Chapter 95: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Ji Cha and Liang Jincheng returned to T city base, originally they were about to leave, but Ji Cha suddenly remembered the old man who had come to look for him before and wondered if his sister had been involved in the recent events.

Ji Cha asked Feng Xing about this matter and fortunately, the area where the old lady lived was not in the area where the zombies broke in, so she was safe and sound.

“Well, since we’re here this time, we can bring the person over and save the two old people waiting,” Ji Cha said. “And I’ll take the zombie ashes back for testing. After the results come out, we may send someone over again.”

“Testing?” Feng Xing was a bit surprised by this.

Ji Cha and his team had not mentioned the use of zombie ashes as fertilizer, after all, it was still an unknown factor whether it would work or not. They just thought it was a way of disposing of the zombies.

Ji Cha thought there was no harm in mentioning it at this point. “I’m planning to test whether there are any harmful substances to soil or crops inside. If there aren’t, it’s a useful inorganic fertilizer. We can distribute it to both bases and it will be useful for crop production.”

Feng Xing was awakened by Ji Cha’s words and nodded repeatedly. “That’s a good idea. We’ll wait for your test results.”

Compared to S city base, T city base was much smaller and lacked many related equipment and technical personnel. It was difficult to obtain accurate test results on their own.

Because they had to wait for the old lady, Ji Cha and Liang Jincheng waited in T city base for a while. Feng Xing had someone bring the old lady over. At first glance, the old lady saw the two young faces of Ji Cha and Liang Jincheng and thought they were just technicians sent by S city base to pick her up. She followed them onto the truck and even asked about the situation at S city base along the way.

“My health isn’t very good, and when nothing happened before, I could still take care of myself. At that time, my children and grandchildren were all around. Now that I’m the only one left, I can’t really take care of myself. The leader came to find me and said my brother was looking for me in S city base. I thought it was a mistake, but in any case, it’s good to have someone to rely on now.”

Ji Cha comforted her: “You are originally from S city, this time can be considered as returning to your hometown. Your body will surely recover, and there is still a long way to go in the future.”

The old lady smiled and said, “Young man, we are all people who have one foot in the grave. What long way is there?”

The reason why the old lady said this was because she was not sure about the living conditions of the S city base after the apocalypse. Although her brother described the S city base as very good in the letter he sent her, the old lady thought that this was probably just her brother trying to comfort her. As for recovering her health, she didn’t know. In the post-apocalyptic world, there were no concepts of respecting the elderly and loving children. There was not much sympathy in the post-apocalyptic world, and people who were not able to work were not welcome anywhere.

The convoy returned to the S city base along the same route they came. Even before entering the base, they could see a group of tents and many people living on both sides of the road.

The old lady followed Ji Cha to the window and saw this scene. She couldn’t help but wonder, “Who are these people? Are they residents living outside the base?”

The people living on both sides of the tent looked up when they saw the convoy, but their gaze did not show any emotional fluctuations. There were armed soldiers not far away. The reason why the old lady thought that these were residents living outside the S city base was that although they were living in tents, they were still within the protection range of security personnel.

Ji Cha shook his head and said, “No, they are refugees from other bases or those without bases. The base is already full, and except for those with education or skills, ordinary people cannot enter the base. They are temporarily living here, waiting for the new planned construction area to be completed. Here, they can be assured of no attacks, and the base also provides a small amount of food every day to ensure that no one has an accident due to hunger.”

Essentially, these people cannot be considered residents of S city.

The old lady sighed, “Since I got married, I haven’t been back to this village for decades. I don’t know what it’s like now.”

Ji Cha said, “The old houses are still there. If you go inside and take a look, the village is still the same as before. The water well is the same, but it has been dry for more than ten years.”

Although the old lady has been married and left for decades, her accent is still the same, similar to the dialect of Ji Cha. When she found out that Ji Cha’s family had an elder from her village, she immediately asked for the elder’s name. They turned out to have known each other when they were young.

Normally, the old lady could have talked about these things when the old man came to find Ji Cha, but the old man had already placed Ji Cha in a position of leadership, so he naturally wouldn’t chat with him casually. However, the old lady now feels that Ji Cha is just an ordinary young man, and there is no restraint in chatting with him. At this point, she feels even more intimate when she talks about Ji Cha as the descendant of an old friend.

When they arrived at the base, Ji Cha had planned to have the old lady follow other staff members to find her brother, but the old lady insisted on following Ji Cha.

Ji Cha simply let the old lady accompany him back to the farm’s office and waited there for the old man to come and pick her up.

Ji Cha handed the ashes to Qin Shuang and asked her to take them to the technicians for testing. The old lady sat in Ji Cha’s office. The farm’s office was decorated very ordinarily, just like a small office in a town. Except for a computer, which was still quite novel after the end of the world, there was nothing special about it. Even the chair Ji Cha was sitting on looked hard and uncomfortable.

“Xiao Ji, how much can you earn working in the farm every day, and what kind of food do you eat?” the old lady asked him for advice, “I’m trying to figure out what I can do in the future.”

Ji Cha honestly replied, “My salary is about the same as that of an ordinary worker, 25 points per day. Points are our currency here. But I can’t spend the money on food and rent because they are included, so I basically don’t spend any money and just save it.”

The old lady nodded and said, “Then the benefits at your workplace are quite good.”

Ji Cha smiled and lowered his head, “Yes, they are quite good.”

The two of them chatted, and Ji Cha also gave the old lady many suggestions on what work she could participate in. However, her family’s wages were bound to not be too high, after all, labor efficiency was there.

After about half an hour, when the old lady’s brother arrived at the farm’s office, she had already chatted with Cheng Fang, Ji Cha, Wang Qin, and others, and she had a general understanding of the situation at the S city base.

When the siblings met, they cried for a while.

Cheng Fang spoke up and advised, “Go back and rest well. There is still food in the cafeteria now, so go and eat first.”

The old man nodded and wiped away his tears, thanked Ji Cha, and then left with his sister.

After going out, the old lady and the old man talked about Ji Cha. “That Ji Cha is really good,” said the old lady.

The old man quickly corrected her when he heard her refer to Ji Cha in such a way, “You should call him Director Ji. Director Ji is a very good person, but he is still a leader. He is kind to us, but we can’t be too casual.”

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The old lady, with tears still in her eyes, smiled and said, “Brother, you are still so old-fashioned after all these years. I called him Xiao Ji all the way here, and he didn’t say anything. And they call Xiao Liang who is in charge of the team Captain Liang, I think they are all good.”

When the old man heard about Liang Jincheng, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He had to explain the operation of the base and the leadership situation to his sister first.

“Captain Liang is called Captain, but now he is the head of the base. Not only us, even our military here is under his command. Although Director Ji is kind, he is in charge of the farm and many other places, and he has a great say in the base, especially since he and Captain Liang are family. They are both very influential in the base. You are treating them like ordinary young people, aren’t you?”

The old lady realized that she had been impulsive when she heard her brother say this. But fortunately, her brother did not blame her, and they were both still in a good mood.

“The canteen is not far from our house. Today, since you came, let’s go and eat something good,” said the old man.

Although the old man said they would eat something good, the old lady did not expect the food at the S city base canteen to be so good. The braised pork was big chunks of meat, and the vegetables were fresh and tender. They had a variety of meats, including chicken, duck, and fish.

As the old lady walked through the corridor, she carefully observed the food being eaten by ordinary people on both sides. They were all eating white rice or white steamed buns, and many people had at least a little bit of meat in their bowls, but it was a matter of how much.

She was shocked and thought, “Has it always been like this here?”

“Even Feng Xing and his team couldn’t eat like this every day, let alone ordinary people,” said the old man with a smile. “We didn’t have such abundance before. Now that we have livestock, we have meat every day. Before, we were struggling, and we only had a bit of meat in our vegetables. I told you not to call him Xiao Ji because he’s in charge of the entire base. He’s very capable, and nobody in the base can say anything bad about him.”

On the other side, Ji Cha had returned to the factory with Liang Jincheng to have dinner. Everyone was curious about the result of dealing with the zombies, so Ji Cha explained it to them one by one.

“We’re just waiting for the test results in two days. If they are good, we will split the ashes with T city base.”

Zhang Xing frowned and said, “Just say it’s fertilizer. It sounds weird to say ashes.”

Xiao Chao giggled beside him, teasing him for being timid.

Zhang Qinqin also laughed and said, “We have so much going on.”

At night, the lights inside the base shone through the high walls, illuminating a small part of the outside world. But beyond the reach of the light, the world remained cruel and despairing.


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