Chapter 97: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Although bone meal fertilizer is used on the old farm, it is not as widely used as on the new farm, so the overall effect is not very obvious.

Upon hearing what Cheng Fang said, Ji Cha briefly looked at the planting data recorded on his side of the new area, “This is not completely certain yet. Let’s continue to observe.”

Since it is still in the early stages of growth, and mutated crops are not very stable, there may be some special situations. Whether the mutated crops have a good compatibility with bone meal fertilizer needs further investigation.

The workers in the old area farm and Ji Cha are already familiar with each other, and checking work is a very common thing. However, most of the farm workers in the new area are refugees from outside the base, and they do not have a strong sense of belonging to the base and still have a reverential attitude.

Before Ji Cha arrived this morning, someone had already informed these employees that the leaders were coming. So when Ji Cha arrived, the workers in the farm tightened their backs and just wanted to show their best side.

Ji Cha saw this and knew their intentions, after all, he had been in the same position before.

Ji Cha took a deep breath and turned to Cheng Fang beside him, “I’ll take a walk by myself, you don’t have to follow me. Go and do your own work.”

Cheng Fang nodded hesitantly and left. The other workers on the farm were nervous, so Ji Cha simply left the farm.

Many places in the new area are still under construction, and the daily food is still delivered from the old area. The canteen is also relatively simple.

The only busiest place, apart from the farm, is the entrance checkpoint of the new area. The arrival of winter has increasingly crushed the hope of survival for the small base, and many small settlements with originally hundreds or dozens of people have gradually come here. The first thing to do when entering the base is to undergo a physical examination, and after the examination, they have to be isolated for forty-eight hours before they can be allowed into the base.

The military officer in charge of clearance and Ji Cha are also familiar with each other. When the officer saw him coming from afar, he immediately put down what he was doing and greeted him, “Director Ji, are you coming with Captain Liang today?”

“Yes, are you busy here?” Ji Cha walked over, exchanged pleasantries with the officer, and then they walked to the checkpoint together.

At the moment, three men and one woman walked into the base. The woman was thin and weak, and her pregnant belly looked disproportionately large. The three men beside her looked similar and appeared to be brothers.

The base valued women highly. However, after the apocalypse, the number of female members joining the base was far lower than that of male members. The current male to female ratio had reached eight to one.

Ji Cha noticed that the woman’s belly looked like she could give birth at any moment and couldn’t help but worry. “How many months pregnant are you?” he asked.

The woman lowered her head and didn’t speak. One of the three men replied, “Not sure, maybe over seven months.”

“Her belly is so big at seven months?” Ji Cha was surprised.

“Can’t say for sure, could be twins or more, but it’s over seven months,” the man said.

If it were twins or more, they needed even more protection. Newborns were the hope of the base’s future.

Ji Cha turned to the officer and asked, “Lao Qian, did they pass the medical examination and quarantine?”

Lao Qian nodded. “Yes, they passed. They just finished their 48-hour isolation, so there shouldn’t be any problems. Why do you ask?”

“I’m thinking that the medical equipment in the new area hasn’t caught up yet, and the overall conditions are inferior to those in the old area. It’s better to take them to the old area first and come back here after the birth,” Ji Cha suggested.

“That works. Who is the father of the child?” Lao Qian asked the three men.

To their surprise, the three men said, “We don’t know, we’ve all slept with her.”

Although Ji Cha and Lao Qian felt repulsed by their attitude, they weren’t surprised. S city Base had various rules to prevent such absurdities, but outside the base, the law of the jungle ruled, and weak women were once again seen as assets that could be taken by force.

“In that case, none of you need to come with us,” Ji Cha turned to the woman. “You come with me.”

The three men became anxious when they realized Ji Cha was taking their woman away. “Hey, she’s our woman. How can you take her away?” they protested.

“I’m taking her to a safer place with better medical conditions for her to give birth. As for your relationship with her, we’ll talk about it after the birth. If she still wants to live with you at that time, we will naturally return her to you,” Ji Cha explained.

The woman had been keeping her head down all along. Upon hearing what Ji Cha said, she quickly lifted her head and asked in a hoarse voice, “Really?”

“What?” Ji Cha asked.

“After giving birth, can I choose for myself?” the woman asked.

When she raised her head, Ji Cha noticed that there were still many marks on her neck, and he didn’t know whether they were from being strangled or beaten.

“Really,” Ji Cha nodded.

The woman immediately walked towards Ji Cha with large strides, trembling and firmly saying, “Then I will go with you.”

The three men were held at gunpoint, and although their faces were full of anger, they dared not say anything and could only watch as the woman held her stomach and left with Ji Cha.

Along the way, Ji Cha learned from asking that the woman’s name was Xiao Hui, she was only nineteen years old, and she did not know the three men before the end of the world. The three men were brothers who met Xiao Hui and her boyfriend while hiding from zombies. They had evil intentions and killed Xiao Hui’s boyfriend, and then forced themselves onto her.

“This is not their child,” Xiao Hui told Ji Cha, “I was already pregnant before I met them.”

Afterwards, she did not struggle or escape, and instead tried to cooperate with the three brothers as much as possible because she knew their hearts and methods. She had to submit to them in order to keep the bloodline of her and her lover.

“If you are willing,” Xiao Hui grabbed the straw of salvation, “I can follow you in the future. As long as you don’t let me go back to those people, I can do anything.”

“No,” Ji Cha shook his head, “after you give birth to the child, you can start a new life with the child. You are still young, and there will be many possibilities and opportunities in the future.”

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Xiao Hui looked into the distance, her tone hesitant, “Is that so?”

Actually, Ji Cha was not sure either. He handed Xiao Hui over to the guards who came with him and went to other areas.

There were not many buildings left in the new area, and one large building was originally an office for the district. It had ten floors, and now it had been cleared out and would be used as the offices for various departments. The office for the farm would also be set up here.

Ji Cha climbed ten floors to the rooftop terrace. There was a long bench on the terrace, and Ji Cha lay down on it. Looking up, there was a deep blue sky, with a gentle breeze blowing by, and a peaceful surrounding. Even if he closed his eyes and pretended it was before the end of the world, it wouldn’t matter. However, beyond the high walls, the terrifying mutant creatures still raged, and the ugliness of human nature was still evident.

Although, if he looked at it optimistically, he was living again, and although the end of the world had still arrived, this time he had family, loved ones, and a peaceful life. But Ji Cha couldn’t help but think about what was really happening outside of the base, beyond the apocalypse, which was what the vast majority of people had to face after the end of the world.

“What are you thinking about?” Liang Jincheng’s voice suddenly appeared, and his footsteps lightly fell on the ground.

Ji Cha suddenly opened his eyes, a little startled by him. “How did you know I was here?”

Liang Jincheng sat down next to Ji Cha and slowly leaned in towards him, then took a light sniff at his neck, as if marking his territory like an animal. “I can smell your scent, no matter how far away you are.”

Liang Jincheng’s body was too big to fit on the bench, so Ji Cha sat up and leaned against him instead.

“I’m wondering if all of this will end, and if we can still go back to the civilization we had before?” Ji Cha asked softly.

“That’s a big question, and it’s not something we can control or predict the answer to,” Liang Jincheng put his arm around Ji Cha’s shoulder, “but what I can assure you is that everything will develop towards a positive direction.”

Ji Cha remembered the decade before, as if it were a dream. Although S city Base had also developed very well at that time, the atmosphere was completely different from what it was now. The Liang Jincheng of that time was also different from the Liang Jincheng of now.

Thinking about how everything could start over again, how he could meet Liang Jincheng again and be with him, Ji Cha couldn’t help but marvel at the wonder of fate.

“Perhaps there is a timeline where we didn’t immediately get together,” Ji Cha said slowly.

But Liang Jincheng interrupted him immediately.

“No matter which timeline, we will always be together.”


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