Chapter 94: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Of course, if they really want to reunite, now is a good time. The end of the world hasn’t been here for long, and although there is division between the bases, the concept of one country that existed in people’s minds has not disappeared, and there is a strong sense of identity among people. However, if they continue to develop in the future, this concept will gradually weaken for various reasons, and it will not be easy to create cohesion from it.

In addition, the situation in T City is not good now and S Base needs to extend a helping hand.

“Sooner or later.” Liang Jincheng said lightly. He was confident in this idea, but he was not in a hurry at the moment. Although the current timing seems to be the best, if he proposes this idea now, it may appear to be taking advantage of the situation, and S Base cannot currently provide the same level of living conditions as T City, which still needs further development.

It is best for Feng Xing and Ke Chenglei to come up with this idea themselves, and then Liang Jincheng can just go along with it, making it comfortable for both sides.

The road to Q Lake is full of dangers, especially with Qin Shuang’s car shuttle back and forth among the zombies. There were several times when the people in the car felt they were surrounded by zombies, but she somehow managed to break through and lead the others to safety.

After many back and forth trips, the sky that had been dark for a long time finally showed a hint of light. Qin Shuang glanced at the zombie horde following them in the rearview mirror and confirmed their safety through the radio and other vehicles. She then reached under the car with one hand and took out a thermal insulated box.

“Open it.”

Qin Shuang said to the supernatural ability user from T Base sitting in the passenger seat.

The supernatural ability user from T Base in the car was a young man in his mid-twenties named Ni Jianan, whose ability was super strength. He was momentarily unsure of what to do when someone suddenly handed him a thermal insulated box, but he followed Qin Shuang’s instructions and opened it. The thermal insulated box performed well, and the ice inside had not completely melted, and the food remained fairly fresh.

The trip to Q Lake is about two hours by car, and taking into account the speed of the zombies, the convoy will have to travel for about ten hours before reaching Q Lake. This doesn’t even take into account that the zombies at the back of the group will be much slower than the leading ones. So if they succeed, all the zombies will be able to be lured into Q Lake by the next morning, and the remaining zombies will be no more than a few scattered ones, not worth worrying about.

Although T Base was somewhat concerned about the situation outside, they still treated Liang Jincheng and his team well that night, and further discussed the cooperation between the two bases.

Although the conversation was not very clear, Liang Jincheng already had an idea in mind.

“Bring them under our control?” Ji Cha was slightly surprised when he heard Liang Jincheng’s idea. “Will they agree?”

Although this idea didn’t surprise him, he didn’t expect Liang Jincheng to have such an idea so early.

The weather in mid to late October is not very cold, but without proper preservation measures, the food will still spoil after being left overnight, especially since it was brought from S Base.

Inside the insulated box was a roll of high-quality flour for making pancakes. The texture and color of the pancake were indicative of the high quality of the flour. Another double-layered large lunchbox contained a layer of meat sauce and a layer of stir-fried small dried fish with chili and peanuts. In the corner, there were even a few sealed packets of white liquid, which could be soy milk or milk, he didn’t know.

There were four people in the car, and the food was roughly enough for four people.

In the apocalypse, supernatural abilities were highly respected. In a world where civilization has to some extent been destroyed, and it’s back to the law of the jungle, wherever supernatural abilities go, they almost represent the highest standard of living in the base. Ni Jianan was a first-class supernatural ability holder in T Base, but he hadn’t seen such rich food in a long time.

Not to mention in the apocalypse, even before the apocalypse, these things would have been considered a decent breakfast for a hasty journey.

He couldn’t help but ask about S Base.

“Is this what you normally eat?” Ni Jianan asked.

The two supernatural ability holders in the back seat laughed and replied, “More or less, this was prepared by Sister Shuang, it’s her taste. We usually eat lighter food.”

Qin Shuang looked straight ahead and spoke casually, “Eat quickly, leave some for me, we’ll switch drivers later. If you don’t like the strong taste, you don’t have to eat.”

The two immediately begged for mercy, “No, we haven’t eaten anything all night, and we might have a busy day ahead. If we don’t eat now, we might starve to death.”

“That’s right, even if it’s strong-tasting, we’re not afraid. We still have milk.”

Ni Jianan originally thought that the four bags of white liquid were at most soy milk, but he never expected them to be milk. He couldn’t help but blurt out, “Do you raise cows in your base?”

“We do, but not many. Each person can only buy a limited amount of milk per day. This time I applied for a few extra days’ quota and brought out four packs.” Qin Shuang was always ready to answer any questions and was very straightforward.

“Do you get to eat meat every day?” Ni Jianan felt like he had been living in seclusion in the mountains for decades. Although he knew that his question might sound very naive, he couldn’t control himself from asking due to his surprise.

The two people in the back seat had already begun to devour their food, leaving Qin Shuang to explain to Ni Jianan.

Ni Jianan followed their lead and rolled up a pancake for himself. Then he listened to Qin Shuang explain, “At present, our base has achieved full popularization of meat and fresh vegetables. The main grain in the farm is sufficient to sustain the base’s expenses. Our missions are usually dangerous, so we earn much more money than ordinary people. But even ordinary residents can afford to eat meat and vegetables.”

Ni Jianan took a bite of the pancake and the taste of fresh ingredients exploded in his mouth. For him, it had been a long time since he had tasted something so delicious. For a moment, he felt as if he had gone back to the time before the apocalypse. He felt a stir in his heart and suddenly thought that staying in the T base might not be the best way forward.

Qin Shuang caught a glimpse of Ni Jian’an’s expression with his peripheral vision, but she didn’t show any emotion on his face, just a faint smile on the corner of her mouth.

The car continued to move forward, and the road ahead gradually opened up. The endless horde of zombies behind them was terrifying. After a few leading cars arrived at a marked location, they all accelerated instantly, no longer luring the zombies slowly but disappearing into the trees on both sides in an instant.

The zombie horde was momentarily confused, but they still instinctively chased after them in the direction they were heading. At this time, several supernatural beings appeared among the trees, catching the attention of the zombies once again. The location of Q Lake was approximately two kilometers ahead. Meanwhile, Liang Jincheng and Ji Cha, who were still at T Base, had already gotten up and were getting ready to head to Q Lake.

When they arrived at Q Lake with Feng Xing and Ke Chenglei, even Ji Cha was shocked by the scene before them, despite having imagined it beforehand.

In the distance, countless moving figures stood in a corner of the lake, all looking up at the bloody chunks of flesh still hanging over ten meters above them.

“This is my first time at Q Lake, and I didn’t expect to see this kind of scenery,” Feng Xing turned his head, “it’s creepy.”

Qin Shuang saw them arrive and immediately jumped down from the roof of the car and walked up to Liang Jincheng. “Captain Liang, Xiaoji~”

Qin Shuang was already pretty, and her supernatural ability could affect people’s judgment and willpower. Ji Cha felt like she was a fox demon from a supernatural novel, and talking to her for too long could even make him feel dizzy, which made Liang Jincheng extremely jealous. He didn’t show it on the surface, but he found ways to tease Ji Cha in private, making Ji Cha unable to complain.

Ji Cha quickly nodded and dared not look at Qin Shuang again.

“How’s the preparation going?” Liang Jincheng asked.

Qin Shuang pointed to a few people working not far away and said, “The firewood is ready, and we’re about to start burning.”

Zombies lose a lot of moisture and are more easily flammable than normal humans. The only concern that Ji Cha had was whether the temperature would be high enough to burn them to ashes.

Cremation is a phased process, and by the time the third phase of burning the bones is reached, the temperature is already about 900 degrees Celsius. It’s difficult to achieve this temperature with an open fire, which could affect the final burning effect.

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But even if it doesn’t work, it’s still an environmentally friendly way to deal with zombies. They had considered burying the zombies directly in the soil after killing them, but it was not only troublesome but also likely to contaminate the soil.

Everyone was there, and they threw the dry firewood and branches into the zombie pile and lit them with torches.

The flames burned much faster than Ji Cha had imagined. Zombies don’t feel pain, so they don’t avoid the flames even if they catch on fire. They were standing close together, and the flames on each zombie affected the others. In almost half an hour, the originally dense group of zombies was completely covered by flames, and the sound of the flames was making Ji Cha uncomfortable.

It’s unclear how long this burning will last. Qin Shuang spoke up, “You guys go back first. I’ll radio you when it’s done, and have someone bring us some food.”

Ji Cha was already prepared, “I brought breakfast for you guys, and some dry rations. But Liang Jincheng and I will be camping here together. This is the first time we’re burning like this, and I want to record some data.”

Qin Shuang glanced at Liang Jincheng, who didn’t say anything and seemed happy to go along with Ji Cha’s plan.

Qin Shuang had no objections, “Okay, have fun then.”

Ji Cha and his group decided to stay, while Feng Xing and Ke Chenglei were planning to leave. After all, there were still many things to deal with in T base, so they left soon after.

The fire started around 8 am that day and continued until around 3 pm the next day. After that, the fire gradually died down, and by around 5 pm, it was completely extinguished. The once-agitated pit of zombies was now covered with thick piles of debris and ash.

Ji Cha immediately wanted to go down and take a look, but he was stopped by Liang Jincheng. Several ability users jumped down the deep pit before him and quickly checked the bottom, sending a signal back that it was safe.

Ji Cha was then carried by Liang Jincheng, with his head pressed against Liang Jincheng’s chest, as they easily jumped down to the bottom of the pit.

He left Liang Jincheng’s embrace and poked at the remains with a stick. The skeleton shape in the debris crumbled at a single touch, breaking into small particles although not yet to the point of becoming ashes. Ji Cha was already satisfied with the degree of burning. He took out several sealed bags from his pocket and carefully scooped some of the debris into them with a small shovel he brought along.

Whether these things could be used as fertilizer, and whether there were any residual viruses, would have to be determined by the dedicated personnel after returning to the base. But at least this method of dealing with zombies seemed to be feasible, and the possibility of it being used as fertilizer was a significant benefit.


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