Chapter 98: Busy Farming in the Last Days

“Speaking of which,” the two of them changed to Liang Jincheng sitting on one end of the bench, with Ji Cha resting on his lap, “Has the base not yet restored corresponding regulations regarding marriage and divorce?”

“Indeed, there are none. Why do you ask?” Liang Jincheng lowered his head and asked Ji Cha.

Ji Cha told Liang Jincheng about the woman he met at the checkpoint in the base and her situation. Without relevant regulations, there is no guarantee in this aspect. Even couples who were married before the apocalypse have lost the legally protected relationship, which is bound to cause some confusion.

They cannot control what happens outside the base, but they cannot let things go unchecked within the base.

During the period from late autumn to deep winter, the workload on Ji Cha’s farm was reduced by half compared to the busy farming season, but his work efficiency did not change, so he had almost half a day of extra time every day. He took advantage of this time to investigate the current situation of women in the base.

The current female population in the base is 3,951, and there are 2,700 people whose job information can be seen at the recruitment office, but whether they are single or have marital status is unknown.

Having experienced the apocalypse, Ji Cha knew that there would be many unimaginable things even in the base, so this investigation focused on understanding this aspect.

Sure enough, he discovered a problem soon. Although there had been crackdowns on the trafficking of women on the black market, similar behavior had only gone from semi-public to completely underground.

In the vast base, the only places Ji Cha would normally stay besides the factory and the farm office were the apartment buildings. He didn’t even go to the cafeteria on weekdays, and no one could enter the farm office except for the farm workers. As for the apartment building, only the senior management of the base could go there, so most people in the base only heard of Ji Cha’s name and had not seen him in person.

Ji Cha had no other way to start his investigation, so he chose to go to the cafeteria farther from the farm for two days. It didn’t take long for him to overhear a few men chatting.

“Did you go there last night? I heard there were two new ones, they look pretty and they’re also quite tender.”

“I was so tired yesterday that I couldn’t go. We have a break tomorrow afternoon, so we’ll go then.”

“Are the new ones much more expensive?”

“Probably raised by twenty points, after all, she’s a newcomer and looks pretty good.”

Ji Cha listened roughly to their conversation and leaned in to ask, “Hey, what are you guys talking about?”

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He was already young and looked quite naive. The men glanced at Ji Cha’s plate and saw two large meat dishes and a bowl of meat soup, along with several vegetarian dishes. One meal could compare to a day’s wages for an ordinary person. Given that even their meals were like this, it was certain that he was a wealthy person.

After the apocalypse, class differences gradually emerged and the wealth gap widened due to different occupations.

However, there was a misunderstanding here with Ji Cha. It wasn’t that he was extravagant or luxurious, he just happened to be checking out the food in this not-so-often visited cafeteria. He couldn’t finish the meal at lunchtime, so he planned to bring it back and eat it for dinner. It wouldn’t spoil anyway.

The men didn’t say directly, but one of them smiled and looked at Ji Cha’s plate, hesitating to say, “Brother, are you a technician? The food is pretty good.”

Ji Cha immediately pushed his plate over to them and smiled, “Hey, no, it’s my birthday today and I just wanted to treat myself to a good meal. I can’t finish it all by myself, so let’s eat together, okay?”

The men didn’t hesitate and immediately started eating from Ji Cha’s plate.

“What were you guys talking about earlier?” Ji Cha asked again.

The men didn’t want to say anything more since eating other people’s food was impolite. One tall and thin man leaned over to Ji Cha and said, “You look like a greenhorn. When did you come to the base?”

Ji Cha smiled honestly, “It’s been a long time. I came in at the end of last year.”

“You don’t know about it?” The tall and thin man was somewhat surprised. “Where do you live?”

“West side.” The factory and apartment buildings were on the west side, so that wasn’t a lie.

The west side was also where most of the technical occupations from before the apocalypse were located, so the men considered Ji Cha to be in a technical occupation. Technical jobs paid around thirty points per day, so it was considered a wealthy occupation.

“So why did you come here today?”

“This is because I was getting tired of the food at the cafeteria over there. They say the taste is different here,” Ji Cha said as he continued, “And it is indeed different when I tried it here. I guess it’s because the cooks are different.”

“Have you ever been with a woman since you arrived at the base?” the tall and thin man asked him with a smile.

Ji Cha blushed at this question, feeling very embarrassed. “No,” he shook his head.

This was not a lie. He had never been with a woman before. Usually, he would glance at women who passed by on the street, and the smell of vinegar would emanate from Liang Jincheng’s body. Let alone being with a woman.

The men saw Ji Cha’s reaction and treated him even more as a naive young man who knew nothing.

“Do you want a woman?”

Ji Cha nodded with a guilty conscience, “Yes, but there are so few women in the base now. I can’t find a girlfriend for a while.”

He put on a sad expression, and the tall and thin man immediately spoke up, “We’re all in the same boat now. It’s a special time, but there are ways to solve this.”

“What solution?” Ji Cha pretended to be very interested.

“I’ll tell you. There’s a place in the east district where there are many women. If you go there and find Brother Qiang, he’ll show you the way. Once you brush up enough information points, they’ll give you the woman you want. The better ones cost more money, and the average ones cost less. If you’re willing to spend, go for the good ones, but even if you don’t, it’s no big deal. After all, women are all the same when the lights go out.”

“What?” Ji Cha pretended to be surprised. “But is this allowed in the base? Will we get caught?”

The tall and thin man smirked, “Brother Qiang is very cautious about his work. Besides, if there weren’t anyone higher up involved in the card-swiping of information points, do you think Brother Qiang could have gotten this done? Don’t worry, the higher-ups turn a blind eye to these things. There are more outrageous things happening in the base than this. Have you seen anyone take action?”

“What kind of outrageous thing is that?” Ji Cha laughed helplessly with interest all over his face. “I just go to work usually and don’t know anything about this.”

The tall and thin man and a few others then educated Ji Cha on the matter.

“I’m telling you, even some women over at Brother Qiang’s place agree to it themselves. Making money this way is much easier than working outside. And even for those who didn’t agree at first, they end up being okay with it. We are considered good because we don’t sleep with other people’s wives. There are some who even steal other people’s wives and become women themselves. Would the woman’s husband dare to say anything? Even the higher-ups can’t do anything about it. They’ll just break your legs.”

Ji Cha listened with anger in his heart, but he couldn’t show it on the surface. He asked for Brother Qiang’s full name and contact information from these people and then left the table, leaving the full plate of food behind.

Back at the apartment building, Liang Jincheng wasn’t there. Ji Cha opened the computer in the apartment and entered Brother Qiang’s full name. The resulting account did indeed show some anomalies.

For ordinary people who earn information points in the base, the amount in their account is transparent and they don’t have much surplus. However, Brother Qiang’s information point balance initially showed a normal value, but when Ji Cha checked again, it was clearly incorrect, with several discrepancies in earnings and the final amount. However, when Ji Cha tried to view the detailed content, the system showed that he didn’t have the authority to do so.

He then logged out of his account and switched to Liang Jincheng’s account. Liang Jincheng’s account had the highest level of authority in the base, and the password was Ji Cha’s birthday. He could see whatever he wanted.

The result was completely unexpected for Ji Cha. From Liang Jincheng’s account, Brother Qiang’s personal information was completely different, with an enormous amount of information points that were almost shocking.

Ji Cha then searched for accounts with similar amounts of information points and found quite a few. Even if these people weren’t engaged in forcing women into prostitution like Brother Qiang, they were probably doing similar things.

Ji Cha suppressed his anger and logged out of Liang Jincheng’s account. He borrowed Zhang Xing’s information card from the factory and rode his electric scooter straight to the East District, where he found the Brother Qiang that everyone was talking about.

Brother Qiang looked like an ordinary man, and was polite when he saw Ji Cha. However, Ji Cha’s peripheral vision caught sight of the several people standing behind Brother Qiang, and their eyes showed a hint of fierceness, indicating that they were not easy to deal with.

“I heard that you can provide a certain service here,” said Ji Cha as he handed over Zhang Xing’s information card.

Brother Qiang had someone check the card and confirmed that Ji Cha was an ordinary person, and also a skilled worker with money. Brother Qiang immediately smiled at him and said, “Come inside and let’s talk.”

Ji Cha was pulled into a world separated by an iron door, which divided the inside and outside.


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