Chapter 45: Busy Farming in the Last Days

There is a saying that people always run into someone they don’t want to see when they’re at their weakest, and their mood is simply terrible at that time.

Ji Cha is feeling pretty much like that now.

Should he go up and say hello or pretend he didn’t see and just go home? Ji Cha imagined both scenarios and felt that either way he could end up being awkward to death.

“Have you been out all day today?” But Liang Jincheng didn’t seem to be thinking as much as Ji Cha, he immediately turned and walked up to Ji Cha, reaching out to take the small bag of rice in his hand. “I didn’t see you when I came home at noon.”

“Uh, I was working outside.” Ji Cha’s eyes couldn’t help but drift towards the girl, she had a great figure, it was simply the favorite type of straight men. “And who is this…?”

“I’m called Qin Shuang, you can call me Shuang Shuang. I just moved here with the army and will be living in the apartment over here in the future.” The goddess-like girl was very friendly, she came up and wanted to shake hands with Ji Cha.

Liang Jincheng raised his hand to block Qin Shuang’s hand, glanced at her and said, “No need to be so polite.”

Qin Shuang’s eyes sparkled, with a hint of a smile, slowly withdrew her hand.

Not even letting her shake hands? Ji Cha thought sourly in his heart, he felt that there was only one possibility, that Liang Jincheng kissing him the other day was just a moment of impulse, and he had regretted it long ago. Now that he saw the goddess-like girl here, Liang Jincheng’s sexuality became even straighter.

Ji Cha stared at Qin Shuang, his gaze quickly scanning from her head to toe, he and Qin Shuang are completely uncomparable!

Although this thought made Ji Cha feel very guilty.

“What’s your name?” Qin Shuang asked Ji Cha.

“My name is Ji Cha, I live here. You can come over and hang out when you’re free.” Regardless of what he thought, Ji Cha still had to be polite. He glanced at Liang Jincheng and noticed that Liang Jincheng’s gaze was fixed on Qin Shuang.

He was so angry.

“You go first. I will come find you tomorrow,” Liang Jincheng said to Qin Shuang. He hadn’t seen Ji Cha all day, and he was even less interested in dealing with Qin Shuang now.

Qin Shuang was also very sensible. She nodded and said, “Let’s meet at the usual place, on time.”

She waved goodbye to Ji Cha and said, “I’ll go first.”

When did they meet? They had already met today and were going to meet again tomorrow at the usual place on time. Could they have already started dating?

Ji Cha was so angry that he could hardly contain himself, but he still had to smile and wave goodbye to her. “Goodbye.”

Ji Cha was both angry and upset. He didn’t even bother with Liang Jincheng and quickly opened the door to the factory and walked in.

“Don’t go out tomorrow,” Liang Jincheng said. He had long legs and took one and a half steps for every one of Ji Cha’s, effortlessly keeping up with him. “It’s not safe outside right now. The military isn’t managing this place properly and can’t monitor it at all times to prevent accidents. I saw several conflicts outside today, and someone was even beaten to death.”

“Our place is quite safe, and we can get food while we work,” Ji Cha said, looking at the small bag of rice in Liang Jincheng’s hand. He didn’t really need this little bit of food, and he was already afraid when Liang Jincheng mentioned the safety issue. But now, he felt like he wanted to contradict Liang Jincheng’s words.

First, he kissed him out of nowhere, and then he turned around and brought a goddess-like girl here?

He was a complete scumbag.

Ji Cha was angry at Liang Jincheng and at himself. Why was he so cowardly that he couldn’t even ask why Liang Jincheng had kissed him that day?

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The living room was dimly lit, with a faint light coming through the crack in the curtains. Xiao Chao was sitting on a small stool by the door. When he saw them come back, he immediately stood up and ran inside, shouting, “Can eat now!”

Ji Cha paused and looked at Liang Jincheng with a frown. He was about to step up the stairs when his wrist was grabbed from behind.

“Are you angry?” Liang Jincheng forced Ji Cha to make eye contact, his gaze unreadable. “What are you angry about?”

“I’m not angry. You’re overthinking things,” Ji Cha forcefully pulled his wrist back. “I’m just really hungry right now, like I want to eat and then sleep.”

“It’s really not safe outside right now,” Liang Jincheng pulled Ji Cha to a corner by the wall, using his height advantage to trap him in his arms. He lowered his head and said, “There are still many people with abilities like me, and their intentions cannot be predicted. An accident could easily take your life.”

“I’ll be careful,” Ji Cha sniffled. “Besides…”

“Besides what? What are you trying to say?” Liang Jincheng asked.

“Never mind. You should go take care of your goddess instead of worrying about me,” Ji Cha said, feeling a pang of pain in his heart. He quickly raised his head, trying to hide his embarrassment. “If you think Qin Shuang is good, you can let her move in. You paid for half of this place anyway.”

Liang Jincheng remained silent for a while before laughing softly. He raised his right hand and touched Ji Cha’s face. “Are you angry because of Qin Shuang?”

Ji Cha suddenly felt pain in his foot, which was caused by standing for too long. If he had to say something, he just wanted to go back to his room and take a shower to get rid of the smell. But to Liang Jincheng, the smell on Ji Cha’s body wasn’t unpleasant at all. On the contrary, it amplified the scent that normally attracted him. He felt dizzy and his mind went blank.

Under the dim light outside, Ji Cha pursed his lips and lowered his head. His lips were red, and there was a barely noticeable blush on his cheeks. His eyes were half closed, as if he wanted to be kissed. Liang Jincheng grabbed Ji Cha’s shoulder and whispered encouragingly, “Tell me, are you angry because of Qin Shuang?”

Ji Cha was forced to feel a mix of anger and embarrassment. He raised his head to argue, “I’m not–“

But before he could finish his sentence, Liang Jincheng interrupted him with a sudden kiss. He was fierce and didn’t pause, taking advantage of Ji Cha’s opened mouth and tangled their tongues together.

“Ji Cha, Brother Liang!” Zhang Xing came to the corner and ordered the two to come in for dinner. His gaze drifted to the other side of the wall, and he almost slipped and fell on his butt. As far as he could see, Ji Cha was being pinned to the wall by Liang Jincheng, with one hand around his waist and the other holding the back of his head, in a very dominant posture, kissing Ji Cha. Although Ji Cha did not fully cooperate with his head raised, there was no resistance in his movements. His half-closed eyes showed confusion, but the blush on his cheeks seemed shy.

“Why am I always the one getting hurt?”

Zhang Xing was filled with grief and indignation, and he said, “I didn’t see anything, you guys keep kissing!” Then he turned and ran away. He thought to himself that he had been unlucky for eight lifetimes, and if Liang Jincheng thought he was intentional, he could slap him flat with one hand.

Last time, Zhang Xing’s arrival interrupted their kiss. Ji Cha thought Liang Jin would let go of him this time, but to his surprise, Liang Jincheng did not let Zhang Xing’s interruption stop him and became even more passionate.

After a while, when Ji Cha felt like his tongue was going to be sucked out, he finally gasped for breath and was released. Liang Jincheng continued to kiss down Ji Cha’s neck, all the way to his collarbone. It was only then that Ji Cha reacted, pushing Liang Jincheng away and stuttering, “Smelly, I… I don’t smell very good.”

He was covered in sweat, and his kiss was salty. He didn’t understand how Liang Jincheng could enjoy kissing him with his eyes closed and without any psychological barriers.

“Sweet,” Liang Jincheng held the hand that Ji Cha had pushed against him, and the breath between his nose and mouth was filled with Ji Cha’s scent, making him feel very satisfied.

After being kissed for no reason last time, Ji Cha could still timidly make excuses for Liang Jincheng, such as the darkness making it hard to distinguish between men and women, or Liang Jincheng accidentally bumping into him. However, this time he had no escape. Ji Cha hesitated and asked, “Why did you kiss me?”

Liang Jincheng did not give a direct answer but instead asked Ji Cha, “Do you hate me kissing you?”

How could he say he didn’t hate it? It felt good, and he wished the senior could kiss him again!

Ji Cha’s inner thoughts were going wild, but he refused to answer, “I asked you first. You answer first.”

Liang Jincheng pressed his forehead against Ji Cha’s and rubbed it gently. He said softly, “Because I love you, so I want to kiss you.”

Hey, he said it so gently, but Ji Cha saw a more aggressive intention in his eyes.

He never expected to receive a confession from Liang Jincheng at this time and in this place, so he was stunned. “I, I…”

“I Seem to be Bent” + “What Should I Do When a Male God Confesses to Me” + “108 Ways to Flirt” + “Damn, Why Am I a Mute?”

“Don’t worry,” Liang Jincheng turned his head slightly and kissed Ji Cha’s lips. “Don’t worry about not being able to give me the same level of affection. As long as you have a little bit of liking for me, it’s a great gift. I can’t ask for more.”


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        ”Don’t worry.” Liang Jincheng turned his head and kissed Ji Cha’s lips, “Don’t worry that you won’t give me the same love, as long as you like me a little bit, it’s a great gift, I can’t ask for it anymore More.”

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