfulness. “Then prove it to me, Dad!”

Fang Yandong paused. “How does Ziyang want Dad to prove it?”

“Make my brother give up his inheritance rights to Grandpa’s estate!”

“What did you say? Fang Ziyang, are you out of your mind? Why should I give up my inheritance rights to Grandpa’s estate?” Fang Qianhao immediately jumped up upon hearing that.

Fang Yandong’s gaze towards his younger son also turned dark.

However, Fang Ziyang seemed oblivious to the brewing storm, displaying his former domineering and unscrupulous willfulness. He completely ignored Fang Qianhao and only looked at Fang Yandong, venting his anger.

“Brother has always bullied me since we were young, and now he’s even taking the side of an outsider. Dad, if you don’t teach him a lesson and stand up for me, then everything you said before was a lie. Your favorite person is my brother!”

“Dad, it’s not about wanting Grandpa’s inheritance. It’s about my unwillingness to accept it. As long as you make my brother give up his inheritance rights to Grandpa’s estate, and let me inherit everything, I will believe you.”

Fang Ziyang was unusually resolute.

Fang Qianhao was furious. “You’re talking nonsense! If you don’t want Grandpa’s inheritance, why would you ask me to give up my inheritance rights? Fang Ziyang, I never realized you could be so scheming and shameless.”

“I never realized you could be so heartless, Fang Qianhao. Don’t judge me based on your dirty and narrow-minded thoughts.”

Fang Ziyang showed no signs of backing down, lifting his chin.

“Fang Qianhao, let me tell you, as long as Dad can make you give up your inheritance rights to Grandpa’s estate, I will authorize all my shares to Dad.”

“If you don’t want to give up your inheritance rights, then authorize your shares to Dad as a reciprocal gesture. Are you brave enough to do that?”

Grandpa’s inheritance rights worth billions of dollars in cash, and 10% of Fang Corporation’s shares, full of potential.

Today, he insisted on making his “barbecue pork” brother, Fang Qianhao, spit out one of them.

(T/N: The term “barbecue pork” here is a way for Fang Ziyang to mock or belittle his brother, suggesting that Fang Qianhao is untrustworthy, deceitful, or lacking in moral character.)

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