Chapter 76: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Those people are just bullies who are afraid of the strong and prey on the weak. Liang Jincheng’s shot scared them. No one expected that someone would come forward and use such violent means, even when no one in the army dared to take action.

“Jincheng,” Ji Cha still felt the sound of the gun ringing in his ears. He couldn’t come back to his senses, but he still worriedly supported Liang Jincheng’s arm and stood up straight. “Here…”

Liang Jincheng stood in front of him, saying calmly, “I know what I’m doing. You take care of the other workers first.”

He then casually twirled the gun in his hand and put it back into the holster on his waist, and then looked coldly at the other people who were causing trouble. “Do you also want to taste the feeling of being shot?”

Those people didn’t dare to stay and ran away, but they still said as they ran that they were going to report to their superiors and have Liang Jincheng, the murderer who killed people openly, arrested.

After all, the person Liang Jincheng killed was just a small character in their base of a thousand people, which was not a big deal. The backbone of the base had not been affected yet.

Zhao Tiankuo, who was standing on the side, felt a bit awkward at this time. It was an undeniable fact that he had retreated earlier.

“Brother Liang, you were a little reckless,” Zhao Tiankuo understood Liang Jincheng’s desire to protect Ji Cha, but he also knew the severity of the situation. The leader of the base of a thousand people and their own military leader had some relationship, and the orders also came directly from Cheng Feng himself. Now, Liang Jincheng’s direct action was almost like hitting Cheng Feng’s face.

“I know what I’m doing,” Liang Jincheng said.

Ji Cha had now completely regained his senses, and he had confidence in Liang Jincheng’s words and actions, so he wasn’t too worried about him. Now, when he looked at the damaged rice seedlings, he felt the most heartbroken for them.

“Ah, I could have made several more meals with these rice seedlings,” Ji Cha squatted down, holding up the rice seedlings that had been trampled in the mud. He called over the workers who weren’t hurt to help clean up and see if any of the seedlings could be salvaged.

Meanwhile, Liang Jincheng didn’t want to make things difficult for Zhao Tiankuo, so he went with him to the military camp to explain the situation.

Ji Cha rode his electric scooter back to the factory with a sigh, and Zhang Xing and Wang Qinxue happened to come in from outside.

Zhang Xing now had his own repair shop, not far from the factory. He called it his own repair shop because he also repaired electronic and mechanical items for civilians, but his main job still included a lot of military affairs.

Wang Qinxue and his parents took care of the livestock for Ji Cha. They all came back together to have lunch with Zhang Xing.

Ji Cha didn’t want to worry his grandmother, so he didn’t mention the fact that Liang Jincheng had shot someone earlier. Zhang Xing complained a bit, “I don’t know why, but I’ve had several plans that haven’t been completed yet, and I’ve been working day and night with them. Cheng Feng sent over a drawing for me to follow, and I don’t know what use a semi-automatic iron cage is at this time. If I could, I would throw a box from the chicken farm at them.”

The name Cheng Feng made Ji Cha a bit sensitive, but the iron cage didn’t catch his attention for long, and he quickly turned to another topic.

“Once the weather gets a bit warmer, we can try to produce some rabbit fur in bulk,” Wang Qinxue said. “The production of the last two batches of rabbits has been quite smooth, and the empty rooms in the breeding area will be used soon.”

“It would be best if we could use all of them,” Ji Cha thought greedily. “We still need meat in the base, and we’re all being so stingy here. We haven’t even been able to form a self-sufficient cycle system.”

According to Ji Cha’s plan, the farm’s production and management should be able to supply the daily needs of the Grain Department’s base with a slight surplus. Some of the by-products from grain production, such as straw and corn stalks, can be recycled as fodder in the breeding area. Many animal feces in the breeding area can be turned into excellent fertilizer after composting, which can help with grain production.

“A single meal won’t make you fat.” Wang Qinxue smiled and said, “We’re already doing quite well now. In the second half of the year, conservatively speaking, our base will definitely have enough meat to eat every day.”

Ji Cha remembered the chaos of the last few years before the apocalypse. It took several years for S city base to truly stabilize last time. Would it happen so quickly this time? He wasn’t optimistic due to many external and internal interferences, but he couldn’t show it now.

In the high-end apartment area of the base, at Cheng Feng’s place, Liang Jincheng walked steadily through the corridor. The guard at the door bowed slightly and respectfully said, “Hello, Captain Liang!”

Liang Jincheng nodded slightly, “Is General Cheng inside?”

The guard nodded and went in to inform Cheng Feng. Zhao Tiankuo stood far away from the apartment building’s security room, feeling very uncomfortable like ants crawling in his heart. He hoped Liang Jincheng could help him turn back, even if he didn’t mention it. He could try to avoid getting involved in this matter as much as possible, so as not to have a bad outcome later.

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It took about ten minutes for Cheng Feng to let Liang Jincheng in, making the guard at the door very uneasy. He looked apologetic as he watched Liang Jincheng.

However, Liang Jincheng didn’t seem to care at all during these ten minutes. He stood straight, looking into the distance as if he were looking at something but not focusing on anything. It didn’t look like he was being left hanging by someone, but rather like he was coming to enjoy the view.

In fact, as long as he wanted to, Liang Jincheng’s ears could clearly hear the sound behind seven or eight walls. For example, during these ten minutes, he could clearly hear the low groaning of zombies coming from the basement, but he didn’t know how many.

In this heavily secured high-end apartment building, someone like Cheng Feng lives there, and there’s an unknown number of zombies locked in the basement near his residence.

Thinking of this, the guard happened to open the door and invite him in. Liang Jincheng looked at his watch and saw that the minute hand was pointing at three, so he calmly walked into the room.

“I almost know everything about this matter. What you did was too impulsive,” Cheng Feng still had the same look, and it was hard to tell if he was angry or not. “There should be consequences for making mistakes. So for now, you’ll have to temporarily hand over the position of captain of the ability user team, rest for half a month, and then we’ll see how to deal with the matter later.”

Although Cheng Feng’s words were eloquent, the main point was to make Liang Jincheng hand over his position as captain of the ability user team.

Liang Jincheng and Cheng Feng looked at each other, and Liang Jincheng caught the emotion in Cheng Feng’s eyes, but Cheng Feng couldn’t tell what Liang Jincheng was thinking. After a moment of silence, just when Cheng Feng was about to break the calm, Liang Jincheng finally spoke up.


Then he added, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave now.”

Cheng Feng was surprised by his straightforward attitude, and by the time he regained his senses, Liang Jincheng had already walked to the door.

Liang Jincheng looked at his watch again, and only two minutes had passed. Now he quickened his pace to rush back, so he could still make it to have lunch with Ji Cha.


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