Ch 42: TGCIR

Unlocking the 【Scientific Laboratory (Basic)】 requires 100G. First, Shen Cheng bought the laboratory and then tried to drag Fu Yanzhou as the head of the laboratory.

Something strange happened.

Every time she dragged the character to the laboratory door, the character always shook their head to refuse, and then the game popped up a message “conditions not met,” and Fu Yanzhou returned to his original position in the tent.

“???” This is the first time Shen Cheng has encountered such a situation.

Since driving away the rebels outside, the reputation of the Noah base has reached “slightly famous.” After the plot of the Tenglong base, the reputation even reached “somewhat famous.” Shen Cheng originally thought that since this “prospective leader” was green and friendly, she could just pull him in for scientific research. Who knew that he would refuse?

Is the friendliness value deceiving me?

Shen Cheng pouted and, in consideration of the green and friendly mark on his head, added “Fu Yanzhou” to the base’s temporary staff list.

In the Noah base, the system broadcasted once again.

“Please go to the tent area to connect: Fu Yanzhou.”

As soon as Yan Hongyu went to the tent area to pick up the person, she was surrounded. The people who were still here were all very eager to stay in the Noah base for a long time. Finally, a woman came out—she looked like she was someone in charge, and those who wanted to go in eagerly stared at her.

Yan Hongyu looked around and randomly grabbed someone and asked, “Where is Fu Yanzhou?”

“Fu Yanzhou?” The woman hesitated for a moment and hesitantly said to Yan Hongyu, “Are you here to pick up Fu Yanzhou to go to the base?”

Yan Hongyu’s face turned slightly cold, and she frowned: “This is not your concern.”

“But… Fu Yanzhou…” The woman frowned and hesitated for a moment, seeing Yan Hongyu’s face turn black, and then said, “Okay, I’ll take you there.”

The woman led Yan Hongyu to a tent area. The area was surprisingly clean and didn’t even look like it was inhabited by men.

Yan Hongyu lifted the curtain and walked in.

The first thing that hit her nose was the faint fragrance of cedar and cypress, mixed together like the breath of melting snow.

Since the arrival of the apocalypse, Yan Hongyu had never smelled this refreshing scent on any man, which made her first stunned, then raised the tent curtain high. The light filtered in through the tent door, causing the man who was half asleep and half awake on the bed to squint his eyes and ask, “Hmm?”

Shen Cheng watched this scene on her phone, carefully examining Fu Yanzhou and the debuffs on his body. She couldn’t help but roll her eyes: “Well, the reason why the conditions are not met has been found.”

The deep red debuff hanging on Fu Yanzhou’s body was “malnutrition,” the second was “social anxiety and discomfort,” and the third was “extreme cleanliness.” How did such a picky man survive and crawl into the tent area in this era?

Shen Cheng dragged Yan Hongyu a little and asked her to keep a distance from the man standing at the door. On the screen, she could clearly see that as Yan Hongyu approached slightly, the “discomfort” on Fu Yanzhou’s body turned into “extreme discomfort,” and finally turned into “extreme desire to escape.” Anyway… to prevent the scientist from escaping and the technology tree from being locked down, Yan Hongyu should still talk to the expert from a little bit of a distance.

Yan Hongyu felt a faint pushing force and furrowed her brows slightly. She looked critically at the man who suddenly caught the attention of the big shot and called her out to meet him.

Fu Yanzhou slowly sat up from the bed.

His eyes were vaguely dark brown, his skin was as pale as snow, and his thin body almost showed the bones supporting it. The gleam in his eyes was deep, as if he could see through you at a glance.

He sluggishly sat up, rubbed his messy hair, and spoke slowly with a hint of exhaustion, “I don’t want to go anywhere…”

It sounded feeble.

Yan Hongyu’s first impression of him was: how did such a weak chicken manage to survive to this point without any strength? Although there were many people who became thin after the apocalypse, how could he maintain such an air of indifference?

She smiled sarcastically and said, “I don’t care what you want to do. The task I received is to bring you to the base.”

Yan Hongyu had no intention of talking to him any further. She immediately went to the door and called a few people, who then dismantled his bed with a few bangs and turned it into a stretcher to carry him away.

Fu Yanzhou had no intention of resisting: he was more likely too lazy to resist.

Even after being carried to the base and placed in the hall, where the passing girls gave him strange looks, Fu Yanzhou still had a tired expression on his face, looking utterly listless.

Yan Hongyue became more and more angry as she looked at him, while Shen Cheng found this little person quite amusing. Just as she was laughing at him for flipping over like a turtle on the bed, she saw a line of words appear above his head: “If there were fewer people, it would be better.”


Shen Cheng found this subplot somewhat interesting. Since this little person wanted peace and quiet… why not give him a separate room?

Shen Cheng found an empty room and carried Fu Yanzhou on a small stretcher all the way there, using her “flying” ability. Everyone in the base was stunned, thinking that this new boss had some special superpower. Fu Yanzhou himself lay comfortably on the stretcher, behaving like a broken jar that couldn’t care less.

When they arrived at the room, the little person looked around and another line of words appeared above his head: “The food cannot be too poor. No pig food.”

“???” Shen Cheng was helpless.

The food they were eating in the base was still the stuff brought back from Walmart, barely edible and far from delicious.

Even if Shen Cheng knew that this thin-skinned researcher, who could die at the touch of a finger, was possibly a big shot, she couldn’t provide much at the moment.

As for food and drink, they could only wait for Xi Bei to wake up and for the base to start hydroponic planting before they could even begin to talk about recipes.

But looking at Fu Yanzhou’s state was also heartbreaking. Comparing him to her own cub, she realized that her cub was so soft, obedient, and easy to take care of. How did this pampered one survive to Noah?

Never mind.

Shen Cheng hesitated for a moment, turned off the light in Fu Yanzhou’s room, and let him continue to sleep with his eyes closed.

The room fell into darkness.

Fu Yanzhou opened his eyes: if his feeling was not wrong, there was an unusual feeling of someone around him just now.

But now it’s gone.

Combined with the rumors of the Noah base and what he saw in the base, it seems that this base is really interesting.

It’s true that he couldn’t tolerate bad food, and he didn’t want to socialize with people, but when it comes to research… if he could live a comfortable life with enough food and clothing, he could consider it.

With this thought, Fu Yanzhou closed his eyes again: Sleep, sleep, maybe there will be food when he wakes up.


The next day, a box was delivered to Shen Cheng’s home.

Since the last lesson, her roommate has never touched her deliveries again, and this time was no exception.

Shen Cheng opened the small box and found that there was only a yellow fruit inside: to be honest, if you say the game company is really stingy, they could at least materialize something every day. But to materialize something… it was clearly an orange, but there was only one? Don’t fool me, in the game, one orange is about a pound!

After slowly unwrapping the newspaper on the outside and smelling the faint fragrance emanating from the inside, Shen Cheng couldn’t help but take a deep breath: it smells so good and sweet!

Really, it smelt so delicious!

That is a very pure scent that can only be found on freshly picked oranges from a tree in the field. It cannot be compared to any perfume.

The back of Shen Cheng’s throat involuntarily moved as she swallowed her saliva. When she picked up the orange, she felt that her previous doubts were a bit unwarranted. The appearance of this orange was too good!

She began to doubt again: is this game company really making games? Could it be that they are actually selling fruit under the guise of a game company?

She smelled the fragrance again and looked at the yellow and plump body of the fruit. The hesitation in her mind was completely defeated by the strong aroma. Shen Cheng hesitated for a moment before peeling the skin and putting the juicy flesh into her mouth.

After taking a bite, she felt that the taste was so good that if she could sell it, her fruit business would immediately go up to the next level!

At this moment, Shen Cheng didn’t think about manifesting any jade bars or other things. She believed that even if the game company gave her 20 yuan for some shoddy products, it would be good enough.

But when it came to fruit… When she thought about the taste of the orange that she had just tasted, Shen Cheng felt tempted. Even though she felt a bit guilty about taking away cub’s harvest, he probably wouldn’t mind, right?

Shen Cheng thought for a moment, finished the orange and wiped off the juice on her hands. She then went back to the game, checked the new arrival, Fu Yanzhou, who was lying lazily on the bed in the base, and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that his blood seemed to have thinned out a bit. She then went to see cub: “Hello, Li Weilan!”

When Li Weilan heard her energetic voice today, he didn’t notice that a slight smile had appeared on his lips.

“Hello, Cheng.”

The next second, a dizzying message hit him like a blow from her mouth: “The oranges we planted yesterday were super delicious. I was thinking… when we get back to the base, let’s give one to the new guy?”

“The new… guy?” Li Weilan almost doubted that his ears were playing tricks on him.

What new guy?

He slowly and stiffly turned his neck back– yesterday, they had planted an orange tree in their space, which only had two fruits on it, compared to the three on the apple tree next door. He had indeed suspected why the number wasn’t quite right.

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But he thought maybe she had eaten or taken them away. When he looked at the small gap on the tree, his heart only vaguely felt a bit of sweetness.

Now what was she saying?

Give it to the new guy?

Li Weilan fell silent.

After a while, he heard his own voice that had cooled down almost instantly: “My oranges…”

“I ate them, they were super sweet!” Her voice was smiling and seemed to have no idea that his words could have a double meaning.

Oh, she ate them.

Only then did Li Weilan feel a little relieved in his heart, but then he pressed down on his slightly upturned mouth– although she had eaten this batch of oranges herself, she said there were others in the base…

This matter still couldn’t be taken lightly.

“Has there been a new ability user in the base?” he asked gently, trying to probe.

“Yeah,” Shen Cheng said, “a particularly fragile scientist named Fu Yanzhou. Looks useless, like he could fall down just with a gust of wind.”

“… ” Although the tone was disdainful, it felt…sour.

Li Weilan took a deep breath and silently shut down.

It was at this moment that Chen Feng walked over. He didn’t notice Li Weilan’s gentle voice because he didn’t think there was anyone nearby.

His voice interrupted their conversation: “Brother Li, the road ahead is blocked.”

Upon hearing this, Li Weilan looked at the map.

Sure enough, the location where the road was supposed to be was marked as “obstacle, needs manual clearing.”

It was already late at night, and manual clearing…

Li Weilan looked at the row of 20 little radishes and frowned, “There is no other way. It’s not safe to clear it at night, so let’s wait until morning.”

“Okay, Brother Li.” Chen Feng also thought so. The adults were fine, but the children were tired. Although they hadn’t shouted or made any noise all the way, they were still well-behaved. However, considering their safety at night, it was best to stay overnight in an empty house.

In the misty white fog at night, there seemed to be a small villa on the outside of the road, which looked like a European-style building from a distance. There was also a small lake behind it, which used to be a scenic area for wealthy people to vacation.

They were going to find an empty house to stay in for the night and set off the next morning.


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