Chapter 77: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Ji Cha never expected Liang Jincheng to be removed from his position like this.

“This is too much.” He was somewhat annoyed. Since the establishment of the base, Liang Jincheng had been risking his life with the team of ability users both inside and outside the base, and now Cheng Feng had just wiped it all out with a casual remark?

“It’s nothing.” Liang Jincheng sat opposite Ji Cha, restraining himself from trying to appease Ji Cha because of the presence of Grandma Ji. “I had a bit of a feeling about it earlier, and it’s only temporary. Let’s just treat it as a vacation.”

“That’s right,” Grandma Ji chimed in. “Jincheng is always running outside, and I’m always worried sick every time. Now that he doesn’t have to go on adventures, I think it’s better for him to work at home. There’s no shortage of positions here.”

“Grandma is right.” Liang Jincheng smiled and spoke in a relaxed tone.

But inside, he knew that the situation was not so easy. Everything Ji Cha had now seemed stable, but it required effort to maintain. Especially in a post-apocalyptic world like this, it all depends on who has the stronger fist. Wealth and power are assisted by force, and if he wants to protect Ji Cha, being an ordinary person is far from enough.

At night, Ji Cha was still angry, not because of anything else, but because a military notice suddenly popped up on the computer screen, sent to various recruitment offices, stating that Liang Jincheng had been dismissed and the reason for his dismissal.

As for the incident on the farm today, other than the dead little leader, nothing had happened to the others. Ji Cha checked their files later and found that those people had been assigned to a very lucrative section of the construction department.

“What the hell is going on!” Ji Cha closed the laptop and lay back on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

Liang Jincheng came in after taking a shower, saw his angry appearance, and smiled again, coaxing him, “Don’t be angry, don’t be angry.”

He sat on the edge of the bed, and the weather in May wasn’t too cold yet, but Liang Jincheng seemed to not be afraid of the cold, with his hands propped up, he leaned over and kissed Ji Cha’s lips. “I have a plan, and the captain’s position doesn’t matter much.”

Ji Cha pried off the hand that was on his waist and stood up in one go, closing the door.

“Actually, I also think Grandma has a point, but it’s still this time, and I always feel like Cheng Feng has a plan to take back all the dispersed power.”

“Everyone is on their own.” Liang Jincheng threw the towel under the bed and firmly pinned down Ji Cha, not allowing any objections.

Being dismissed didn’t affect his mood for doing business at night at all.


Day and night passed.

Liang Jincheng’s dismissal is notified on the electronic display boards at the recruitment office. Therefore, Liang Jincheng being fired became known to everyone the next day.

Some employees on the farm were uneasy, and some even came to apologize to Ji Cha, saying that if they could have tolerated it yesterday, they might not have caused trouble for Liang Jincheng.

“What does it have to do with you? Just focus on your work. Yesterday’s incident has nothing to do with you. It’s a good thing that you stand up to defend the farm,” said Ji Cha.

Perhaps because yesterday’s incident was a bit embarrassing, Zhao Tiankuo even sent his subordinates to hand over his work. Ji Cha didn’t dwell on these things too much and continued to do what he needed to do.

As for Liang Jincheng, who was dismissed, he now had twenty-four hours of free time, all of which he spent to be Ji Cha’s assistant. This made some people who had wanted to cause trouble for Ji Cha back off.

However, just because they accepted the dismissal didn’t mean that others did. The members of the special abilities team were the first to push back.

In the apocalypse, the most convincing people are those with high combat power and reliable character, not to mention this group of ability users. No one can command them to do tasks except for Liang Jincheng. So the mission planned for the ability users team on the second day after the dismissal notice came out was now in a paralyzed state.

Even many ordinary soldiers in the army were very dissatisfied with this decision because they admired and respected Liang Jincheng very much. Although Cheng Feng anticipated this result, he did not expect it to cause such a widespread reaction at first.

This instead made him feel that he couldn’t relax the development of Liang Jincheng’s power.

As for the ability users team, let them throw tantrums if they want. After all, the power of the base is in his hands, and those who want to stay in the base must listen to him.

Everyone wants to maintain the appearance of peace, but the secret dealings never stop.

At two in the morning, during the curfew period of the base and the time when guards in various places start changing shifts, the defense inside and outside the base is the weakest, and it is also the best time to fish in troubled waters.

A car slowly approached the entrance of the base, and the driver poked his head out and greeted, “Hey, Xiaoliu, open the gate.”

The driver is also a small guard on duty, and he is usually familiar with them. He was inexplicably transferred to be a driver at the beginning of the year, and occasionally he brought some things back during this shift change. He didn’t know what was inside, but because he had a pass from his superiors, it was not easy to check, so he was directly allowed to enter every time.

Seeing the gate of the base open, the car restarted. When it passed by several guards, someone seemed to hear a noise in the car.

“Hey,” the guard named Xiaoliu stopped the driver, “What are you transporting? Why is there still sound?”

“I’m transporting a car full of living dead, hahaha.” The driver laughed heartily.

Everyone laughed, “You’re just talking nonsense!”

Two jokes dispelled their original doubts, and soon the car disappeared into the night, heading towards the depths of the base.

The driver hummed a song and listened to the panting sound coming from the back of the car. Suddenly, a figure stood in front of the car. The driver was scared in the darkness and stepped on the brake hard, but when he looked carefully, there was no figure in front of the car’s headlights.

“It’s really strange…” he muttered to himself, just as he was about to restart the vehicle, a hand suddenly smashed through the car window and grabbed his throat, causing him to faint.

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Later, a large hole was kicked through the partition between the cargo compartment and the driver’s cab. The hungry undead, who hadn’t eaten for several days, were now tantalized by the scent of fresh human flesh. After all this, the shadow disappeared again into the darkness.

Five hours later, the first wave of workers leaving for work discovered the vehicle parked in a crooked position. Originally curious, they were shocked to find a skeleton that had already been half-devoured by zombies. The driver had also been infected and could no longer feel pain. Even if he had been eaten alive and only half a person remained, his mouth continued to open and close, his eyes staring blankly around him.

“Zombies, zombies!”

Most of the people living in the base had not faced zombies directly for a very long time. However, they had a very deep and natural fear of this cruel and ruthless species, which was now strongly stimulated.

Immediately, someone notified the security department, and the security staff quickly called in members of the ability users team to capture the zombies.

When they finally caught the zombies, they were shocked to find that there were five of them in the relatively small cargo compartment, of all ages and genders, all still alive and kicking.

The military vehicle, driven by a soldier, had left tire tracks from the outside all the way into the base. How could a vehicle like this transport five zombies?

Those with weak nerves were now terrified, and their emotions exploded. They demanded an explanation from the authorities about what was really going on.


Thandar: was it Jincheng who did it?

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