Ch 43: TGCIR

Originally, Li Weilan didn’t plan to spend the night outside. They only took about 18 hours from Noah to Tenglong. But on the way back from the Tenglong base, due to the children, they had to slow down to some extent, and for some reason, the road they took back seemed unfamiliar and off track.

It seemed like they had to spend the night in this villa area.

The night in the villa area was particularly quiet.

Every building looked pitch black from the outside, as if the entire villa area was uninhabited at first glance.

Everyone knew that this was impossible.

Small villa communities like this one by the highway were actually very popular end-of-the-world bases. Once the iron gate was closed and the zombies inside were cleared out, each villa could accommodate at least ten or twenty people.

Mutual defense and patrol were common practices in small gatherings like this in the end-of-the-world.

But this villa area was eerily quiet. Li Weilan wasn’t afraid himself, but Chen Feng protected the children behind him, fearing that a crazy person would jump out from somewhere and harm the children.

Twenty children followed them silently from behind. Li Weilan walked quietly in the dark, and suddenly heard a small, tender voice from behind, “Shadow!”

He turned around abruptly and saw a girl named Xiao Ai in the team. She still had a look of panic on her face and whispered, “Just now, a dark shadow flashed by!”

It was silent in the darkness, as if nothing was there.

But Li Weilan knew that the girl was not lying because he also felt the energy wave just now. Whatever the shadow was in the darkness, it had been hunting them since they set foot in the villa area.

What should they do?

He hesitated for a moment, then looked at the beautiful Western-style villa in front of him, and kicked the door open with one foot!

With a loud bang, the door fell down.

The shadow inside was probably also startled. It didn’t expect that someone would choose to confront it head-on. With a roar, the monster crouching in the living room rushed straight towards Li Weilan!

With its roar, the people in front of it finally saw that all the animals that had emerged from those villas were actually pets from various families!

Crouching in the living room of this house was a large cat that was half the size of a tiger, with blood-red eyes. The claws on its paws were outstretched and were two to three meters long and as sharp as knives, obviously a mutant beast.

The one that ran past the girl just now was probably a mutant dog. Its body was as big as a lion, but at this moment, it looked nothing like the cute and obedient pet it used to be. It was full of ferocity and viciousness, obviously wanting to tear the group of people in front to shreds!

“Ah!” Xiao Ai trembled in fear, watching the mutant beasts slowly approaching them and slowly backing away.

Perhaps her fear intensified the momentum of these mutant beasts. Even in these times, mutant beasts knew that they had to pick on the weak ones. Seeing Li Weilan’s appearance and the knife in his hand, the leading giant cat turned its eyes and immediately let out a roar, signaling its subordinates to attack the children!

The first one to pounce was a huge mutant dog.

This dog was covered in scars, with one eye blind and looking like an old injury. Even just a glance at it was terrifying enough to scare children.

Xiao Ai looked at the dog’s blind eye and its wide-open mouth drooling with blood. She was so scared that she fell to the ground and cried out “wahhhh”. The six-year-old girl had already lived in the apocalypse for a year, but had never faced such a terrifying monster before.

She even forgot that she was holding a mechanical doll in her hand: the life-saving mechanical doll fell to the ground when she crawled backwards with both hands and feet, and its cold mechanical eyes flickered, but without waiting for the owner’s command, it finally had to reluctantly shut down.

“Xiao Ai!” The boy, who was a little older than her and had been taking care of her, looked at the dog chasing after her like a cat playing with a mouse. He chased after Xiao Ai while Li Weilan and Chen Feng who were leading the team had already started fighting with several sharp-toothed and sharp-clawed big cats and couldn’t spare any attention to this side. Suddenly, the boy remembered something, threw his doll and shouted, “Pikachu, activate!”

This was a signal he came up with himself.

The original signal only needed the two words “activate”.

In the moment when the boy’s crisp childish voice dissipated in the wind, the doll on the ground suddenly stood up, and a red dot appeared in its eyes. With a loud bang, the red light in its eyes punched a huge hole in the dog’s body.

The dog yelped in pain, and its companions, who had seemed to be watching the show, rushed over. In the night, only pairs of eerie green eyes could be seen flashing in the darkness.

The children were surrounded in the middle, and the dog only yelped impatiently and scratched the ground, ready to pounce again.

But when the children saw the boy’s action, they all remembered their own toy robots.

There were twenty children in total, and nineteen of them had protective toys.

They all shouted “activate”, and the loyal “child protection toys” grew as soon as the wind blew, tightly protecting the children.

The big dogs repeatedly pounced, leaving only rusty marks on the robots at most–their saliva had a corrosive effect, and if it splashed on human skin, it would naturally cause wounds. But blocked by the robots, the children were unharmed.

Li Weilan, Chen Feng, and Xi Nan are facing a group of mutated cats, some as big as small tigers. Compared to dogs that act as a group, cats are much more agile in their movements. Sun Yifei, an earth-based ability user among adults, is surrounded by them. Although he is also an ability user, his ability is more inclined towards construction, planning, and assistance, so his combat effectiveness is basically like that of a burden.

Fortunately, the cats are not organized among themselves, and their fighting is not coordinated. Therefore, Li Weilan easily blocks their attacks while observing the situation on the children’s side. Seeing that the reinforced robots protect the children in the middle, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Li Weilan glanced at Chen Feng, who was already anxious, and whispered, “Do you think you can protect them forever? Children who grew up in the apocalypse will have to face these things someday.”

It’s not that they can’t save them, but if these children can’t even use their equipment and abilities to protect themselves, then even if they arrive at Noah, they will only be a burden. The Noah Base is small and cannot afford to support these idle people. Li Weilan thinks that giving these children some exercise on the road is necessary.

At this moment, Chen Feng finally let out a long breath. Although the reasoning is there, he is the one who raised these children, so he is the one who worries the most.

In a flash, a giant cat seized on his hesitation and the coordination gap between him and Li Weilan. With a roar, it pounced on him. With a “shua la” sound, Chen Feng staggered backward, and the attack left a long bloody scar on his back, tearing his clothes apart. The giant cat’s green eyes flashed with a cunning and triumphant light, and it shook its tail to leave another bloody mark on Chen Feng’s face.

Chen Feng groaned in pain, “What kind of cat is this? Even if it’s a tiger before the apocalypse, it’s impossible to directly hit me with its tail like this! I almost got a concussion!”

His head was buzzing, and under this tremendous force, he couldn’t even crawl up.

At this moment, a gap appeared in the formation formed by the three adults on the periphery. Li Weilan looked at the big cat that pounced over, and without holding back, a flash of spatial cutting light appeared. The tail of the giant cat fell off, along with a burst of blood mist.

His spatial cutting was an advanced spatial distortion ability. In the instant it was activated, it could cut open the space crack. The cut opening was neat and tidy. Before the giant cat could react, its tail had disappeared.

The severe pain of having its tail cut off, coupled with the anger that made its butt feel cold, made the giant cat lose the calmness it had before it attacked sneakily. Its whole body was covered in fur, its tailless butt lowered, and it stared at Li Weilan with resentment, roaring and pouncing crazily towards him.

Li Weilan was well prepared for this.

He stretched out his hands, and Thunder ignited a bright light as bright as day, hitting the giant cat at close range and making the sound of its fur being electrified.

The giant cat fell silent and collapsed. Obviously, it was the head of this group of mutated cats. Now that it had fallen, the other few beside it shrank back in fear and didn’t dare to come forward.

“Stop, stop, stop! You guys stop!” Suddenly, a woman’s scream came from the second floor of the villa. The sound of slippers going “thump, thump, thump” down the stairs could be heard. A woman in a white nightgown, clean and fair, ran downstairs. She ran to the big cat that was burnt by the electricity, wanting to reach out but didn’t dare. When she lifted her head, her long black hair revealed a beautiful face like a flower.

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Even Shen Cheng, who had been watching the plot with great interest, made a light “hmm” sound: the Q version even more highlighted the girl’s beauty. She could still be so beautiful in the apocalypse. Could it be that this girl is my cub’s official partner?

Thinking of this, Shen Cheng, for some reason, felt a little uncomfortable. She furrowed her brows slightly, but when she looked at her cub’s face which was still indifferent. Even the hand holding Thunder seemed to have no fluctuations.

He said coldly, “Are these monsters that you raised?”

The woman glared at him angrily. In the darkness, facing a group of men, she leaned her body lightly into the burnt fur of the giant cat.

Her tears fell one by one, and Chen Feng and Xi Nan were shocked to find that the burnt fur of the giant cat was gradually recovering where her tears flowed!

They looked at each other and saw the surprise in each other’s eyes.

This woman… is the rarest and most precious healing ability in the end times!

Commonly known as a nurse!

And it seems that these giant beasts also listen to her, this woman can heal herself, and she also raised such a group of mutant beasts, she must be able to live comfortably in this world!

No wonder there is no one in this villa area, perhaps only this woman lives in this villa area!

The cat under the woman’s hand made a weak moan, as if it realized that its owner could support it. The giant cat, which was already listless, howled twice, apparently in a complaining manner.

Li Weilan’s expression had become impatient.

The woman with teary eyes looked over and said, “Why hurt my tiger? You were the ones who broke into our home, and Tiger was just protecting me!”

“…” They felt that something was not logical.

But what she said seemed to make sense.

Xi Nan and Chen Feng simultaneously had this thought: What’s wrong?

They couldn’t figure it out.


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