Ch 10: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

Grilled Fish

On the day of transplanting the seedlings, Su Mu got up early. The plants she had purified emitted even purer oxygen. She bathed in the first rays of morning sunlight, and unseen spiritual energy flowed wildly onto her, automatically, without the wind, causing the golden orchid grass to sway.

Today’s absorption of spiritual energy was a success. She stood up, stretched lazily, and changed into a light outfit, looking rather dashing.

The courtyard was bustling with noise. Su Mu looked down from the second floor and saw a few elderlies who had come to help.

Farmers were honest and would rather be early than late. Even if the pay was not much, they would put all their effort into completing the tasks entrusted by the Su family.

Su Mu hurried down the stairs with lively steps and greeted them with a smile, “Hello, Grandpas and Grandmas, I’m relying on you today.”

“No problem, it’s our duty.”

“Mu Mu is getting more and more beautiful.”

“Should we head straight to the fields?”

Su Mu cleared her throat and said, “There are seedlings covering two plots in the vegetable garden. My dad’s small three-wheeler can’t carry that much. So, we each take some and transport them to the field. How does that sound?”

Everyone waved their hands, indicating that this was an easy task.

At that moment, Mother Su came out of the kitchen with a small basket. She cheerfully greeted the neighbors, “Have some buns, they’ve just been steamed. Give them a try.”

They had agreed not to provide three meals a day, but since they came so early and it was the first day of transplanting, Mother Su wanted to set a good example. People would also put more effort into their work if they started off on a good note.

The buns in the basket were plump and emitted tempting steam. Grandma Li, as the oldest present, was the first to speak, “It’s been a while since I had buns. I must try Mu Mu’s mom’s cooking.”

Where there’s one, there’s two. Those who were initially hesitant to take the buns began to loosen up. Mother Su warmly welcomed everyone, and Su Mu took the opportunity to secretly satisfy her hunger.

Mother Su was a genuine Southerner and not particularly skilled with flour-based foods. However, with a food-loving daughter, she had been forced to learn a bit. She managed to make the buns quite well.

Father Su kneaded the dough. His strength produced firm dough, and the yeast was added just right. The bun skin was both soft and fluffy. As for the filling, it was made of fresh bamboo shoots and pork. Large pieces of fresh bamboo shoots were blanched in boiling water for a few minutes to remove the bitterness, then chopped after the bitterness was removed. When mixed with minced pork, a bit of pepper was added for enhanced flavor.

Su Mu was satisfied after eating two buns, while the others only ate one, as they had already had breakfast at home.

After eating their fill, they started working. The vegetable garden couldn’t accommodate so many people, so only a few entered the garden. After pulling up the seedlings and bundling them, they would be taken outside. The people outside didn’t need to wait; they could go straight to the field for transplanting.

“Mu Mu’s mom, you’re quite skilled at gardening.” Grandma Li exclaimed as she looked at the bean plants hanging on the trellises and the numerous large peppers hanging from the two chili pepper trees under the fence, bending the branches under their weight.

Thinking about her own garden, Grandma Li was truly upset.

Mother Su didn’t know what was happening, but in previous years, the harvest hadn’t been abundant. Still, she couldn’t expose her shortcomings. She smiled and said, “It’s all thanks to the grace of God. I pick what I like to eat. There’s so much, and I can’t finish it all.”

Every household in the village had a vegetable garden, so they weren’t lacking in vegetables. However, they were quite interested in these seeds and asked Mother Su to save some seeds for them.

With experienced hands at work, the two plots of land were prepared in no time.

Su Mu followed the group to the fields from the beginning. When the first batch of seedlings arrived, she also helped with planting and her movements were surprisingly quick.

Seeing this, others couldn’t help but admire. It was true that returning to the village to farm with a strong foundation was impressive. With a keen mind, she could excel in anything. A young girl like her worked more efficiently than those who had been farming for decades.

The dozen or so people lined up in formation, and they managed to finish the twenty acres of land by morning. The ground finally showed a hint of green, no longer the dark yellow it used to be.

After washing her hands, Su Mu took out a small bag and paid their wages on the spot.

The elderly men and women were quite pleased. They patted their chests and said that if there was ever a need, they could be contacted. They promised to do a great job.

Su Mu nodded obediently and agreed. They left happily.

In the corner where the seedlings were originally grown, sweet potatoes were now planted. They were easy to cultivate, grew quickly, and it wouldn’t be long before they could enjoy the tender sweet potato leaves.

The two plots in the garden were treated the same way and were also planted full.

Two days after transplanting the seedlings, the heavens truly gave her face. A light drizzle fell, which was even better than irrigation water. Not a single plant in the field died; they all took root, and in just a few days, tender leaves had sprouted.

The lotus root shoots she had bought on a whim while in town were thrown into their pond. They grew quickly, and tender green tips were already visible on the water’s surface. The leaves hadn’t fully spread yet, but at this rate, they should be able to enjoy lotus flowers this year.

The pond water, which came from their well, flowed into the pond and then into the irrigation channel. This meant the pond water was flowing. Father Su had used a fine iron mesh to block two connecting openings to prevent fish from swimming away from the pond.

Fish fingerlings hadn’t been introduced into the pond for many years. All the fish in the pond had been bred naturally. Unexpectedly, they grew into big fish, enough for the Su family to have occasional feasts.

After the rain, Su Mu had just gone to check on the growth of the seedlings in the field. In reality, with her spiritual energy, the seedlings were fine. However, she couldn’t disregard her mother’s concerns, so she went through the motions.

Her shoes were covered in mud, so she certainly couldn’t wash them in the pond where they drank water. While tidying up by the pond, she saw some big fish leaping out of the water. This made her quite hungry.

She didn’t need to go home to get a fishing net. Confirming that no one was around, she directly stimulated the wild grass by the pond, controlling it to wrap around the big fish.

Fish struggling in water had considerable strength, but Su Mu was so skilled at controlling plants that she managed to prevent it from escaping.

The overgrown grass she stimulated wasn’t wasted. It passed through the fish’s mouth, and with a triumphant smile, Su Mu carried the fish home.

The grapevines in the courtyard were lush, and upon closer inspection, one could see green fruits peeking out from under the leaves.

Mother Su was cleaning up the leaves and twigs that had fallen due to the rain. Seeing her daughter come in carrying a large fish, she was surprised and asked, “Where did that come from?”

Su Mu put down the hoe on her shoulder, raised the fish, and proudly said, “I was just cleaning the mud off my shoes by our pond, and it jumped out by itself.”

Never mind whether others believed this reason or not, when saying it, one must sound utterly convincing.

Sure enough, Mother Su thought she was joking, and after giving her a chuckle, her attention returned to the fish. “This fish probably weighs over ten jin. How do you want me to cook it?”

Since Su Mu returned home, Mother Su no longer had the trouble of deciding what to cook for each meal. She just followed the menu her daughter provided.

“Grilled fish!” Su Mu blurted out. A fish this big would surely be delightful as grilled fish!

Mother Su nodded and said with a smile, “Alright, tell me the method, and I’ll cook it for you.”

Now it was five in the afternoon, and the mother and daughter suddenly got busy.

Mother Su skillfully cut the fish in half, but the backbone was still connected. She cleaned out the internal organs. The organs weren’t thrown away; they would be cooked and mixed with rice for Big Orange.

“Marinate with five-spice powder, salt, and cooking wine for half an hour.” Su Mu had done her own cooking experiments back in the starry skies, and now she was back to being a culinary queen.

“Mom, why don’t you start by frying the inner organs for Big Orange? I’ll prepare the side dishes needed for the grilled fish.”

Su Mu grabbed a handful of sun-dried bamboo shoots from a few days ago and soaked them in hot water. The same applied to the cloud ear fungus, which she had collected from the mountain. There were many dead trees on the mountain, and after the rain, tender and plump cloud ear fungus would emerge. However, fresh cloud ear fungus contained trace amounts of toxins. It was better to sun-dry them before consuming.

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She then went to Grandma Li’s house to buy two pieces of tofu and some bean curd skin. Bean curd skin was a soy product, and Grandma Li had quite a bit at home.

After returning home, she peeled a fist-sized potato and taro, cutting them into thick strips about three to four centimeters wide. This would prevent them from falling apart during cooking.

Running back and forth, Su Mu didn’t feel tired at all for the sake of a delicious meal. She harvested some fresh vegetables and two cucumbers from the vegetable garden. After washing and cutting them, she finally had a chance to catch her breath.

By now, Big Orange was already enjoying its tasty mixed rice, not even bothering to look up.

After the fish finished marinating, it hardly smelled fishy.

During the marinating period, Mother Su not only fried the inner organs but also cleaned the oven.

“When we first bought this oven, I thought your brother was wasting money. Now it’s finally being put to good use.” Mother Su commented as she put the baking pan containing the fish, potatoes, and taro into the oven.

“Mu Mu, can you handle these settings? I can’t quite grasp the right temperature and time,” she asked.

This was a case where the person buying the appliance didn’t consider the specific needs of the user. No wonder this oven had only been used one or two times when Su Mu’s sister-in-law visited, and the rest of the time, it just collected dust.

Su Mu decided to grill both sides, so she set the temperature relatively low and the time short.

She particularly liked fish with a slightly golden, crispy exterior, which, after being briefly simmered in sauce, absorbed the flavors while retaining its chewiness.

Mastering the temperature and timing with precision, both sides of the fish turned golden and sizzled with the fat.

The base layer of napa cabbage had already been blanched. Mother Su placed the fish and other ingredients on top. The grilling utensil was electric, and after placing it on the dining table, she poured in the pre-made hot pot base and added tofu, bean curd skin, etc. After plugging it in, they just had to wait for it to boil before eating.

When Father Su returned from tending the lychee orchard, he could smell the delicious aroma. After tidying up, he came inside and saw the grilled fish sizzling on the table. He was hungry.

Su Mu dished up food for her parents and couldn’t wait to say, “Let’s eat!”

Before they started eating, she didn’t forget to take a picture and post it on her social media.

For dinner tonight, there was only this grilled fish and a plate of refreshing appetizing cucumber. However, Father Su and Mother Su had never eaten grilled fish before, so they were quite satisfied.

“It’s so delicious. Mu Mu knows so many cooking methods.” Father Su picked up a piece of sticky taro and put it in his mouth. The combination of taro’s fragrance and the fish’s flavor intertwined beautifully, making it incredibly tasty.

While eating, Su Mu shook her head and said, “Dad, you should thank Mom. If she hadn’t helped, I wouldn’t have been able to do it.”

“You’re right.” Father Su picked a piece of fish belly and put it in his wife’s bowl. “Hong’er, you’ve worked hard too.”

Su Mu: Suddenly feels like she’s shining like a light bulb?!


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