Chapter 46: Busy Farming in the Last Days

He is obviously a male god-level person, but why does his confession have to be so humble?

Ji Cha was not used to it, so he turned his head to avoid Liang Jincheng’s movement. “Why do you have to say it like that? It’s not that exaggerated…”

“I’m not exaggerating,” Liang Jincheng said, “I’m just expressing my true thoughts. I want to kiss you, hug you, and…”

He suddenly paused, and Ji Cha quickly turned his head back, full of doubts and very certain that the words hidden by Liang Jincheng were not good. But he couldn’t help his rapid heartbeat and felt that his whole body was being ignited by the heat from Liang Jincheng’s body.

“All of this is because I love you, and I’m willing to use my life to love you,” Liang Jincheng held Ji Cha’s hand, kissed the back of his hand, and said, “It’s okay if you don’t respond, as long as you let me stay by your side, I will be satisfied.”

Ji Cha’s fingertips trembled, but he didn’t withdraw his hand. Liang Jincheng’s humble stance made him feel a bit distressed and confused. He pursed his lips and whispered, “It’s not that, it’s not that…”

“What is it then?” Liang Jincheng looked at him encouragingly with a gentle expression.

But in the depths of his eyes, there was a hint of determination hidden by his excitement.

“It’s not that I don’t like you at all,” Ji Cha finally mustered up the courage to say the following words. His throat was so dry that he could perform acrobatics.

“Thank you,” Liang Jincheng sighed softly, trembling slightly. “I’m so happy.”

He had fantasized countless times that Ji Cha would one day say “like” to him. The sweetness that one could feel just from imagination was enough to make a person tremble. Now that it had finally come true, it had once again overturned all of Liang Jincheng’s senses and cognition. It was like the lowliest dust being touched by the hand of a god and blooming into a jewel in an instant, or like praying at the altar for a thousand years and finally getting a glimpse of a god.

“No, no need to be polite!” Ji Cha was a little stunned. He had never expected Liang Jincheng’s reaction to be so intense.

Liang Jincheng looked like he was about to faint at any moment, the veins on his arms bulging out. Ji Cha had no doubt that if Liang Jincheng blew a breath, he would break his own waist.

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“Can I kiss you again? Everything feels so unreal right now, I need to make sure,” Liang Jincheng suppressed the turmoil in his heart, his voice hoarse and several times lower than before.

How should Ji Cha answer this?! He was both confused and shy. He tried to move his body slightly to escape from Liang Jincheng’s restraint, but unexpectedly brushed against a strange sensation in a place he shouldn’t have touched.

It …. was amazing…

Ji Cha had some speculations in his heart, but he dared not be sure. Do normal people usually have such a size…? He glanced down and saw a shapeable bulge in Liang Jincheng’s sensitive area. Because of the height difference between the two, it was almost poking at Ji Cha’s belly button.

A scene like this had a greater impact on Ji Cha’s heart than ten thousand confessions. Did his senior, who was so out of reach, really open the hard mode so easily with a man like him?

This world is not only dreamlike but also dangerous. The taste of a male god is also so elusive.

“Can I say no?” Ji Cha tentatively asked in a small voice, afraid that if Liang Jincheng kissed him, he might be dragged to the pigsty and ravished on the spot…

“Of course, you can,” Liang Jincheng slowly let go of Ji Cha’s hand, excusing himself, “I lacked consideration. I should have given you some time to adapt instead of forcing myself onto you.”

“It’s not that serious…” Ji Cha cautiously said, slowly moving his body out of Liang Jincheng’s restraint, “Shall we go to the dining room and eat first?”

God knows that Liang Jincheng’s aura was already astonishingly strong when he had no supernatural ability, and he became even more like a different person after acquiring one. If he restrained himself, it was still manageable, but if he didn’t, it was like a beast attacking to devour people, making Ji Cha’s skin crawl with goosebumps.

He finally struggled free from Liang Jincheng’s restraint, but before he took two steps, Liang Jincheng grabbed his wrist and asked him with confirmation, “Would you like to be my boyfriend?”

Ji Cha swallowed his saliva. He felt that they had just confessed to each other. Although his own confession seemed like something he had to say to save his life, he knew deep down that he didn’t dislike Liang Jincheng at all. After being forcibly kissed by him several times, he had developed a liking for him. Therefore, it seemed natural for them to be together. On the other hand, he cautiously glanced at Liang Jincheng’s eyes, afraid that after he said no, he would still be dragged to the pigsty to fork hay a hundred times.

With such a handsome and powerful boyfriend in the apocalypse, what else could he ask for? Ji Cha encouraged himself in his heart and nodded vigorously, “Yes!”

After saying that, he felt two beautiful bubbles rising in his heart, and a smile appeared on his lips unconsciously.

In the dining room, everyone had already eaten half of their food. Grandmother kept craning her neck to look outside, “Why haven’t they come yet? Zhang Xing, did you tell them that dinner is ready when you saw them earlier?”

“I did,” Zhang Xing held his bowl, feeling guilty, and said vaguely with a mouthful of food, “They haven’t been home much today, probably taking advantage of the natural light outside to check out the farmland and breeding area.”

“After our fields are planted, we should go out and find some work. We can’t just eat our supplies and not contribute anything,” Wang Lixin scraped the bottom of his bowl, “When the people from the army came to get water today, I asked them. It seems that the treatment outside is not bad, there is no money but there is food.”

“It’s not like we need money now anyway,” Wang Qinxue agreed with Wang Lixin’s point of view, “I also wanted to go out and see what’s going on outside. It’s good to help out with construction. When Ji Cha comes back, we’ll ask him and sign up to go out with him.”

Zhang Qinqin also said, “I want to go help too, but Xiaochao can’t leave. I heard they are building a big wall outside to isolate the zombies. It’s still relatively peaceful here, but there are a lot of zombies outside. There’s no way to avoid them, it’s just a matter of time before they get here.”

Zhang Xing didn’t have the same ambition and courage as the others, “The people in the army are okay, and they have discipline now. But did you see the people who came to our door today? There were ferocious-looking ones and pitiful-looking ones. There is one thing they all have in common, and that is that they all have ulterior motives. They are like people who haven’t drunk water for three days and three nights when they see water, and they are so brave. I don’t want to deal with them.”

Li Xiuting agreed with Zhang Xing, “That’s right. It’s dangerous outside. When Ji Cha comes back, I’ll advise him not to go out.”

“Let him decide for himself. We don’t need to worry too much,” Grandmother said.

They were still discussing when Ji Cha and Liang Jincheng walked in.

“The food is getting cold. Why didn’t you eat first and then do something else?” Grandmother complained and stood up to help them get food.

“I won’t go out for now,” Ji Cha turned to glance at Liang Jincheng, then turned to his grandmother and said, “I want to make some tofu at home tomorrow if I have time. I’m not sure if I can make it, but I’ll give it a try.”

There are countless ways to eat soybeans, and soy products are the most diverse. Ji Cha had some ideas when he received the canned food and rice that the army provided for work today.

The workers cannot eat canned food forever, so it’s important to create more options under limited conditions.

He had seen the army’s supply trucks and knew that there was plenty of food stored in the granaries, enough for tens of thousands of people to eat for a few years. There was not only rice, but also plenty of beans, cornmeal, and flour.

Ji Cha’s plan was to discuss with the army and see if they could provide raw materials like soybeans, and have the factory provide manpower to process them, and then send them outside to distribute to everyone.

Of course, it wouldn’t be free, but there would be more options besides canned food.

This plan was not about being a saint or selfless. Ji Cha knew that there were less than ten people occupying their factory building now, and there were many pairs of eyes watching outside. He didn’t know how many of them were hostile. The army was fine now, but once rumors started spreading outside, they might not be able to withstand the pressure, and they might have to change the current state of the factory by force.

If he could increase the role of the factory beforehand and quietly make it part of the army’s logistics, it would be the most stable option.

At night, Ji Cha sat on the bed after taking a shower and used a towel to dry his hair. He hadn’t had a haircut in two months, and his originally short hair had grown long enough to cover his ears. He looked in the mirror and was about to take out the razors to cut his hair when someone knocked on the door.

He was lost in thought about making tofu and cutting his hair and didn’t think much about who might be outside the door. “Wait a minute, I’m coming.”

Ji Cha walked barefoot to the door and pulled it open from the inside. It was Liang Jincheng who was covered in steam at the door.


Thingyan: Hey, who said Cha Cha is dumb? He had the foresight that their factory would be in danger if they did not try to contribute to the base. Btw, I think he got the tofu idea when his own tofu was being eaten again and again lol


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