Chapter 81: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Since getting on the car, the mutant cows had been very aggressive. If it weren’t for Qin Shuang’s mental suppression along the way, they would have caused a commotion long ago.

When reminded by Ji Cha, Wang Qiang quickly went to the back door to lead the cows out. Fortunately, after seeing him, the cows gradually calmed down and followed his and Ji Cha’s footsteps into the farm.

Although the farm had not had cows for a long time, the cow sheds and barns were already prepared. However, when they were built, they were designed for normal-sized cows. Now, these mutant cows seemed a bit cramped inside.

Wang Qiang led the cows into the enclosure, and the two cows mooed and rubbed against him. He turned his head somewhat embarrassedly and asked Ji Cha, “Um, is there any feed we can give them to eat? They should be hungry.”

There was no shortage of feed on the farm. Although the workers there had not yet digested the fact that Ji Cha had miraculously come back to life and had brought two cows with him, they quickly provided the feed. The feed in the base was different from what they had outside, where they were already running out of food and had to rely on mutant plants. The feed here had better taste and nutrition.

As the two cows became full, they gradually calmed down. Ji Cha noticed that they seemed to be able to sense a person’s kindness to some extent. At least, they did not mind when unfamiliar workers brought them feed.

For the past few days, Zhang Qinqin had been helping to manage the hiring of workers at the farm in Ji Cha’s absence. To avoid revealing any flaws in front of Cheng Feng, Grandma did not immediately explain that Ji Cha had not met with an accident outside. Zhang Qinqin and the others managed the farm in an orderly manner while enduring their grief, which was something Cheng Feng had not expected.

At this moment, Ji Cha had just returned to the base, and the news had not yet reached Cheng Feng. His subordinates were reporting the farm’s operations to him.

“We can only obtain external data, we have no idea how the internal system works or its operating conditions,” the subordinate said. “But now that both Liang Jincheng and Ji Cha are no longer around, taking back the farm will be a piece of cake.”

Cheng Feng nodded. “If there are any obstacles, take care of them so we don’t have any trouble.”

As they were speaking, a soldier hurriedly entered and gasped for breath, leaning against the door frame. “Report! Liang Jincheng and Boss Ji have returned.”

“What!?” Cheng Feng stood up in surprise, his eyes widening.

The soldier didn’t know the situation and didn’t understand why Cheng Feng looked angry and overly anxious, so he simply reported that Ji Cha and Liang Jincheng had returned with an outsider and even brought two cows.

“They are currently at the farm. Do you want me to bring them here to talk?”

Cheng Feng didn’t dare to have the people brought in front of him, as they were supposed to be dead. Liang Jincheng could easily break his neck with a squeeze.

“No need,” Cheng Feng quickly shook his head. “Let’s see what they are up to first. If anything happens, report to me immediately.”

Once the soldier left, Cheng Feng dismissed everyone and went back to his room, lifting up the carpet to reveal a small door leading to the basement. He carefully lit some candles and immediately illuminated the darkness of the basement.

As the darkness faded, several large iron cages appeared before his eyes, each containing at least two zombies. The zombies’ hands and feet were tightly bound, covered in knife and burn wounds, some with gouged out eyes, some with cut off noses, and some even missing limbs.

Cheng Feng took a machete from the side, casually opened one of the cages, and emotionlessly swung down the machete with force.

It can be seen from this that the scars on the zombies’ bodies came from somewhere.


Ji Cha made some arrangements on the farm and explained Wang Qiang’s position to the person in charge. He had them assign one of the dormitories on the farm to Wang Qiang, where he could stay for the night. Tomorrow morning, they would set out to bring the rest of his family and the remaining cattle back.

Then Ji Cha returned to the factory area.

Although Grandma appeared strong on the surface and trusted Liang Jincheng and his assurances, it was false to say that she wasn’t worried or afraid inside. When she finally heard that Ji Cha and the others had returned and saw her own grandson standing in front of her, the stone in her heart finally fell to the ground.

Ji Cha closed the door and called his family back. He briefly explained their experiences outside in a few words. Although brief, everyone could hear the evil intentions of Cheng Feng and were furious.

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“Now that we have escaped and returned successfully, if there is such a thing again in the future, we don’t need to say anything. If Cheng Feng wants to kill you, he will definitely take other measures. What do we do then?” Zhang Qinqin asked anxiously.

“Now that we have returned, the initiative is in our hands,” Liang Jincheng said.

Ji Cha also believed in Liang Jincheng and he also thought that Cheng Feng didn’t gain anything from this incident.

After explaining everything, he immediately went back to his room and turned on the computer. He used the farm’s name to post a job advertisement on the recruitment website.

“Looking for 5 workers with cattle farming experience, aged between 20-50, male or female. Salary will be paid daily. Posted by Ji Cha from the farm.”

For large recruitment platforms like farms, each time a message is posted, it will automatically be put on top, so this message quickly caught the attention of many workers.

In this short message, there were several astonishing points.

“Cattle farming experience? Posted by Ji Cha from the farm?”

Where did the cows come from in the base? Didn’t Ji Cha die? Wasn’t it because Ji Cha was trying to find cows for the base that he died?

The recruitment office exploded on the spot, and it became chaotic. Military force had to be deployed to maintain order. Later, everyone immediately heard the news from the farm: 1. Ji Cha didn’t really die. 2. Ji Cha did bring back cows from outside.

So now, there are countless doubts in the hearts of the people in the base.

First, since Boss Ji and Captain Liang were fine and unharmed, why did the soldiers who returned early say that they were dead with such certainty?

Second, why did they leave several living people outside the base and lie about it when they returned? If it wasn’t for the members of the ability user team demanding to see the bodies, would they not have come back?

Third, as the highest authority figure, Cheng Feng did not even offer condolences to Ji Cha and Liang Jincheng when they left the base because of him and have now returned?

When people think again about the traces of zombies that occurred in the base before Ji Cha and Liang Jincheng left, they feel that Cheng Feng’s management ability is incompetent.


Night fell.

Ji Cha took a comfortable hot bath, and Liang Jincheng was talking to someone outside. Ji Cha wiped his head and overheard him say, “He wants to drag it out, but we can’t. The sooner we handle the matter, the better. You go and take care of it.”

What matter was he talking about? Curious, Ji Cha asked when he came out, but the person Liang Jincheng was talking to had already disappeared.

“How do you want to deal with Cheng Feng?” he couldn’t help but ask.


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