Ch 35: TGCIR

After much hesitation, Shen Cheng finally clicked “YES” and agreed. Her hesitation wasn’t mainly about the serious consequences, but rather as a player, she knew that her love for the game couldn’t last forever.

Today, she liked this paper person, but tomorrow she might fall in love with another paper person… When it’s time to say goodbye, perhaps silence is the best breakup. She didn’t want to hear the paper person she liked, even if it was just a two-dimensional character, say, “I’m sorry, starting tomorrow, I’ll climb over another wall, and I can’t come see you anymore.” Shen Cheng could even imagine the broken expression and sad voice of cub, and she thought that even the most heartless person would find it hard to uninstall the game.

Shen Cheng knew that her heart had not yet turned into stone or rotten wood.

So she hesitated for a while.

But soon, she remembered the happy times she had spent in the game, as well as the wisdom and strength she had gained from cub. Shen Cheng thought again and pressed [Y]. The reason was simple: for now, she couldn’t say goodbye to the game, and by the time she stopped playing, it might be a long time from now. She would deal with it when the time come. Thinking too much about the future would only make her current happiness fade!

After pressing “YES,” the game closed, and when she tried to reopen it, it kept showing [game updating, please wait]. Shen Cheng couldn’t help but mutter to herself, “The updates are taking longer and longer.” She looked at the time and decided to go to sleep.

After a full 24 hours passed and her phone finally displayed [game update complete], Shen Cheng opened the game.

[Congratulations, player. You have completed the initial contract with the main character. The game is now open:

1. The credit point-to-RMB exchange rate is 1000:1.

2. Spatial items are now tangible. Today’s capacity is 0/1. (This function requires the main character’s mental power, currently at level 10.)]

“???!” Shen Cheng was shocked.

The first one is relatively easy to understand. Some games do have this feature where players can exchange in-game coins for real-life RMB points cards and other physical items to make it easier for gold farming studios and the like. But the second one is unheard of!

Objectification of spatial items… does that mean things in the space can be accessed in reality too?

If I plant an apple tree in the space, can I also get apples in reality?

Isn’t this all messed up?!

After a moment of stunned silence, instead of immediately seeking out Li Weilan like usual, Shen Cheng opened up the “Space”. She happened to have a box of condoms they got from Walmart earlier in the Space, so she took out one of them and pressed the “objectification” button.

The game popped up a new prompt:

[Are you sure you want to objectify XXXXX condoms (one box)? (Costs 5 points of mental energy)]

It’s really possible?

Shen Cheng’s eyes widened strangely.

She clicked “confirm”.

“Objectification complete, please wait for delivery.”

“… ” Shen Cheng couldn’t help but lower her head and shook it with a half-smile. Okay, I was thinking too much.

She knew it was just a gimmick in the game. She did have a moment of doubt that this game might have the ability to objectify items, given the high AI intelligence and complex dialogue lines. This wasn’t a normal game, and the other side wasn’t an NPC either.

But the word “delivery” broke her previous suspicion.

Even Shen Cheng felt that her previous thoughts were childish and funny. She tried grabbing a real apple and silently saying, “I want to put the apple into the game.” But there was no response from the apple at all.

“I overthought it. I overthought it,” she thought.

However, even if she had overthought it, the idea of exchanging credit points for RMB was still a little tempting!

Shen Cheng looked at the display above, which showed “4000 credit points,” and couldn’t help but feel a little happy: rounding it up, she had earned back 4 yuan by playing the game! Although she wouldn’t exchange her cub’s hard-earned points for RMB, she couldn’t help feeling that her behavior of spending money in the game wasn’t so extravagant after all, considering that she could earn RMB just by *AFK-ing.

(T/N: AFK = Away From Keyboard. Courtesy of reader Kay coz I didn’t know what it was lol)

Li Weilan felt a slight energy fluctuation and checked the time: it had been exactly 24 hours since the screen had appeared and disappeared yesterday.

A few seconds later, he felt an unusual wave of energy in his space, and the entire space seemed to tremble.

Was it her?

Li Weilan hurriedly opened the space, and found that the warehouse was slightly messy, with a box of boxes torn open and the contents scattered on the ground. Li Weilan took a glance, and his face involuntarily twisted slightly: it had been opened, and one box was missing… It was condoms.

She took a box of condoms?

What did she need it for?

Was she going to use it like some children who blow up balloons? Or did she see it as a storage container?

Li Weilan imagined those scenes, and his face turned pale. At that moment, Shen Cheng cut back to the main character’s page, and she saw the little person standing in front of the mountain of condoms that she had materialized, looking dazed with his eyes fixed on it. She couldn’t help blushing slightly.

Although she doesn’t think cub would think so much, but… still feel a little shy!

She quickly closed the opening of the box with her fingers and put the box back on the small hill.

Li Weilan watched her eager actions and vaguely guessed the meaning of the “shared credit points and space” from the missing box of condoms earlier.

Does this mean that she can also access the things in his space from now on?

However, this access may have certain restrictions, such as the fact that he now clearly feels a loss of his ability to manipulate space.

His space-based ability hasn’t felt like this since the last ability riot upgrade, which was a long time ago.

The slight fatigue caused by the ability that was drained halfway is nothing compared to taking away just one box of condoms.

What if she wanted to try taking weapons like Thunder or even a crystal nucleus today? Or even him?

Li Weilan has never felt such a sense of urgency as he does now because he knows deeply that all those possibilities, even the help she may provide and the faintly discernible future, are all based on strength.


The next day, when Shen Cheng returned home, she saw a package placed outside her room.

She looked at the seal on the package and was stunned for a moment: it seemed like someone had opened and then resealed it!

There were only a few people in this house, so it seemed there was no need to question who did it. Shen Cheng felt a surge of nameless anger and was instantly annoyed just thinking about it.

She took the box and knocked on her roommate’s door several times. After a while, her roommate lazily replied with “coming,” and then slowly walked over to open the door. She seemed a bit surprised to see Shen Cheng’s rare angry face and said inexplicably, “What’s wrong?”

“The package, did you open it?” Shen Cheng hardened her voice for once.

The roommate had a slightly ambiguous smile on her face.

Seeing this smile, the nameless anger in Shen Cheng’s heart burned even more: What I bought is my own privacy, I respect your privacy and never peep into it. I have no interest in your life with your boyfriend, why do you violate my privacy?

“Oh, sorry…” The roommate apologized, but there wasn’t much sincerity on her face, and even her smile still had a hint of ambiguity. “I accidentally opened it.”

Seeing that Shen Cheng’s expression was not good, the roommate’s face also darkened slightly. “There are so many fruits piled up in your room, with a strong smell, I thought you bought some household fragrance or something, sorry…”

Shen Cheng was so angry that she couldn’t speak.

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The custard apple did have a faint sweet fragrance, a bit like durian when smelled, but she had already put them all in her own room. Moreover, how could she confuse these things!

It was clearly out of curiosity about the words “household item” on the box that she wanted to open and take a look.

Shen Cheng’s face darkened. Although she didn’t want to make things too awkward with her roommate, she impulsively spoke up, “When we were sharing the apartment, you said you wouldn’t bring outsiders back, but I’ve seen it happened several times, and it’s really inconvenient…”

“What’s so inconvenient about that?” Her roommate’s tone was dissatisfied, and before she finished speaking, a tall man walked out from behind her. It was her boyfriend.

Shen Cheng didn’t expect her roommate’s boyfriend to still be here. The man was already standing behind her roommate, looking displeased. He said to his girlfriend, “Didn’t you say your roommate is easy to get along with? What kind of talk is this?”

Shen Cheng took two steps back. Before she could say anything, the man had already looked her up and down. “You come back so late every day, don’t know what you’re busy with, buying so many condoms, making yourself look like you’re too good for a normal life…”

A wise man doesn’t fight when the odds are against him. When Shen Cheng argued with her roommate, she didn’t expect her roommate’s boyfriend to be at home today. From the looks of him, he wasn’t someone who could be reasoned with. If she were to confront them head-on or even get physical, she would definitely be the one to suffer. Even if she scolded them, no one could stand up for her. Thinking of this, Shen Cheng’s heart felt as if it was being choked, and she barely managed to say, “Don’t go too far, worry about yourselves,” and slammed the door shut with a “bang” and went into her own room.

At the entrance, two snippets of conversation could be vaguely heard: “Oh, she got mad.”

“I don’t care about her. She’s so melodramatic.”

With gritted teeth and trembling hands, she opened the game. For some reason, she really wanted to tell her little companion, “I almost died of anger today!”

There was no one to talk to about the frustrations in her life.

Mother probably… only has to cry with you, Zaizai.

Li Weilan keenly sensed that her mood today was a bit unstable.

He had guessed that the giant monster also had social activities, but he had not expected that she, who was both gentle and powerful, would clearly have a hint of crying in her voice after saying “Hello, Li Weilan.”

Her voice was unmistakably suppressed, and although she didn’t say it directly, it was clear that she was trying hard to suppress her emotions.

What’s wrong with her?

Was she bullied?

Was it…an even bigger monster?


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