Chapter 96: Busy Farming in the Last Days

In late October, the test results finally came out. The results showed that the zombie ashes were indeed not much different from human ashes, with calcium, phosphorus, oxygen, and carbon being the main elements present in the remaining ashes. Moreover, the ashes did not carry the zombie virus and could be safely used as inorganic fertilizer.

Ji Cha immediately sent this news to Feng Xing via radio and informed him that S city Base would send someone over to distribute the bone ash fertilizer within a week. T city Base was also thrilled to hear this news.

However, the issue of distribution was still a problem. Feng Xing knew that S city Base was being polite by offering to distribute the fertilizer, and T city Base could not take this for granted. The method of using the ashes as fertilizer was originally proposed by S city Base, and the zombies were not associated with T city Base at all. The reason why Ji Cha and his team came over was due to the cooperative relationship between the two bases, and S city Base’s ability user team was in charge of the whole process. If T city Base insisted on an equal distribution now, they would be taking advantage of S city Base’s kindness, which was not wise.

Therefore, Feng Xing proposed an 80/20 split. T city Base had much fewer people than S city Base, and the soil was not very suitable for large-scale farming. Even with an 80/20 split, the amount of fertilizer they received was sufficient. However, Ji Cha adjusted the share to a 70/30 split, indicating that this was a long-term cooperation and that T city Base’s cooperation would be needed in the future, possibly on a quarterly basis for handling the zombies.

The weather was gradually getting colder, and the refugees outside the base began to suffer again. It was not too bad to sleep outside during the early autumn, but once the temperature dropped below 20 degrees, it was dangerous to stay outside. The refugees in the tent area outside S city Base were considered better off than those outside since the base took care of them to some extent. The tent area was located within the base’s protection zone, and the refugees could sleep more securely at night without worrying about being attacked by zombies.

The base was not very well off before, but now they had more resources. They scavenged a lot of blankets and winter clothes from the city and transported them back by truck to distribute to the refugees living outside in tents, enabling them to survive the winter.

Now, the refugees were waiting for the new area of the base to be built so they could move in. The new area was located about ten kilometers away from the main base and was in a good location, on the outskirts of S City in an industrial area that the base had taken over early on.

The newly opened planting area of the farm is located between the new and old areas. It is a flat and vast planting area, which is built together with the livestock breeding area. The walls to prevent zombies are erected outside the planting and breeding areas, and the guard posts are also very dense. After all, this is an open planting area, which is not as well protected as the planting area in the core of the base.

Due to the increase in construction plans and the reactivation of several factories planned for next year, even though the population absorption this year has exceeded expectations, the population of 30,000 in S city base is gradually becoming insufficient.

To develop, there must be labor.

By the middle of November, the arrival of winter became even more apparent. The people in the base can still eat and dress warmly, but the world outside the base has become even more chaotic due to the need for survival.

A bed, a piece of clothing, a mouthful of food, and a cup of hot water can all become reasons for conflict or even death. Morality or dignity has long been trampled underfoot.

At the same time, the first batch of residential areas in the new area of the base has finally been completed. Half of it is the renovation of the original housing, and the other half is built on flat ground, all according to the living conditions in the core area of the base. This area can currently accommodate about 5,000 people.

In order to facilitate farm planting, a group of farm workers who originally lived in the core area and a small number of troops have temporarily moved to the new area. They are engaged in planting in the greenhouse while waiting for the establishment of public service facilities such as canteens and management offices.

The base lacks people, but it is also the place where people are most abundant, especially for shelters of the level of S base. There are countless people outside who want to come in. The first batch of new area residents are refugees who originally lived in the peripheral tent area. After a series of physical examinations, a total of 1,056 peripheral refugees have moved in. Most of these people have been invested in grain planting, and some have become construction workers. A few of them will be trained and then join the operation of the factories.

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Ji Cha got up early today. He is going to inspect the planting situation in the farm branch in the new area.

Liang Jincheng finished washing up and having breakfast with him, then set off on the trip. The new area is not far or near to the old area. It’s quite fast to drive straight for more than ten kilometers.

The two of them sat in the back seat and talked about the situation in the small base outside.

“Currently, according to statistics, except for T city base, there are two bases of similar size to T city base with a population of less than 10,000. The remaining small bases have about dozens of them with a population of less than a thousand, most of which occupy relatively advantageous areas.”

“How are the living conditions?” Ji Cha asked.

“Living conditions are generally poor and without strong military equipment, it’s easy to be attacked,” Liang Jincheng said calmly.

It’s one thing to be easy to attack, but whether or not to be prepared for an attack is another matter. With the current capabilities of the S city base, it’s not necessary to use force to reclaim land. The so-called ease of attack simply highlights the common problem of small bases in the outside world. If there are more powerful bases that can provide protection and survival opportunities, no one will be foolish enough to give up in such an end-of-days situation.

The base currently has more or less material exchanges and contacts with many other bases, mostly just not having spoken openly about it yet.

The original population of the S city base in the new area accounts for one-tenth of the total personnel, but because the first batch of new entrants have all lived outside the base in the tent area for at least two months, they are relatively familiar with the management of the base. So far, nothing has happened, and with the mixing of the old area population, the overall development is good.

Ji Cha and Liang Jincheng arrived at 8:30 in the morning, and the farm starts work at 8:00 in the morning and ends at 5:00 in the afternoon. Lunch break is from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. When they entered the farm, many people were already busy.

Liang Jincheng had his own work to do, so he left a guard for Ji Cha after dropping him off at the farm entrance and went to another place.

Cheng Fang is temporarily managing the farm in the new area. He worked with Ji Cha for a long time in the old area, and his work ability is very reliable. Cheng Fang knew Ji Cha was coming today, so he had been waiting for him at the farm entrance.

“The planting situation is about the same as expected, but overall it’s better than expected, especially for some mutated crops. I found that planting them with zombie fertilizer yields much better results than ordinary crops.”


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