Chapter 78: Busy Farming in the Last Days

The panic caused by the zombie incident in the base also gave Cheng Feng a headache. On the one hand, there were more troubles to deal with, and on the other hand, the zombies that were originally supposed to be transported in couldn’t be obtained.

“What’s the situation outside now?” he asked the guard.

The guard had just received the report, “Five zombies have been cleaned up and are now being sent for disposal.”

The zombies contain toxins, and even after they are killed, they need to be specially disposed of to completely eliminate the hidden dangers.

Cheng Feng closed his eyes in annoyance and walked quickly towards the inner room.

Although the military quickly provided an explanation, anyone with common sense knows that zombies appearing on military vehicles cannot be an accident. But because the base is usually well-managed, even though the public is dissatisfied with this kind of concealed behavior, no one can take the lead in demanding an explanation.

As long as life is peaceful, no one wants to cause trouble.

Even though Ji Cha had many doubts about this matter, he was too busy with other things to focus on it. His schedule was already full, and he couldn’t spare any extra energy to pay more attention to these things.

Ever since the apple trees mutated a long time ago, various vegetables have also undergone positive evolution. This made Ji Cha start observing the evolutionary direction of various livestock. Negative effects must be immediately eliminated, and positive effects must of course be protected as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, currently there haven’t been any positive mutations in the various livestock being raised on the farm. However, surprisingly, the fish in the river outside, which had not been given much attention, have evolved very rapidly.

Due to the large breeding of edible fish, fish in the ponds outside the base have always been a fixed source of meat. However, the management of the fish ponds is nothing more than slightly expanding them and adding some protective measures, with someone feeding them daily.

Evolved fish are not precious, basically no different from cows and sheep. They are easy to feed, grow fat and strong, and their growth rate has also increased significantly. The only downside may be that they have become more resilient and powerful, making it a hassle for chefs to slaughter them. Fortunately, these fish do not carry the zombie virus, and even if they are bitten, they will only feel pain without any other discomfort.

The fish farm is not usually under the management of Ji Cha. First, it is at a certain distance from the farm, and secondly, it is difficult to manage. However, because the relevant experts and technicians are usually at the farm, when the army asked them to go and see the fish, Ji Cha followed along.

“Originally, we would wait until they were three or four catties before catching them, but today we caught one that weighed thirty or forty catties in the corner of the fish pond. We identified it as the same species, it’s just that it has grown for half a year longer,” the soldier explained. “We didn’t expect its growth rate to become so fast. We also thought that three or four catties was about their normal weight, but we didn’t expect them to grow so big.”

Ji Cha and several technicians went to the scene to take a look, and the fish caught was placed in a basin, calmly eating its feed without struggling or jumping, seeming very composed.

Different creatures with different body shapes may have different tastes. If it were before the apocalypse, people who pay attention to diet would be very particular about this. However, now that it is after the apocalypse, as long as something can give the maximum return with the minimum investment, who cares about the taste.

After several technicians confirmed it, it was preliminarily believed that the fish was a non-toxic fish that could be eaten. However, to be safe, a small piece of its flesh needed to be taken and tested. The base currently has related experts and relatively complete scientific equipment. Although the conditions cannot compare to before the end of the world, at least the level from about ten years ago has been retained.

Ji Cha returned home with this good news, only to find another piece of good news waiting for him.

“There is a fish farm to the east of here, about four hundred kilometers away. It used to be a dairy farm, and there seemed to be some cattle as well. Although it is currently unclear about the situation over there, there is a high possibility of a harvest,” Zhao Tiankuo said.

Ji Cha washed his face in the bathroom, walked out refreshed, and asked in confusion, “Has anyone been sent to check the situation over there?”

This kind of action was usually carried out by the ability user team to determine the degree of danger, but he did not hear about this task from Liang Jincheng.

Liang Jincheng sat on the sofa, holding a bowl of hot chicken soup in his hand. When he saw Ji Cha looking at him, he immediately raised a spoonful of chicken soup and brought it to Ji Cha’s mouth, saying, “I haven’t received this task.”

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Zhao Tiankuo didn’t actually know why Cheng Feng suddenly personally issued this task, but he had already accepted it and naturally wanted to sell it to others. “It should still be safe over there. The superiors want Captain Liang and Mr. Ji to bring some manpower to take a look. Mr. Ji, you know a little bit about livestock, so you can take care of it better.”

The words sounded reasonable.

Ji Cha poured Liang Jincheng a mouthful of chicken soup, and Liang Jincheng swallowed it before he could even say anything. Liang Jincheng had already agreed, “Got it. The manpower is ready, and we can leave at any time.”

Zhao Tiankuo didn’t expect things to go so smoothly, but he didn’t think much of it and left happily.

After he left, he thought back to the interaction between Liang Jincheng and Ji Cha just now, and couldn’t help but wonder if Boss Ji and Captain Liang were too intimate.

“Do you think this is reliable?” Ji Cha asked Liang Jincheng when they were alone in the room.

“Not reliable,” Liang Jincheng shook his head after finishing the remaining chicken soup.

Not only was it unreliable, but it was also very dangerous, probably even life-threatening.

“You think Cheng Feng chose us on purpose?” Ji Cha said.

“It may be a bit dangerous,” Liang Jincheng leaned over and kissed Ji Cha’s cheek, then rubbed his nose against Ji Cha’s nose, whispering, “But as long as you trust me, it’s okay.”

“Okay,” Ji Cha nodded, feeling the warmth in the palm of his hand held by Liang Jincheng.

Early the next morning, Zhao Tiankuo brought several soldiers over. Although Grandma knew they were going out, she didn’t expect it to be so sudden.

Liang Jincheng glanced at the elite soldiers who usually guarded Cheng Feng, then withdrew his gaze. He leaned over and whispered something to Grandma’s ear, and after hesitating for a moment, she nodded, allowing them to leave.

“For safety reasons, I called some members of the ability user team,” Liang Jincheng stood by the car and said, “Is that okay?”

Zhao Tiankuo originally wanted to say that it was okay to bring more people with higher combat effectiveness when going out. Who would have thought that one of his elite soldiers would say, “Bring only one more person, there won’t be enough seats in the car.”

“Oh,” Liang Jincheng neither agreed nor disagreed, and in the end, he only brought Qin Shuang on the car.

When they left the base, there were eight elite soldiers, Qin Shuang, Liang Jincheng, and Ji Cha. Liang Jincheng could sense that there were three ability users among the elite soldiers, and one of them had a high level of ability, but they had never revealed themselves in front of the ability user team.

It’s not hard to see that the reason why Cheng Feng sent so many people to follow them, didn’t let Liang Jincheng bring his own people, and requested that Ji Cha go out with them is for a certain purpose.


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