Chapter 99: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Ji Cha had no idea that there was such a place in the base. Now that he was inside and heard the sound of the door being closed behind him, he realized that he had been a bit reckless.

However, when he borrowed the information card from Zhang Xing, he had told him that he was going to in the eastern district, and he had also brought his own information card. Even if something happened, he didn’t believe that the group of people led by Brother Qiang would dare to lay a hand on him.

As soon as the door closed, the light inside immediately became insufficient.

Brother Qiang walked in front of him and systematically introduced the situation here to Ji Cha.

“We have all kinds of women here, ranging in age from their teens to their forties and fifties. It just depends on how much money you have. We offer all kinds of services.”

Ji Cha pretended to be timid: “I’m just afraid that if I spend money here, someone will find out, you know?”

Brother Qiang laughed heartily: “Who knows about that? Those who have the authority to check consumption records are not ordinary people. We use shopping points to pay here, just like going to a supermarket, except that the pricing is more flexible.”

In fact, to put it bluntly, this kind of business always has someone covering it before they can dare to be so open and aboveboard. Ji Cha was very sure that there must be high-ranking people above them who paved the way or provided protection.

Afraid of arousing Brother Qiang’s suspicion, Ji Cha asked again, “How do we choose, do you have any photos?”

Brother Qiang nodded, then took out a phone from his pocket, opened one of the albums, and handed the phone to Ji Cha: “Take a look, the price is listed below each photo.”

Ji Cha took the phone, and the photos were obviously arranged in order from young to old. The women had different looks, and their eyes facing the camera were not lively at all. Here, they were not considered human beings, but commodities with prices clearly marked.

Ji Cha chose a girl in her twenties with a good appearance: “Is this one okay?”

Brother Qiang glanced at it and smiled, “Kid, you have good taste. Although this one is a bit expensive, her service is absolutely top-notch.” He patted Ji Cha on the shoulder and asked him to follow him.

Ji Cha was led through a maze-like building, wondering what the place was originally used for. After a couple of turns, they reached a small door at which Brother Qiang stopped. On the way, they saw many rooms with pictures of women pasted on the doors, and as they climbed the stairs, they could hear ambiguous sounds coming from between the door seams.

Ji Cha noticed security guards stationed at each corner, and there were three on that floor alone.

Brother Qiang took out a key from his pocket and after counting, he picked one and inserted it into the lock. It took a few turns before the door finally opened. The room was dark, but Brother Qiang turned on the lights. Ji Cha saw only a mattress with a girl sitting on it, just like the one in the photo.

“Half an hour, you can finish early if you want,” Brother Qiang said. “It’s 30 points. Swipe the card downstairs after you’re done.”

He closed the door again, but this time he didn’t lock it, so Ji Cha could open the door from the inside.

It was the first time Ji Cha had been to such a place before, and he felt nervous, especially when he saw the girl on the mattress. The girl seemed accustomed to this kind of life. She got up, smiled at Ji Cha, and began to undress.

“Wait,” Ji Cha hurriedly stopped her. “Can we talk first?”

The girl was puzzled. She had never met anyone who wanted to chat before getting to the point.

“Talk?” she asked. “About what?”

She was worried that Ji Cha didn’t quite understand what Brother Qiang had said earlier, so she repeated it: “We only have half an hour, and they have already started timing outside.”

She then tried to undress again, but Ji Cha held her hand and said, “Don’t take off your clothes yet. Sit down.”

The girl was quite obedient and sat down as instructed by Ji Cha. She asked, “Do you want to try something different? That will cost extra.”

She thought that Ji Cha wanted to talk to her about some strange sexual fetishes.

Ji Cha had never encountered someone who was so direct. He couldn’t help blushing and asked shyly, “What’s your name?”

“I’m Xiao Rou,” the girl answered, but Ji Cha wasn’t sure if that was her real name.

“I didn’t know there was a place like this,” Ji Cha hesitated for a moment and asked the second half of his question, “Are you doing this voluntarily, or are you being forced to do it?”

Xiao Rou was taken aback and didn’t expect Ji Cha to ask that. She laughed at herself and said, “Does it matter?”

Ji Cha replied seriously, “Of course it matters. This kind of place is not allowed in the base.”

“The base has no jurisdiction over here. If they could, they would have cracked down on this place six months ago,” Xiao Rou realized that Ji Cha was not a genuine client, so she put her half-removed clothes back on. “This place was originally tacitly approved by the upper echelon of the base.”

“How do you know that?”

“You think no leaders have come here to play? There are plenty,” Xiao Rou became a little impatient, “Are you one of those silly people who come here to try to persuade others to change their ways?”

Ji Cha didn’t know how to respond to that, but what caught his attention more was Xiao Rou’s first sentence. Someone clearly knew about this place and even came to participate?

Xiao Rou obviously didn’t want to say much more to him. Ji Cha stayed in the room for about twenty minutes before leaving.

Brother Qiang stood not far from the doorway, smiling as he asked Ji Cha, “Feeling good, aren’t you? Come by more often when you have the time, it’ll do wonders for your spirit.”

Ji Cha handed over his information card, and Brother Qiang took it to have his men deduct the points before returning it to Ji Cha.

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On the way back, Brother Qiang didn’t follow Ji Cha but let him go alone. Ji Cha walked slowly down from the upper floor and turned two corners. He thought he was about to leave the place when he suddenly heard hurried footsteps behind him.

“Wait a minute,” Brother Qiang’s voice rang out.

Ji Cha’s hand was already on the door handle, and he had even opened the latch when he turned to look at Brother Qiang, “What’s wrong?”

He felt something was off, and when he opened the door a crack, Brother Qiang’s face immediately changed. He yelled to his men to stop Ji Cha, “Don’t let him run!”

The two men guarding the door rushed forward to stop Ji Cha, their hands pressing against the door to prevent him from opening it any further.

In his panic, Ji Cha pushed harder, hoping to open the door wide enough for him to slip out. He didn’t realize that he had used too much force, and the door flew open suddenly, causing the two men to stumble backward.

Ji Cha didn’t have time to ponder why his strength had suddenly increased; he just dodged through the open door. Those outside had heard the commotion and saw Ji Cha rushing out in a hurry, so they knew something was wrong and surrounded him.

“Don’t move!” One of them even had a gun and pressed it against Ji Cha’s waist.

Brother Qiang had also caught up by then and said, “Bring him inside.”

The gun was not a joke, and Ji Cha dared not move. He followed Brother Qiang’s men back inside the iron gate.

“What kind of person are you? You come here without doing business and ask all these questions?” Brother Qiang’s friendly demeanor was gone, and he was now not only wary of Ji Cha but also had murderous intent.

Ji Cha calmly replied, “There is another information card in my right pocket. If you take a look, you’ll know who I am.”

Brother Brother Qiang’s stepped forward to retrieve the information card from Ji Cha’s right pocket. His men then scanned it according to the procedure. When they saw that it was Ji Cha from the farm, even Brother Qiang’s was taken aback.

The farm is neither big nor small, and rumors say that Director Ji and Captain Liang are still close.

Quick to react, Brother Qiang whispered a few words to his men and two of them ran upstairs. Then he turned back to Ji Cha and smiled, “I didn’t expect it to be Director Ji, pardon me.”

The person behind Ji Cha who had been pointing a gun at him also put it down under Brother Qiang’s signal. Since his identity was exposed, Ji Cha saw no reason to beat around the bush, “You guys are doing this here, surely you know that you might get caught one day, right?”

But Brother Qiang played dumb, “What are you talking about? Director Ji, have you misunderstood something? We’re just doing some small business here.”

As he spoke, someone brought a pile of things over, which Brother Qiang handed to Ji Cha, “This is what you scanned with the other card just now, please count it and see that there’s absolutely nothing missing.”

Ji Cha then realized that Brother Qiang’s game was to deny everything even if it killed him. Compared to the women upstairs who were temporarily taken away by him, Ji Cha had no witnesses or evidence, so there was no way to convict him immediately.

Plus, if there were people covering up for Brother Qiang above, a little maneuvering could easily solve this problem.

Of course, all of this was on the premise that Ji Cha was just a farm director, but he wasn’t. He was also Captain Liang’s boyfriend.



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