Ch 11: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

Buying a Car

After the orchid fairy returned from the mountains, the one suffering the most was Big Orange.

Currently, Su Mu had only cultivated two fairies, so their relationship quickly warmed up. They often hung out together to tease Big Orange for fun, making Big Orange miserable every day. Unfortunately, it couldn’t speak like a human, so it couldn’t complain.

Big Orange was a clever country dog. After observing for a few days, it realized that its young master seemed to be able to communicate with the two mischievous fairies. Since then, every time it got bullied, it would run to Su Mu and whimper, appearing pitiful.

Su Mu wasn’t a heartless person, but after all, Big Orange was the one bullying the African Violet fairy first. Like why did it have to take a huge bite the moment it saw the African Violet? Su Mu could only mediate between them, but the results were rather minimal.

Mainly, Big Orange was forgetful about the punishment after eating. After the mediation, it stopped bothering the African Violet, but with nothing to do, it went and stirred up trouble again. Su Mu shook her head, indicating that she wouldn’t interfere in disputes between two different species anymore.

A few days ago, the golden orchid that the orchid fairy brought back from the mountains had been searched on the internet by Su Mu, but she hadn’t found any information. It was likely a new variety that hadn’t been introduced yet. The orchid fairy could estimate the value of the orchid based on its instincts, but it didn’t understand how modern people referred to orchids. It simply cared for plants within the same botanical family according to their innate abilities.

This golden orchid was entirely golden from its leaves to its roots, shimmering with a golden light. However, it wasn’t a gaudy gold but a dignified and ethereal shade, with a thin mist of milky white swirling around it, adding a touch of fairyland charm.

Su Mu gave it a name, “Golden Crystal,” as its leaves were almost transparent in the sunlight, revealing the delicate texture, just like ice-cold skin and jade bones.

She placed the potted Golden Crystal on the desk under her bedroom window. She didn’t dare to show it off easily, as anyone with a discerning eye could recognize its value. Moreover, she had no intention of selling it. Aside from not needing money at the moment, precious plants were far more important to her than money.

Su Mu wondered if she should build two greenhouses. One would be dedicated to the Golden Crystal and any other rare plants she might discover in the future. The other would be used to cultivate new varieties, becoming her main source of income in the future.

However, the greenhouses she envisioned required a substantial investment, and the money was not enough. She had also been thinking of buying a car in the city these days.

Everything required money!

With a sigh, Su Mu made a preliminary plan for the future. She decided to buy the car first, then earn more money. As for the greenhouses and other plans, she would think about them later.

After placing Golden Crystal pot, Su Mu trotted downstairs. Surprisingly, there was no one at home. After a moment of thought, she realized her parents had likely gone up the mountain to check on the lychee trees. She had purified the lychee trees, which advanced their fruit-bearing time by almost half a month compared to previous years.

Spiritual energy had its pros and cons. While it could help lychee fruits become more pure and delicious, it also caused the weeds to grow vigorously. She could impose a prohibition to repel pests from the plants, but when it came to weeds, manual removal was the only solution.

During the period when the lychee fruits were growing, sufficient nutrients were necessary. Otherwise, physiological fruit drop might occur, and a large number of leaves could even fall off, leading to insufficient photosynthesis and a significant impact on fruit quality.

Weeds at the base of the tree would hinder fertilization.

Su Mu turned around and went back to her room, changed her clothes, put on a straw hat, and headed into the mountains.

The path into the mountains was the same as the one leading to the bamboo forest. Father Su often used this route, so he had widened and reinforced it. When it was time to pick lychees, even a tricycle could travel directly to the foot of the mountain.

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While passing by the foot of the mountain, she even spotted wild strawberries in the bushes!

This was truly an unexpected delight. Su Mu had eaten many of them when she was a child. She squatted down and dug around, finding a small patch of them.

However, it wasn’t convenient for her to go up the mountain right now, so she decided to pick them on her way down later.

The mountain was full of treasures. Along the way, she not only found a mulberry tree covered in purple mulberries, but she also picked a few. Accidentally, the juice stained her hands. Of course, the taste was quite sweet.

By the mountain stream, she also spotted plump water ferns. Their texture was smooth and crisp, loved by the villagers. However, in recent years, research indicated that water ferns contained carcinogenic substances. These substances would separate after being blanched at high temperatures, so occasional consumption of small amounts was fine.

Besides, her ability could purify all the negative elements in plants. These harmful substances were really not a big deal.

Delayed by the ‘treasures’ she found on the way, Su Mu finally caught sight of her parents about half an hour later.

“Dad, Mom,” she greeted, looking around curiously at the lychee orchard. The lychee trees were bearing a high fruit load, with small green fruits densely covering the branches. She could already imagine the magnificent scene when the lychees ripened.

After hearing her voice, Mother Su frowned. “Su Mu, there are many mosquitoes and insects on the mountain. Why did you come?”

“I figured you must be here since you’re not at home. Mom and Dad, I came to help you.”

Father Su nodded with a smile. Unlike Mother Su, he didn’t scrutinize his child so closely. He believed that working in the field was also a form of exercise, and physical activity was essential for maintaining good health.

With Su Mu’s help, the weeds in the lychee orchard were quickly cleared, and a bit of fertilizer was applied afterward. This took care of the maintenance during the fruit-bearing period.

The three of them descended the mountain together, bringing back the wild strawberries, mulberries, and water ferns.

On the way, Su Mu made a suggestion to her father, “Dad, why not raise some chickens and ducks in the lychee orchard?” The droppings of chickens and ducks were excellent fertilizers. Their movement and trampling would also hinder the growth of weeds. Additionally, raising them meant having a meat source, which was like killing two birds with one stone.

After pondering for a while, Father Su spoke, “That’s indeed a good idea. However, there are many wild creatures in the mountains. I’m afraid the chickens and ducks might get attacked. We would also need to fence off the lychee orchard. That’s a big project. We’ll be planting rice seedlings in a few days. Let’s focus on that for now.”

Knowing that her father had thought about it, Su Mu didn’t say anything further.

With quite a lot of wild strawberries and mulberries gathered at home, too much for the family to consume, Su Mu planned to use them to make fruit wine.

The process wasn’t complicated. After washing and drying the fruit, she placed them in glass jars, added rock sugar, poured in enough alcohol to cover the fruits, and placed the jars in a cool, well-ventilated area. After about three months, the fruit wine would be ready to drink.

Whether it was strawberry wine or mulberry wine, both had extremely high nutritional value and were suitable for individuals like Mother Su who had weaker health.

As for the water ferns, after Su Mu purified them, they became a delicious cold dish.

During the meal, Su Mu told her parents about her plan to buy a car. Both Father Su and Mother Su were very surprised. After all, Su Mu had only been working for about half a year after graduating from university. Between renting land, buying seeds, and tools, what money could she have left?

Perhaps due to traditional thinking, they didn’t want the family to have debts.

“Mu Mu, are you planning to take out a loan to buy a car?” Mother Su looked worried. Their son had emptied a significant portion of the family’s savings when he got married. What was left was meant for their daughter’s dowry and must not be touched.

Su Mu put down her chopsticks, took out her phone, opened the wallet balance page, and handed it to her mother. “Mom, count how many zeros are there? I have money!” She straightened her chest with pride as she spoke.

Mother Su counted for a long time, then handed the phone to her husband to count again. She felt like her eyes were playing tricks on her.

Seeing a string of zeros, Father Su felt a bit dizzy. After a while, he regained his composure and couldn’t help but ask his daughter, “Where did this money come from? Did you win the lottery?”

“No.” Su Mu smiled wryly. She hadn’t been lucky from childhood to now. How could she dare touch something like a lottery ticket?

“A few days ago when Wei Liu came, didn’t he bring a dying orchid? I helped him cure it, and this is the reward.”

Mother Su was shocked. “But this is too much. How could you accept so much money?”

“Mom, that orchid is worth millions. Taking one million is already being fair.” She knew that saying this might frighten them. Her parents had never been farther than Muyun City in their entire lives. Lychees might be expensive in the market. However, the highest price offered by buyers coming to the village was only two or three yuan. An orchid couldn’t be eaten or drunk, it was just for appearance. Its value of millions was like a fantasy to them.

Su Mu added, “If you’re not at ease, you can call my brother. He knows the details.”

Without hesitation, Father Su called his son, regardless of whether he was at work or not.

After learning the situation, Father Su felt somewhat complicated. He had worked his entire life and hadn’t earned a million. His own daughter had earned so much money just by curing an orchid? In just a few days?

“Mu Mu, in the future, you can make your own decisions about what you want to do. But you can’t do anything illegal or criminal. Be steadfast and honest, do you understand?” Unconsciously, his daughter had grown into a towering tree and no longer needed his protection.

Su Mu nodded.

When it was time to buy the car, Su Mu convinced her parents to accompany her to the city. This way, they could visit her brother, sister-in-law, and aunt.

During the bus ride, Mother Su felt a bit motion sick. Su Mu handed her a homemade mint sachet, which, when smelled, would alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness.

This time, they brought two boxes of farm produce when they entered the city. They were all vegetables and dried goods grown on their own land.

Su Mu planned to buy a car first. Once she had the car, transportation would be more convenient. She wouldn’t have to wait for a ride-sharing service and would save time and effort.

There was a 4S dealership near the bus station, just across the street. However, the two boxes of farm produce were troublesome. They weren’t large in volume, but they were heavy. Su Mu’s idea was to store the boxes in a convenience store or similar place, but her parents didn’t want to. They were afraid the boxes would be stolen.

Powerless, Su Mu couldn’t argue with them and could only let them continue carrying the boxes.

Before buying the car, she had already prepared a strategy and had a desired car model in mind. As a result, the purchasing process took less than an hour, and she was now the proud owner of a new car.

She chose a powerful and sleek car with a spacious interior, spending over three hundred thousand yuan.

The dealership had the car in stock, so Su Mu could pick it up immediately. Fortunately, she had obtained her driver’s license during university. Back in the interstellar, she had piloted spacecraft and starships, so driving a car was no problem.

She placed the boxes her parents were holding in the trunk, then drove away with her newly acquired vehicle.

The staff at the dealership looked on with envy.

“This young lady is so carefree.”

“Look at how her parents are dressed. She doesn’t seem like a rich second-generation.”

“You’re just used to looking down on people. No wonder you’re not the one signing the deal. Learn from this.”

The manager frowned and reprimanded. It seemed like the staff’s customer service attitude needed improvement.



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