Chapter 74: Busy Farming in the Last Days

The girl leaned in close, and Ji Cha could clearly smell the faint scent of her perfume.

At a time like this, when there are people who have the luxury of time to put on makeup and perfume, it’s a testament to how well-off their lives are. But this girl had clearly been down on her luck before, to the point where Ji Cha had felt sorry for her.

Considering how she had just called out Cheng Feng’s name and her subtle attitude, and the fact that she was able to come and go from this place so freely, Ji Cha couldn’t help but think that her current identity was somewhat ambiguous.

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“Um,” Ji Cha’s waist was hugged by someone other than his boyfriend, making him feel very uncomfortable. “Can you hold onto the back shelf? I’m a bit ticklish.”

The girl didn’t give Ji Cha a hard time, she just chuckled lightly and let go, putting a little distance between them.

“To be honest, I’ve been meaning to thank you, but I haven’t had the chance. Today I happened to run into Boss Ji.” The girl said.

“It’s nothing, just something I did on a whim. I’m just glad you’re doing well now.” Ji Cha rode his electric scooter out of the heavily guarded apartment area, gradually heading towards an open area.

The girl’s voice was a little louder this time when she spoke. “When you thank someone, you should give them a thank-you gift. I don’t have anything good to offer, so I’ll just say a few words.” She leaned in close to Ji Cha again, her cheek pressed against his back. “Don’t get too close to Cheng Feng, and if there are things that can be done by other people in the army, ask them to do it instead. Cheng Feng is not a good person, he’s ruthless.”

Ji Cha was stunned. He hadn’t expected the girl to say something like this to him.

Cheng Feng…? While he knew that some of the people in power weren’t purely kind-hearted, he never immediately labeled others as bad. He didn’t expect the girl to be so straightforward.

Seeing that Ji Cha was silent, the girl knew he had doubts in his heart, so she continued, “You have to send a lot of things to Cheng Feng, right? All kinds of meat, all ostensibly for him to eat alone.”

Ji Cha let out a low “hmm”.

The girl lightly scratched Ji Cha’s back with her fingertips and said, “Do you know that Cheng Feng only eats vegetarian food?”

“Then why he wants so many chickens from me in a week then?!” Ji Cha almost hit the brakes.

The girl patted him on the back and said briskly, “Okay, I’ve said enough. Consider it a thank-you gift. Just drop me off at your factory gate later, and I’ll walk the rest of the way myself.”

“Okay.” Ji Cha was still digesting the information the girl had given him, and his response was a little uncertain. If the meat wasn’t for Cheng Feng, then who was it for? While the other superiors also received a certain proportion of meat, only Cheng Feng had special requirements. Ji Cha believed that Cheng Feng wouldn’t ask for meat on behalf of someone else, even if meat was indeed a scarce resource at the moment.

Many dirty secrets from before the apocalypse would become even darker and more unmentionable afterwards. Ji Cha’s fingertips holding the handlebars suddenly felt cold, and he felt uneasy.

Lost in thought, he rode his bike to the factory gate without noticing the SUV parked there, which belonged to Liang Jincheng. After completing his mission, Liang Jincheng rushed back without rest, and drove directly to his home after entering the base. As he was about to call out to Ji Cha, he saw a girl sitting on the back seat of Ji Cha’s electric scooter with her eyes closed, leaning against Ji Cha’s back.

He felt something stirred in his heart. He couldn’t describe what he was feeling.

“I’m leaving now.” The girl jumped off Ji Cha’s scooter without looking back.

Ji Cha turned his scooter around to go inside, but then he noticed that Liang Jincheng’s car was parked at the entrance.

Without thinking about anything else, Ji Cha jumped off his scooter in excitement, almost tripping himself.

Liang Jincheng also got out of his car and walked towards Ji Cha.

“You’re finally back!” Ji Cha couldn’t think about anything else, all the anxiety he had been feeling these past few days flooded over him. He grabbed Liang Jincheng’s sleeve and examined him from head to toe.

“Um.” Liang Jincheng’s expression was a bit unhappy, but he restrained himself and quickly brushed his fingertips over Ji Cha’s cheek. “Shall we talk inside?”

Ji Cha nodded, and the two of them hurriedly walked towards the door, almost running upstairs without looking back, straight to Ji Cha’s room.

As soon as they entered the room, before even locking the door, Ji Cha was lifted by Liang Jincheng and pressed onto the bed.

“My shoes, I haven’t taken them off yet!” Ji Cha hadn’t finished speaking when Liang Jincheng’s hands had already slipped under his clothes.

“Fuck, now there’s this kind of remote grabbing operation, um!” Ji Cha didn’t even have time to marvel at Liang Jincheng’s abilities, as Liang Jincheng had already sucked on his lips, then his tongue swept in and ravaged his mouth, leaving Ji Cha gasping for breath.

Liang Jincheng didn’t need to ask who the girl on the back seat of Ji Cha’s scooter was. He remembered her, and he knew more about what was going on with Cheng Feng. When he heard that Ji Cha had gone to Cheng Feng’s place, he was a little anxious, but after a little investigation, he found out that the girl was brought back by Ji Cha from Cheng Feng’s place.

But knowing Ji Cha’s character was one thing, and caring about this kind of thing was another.

In the end, Liang Jincheng did thoroughly ravage Ji Cha once, but seeing Ji Cha pitifully unaware of what had happened afterwards, he felt a little sorry for him. So he held him in his arms and just talked to him for a while, not doing anything else.

“Will you have to go out for such a long time like this frequently in the future?” Ji Cha was feeling sleepy.

Liang Jincheng answered with Ji Cha’s head pressed against his bare chest, “No, I will delegate many tasks to the people below me in the future. Most of the time, I won’t need to go out. There are many things to deal with in the base.”

“That’s great.” Ji Cha finally fell asleep after saying this.

There were indeed many things for Liang Jincheng to deal with in the base, such as discovering new ability users, managing and training their abilities. All the ability users in the army were under Liang Jincheng’s management. With their ability to defeat ten enemies alone, Liang Jincheng had hundreds of elite soldiers under his command. In the past, this level of power might not have been significant, but in a base with tens of thousands of people, it was enough to make him a hidden threat in other people’s minds. Moreover, the ability users, who were originally soldiers, now only believed in Liang Jincheng’s leadership.

The conflict between Liang Jincheng and Cheng Feng would eventually escalate and become a problem that must be solved. The cost of solving this problem could be significant or small, but the only prerequisite for Liang Jincheng was that Ji Cha could stay out of it.


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