Chapter 47: Busy Farming in the Last Days

“Do you have something to say…?” Ji Cha’s fingertips, which were propped on the door frame, suddenly tightened when faced with Liang Jincheng’s sudden change of character. He not only felt uncomfortable with it but also a little flustered.

He took half a step back, but the door handle he was holding onto didn’t budge a bit. Instead, it closed slightly tighter.

“Can I come in?” Liang Jincheng carried a refreshing scent of a bath on him. His hair was also longer than before the end of the world, soft and hanging down with water droplets. All of this made Liang Jincheng look harmless, and he seemed far from the imposing figure he was during the day.

“Can I say no?” Ji Cha hesitated, which showed on his face. After stammering for a while, he pulled the door back slightly and said, “You can.”

“Do you have something to tell me, or…?” Ji Cha asked.

“I want to talk to you before going to bed,” Liang Jincheng sat down on Ji Cha’s bed, with a very gentle smile on his face. But in Ji Cha’s eyes, it always felt gloomy. “Are you going to shave your head?”

He saw the razor on the table.

“Oh, yeah,” Ji Cha breathed a sigh of relief, picked up the razor, and said, “I think my hair’s a bit too long, so I want to shave it all off, just leave a buzz cut, it’ll be refreshing.”

“Like this?” Liang Jincheng pointed to the photo frame on Ji Cha’s desk. The photo inside was Ji Cha in middle school, and his hairstyle was indeed a buzz cut. “I’ll help you.”

He reached out to take the razor in Ji Cha’s hand. Their fingertips touched, and Ji Cha wanted to retract his hand, but Liang Jincheng took hold of it.

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“Well, I don’t know if this thing is useful or not,” Ji Cha spoke hastily, trying to find a topic. “If you want to shave, I can help you too…”

“Then let me help you first, and then you can help me,” Liang Jincheng held onto Ji Cha’s shoulders, pushing him to sit at the desk.

His fingertips passed through Ji Cha’s hair, which wasn’t completely dry yet, making Ji Cha shudder, as if someone blew air on his scalp, and his cheeks quickly turned slightly red.

It would be even weirder if the two of them remained completely silent in this atmosphere.

“What were you doing outside during the day today?” Ji Cha struggled to find a topic. “Are you going out tomorrow too?”

Liang Jincheng took a dry towel and gently wiped Ji Cha’s head. “Yes, I’m going out tomorrow. I found some people with abilities like me and plan to unite with them to form a team.”

“Is Qin Shuang an ability user too?” Liang Jincheng’s movements made Ji Cha feel drowsy.

“Yes,” Liang Jincheng said. “She is one of the ability users. So far, including me, I have found three ability users.”

“What’s her ability?” Ji Cha thought Qin Shuang’s ability should be exceptionally attractive. If he didn’t already have a little liking for Liang Jincheng, he would definitely be dazzled by Qin Shuang.

“She can influence people’s thoughts to a certain extent, even zombies, but her ability is not strong enough yet. Even other ability users can be immune to her ability,” Liang Jincheng said nonchalantly.

Although Liang Jincheng spoke lightly, Ji Cha still felt that it was remarkable.

“Amazing,” he exclaimed, then turned his head to look at Liang Jincheng, doubting in his heart, “Could it be that the emergence of abilities also depends on a person’s looks?”

It was too perfect and unfair, wasn’t it?

“Do you think she’s pretty?” Liang Jincheng’s hand paused.

He had always been wary because he knew that Ji Cha defined himself as a straight male. Even if he could be considered bisexual, the proportion of heterosexuality was much greater than that of homosexuality.

“I think she’s very pretty…” Compared to his own looks, Qin Shuang’s looks were a nine out of ten, Ji Cha thought he was at most passing.

Although he felt jealous, Ji Cha believed that honesty was the best policy.

Liang Jincheng threw down the towel in his hand, supported the back of the swivel chair with one hand, turned the chair 180 degrees, and faced Ji Cha. He lowered his head and looked into Ji Cha’s eyes, saying seriously, “I am more attractive than her.”

So, don’t think she’s attractive and look at her more.

“Ah?” Ji Cha’s brain didn’t keep up, and Liang Jincheng’s sudden proximity made him uneasy. He quickly held Liang Jincheng’s cheeks with both hands and stretched his neck backwards, “Don’t get too close, I’m not used to it…”

“I am more attractive than her,” Liang Jincheng repeated.

Ji Cha was afraid that if he wouldn’t follow Liang Jincheng’s words, the other might not stop today. “Hmm, you’re more attractive than her!”

Now, can you please move away from me a little? He felt really scared!

Finally, Liang Jincheng stepped back two inches and then smiled and whispered, “Chacha, you’re so cute.”

“Just, just average…” Ji Cha laughed it off and finally dared to turn his gaze back to Liang Jincheng’s face.

His face was already very handsome, but being so close now had an effect like a beauty filter. Liang Jincheng’s eyes were focused, and the reflection of Ji Cha’s appearance in his pupils stirred his heart, causing it to beat quickly.

At this moment, his sexual orientation was completely surrendered.

Ji Cha’s gaze secretly slipped to Liang Jincheng’s lips. They were evenly and appropriately thick, and it seemed like he would be skilled at kissing… He was tempted and remembered Liang Jincheng’s kiss. He had the urge to lower his head and kiss him.

Forget it, he still didn’t have the courage. Ji Cha was afraid that as soon as they kissed, Liang Jincheng would drag him to bed and do it a hundred times, leaving him in a state of total exhaustion.

“Shave.” Ji Cha handed the razor over to Liang Jincheng with a righteous expression. “After you shave, go to bed early. I’m so tired and sleepy today.”

“Is your muscle sore?” Liang Jincheng restored the swivel chair to its original position.

“It’s a bit sore. Those bricks and stones didn’t seem heavy when we lifted them one or two at a time, but it’s still tiring after a whole day. ” Ji Cha raised his hand and patted his shoulder. Now he thought of the mother who took care of her child, and once again felt very respectful towards her.

“I’ll help you massage later to ease the soreness. You’ll feel much better when you wake up tomorrow.”


The first image that came to Ji Cha’s mind was him being completely naked with a towel covering his butt, waiting to be serviced. The second one was directly linked to sexual services, and it was as dirty as a gutter.

Regardless of which of the two it was, Ji Cha was frightened to connect it with Liang Jincheng at this moment. He dryly laughed twice, “No need. You’re also very tired. I’ll go find Xiaochao to massage my back later or just go to sleep. It won’t be a big deal. I’ll probably feel better tomorrow.”

Liang Jincheng didn’t pursue the matter and changed the topic. “Are you going out tomorrow?”

“I was planning to, but didn’t you say it’s a bit dangerous outside? Plus, I have to make tofu tomorrow, so I won’t go out to work. At most, I’ll contact the military.”

Liang Jincheng’s hands began massaging, starting from the top of Ji Cha’s head. His movements were patient and gentle, making Ji Cha feel drowsy.

Perhaps it was because he was too tired from the day, he actually fell asleep in this environment after a short while.

Even after Liang Jincheng picked him up to put him on the bed, Ji Cha still didn’t wake up.

Liang Jincheng half-knelt by the bed, gently brushed Ji Cha’s lips with his fingers, then lowered his head to press his lips against Ji Cha’s, slowly exploring his mouth and preparing to pry open his teeth.

Actually, Ji Cha had already woken up when Liang Jincheng picked him up, but he held his breath, thinking that Liang Jincheng would leave immediately. He never thought that he would kiss him right there!

“I, I wasn’t asleep!” He pushed Liang Jincheng’s head away, blushing and quickly retreating into the bed, looking very wary of Liang Jincheng.

But Liang Jincheng didn’t feel like he had done anything wrong. He got up and sat by the bed. “We are already in a romantic relationship, kissing is a very normal thing, you need to get used to it.”

“Well, that’s easy for you to say, but I really don’t like it,” Ji Cha hugged the blanket, his face was so red that he could fry an egg, and he only showed his eyes while looking at Liang Jincheng. “I don’t know what to do…”

He looked so pitiful that Liang Jincheng felt his heart soften and he couldn’t breathe properly.

“Just practice more, and you’ll get used to it,” he smiled, pulled Ji Cha to his side, and suddenly flipped him over and pressed him down. He held Ji Cha’s wrists with one hand, found his lips and sucked on them, while his fingers slid under Ji Cha’s loose T-shirt, caressing his waist and belly.

Ji Cha couldn’t resist being dragged into the irresistible passion by Liang Jincheng. Every place their bodies touched felt like an electric shock, giving him a strange sensation he had never felt before.

“Um…” His lips were occupied, and he couldn’t make any sound. He could only make a nasal sound that was like a protest, but in this situation, it didn’t serve as a warning like he had originally intended, but rather seemed like a deliberate seduction.

Liang Jincheng, who was on top of him, clearly understood it this way, and his movements became bolder and more obvious.

Ji Cha felt like his brain had turned into a puddle of mush, his soul floating away, and his whole body relaxed as if he was soaking in hot water. Just as he couldn’t help but respond to Liang Jincheng’s kiss, the man on top suddenly released the hold on him, stood up quickly, and left.

The door slammed shut.

Ji Cha lay in bed, his eyes bewildered, gasping for breath. The hot sensations from earlier had not completely dissipated with Liang Jincheng’s departure, but…

What was going on here?! Ji Cha sat up indignantly, looking down at his clothes which had been pulled in all directions. His lips were moist with saliva, and even his mouth felt numb.

The most embarrassing part was that little Ji Cha, who had already lifted his head, was completely clueless about what had happened.

Ji Cha couldn’t just storm out of the door to find Liang Jincheng and ask why he suddenly ran away in the middle of kissing and touching. That would make him seem too desperate… even though it was Liang Jincheng who was desperate!

But in the end, he couldn’t help but be angry. Ji Cha cursed under his breath as he took off his clothes and wiped his lips vigorously.

What the hell, he thought, he could understand being caught up in the heat of the moment, but did it have to end up like this?

Full of complaints, he slowly fell asleep again and entered that strange dream once more.

Ji Cha found himself back in the room from before, sitting awkwardly on the sofa, with a tall man sitting opposite him.

“May I ask if there’s something you wanted to talk to me about?” he asked cautiously.

Liang Jincheng looked at Ji Cha with a complicated expression, his voice containing an indescribable hoarseness and bitterness. “Do you know me?”

“I know you,” Ji Cha replied, not understanding why Liang Jincheng would ask such a question. “Everyone at the S base knows you.”

“I mean, do you know me from when we were in college?”

“At that time, I don’t think…” Ji Cha shook his head honestly, somewhat puzzled. “Did you know me when we were in college?”

“I knew you.” Liang Jincheng stood up, and after wandering aimlessly for ten years, Ji Cha appeared in front of him again, in a way that felt like a dream.

Even if there was a conspiracy behind it all, Liang Jincheng didn’t want to miss the chance to hold onto Ji Cha again.

To hell with taking it slowly, to hell with boiling a frog in warm water. If he could find Ji Cha and tell him his feelings before the end of the world, maybe they wouldn’t have been separated for ten years.

Liang Jincheng grabbed Ji Cha’s wrist and pulled him up, then unceremoniously put him on the bed…

The sky was already bright. Ji Cha sat dumbfounded on the edge of the bed, still partially trapped in the overly erotic dream from last night.

Three consecutive dreams left him feeling dizzy. Even though he forgot the details of each dream shortly after waking up, Ji Cha had a bold guess: could it be that the story of his other self, who existed in a different time and space, was continuing after he left?

Or was it just because of Liang Jincheng’s actions that he had such lustful dreams last night?!


Thingyan: What do you think the answer to Ji Cha’s questions? I think the dreams were the events happening in a different timeline.


  1. kimeeehcat says:

    I think so, too. His actions in the current timeline could be affecting his other self.

  2. DreamTea says:

    I think that maybe he died and then was reborn. He just forgot that he died and what happend before that or what lead to his death.
    And now that he is reborn and in contact with the person who is probably connected to his death (perhaps some kind of conspiracy or accident), he’s starting to slowly remember what happend before his death not knowing that it actaully happend to him and it’s not what if scenario after his rebirth.

    1. d0nnie_d0rk0 says:

      Anyone else think Qin Shuang’s ability is sus? I think she may end up being a villain eventually, trying to mind control a way to get LJC or get rid of JC…

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