Chapter 75: Busy Farming in the Last Days

In mid-April, the mutated vegetables that were discovered earlier were finally put into the second round of production to see the results. The traditionally edible leafy part was tested and found that although various growth data were surprisingly impressive, the edible function was not affected.

In other words, under the premise of absorbing almost the same nutrients, the mutated vegetables can grow to three to four times the size of ordinary vegetables. If the seeds of such vegetables can be popularized and planted, the same piece of land will become as productive as three to four pieces of land in the past.

The planting of spring wheat has begun. As the most important and anticipated staple food in the base, after the appearance of mutated vegetables, Ji Cha also pays special attention to rice seedlings with obvious differences in growth. Even though the rice seeds in their hands are already the highest-yielding super rice per mu, it is always good to produce the most food with the least land in the end times.

The weather in mid-April began to warm up really, and the temperature at least at noon was much milder. The big event in the base these two days was the inclusion of a base with a considerable scale, with a total of about one thousand people.

Although the absorption of new residents has been ongoing, this is the first time that a large-scale and large number of people have been included.

Having a large number of people in the base is a good thing, but it may also be a bad thing. This hidden concern was soon revealed shortly after the inclusion of the thousand-person base.

Individuals entering the base usually have to quickly change their habits and abide by the rules of the base in order to be able to live in the base. But the entry of the thousand-person base was very different.

They have their own living habits, and because of the huge group, they are unwilling to change at will. Shortly after entering the base, some very bad habits were revealed due to their strong group mentality.

For example, disrespecting the female workers in the base, or bullying other ordinary residents by relying on their large number of group members, causing trouble and unrest, and so on.

Just listening to it made Ji Cha feel a headache. Although there was some management by the military, it was only treating the symptoms rather than the root cause. Often, once they left, the common people would be treated even worse, and after a certain number of times, no one would dare to report their behavior and could only silently endure it.

As a result, even though the farm was getting bigger and needed more manpower, Ji Cha basically didn’t recruit personnel from the thousand-person base.

Unexpectedly, the day after he cancelled their job application, someone from the military came to inquire, asking if he had biased behavior against the personnel from the thousand-person base.

The leader of the thousand-person base has now become a small backbone of the military, and even the soldiers who came to inquire about Ji Cha were unfamiliar, who knows if they were their own people. The other side looked fierce, making Ji Cha uneasy.

“I decide who to recruit or not. There are countless people applying for work every day, and there are always people being rejected. They are all joining the base. What’s the difference?”

The other party was also annoyed by his counter-question, “When we joined the base, it was agreed that we would have housing and work. What’s going on now?”

“Whoever promised you that, go find them. I only welcome people who work peacefully and don’t cause trouble. You can leave now.”

At this time, Ji Cha didn’t realize that these few words would cause him so much trouble the next day, or rather, he underestimated the courage of this thousand-people base.

Around eight or nine o’clock, when the farm had been busy for a while and it was time to take a break, Ji Cha saved the data collected from various blocks into the computer and hadn’t even had time to do the comparison when someone suddenly called him outside.

He went downstairs and saw a capable staff member from his farm, Cheng Fang.

“Ji Cha, there’s trouble in the rice paddies. A group of people came and insisted on working. They even started hitting people and trampling on the rice seedlings,” Cheng Fang said.

Upon hearing that people were being beaten and the rice seedlings were being damaged, Ji Cha’s mind exploded. He immediately took out his electric scooter and hurried back with Cheng Fang.

“I’ll be back in a bit!” he said without looking back.

Liang Jincheng was talking to Grandma Ji in the kitchen when he heard the news. “Grandma, I’m going to check on Cha Cha,” he said, before chasing after them.

Ji Cha rushed all the way back on his scooter and stopped to jump off. He hadn’t walked two steps when he saw the rice paddies. A large patch of rice seedlings had been trampled, and three familiar workers had bruises on their faces and bodies. The attackers were sitting on the side, looking indifferent and pleased with themselves.

These were the kind of people who were used to being arrogant and thought no one could control them. They were prone to violence and wrongdoing, and they had no sense of restraint when they entered someone else’s territory. Instead, they believed that everyone in the world should respect them.

Ji Cha despised these people the most.

“Cheng Fang, go notify and ask the security department to send people over to arrest all those who beat people and damaged the rice paddies,” he said.

He pointed at those who were committing crimes and said bluntly.

“Earlier when you came to find me, I already sent Xiao Zhang over, people should be coming soon,” said Cheng Fang.

The original workers gathered around as soon as they saw Ji Cha, as if they had found their backbone.

“Boss Ji, they’re really arrogant. They said even the army can’t do anything to them.”

“Xiao Li, take the injured workers to the medical room for treatment, don’t let the wounds get infected,” Ji Cha comforted the injured workers, “You can take a paid leave today, I’ll arrange for other people to handle things here.”

The injured workers then left gratefully and at ease.

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“Boss Ji, we just came here to find a job to support our families. Why are you making things difficult for us?”

“Is this how you look for a job?” Ji Cha frowned, “Even bandits and robbers don’t act like this.”

“But there’s no other way. Why doesn’t Boss Ji hire us and instead give us some hard and low-paying work?”

“Who says that as soon as you enter the base, you can find an easy and lucrative job to do? No matter what others say, there’s no such rule here on my farm,” Ji Cha replied.

The troublemakers, however, seemed fearless and did not take Ji Cha’s words seriously.

“Either Boss Ji arranges work for us brothers, or we’ll stay here every day. What do you think?”

Ji Cha was amused by this and said, “Do you think this is my private farm?”

As he spoke, he heard voices approaching.

Zhao Tiankuo walked in with five or six soldiers, with a fierce look on his face. “Arrest him,” he ordered.

The soldiers immediately stepped forward to make the arrest, but they did not expect the courage to be so great that they would lay their hands on the soldiers in the base. Zhao Tiankuo was stunned for a moment, and then pulled out his gun and aimed it at the leader’s head.

“You’re asking for it!”

The man laughed and said, “Come on, shoot me in the head. Let’s see if you dare.”

This hit a sore spot for Zhao Tiankuo. There were indeed orders from above not to use excessive force against these people, and his behavior was immediately exposed as a show. He didn’t want to offend his superiors and ruin his own future, so he could only compromise.

Ji Cha widened his eyes in disbelief as Zhao Tiankuo slowly lowered his gun in the face of the other party’s smug expression.

However, unexpectedly, a gun suddenly appeared from nowhere and without hesitation, it was aimed at the man’s forehead and blew off half of his brain.

Ji Cha turned to look at Liang Jincheng, who had pressed his ear and was holding him in his arms, and saw his cold face and the gun still in his hand.

“He wouldn’t dare, but I would. Who else wants to try?” Liang Jincheng coldly scanned the room.


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