Ch 58 (Part 2): TGCIR

It’s terrible!

Video chat is ruining me!

How can I keep my status as mother with this in my head!

Although she really wanted to see him as “cub,” seeing his message and his face, she suddenly felt so embarrassed!

If “cub” called her “Master” with that face…

Shen Cheng’s face turned red at the thought of “cub” calling her “Master.” She couldn’t think any further and patted herself before calming down. The instant noodles on the table were already cooked, so she opened the lid and started eating, keeping the game screen in front of her and watching the little people in the base gather for a meeting.

Since the auction incident, Tenglong Base had been constantly updating. Li Weilan remembered it very clearly. They had noticed the zombie tide heading towards Tenglong Base on their way there.

However, the Tenglong Base is not a small base either. It has been able to stand in the apocalypse for so long because it has its own set of defense systems and security measures that keep it from falling. This time, its downfall may not only be because of the change of power within Tenglong. According to Li Weilan’s speculation, there should be other reasons.

For a long time, humans were able to withstand the attacks of millions of zombies because the zombies were only blindly attacking humans. But in the past year, not only humans but also zombies have shown clear signs of evolution. They have become faster, more agile, and seem to have begun to use simple tools.

Therefore, the fall of Tenglong Base is likely to sound an alarm for all other bases, as it is the only major base to have fallen in the past month. Of course, as fellow humans, they hope that this will be the last.

The main character entered the meeting room and calmed down a bit. Curious, she clicked on the icon for “Tenglong Base” and was surprised to find a row of hidden small characters above the base image:

[Accepting refugees from Tenglong Base unlocks the ‘Fall of Tenglong Base’ cutscene. Prerequisites not met.]

Shen Cheng furrowed her brows slightly. She didn’t know how detailed this so-called “cutscene” was and how much benefit it would bring to the upcoming zombie siege and Noah Base in a month. As for the evacuees, if it was suitable for Noah’s own development, Li Weilan and his team would accept them, right?

The conference room inside the base has been closed with the sign “In a meeting” on the door. It wasn’t until Shen Cheng finished her instant noodles that the meeting was over. The game then updated with a task prompt:

[Long-term task for this month: Please help Noah Base complete the preliminary preparations for the zombie siege.

Recruiting (ability users): 0/200

Food preparation: 200 people’s rations * 90

Uniforms: 0/200

Weapons (sets): 0/200]

“!!!” This task seems a bit too demanding.

Shen Cheng took another look and found out that in the short time they had the meeting, the little ones in the base had actually created a super-complete point exchange system. This system not only regulated the behavior of all ability users and ordinary people, but also established a very detailed standard for how to exchange benefits, food, and weapons in the base.

With this system in place, the subsequent operation of the base can be stably maintained.

Shen Cheng thought for a moment and clicked on the satisfaction sections for “Food” and “Clothing” of the little people in the base. She found that their satisfaction with these two items was relatively low.

Although it was already good that all the little people said they could eat their fill, the food in the base is currently relatively simple. It seems that it is necessary to increase the variety of food in the base, improve the taste, and make clothes.

There were a lot of little people in the tent area above the base that were still marked as “To be determined”. Shen Cheng tried to drag a yellow-green little person, but found that she had to drag the whole family at once.

This game is actually quite interesting. Shen Cheng clicked on each little person and found that each one has their own background story. If you only drag one person into the base, they may struggle and cry towards their family members, completely unlike other games that set all characters as single.

Shen Cheng is a soft-hearted person. Basically, if she sees that the whole family is coming together and the friendly level of one or two people towards the base is similar, she will choose to allow the family to enter at once. This operation can turn those, who brought their families, from yellow to green, especially those who brought their whole family.

But at the same time, Shen Cheng also discovered a sigh-inducing fact: even so, there were very few elderly and children waiting in the base, and most of the elderly and children who could reach here had an ability user relative. The rest…may not survive.

Among the elderly, almost no one has developed an ability. The end of the world is not only a disaster for civilization, but also for families.


Qi Hang nervously and excitedly stood with his wife and elderly father at the steel gate of the Noah Base, and he didn’t expect them to be the first to be let into the Noah Base.

In his bag was a large kitchen knife, and behind him, the handcart carried all their remaining belongings.

The kitchen knife had already begun to dull from chopping zombies on the way, but it was the only mark he left before the end of the world. Qi Hang was not willing to throw it away, so it was still in his bag.

As soon as the gate opened, a white mist rushed towards him, and the sound of “sizzle” kept ringing in his ears. Qi Hang’s heart tightened: What’s going on? Ambush? Anesthesia? Explosion?

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Could this base actually be a robber base where people kill and steal things?

He was just about to resist, when he heard a mechanical voice in his ear: “Disinfection complete. Identity check complete. Clear. You may enter.”

Then there was a “drip”, and the inner door opened.

Qi Hang finally breathed a sigh of relief and felt that his wife’s hand was also icy. He squeezed her hand and stepped into the interior of the base.

As soon as he entered the base, he opened his mouth wide: he had originally prepared himself to enter a dark and damp underground world, but the interior of this base was clean and tidy, with only a cold metallic atmosphere, and no feeling of darkness that he had in basements before the end of the world. The lights inside the base were bright, and the people coming and going all had a hopeful light that only existed before the end of the world. Qi Hang had not even seen this kind of hope in some of the larger bases he had visited.

“You guys are new here, right?” greeted a young man, who looked at Qi Hang’s family and said, “The base only has a large dormitory for now, but can we arrange you in one room?”

As he quickly arranged accommodations and food, he asked, “Do you have any special skills?”

“…,” Qi Hang hesitated for a moment, unsure if the other person would laugh at what he was about to say, but he still spoke up, “I have a mutated sense of taste. Before the apocalypse, I was a chef.”

This ability was completely ignored in most large bases, and some people even mocked him for having such a useless ability. However, the words fell into the young man’s ears and he instantly became excited, “A chef?” he exclaimed, “Come with me!”

The young man brought Qi Hang to the base’s kitchen, where he saw kitchen utensils, spices, fresh black fish, and rice noodles. Qi Hang widened his eyes and took a deep breath. He couldn’t help but swallow his saliva as he walked up to the cutting board in shock. He noticed some leftover dishes from lunch, picked them up, sniffed them lightly, and couldn’t help but furrow his brow, “This is what you guys ate before?” The cooking was terrible, the seasoning didn’t penetrate the ingredients, and the knife skills were subpar. What a waste of good ingredients that the base could or could not have seen after the apocalypse!

The young man nodded like a chick pecking rice, “Why don’t you try making dinner first? Our base chefs have high contribution points…”

When Qi Hang heard the word “contribution points,” he immediately nodded.

On that day, everyone in the base had a meal made by the head chef, and the base’s population slowly began to increase.


Shen Cheng logged off the game and thought back to the video call with her cub. She felt like something wasn’t quite right.

Oh, right!

She remembered what was wrong!

Her cub’s face was so handsome that if it was played by a real person, he could be a celebrity!

Every expression was so real, every emotion vividly portrayed. He looked so real, but if he was a real person, how could he not be famous? How could he have never been mentioned before?

This just didn’t make any sense!

And then there were the other people she had met at the base. Even though Fu Yanzhou was introverted, he was still a handsome guy. Xi Bei was a sweet little girl, while Yan Hongyu was an icy cold beauty. With the current technology in the world, it’s still impossible to create so many people with such different styles and such lifelike details, right? Or could it be that this game, like Detroit: Become Human, used real people for motion capture and then imported them into the game? Even the voice acting was designed in advance by AI using trigger words?

Making such a game… wouldn’t the game company go bankrupt?

Shen Cheng couldn’t help but feel scared when she thought about it. She opened Baidu and started searching for the game called “The Last Survivor.” She remembered finding a lot of reviews about the game the last time she searched, and this time, she added “real-life role-playing” to her search. She found some videos of game company actors introducing themselves, and in one of the videos, she saw a screenshot of a person who looked almost identical to Li Weilan sitting on stage with a microphone.

Ah, so it really was played by a real person!

Shen Cheng finally breathed a sigh of relief and gently lowered her shoulders. It was only then that she realized that her heart had been beating abnormally fast since she opened the webpage.

What a silly idea.

That kind of thing is impossible. If he was a real person, then their interactions would become a more advanced version of a life-simulation game, right? If she thought about it carefully, the game’s worldview would collapse.

This is how it should be…

Shen Cheng didn’t realize that, in addition to feeling relieved, there was also a faint sense of disappointment in her heart, although she didn’t know what exactly she was disappointed about.

She closed the webpage and let out a sigh: “Okay, just focus on raising the cub. Don’t pay attention to the real-life role-playing actor.”

The most important thing was just her cub in the game.


Sandy: Damn manipulative game. They even created fake search results and stuff

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