Chapter 80: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Actually, in such a small place, even the weapons used for defense are quite rudimentary, so it is very puzzling to Ji Cha and others how it can ensure safety after so long in the end of the world.

However, they soon understood in the subsequent communication what was the reason for this.

The cows in the ranch have all mutated. The word “all” is not an exaggeration at all. Among the few dozen cows left in the ranch, none of them have the same shape as the cows that everyone knew before the end of the world. These cows are obviously very aggressive towards strangers. When they saw Ji Cha and Liang Jincheng, they immediately lowered their heads and rushed over with their horns to launch an attack.

The young man who had already regained his consciousness from Qin Shuang’s mental control flashed a look, and did not stop the actions of the cattle herd.

The galloping cattle herd immediately rushed over, and the cow hooves splashed dust on the ground. At a critical moment, Liang Jincheng and other members of the ability team used their abilities to create a powerful invisible wall of air to block the movement of the cattle herd. For a moment, the cattle herd seemed to have hit something invisible and they all stepped back several steps.

Ji Cha also quickly raised the gun in his hand and put the muzzle on the temple of a young man, “Don’t play any tricks.”

Seeing that Liang Jincheng and others could easily control the restless cattle herd, the people in the ranch were completely dispirited.

They gritted their teeth and explained to Ji Cha and others the changes in the ranch after the end of the world.

The feed and food storage in the ranch are quite sufficient, and the location is far from crowded places and relatively remote, so there was no big trouble at the beginning. Many things used as feed before the end of the world, such as soybeans, can also be used as human food to fill the stomach. However, as time went on, the cows’ big appetite became very troublesome. Originally, the ranch was managed by a family, but they also had to kill some cows for survival and store their meat for consumption.

Later on, when the herd became hungry, they began to eat the mutated plants that were flipped over by the fence. As soon as they ate them, problems occurred. The cows’ bodies began to show some mutations, such as an increase in body size, becoming stronger, and the killing power of their horns also increased exponentially. However, fortunately, the herd still recognized their owners, and did not harm the humans who were familiar with them and took care of their food.

Also because of the nature of the cattle, in order to ensure their safety, the people in the cattle farm did not confine them in the original fence, but instead let them roam freely in the yard, which blocked several attempts by outsiders to attack.

The cowhide is naturally thick, and after evolution, it has become so tough that even bullets can’t penetrate it.

Ji Cha glanced at the heavy udders of the cows and hesitated, “Do these cows still produce milk?”

“Yes, they do,” said one of the young men named Wang Qiang. “We drink it every day and can’t even finish it. There have been no problems so far.”

Ji Cha was slightly reassured. There were dairy cows and beef cattle here. If some testing could be done on the beef cattle after returning to the base, maybe they could also be eaten.

“We are from the base in S City. The base can currently guarantee your safety, and you can also live a stable life in the base. If you want to go with us, you can follow us back. If you don’t want to, we can also trade food for your cows.

Of course, it would be best if you could go with us. After all, the cattle are familiar with you, and it would be more convenient to take care of them. In that case, you would have a job even before entering the base.”

Wang Qiang and the others looked hesitant, and after a while, Wang Qiang said, “Can you give us some time to think about it?”


After about half an hour, Wang Qiang walked out of the house.

“Can you really guarantee our lives in your place?” he still had doubts. “How about this, I can take two cows with me to the base first. If everything is really as you say, we will come back to pick up my remaining family members.”

Wang Qiang and his companions had encountered many people who wanted to profit from the cattle farm. Most of them, like Liang Jincheng, exuded strength and killing intent. However, they had never seen someone like Ji Cha, who could tell from various details that he had not suffered much in the apocalypse without a stable environment.

“Okay,” Ji Cha nodded. If he could convince the other party with just a few words, it would not be realistic.

However, they still had to stay here for a few days. After all, the soldiers who went back to report their death had to bring back the news.

The soldiers who followed Ji Cha and left the base finally returned to the base the next day and informed everyone that Ji Cha, Liang Jincheng, and others had “unfortunately” died outside.

At that time, there were still many workers working in the factory, and they were particularly concerned after hearing the news.

Wang Qinxue angrily asked, “What happened? You went out together, but only Ji Cha and the others had an accident, while the rest of you who went out with the military came back safely?”

Zhao Tiankuo also felt embarrassed upon hearing this. He had doubts about this matter, but at this point, he could only grit his teeth and say, “Well, the incident has already happened. Grandma, please accept our condolences.”

Grandma stood behind Wang Qinxue, lowering her head and showing a sad expression.

Zhang Qinqin asked with red eyes, “Is there no chance of survival at all?”

“It is said that the possibility is very small…” Zhao Tiankuo felt more and more uncomfortable under the gaze of dozens of angry and grieving eyes, so he quickly found an excuse and left.

When he walked outside the factory, he took a long breath and looked back at the factory that he had visited countless times. He couldn’t help feeling a strong sense of loss.

The news of Ji Cha’s accident quickly spread throughout the base the next day. Countless workers who had worked on the farm for the past six months, as well as those in the factory, had worked under Ji Cha’s leadership at some point. The treatment here was excellent, and Ji Cha was very sincere in his dealings with people, so basically everyone who had worked for him had nothing but praise for him.

As the captain of the ability user team, Liang Jincheng’s prowess and great efforts in maintaining the base’s security were well known even among those who were not part of his team. When weighed against it, the other top official in the base, Cheng Feng, had a vague explanation for the zombie problem, causing rumors to spread throughout the base and giving Cheng Feng a headache. On the day the news broke, hundreds of base members even demanded that Cheng Feng send people out to search for the people, dead or alive.

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It was at this time that the members of the ability user team proposed to go out and search for Liang Jincheng and the others.

After confirming that Liang Jincheng, Ji Cha, and the others had been completely taken care of, Cheng Feng allowed the ability user team for a search. The members of the ability user team immediately drove a large car that was big enough to carry two cows and went to borrow manpower.

Although the other people in the base were not sure of Liang Jincheng and Ji Cha’s fate, the members of the ability user team were well aware of their capabilities. However, now that they were outside the base, their safety could not be guaranteed, so it was best to bring them back as soon as possible.

Finally, on the morning of the fourth day, Liang Jincheng and the team members who came to pick them up arrived.

When the people at the cattle farm saw the car coming, the stone in their hearts finally sank again. After all, at this time, it was not easy for anyone to have the ability to drive this kind of car.

Wang Qiang bid farewell to his family and set off on the road back to the base with Ji Cha and the others. They left before noon and arrived outside the base before the sun set, after taking some detours.

The base guards were surprised to see the car that had left in the early morning return so quickly. Without waiting for them to ask, they saw Liang Jincheng, who was sitting in the passenger seat and sticking his head out, causing them to be shocked and even dropping their jaws.

“Captain Liang!?”

How could the supposedly dead Liang Jincheng be alive now?

What’s even more unbelievable is that when they opened the carriage, two fierce-looking oxen were inside.

And the size of the base also shocked Wang Qiang.

When Ji Cha told him that this was a base of over 10,000 people, he imagined that they were all squeezed into a small space. He never expected such a grand scale.

This base could easily accommodate several times more people, he thought as the vehicle drove further in. He peered out of the window and saw ordinary brick buildings from before the apocalypse, which now seemed like a rare sight.

When they arrived at the farm and got off the vehicle to deal with the oxen, Wang Qiang was still in a daze.

“Hey, Wang Qiang, if you don’t get down, we won’t dare to move the oxen,” Ji Cha patted his shoulder.


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