Ch 12: Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

The air around them seemed to freeze in that moment.

The entire world suddenly became quiet, so quiet that the two could easily hear each other’s heartbeat.

With an enchanting allure akin to poppies, their breaths, one filled with a hint of cigarette smoke and the other with a seductive fragrance, intertwined tightly, weaving a delicate and intricate connection.

Xie Zheng stood there in disbelief, his entire being rendered sluggish and rigid by this sudden attack. His face was filled with astonishment, a rare change from his usual expression.

It wasn’t until he felt a sharp pain as Fang Ziyang bit down on his lip, the taste of blood filling his mouth, that Xie Zheng violently shook himself out of his stupor. He forcefully pushed away the audacious young man clinging to him, pressing his back against the body of the Maybach. He retreated a few steps on unsteady feet, as if he had been attacked by a ferocious beast or a raging flood.

His handsome face flushed with embarrassment, then turned deathly pale, and then flushed again, his complexion constantly changing as his breath grew rapid and uneven.

Following closely was the man’s familiar stern voice, but upon closer listening, one could detect a hint of shame and indignation.

“You…you, at such a young age…how could you…how could you…”

“Have no shame, is that it?”

Fang Ziyang looked at the man in front of him, who was more flustered and indignant than he had ever been in his entire life as if he lost his innocence. The initial dissatisfaction in his heart inexplicably transformed into a sense of exhilaration.

To be able to see the usually feared and rigid Xie Zheng in such a state of losing his composure and self-restraint, it was truly something worth boasting about.

Licking the bloodstain at the corner of his mouth with a provocative and coquettish manner, Fang Ziyang smiled at Xie Zheng like a mischievous elf, his tone filled with teasing mockery.

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“It was just a kiss, is there a need for such a big reaction, Uncle Xie? A mature, steady, and handsome person like you must have plenty of people, like me, who admire you. Could it be that Uncle Xie hasn’t even kissed anyone?”

Fang Ziyang couldn’t help but continue speaking, and Xie Zheng’s stern and serious face turned even redder, unable to maintain his usual dignity. It was evident that his true situation had been exposed.

Now it was Fang Ziyang’s turn to change his expression. He widened his eyes and said, “Could it be that I actually hit the mark?”

In this day and age, to think that a 28-year-old wealthy and powerful handsome man had never even kissed anyone, it was inconceivable!

Xie Zheng’s serious expression finally cracked completely.

Clearly, Fang Ziyang had hit the mark. The rare and pure-hearted old bachelor had fallen into the hands of Fang Ziyang, and he had taken away the person’s first…kiss.

Fang Ziyang suddenly felt a bit guilty, as if he had defiled something sacred.

But even if he felt guilty, he couldn’t back down. Besides, what’s wrong with Xie Zheng’s first kiss? In his past and present lives, apart from that one-night stand in his previous life that he couldn’t even remember clearly, this was still his first kiss while being conscious, and it was even initiated by him.

They were both in the same boat, neither one at a disadvantage.

He was good-looking and young, while Xie Zheng was old and rigid. It could be said that Xie Zheng had gained an advantage.

Yes, that’s how it goes.

Fang Ziyang built a solid defense line in his mind, crushing any hint of guilt or vulnerability. When it came to achieving his goals, he didn’t care about trivial matters or his reputation anymore, after experiencing so much in life.

With such thoughts, he became even more brazen.

Mocking with a smile, he said, “Uncle Xie, you’ve seen it too. Ziyang is not a well-behaved person. If Uncle Xie doesn’t want some scandalous news about a Xie family daughter-in-law climbing into his future father-in-law’s bed to break out in the future, then quickly dissolve the engagement. As for…”

At this point, he pointed at the man’s lips, his smile ambiguous.

“As for this, let’s consider it a greeting gift for Uncle Xie.”


Fang Ziyang pulled the stunned Uncle Liu into the car and swiftly drove away.

Left behind was Xie Zheng standing in place, his stern face growing even more serious. The pressure of someone in power made the atmosphere somewhat oppressive.

Secretary Li glanced at Fang Ziyang’s departing car, then looked at his boss with a complicated expression. After hesitating for a few seconds, he gathered his courage and cautiously asked, “Boss, should we still go to the Fangs’?”

“No need. Everything that needed to be said has been said.”

Xie Zheng’s serious voice carried a hint of unnoticed embarrassment and anger. The throbbing pain from the wound on his lip, bitten by Fang Ziyang, made it impossible to ignore.

Secretary Li was truly in a difficult position upon hearing that. “But boss, the item Brother Tang gave us hasn’t been delivered to Young Master Fang yet…”

Once those words were spoken.

Xie Zheng’s stern face grew even colder, and a contemplative look appeared in his eyes. After thinking for a moment, he spoke in a cold voice, “Then don’t deliver it. Return the item to Tang Xun and inform him about what just happened. I didn’t realize it before, but Fang Ziyang is quite cunning. Even Tang Xun was deceived by him. He’s not just a rabbit in need of protection.”

“That idiot Xie Wenxu has brought such trouble to our family. Keep an eye on him. As long as it doesn’t involve the Xie family’s reputation, we don’t need to bother with anything else. He has no brains at all, and it would be best if he ends up being played to death.”

After the emotionless instructions were given.

Xie Zheng regained his usual calm demeanor. However, when he mentioned the name Xie Wenxu, his serious tone couldn’t hide his annoyance.

On the other side.

Fang Ziyang continued to ride home in the car, not putting too much thought into what had just happened. It didn’t create any ripples in his mind.

He had too many things to consider, countless enemies and dangers enveloping him tightly. He didn’t have the energy or qualifications to think about trivial matters at the moment.

In this lifetime, Fang Ziyang didn’t want to meet the same disastrous end as in his previous life. Even though he had foreknowledge of many things, he had to be cautious and careful, without the slightest hint of relaxation.

He paid no attention to the changing expression on Uncle Liu’s face in the driver’s seat.

Half an hour later, Fang Ziyang finally returned to the long-lost Fang family residence.

It still had the luxurious and extravagant appearance from his memories. It was the place he had grown up in since childhood, but now it was no longer his home in his heart. It had become a battlefield filled with demons, and he would face challenges and obstacles here.

“Uncle Liu, I hope you consider what I said earlier in the car. Tomorrow is a good day. Since you and Zhang Ma care for me so much, I’m sure you’ll prepare a gift to make me happy.”

He turned his head and said to Uncle Liu, whose expression was still dazed.

Fang Ziyang straightened his back, a smile playing on his lips as he walked confidently into the Fang family mansion.

It was already 11 PM, but the chandeliers inside the mansion were brightly lit. Fang Yandong and Fang Qianhao, father and son, sat on the sofa with gloomy expressions. The household staff and butlers were huddled in a corner, trembling in fear.

Such a scene was unprecedented in the Fang family.

Although Fang Yandong didn’t show much closeness to him in his daily behavior, he still maintained the image of a good father. In Fang Ziyang’s memory, as long as it wasn’t something particularly outrageous, Fang Yandong would always fulfill his requests and protect him. It could be said that he was doted upon.

Despite often quarreling with Fang Ziyang, under Fang Yandong’s oppression, Fang Qianhao didn’t dare to truly bully his younger brother.

In the past, Fang Ziyang’s status in the Fang family could accurately be described as that of a little emperor. He had never witnessed such a scene as the current one, resembling a prince awaiting trial.

It was evident that Fang Yandong was truly provoked by him this time.

However, it was not surprising. Although Fang Ziyang didn’t utter a single negative word about the Fang family in his livestream, the netizens weren’t all fools. Combined with their love for digging up gossip about wealthy families, their associative abilities were incredibly strong.

Fang Ziyang couldn’t be bothered to care about the aftermath on the internet, but Fang Yandong was well aware of it.

Currently, the focus of the netizens’ discussions had shifted from Xu Jiaqing, the treacherous friend who stabbed him in the back, to the Fang family. The most prominent comments were:

[Although I don’t particularly like Fang Ziyang, I have to admit that he’s a bit pitiful. Since his incident, he hasn’t had a single friend or classmate speak up for him, and it seems like not even his family members have stood up for him.]

[Even if Fang Ziyang has a bad character and doesn’t have friends or classmates supporting him, his family should do something. After all, it’s about the Fang family, even if they just did something for the sake of boosting Fang Corporation’s stock price…]

[With the abilities of the Fang family, I don’t believe they can’t handle even this bit of public relations. Moreover, rumors say that Mr. Fang dotes on his youngest son a lot. A father who genuinely loves his child wouldn’t be incapable of doing anything. Mr. Fang is one of the youngest and most talented billionaires in our Jiang City, after all.]

[Also, do you all remember what Fang Ziyang said in the livestream? This situation could be overturned because he specifically spent a lot of money to hire “X” clients and detectives. The Fang family may lack many things, but money is not one of them. If Fang Ziyang could think of hiring someone to recover the deleted surveillance footage, how come Mr. Fang didn’t think of it?]

The internet discussions were focused on Fang Ziyang’s plight and the perceived lack of support from his own family.

[I’m not speaking up for Fang Ziyang, but… after carefully listing and analyzing the entire incident, personally, I find it deeply unsettling. The depths of the wealthy families are terrifying. Take a moment and ponder it carefully.]

After this rational and logically sound comment emerged, it sparked a new wave of discussions on the internet.

Now, the spotlight had shifted to the Fang family, specifically Fang Yandong.

Having their hidden intentions exposed and brought to light, it was inevitable for Fang Yandong to show emotions and attribute all the mistakes and grievances to the mastermind.

In Fang Yandong’s mind, Fang Ziyang had always been a rabbit that he could easily control and crush. Now, this rabbit, who didn’t know what’s good for him, had bitten its owner. How could he not reveal his anger?


“You have the audacity to come back!”

As soon as Fang Ziyang entered, Fang Yandong couldn’t hold back and threw the water cup on the table directly at him, creating a burst of shattered porcelain flowers in front of his youngest son.

Fang Qianhao also stood up in anger and berated him,

“Fang Ziyang, have you gone mad? Who told you to report the incident on the livestream? It would have been enough to sue Xu Jiaqing and those marketing studios, but why did you sue the commenting netizens as well? Do you know that this will cause public anger? Those netizens’ family members will definitely come and cause trouble at our company’s doorstep. What will we do if it affects the company’s image?”

“And what about your nonsense in the livestream? It’s clear that you bully Yan Tong all the time, and he doesn’t retaliate. Yet, you went ahead and defamed him. Yan Tong was your classmate for three years in high school. Do you have any shame? Do you have any conscience? How can I have such an embarrassing younger brother like you!”

It was always like this.

In the previous life, whenever something happened involving Yan Tong, Fang Qianhao would always unconditionally point his finger at Fang Ziyang and angrily scold him.

Even if he knew that Yan Tong was in the wrong, he would twist the truth.

Back then, it was also after that phrase, “How can I have such a brother like you!” that Fang Qianhao’s slap came down, sending him to the hospital. His child was born prematurely and died, and he nearly lost his life as well.

This grotesque and disgusting face overlapped in two lifetimes.

It was unbearable.

Fang Ziyang’s gaze turned icy cold as he directly slapped Fang Qianhao, leaving a bloody handprint on his face.

“I also want to say, how can I have a brother like you, who takes advantage of others and is selfish?”

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