Chapter 93: Busy Farming in the Last Days

They have a plan, but theory and practice are two different things. It’s easier said than done.

Currently, the estimated number of remaining zombies is roughly around 20-30,000. If we assume there are 25,000 and successfully burn them all to ashes, we can estimate the final amount of bone ash mathematically. Bone ash is the inorganic matter left after human combustion, accounting for 5% of the total body weight. However, due to incomplete combustion, the final weight of bone ash may double. For example, for someone weighing 120 pounds, we can estimate around 6 pounds of bone ash, but the residual weight could be over ten pounds. Moreover, there may be unpredictable mutations in zombies’ bodies that are difficult to estimate.

Zombies are different from normal humans in two ways that cannot be compared. First, their average weight is lower, and second, there may be unpredictable mutations in their bodies. After considering various factors, Ji Cha settled on the number of 25,000 zombies, with an average weight of 110 pounds. The final estimated weight of bone ash fluctuates between 25,000 pounds to 30,000 pounds.

This is a huge number, and after calculating it, Ji Cha was so excited that he couldn’t sleep. Even lying in bed for a while, he still stared at the ceiling with his eyes wide open.

When Liang Jincheng finished his work and came back, it was already midnight. He got into bed lightly, but before he could lie down steadily, Ji Cha, who he thought was already asleep, suddenly approached him.

Liang Jincheng was surprised and smiled, “Why aren’t you sleeping yet?” He hugged Ji Cha to his chest and kissed him on the forehead.

Due to the evolutionary mutations in his body, Liang Jincheng had extremely strong night vision. Even though the room was pitch-black, it was only slightly dimmer than daytime for him. Ji Cha’s excited expression was all seen by him.

“I want to go to Q Lake with you,” Ji Cha said. “I want to go there directly and get everything done this time.”

Liang Jincheng rubbed his neck with his fingertips and said enigmatically, “The outside world is different from our home.”

It was hard to tell whether he agreed or disagreed.

Ji Cha insisted, “I know how to use a gun, and with you by my side, I’m not afraid of anything.”

A smile tugged at the corner of Liang Jincheng’s mouth. Although he had never said it, he always wanted to bring Ji Cha with him every time he went out. The outside world was dangerous, but Liang Jincheng felt more at ease with Ji Cha around. As long as he was there, he could ensure Ji Cha’s safety.

“Then tell grandma tomorrow when you go home.” Liang Jincheng patted Ji Cha’s head and kissed his lips.

“Okay!” Ji Cha lay his head on Liang Jincheng’s chest, listening to his heartbeat. Soon, he fell asleep.

Because they were preparing to go out, Ji Cha had to explain the work on the farm. Besides Wang Qinxue, the third in command was Cheng Fang. After discussing the work schedule for the next week with them, Ji Cha made some arrangements and delegated many of the decision-making powers to them before leaving the base with Liang Jincheng.

If you don’t count the fish farm area, it’s been several months since Ji Cha truly left the high walls of the base. The modified large truck in the base looks like a mini living room, but everything is simple and light in terms of decoration, and solar panels are installed on top of the truck to collect electricity from sunlight. Inside the truck, there is a small table and a cabinet with many things inside, including bedding for the bed, and even a small bathroom has been transformed in the corner of the truck. It is basically a movable room for living.

Liang Jincheng, Ji Cha, Qin Shuang and other members of the supernatural small team are on this truck, and the entire travel convoy includes more than 50 ordinary soldiers, whose equipped weapons and supplies definitely surpass those of a small base.

If before, they were afraid of being too ostentatious when going out and worried about thieves, but now the strength of the S city base is there, and there is no base within the province that can compete with it.

After driving out of the base for just over an hour, before reaching halfway to the T city base, Ji Cha stood up and looked outside through the glass window on the wall of the truck. He could already see many scattered zombies wandering by, and when the sound of the truck was heard, a zombie turned its head and almost met Ji Cha’s gaze. The muddy eyeballs and the desire for fresh meat made Ji Cha’s heart skip a beat.

He took a step back and returned to his seat.

The T city side has been communicating with their convoy through wireless communication. The current tentative plan is to start as soon as they arrive at the T city, because the danger of zombies cannot be delayed.

Compared to the tension on the T city side, members of the supernatural team from the S base are much more relaxed. Compared with ordinary people inside the walls, they are more familiar with life outside the walls, and in order to maintain the safety of the base, members of the small team deal with zombies outside almost every day.

In terms of supernatural abilities, S city base is relatively outstanding. Based on the current situation of supernatural abilities and the data they have mastered, the potential of abilities varies among individuals, but abilities can be developed and guided by ability users to develop the potential of ordinary people. Of course, this premise is that there is room for development in ordinary people. If there is no potential for supernatural abilities, it cannot be developed no matter what.

Among them, the higher the level and ability of the esper, the more people they can guide. Originally, Ji Cha thought that his rebirth was very ordinary, except for the fact that he knew about the coming of the apocalypse, he had no other advantages. But now it seems that Liang Jincheng is like a moving cheat code.

It’s like a waste material in a Xianxia novel who becomes an Immortal, and his ascension is just around the corner. Not to mention, no one in the S base dares to say that Ji Cha, who manages the farm, is a waste material.

The situation in the T city base and some other bases in the surrounding areas is very different. Although there are also espers, they cannot be compared with the S city base. Therefore, the S city base contributed more in dealing with the zombies this time.

The car drove for about three hours, and the roadblocks on the roadside became more frequent. Soon, two checkpoints appeared, and several soldiers with telescopes stood on a modified car in front of the checkpoint. When they saw the truck with the S base logo coming, they immediately jumped off the car.

At the same time, both sides confirmed each other’s identities through the radio, so the checkpoint immediately moved the roadblocks and let Liang Jincheng’s convoy pass, and then followed the vehicles on the roadside and drove inside.

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After about half an hour, the T city base finally appeared in sight.

Ji Cha looked at it with his naked eye. The T city base also had high walls on the outside, but it was obviously much weaker than the S city base. For the convoy from the S base, the people in the T city base were obviously very curious. The more they drove inside, the more people gathered to watch. However, judging from the clothing and faces of the T city base residents, their standard of living was far inferior to that of the S base.

This time, Ji Cha and the others also brought a truckload of food. It was the surplus food Ji Cha found in the warehouse. The food they newly planted in the first half of this year was enough to last until the first half of next year, not to mention the main food production in the second half of the year. Even if they didn’t eat the rice stored in the warehouse before the apocalypse, it would expire in half a year. It’s better to support T city now, and the favor of giving help in a difficult time cannot be compared to ordinary times.

Sure enough, when Ji Cha told the T city residents and Ke Chenglei that the last truck was carrying food to support them, those hesitant eyes turned into gratitude.

Ke Chenglei and the others were also very surprised, and thanked them repeatedly, “We really don’t know what to say. When our base has the ability in the future, we will definitely thank you properly.”

After Ke Chenglei finished speaking, he organized people to move the food. Feng Xing explained the situation of this encounter to Ji Cha and the others.

“As of now, the base has lost two hundred and seventy-one people, and the loss of goods is not small, but overall, we can still recover from this. This is a blessing in disguise.”

While they were chatting, Qin Shuang and several members of the special ability team, along with experienced personnel from the T City base, had already begun luring the zombies to Q Lake.

For this luring operation, the base had specially killed a fat pig before they came, cut it into four large pieces, and brought it over. At this time, they hung the meat at the back of the car, using the bloody smell to lure the zombie horde that had not yet passed by.

It was already afternoon, and Feng Xing had some concerns: “Will it be safe outside at night?”

Liang Jincheng said, “At night, we can still use light to lure the zombies, and there are personnel waiting to assist us on the Q Lake side. There won’t be any mistakes.”

Several zombie-luring points at Q Lake also hung bloody pork, so as long as the zombies attempted to eat fresh meat, they would step on empty ground and fall into the lake, becoming sitting ducks.

For safety reasons, the special ability members from T base and S base sat in different cars. They hadn’t been driving out of the base for long before they encountered the zombie horde head-on. Qin Shuang was driving at the front, she whistled at the zombies through the car window, and then stepped on the gas pedal, cleanly throwing the red-eyed zombies behind.

The journey to Q Lake takes about two hours by car, and considering the speed of the zombies, the convoy will have to travel for about ten hours to reach Q Lake, not to mention that the zombies at the end will be much slower than the leading troops. So if successful, all the zombies can be led into Q Lake by the next morning, and the remaining zombies will be no more than a few scattered ones, not a concern.

Although there were some concerns about the situation outside in T Base, they still entertained Liang Jincheng and his team well at night, and discussed the cooperation between the two bases more deeply.

Although the plan was not explained very clearly, Liang Jincheng already had an idea in his mind.

“Bring them under our control?” Ji Cha was slightly surprised to hear Liang Jincheng’s idea, “Will they agree?”

In theory, this idea didn’t surprise him, but he didn’t expect Liang Jincheng to have this idea so early.


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