Ch 58 (Part 1): TGCIR

Shen Cheng propped her chin with her hands, lost in thought for a moment.

After about half a minute, she finally made up her mind. But before clicking “Agree”, Shen Cheng first adjusted her hair and pulled down her nightgown collar a bit. She wasn’t wearing a bra, but it didn’t matter since the other side wouldn’t be able to see it anyway. Plus, realistically, the phone screen could only show her face and upper chest.

Shen Cheng rubbed her face shyly, trying to snap out of it. “Hey, idiot, wake up! Why do you feel so shy as if you’re meeting someone online?”

It’s not like it’s a real video call! He’s just an AI, and one that you raised at that. How can you show such a feminine side to your cub?

If it were a real face-to-face meeting with her cub, she should be assertive and show her maternal side!

As Shen Cheng thought about this, she suddenly felt a bit more strength in her hand, which she had just wanted to pull back in fear.

She was afraid that this “video call” had a time limit, so she quickly adjusted her clothes and finally clicked “yes”.

Li Weilan’s eyes widened in that moment.

She clicked “yes”!

He suppressed his excitement and smiled slightly at the camera. “Cheng Cheng, good evening.”

It was already night on her side, and the room was dimly lit. On her desk was a box of instant noodles with a Kindle on top, probably waiting for the noodles to cook.

Life was so simple, with bare walls and a room that didn’t look like a girl’s. The more Li Weilan looked at it, the more heartbroken he felt. He thought for a moment… both he and the base were like blood-sucking parasites clinging to her.

She should use her money to buy herself some good food and clothes. At her age, young girls should be happy talking about cosmetics and buying new clothes, shouldn’t they?

She shouldn’t be accompanied by game characters…

While despising his own desire to keep her from leaving, Li Weilan couldn’t help but feel heartbroken for her.

His mentality was so contradictory, but in Shen Cheng’s eyes, the person on the other side of the video was a handsome, manly mature man with every feature that hit her G-spot. His gaze was focused on her face, as if she were the most precious treasure in the world. He was dressed in a simple uniform that was clean and tidy, but the lines of his muscular body were flowing and complete, revealing broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and long legs.

Her face turned red, and even though she was looking at a game character, she couldn’t help but feel that… how could something similar to a real person be so real? With today’s technology, can simulations be so accurate? Her breath caught in her throat, and she didn’t even dare to look up at his expression, so she missed the surprise and amusement that flashed through his eyes. “Ah… it seems that his drawing style is not childish today.”

Li Weilan looked at his own uniform, slightly adjusting his posture, trying to make his waist more upright and his back straighter. However, seeing her somewhat stiff gaze and the faint blush on her cheeks, Li Weilan felt a growing sense of joy in his heart: She’s satisfied, that’s great!

It took Shen Cheng a while to control her pounding heart, but she still couldn’t look directly into his deep and charming eyes. She only whispered, “Good evening, Li Weilan.” Oh no! This game is too much, even if he wants to seduce me to keep playing, he doesn’t need to suddenly turn from a cartoon into a real person!

He’s really handsome, but… she doesn’t even dare to look him in the eye! Why does she feel like there are stars in his eyes?

Even the corners of his mouth, which vaguely revealed a small dimple, seemed to be holding back a smile that could make one’s heart race.

Li Weilan could hear the difference in her tone from usual.

He sensed her shyness, and suddenly felt much better: after all, she had realized that he was also a mature man, even if only in the game, which was better than her always treating him like a child, right?

If she continued to treat him like a child, he would eventually leave, because a child could not always be with her.

As for what he wanted to become to her… Li Weilan had not yet thought it through.

Maybe… an online friend from a different world?

That was probably the best ending he could think of right now.

Li Weilan smiled and steered the conversation towards the base: “Everyone in the base is very grateful to you.”

“Ah…” Shen Cheng always felt breathless when she looked at his face. His earnest gaze, like a blazing fire, followed her closely, and could easily make her face blush. Fortunately, he let her off and switched the topic to the base. She was like someone who had just drunk alcohol, a little dazed, and was only brought back to reality by his words. She smiled shyly, “I didn’t do anything.”

“No, you gave them a future,” Li Weilan said softly. “Without you, many people would have already given up. In this world, ordinary people live too difficultly.”

“Mmm.” Shen Cheng empathized with this, and nodded, “We have to work hard. There are still so many wanderers in the wasteland,” she thought of the people still being screened by the base and trying to get in, “If we can be the hope for the future, Noah might become something someday.”

Li Weilan chuckled softly. She’s so gentle.

That is something he never thought about.

All he wanted was revenge, and at first, the most he wanted was to die with his enemies, destroy all the research institutes and Dawn light , and destroy those things that harmed people.

However, when she spoke those words, when she spoke those seemingly childish dreams, he never thought that he would not follow her wishes.

If she wanted, he also hoped that he could become a person like her one day.

“We are already hoping now.” Li Weilan’s deep eyes followed her face closely, carefully choosing his words. Every time he spoke, he reminded himself that he was just an “AI” and should not say anything inappropriate or do anything that might scare her. “Shall I show you around the base?”

Shen Cheng nodded involuntarily.

Li Weilan took her for a walk around the base, and Shen Cheng saw all the base members who had previously been just paper figures to her.

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Yan Hongyu was a cool and elegant lady, Xi Bei was a soft little girl, Xi Nan was basically a standard sister control, a small follower running back and forth with his younger sister. Fu Yanzhou was extremely social phobic and basically liked to stay in the lab and not come out. Through the white walls, one could see his handsome but pale profile. Su Yun, who had just evolved, was a pretty woman, but there seemed to be something hidden in her gentle and watery eyes. And there was Quan Quan, sleeping under the fish pond, with water ripples vibrating back and forth, but the little fish swimming happily by its side.

No matter who it was, their attitude towards Li Weilan was respectful and admiring. Li Weilan took her for a walk and sighed lightly, “This base is yours. It will always be yours. We’ll wait for the day you come back.” Even if that day never comes.

“… ” Shen Cheng felt as if her heart had been pinched by someone, a bit of twisting and soreness.

“Shen Cheng, ” Li Weilan looked at her and suddenly smiled slightly, “we are going to be okay. You need to take care of yourself first, okay?”

“… ” Shen Cheng hesitated for a moment, “I have been taking good care of myself.”

“Your face looks very pale.”

You seem very tired.

If it weren’t for my selfishness, I would even tell you not to play games anymore.

Li Weilan held back these words in his heart and carefully said to her, “Please take care of yourself, okay? We don’t need to develop so quickly…”

Before he could finish, an alarm bell rang in the base with a “didi didi” sound. Shen Cheng looked at his phone, and although it was originally a serious matter, she couldn’t help but burst out laughing: official backlash is the most deadly!

He wanted her to spend less money, take good care of herself, and she understood!

She understood his meaning and would really spend less money from now on!

But when it’s time to spend, she still needs to spend! But she will really take care of her life first…this is the gentle reminder from him.

[The Tenglong Base has been destroyed.]

[The next wave of zombies will arrive in one month. Countdown begins now. Please prepare the Noah Base.]

Not only did this message appear on Shen Cheng’s phone, but the main control room of the Noah Base also played this announcement and countdown simultaneously. Even other base members who had no idea where this information and mechanism came from heard this broadcast almost at the same time from their respective positions.

The base suddenly exploded.

Li Weilan heard the noise outside and had to interrupt the plan to continue chatting with her. But fortunately, the message that he really wanted to convey, which was to prioritize taking care of herself, had already been conveyed.

He wanted to say something else, but the signal suddenly fluctuated and the screen in front of him suddenly flashed. After the blue light screen shook for a while, it suddenly disappeared.

Li Weilan opened his mouth.

“This is good, no need to say goodbye to her.”

Goodbyes between two worlds may be permanent every time they happen.

He would rather not say it, so that he can keep a thought.

The appearance and disappearance of the screen were both sudden. Li Weilan did not think it was a prank or something that could be done by the technology on their planet, so he was no longer as panicked as he was at the beginning. He just softly said, “Looking forward to meeting you again.”

This message turned into a bubble appearing on Shen Cheng’s phone screen. But this time, even though “cub” had returned to being a small paper person, Shen Cheng still remembered his heroic and lean figure from the video chat, and could not see him as “cub” anymore!


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