Ch 34: TGCIR

Shen Cheng thought for a moment, clicked the “trade” button with the ability user who only demanded “0/20”, then dragged out 20 portions of rice according to the system’s prompt, placed them on his side, and clicked “confirm trade”.

Power ability user Zhang Ming had just returned from the municipal hall. He had received wind of a rumor circulating in the base that the commission they received this month, i.e. rice and grains, were all of low quality. The rumor claimed that the base gave them high-pollution rice instead of low-pollution rice.

At first, Zhang Ming was skeptical until more people began to confirm it. He then took some samples and secretly had them tested by his relatives who worked at the Academy of Sciences. The results left him infuriated: the rumors were true! The base had given them low-quality rice in place of high-quality rice.

This was tantamount to playing with people’s lives.

However, the thought of rebelling only flashed through Zhang Ming’s mind. Before the end of the world, he was just a farmer. Even after the apocalypse, he still carried some of the traditional farmer’s simple-mindedness. As long as he had enough to eat, he could barely survive. Rebellion was the last resort.

Earlier, Zhang Ming watched as the base military maintaining order outside the municipal hall easily subdued the protesters. He knew these people were no match for the base’s control. Quietly, Zhang Ming slipped away.

He was afraid. Although his base construction job barely made ends meet, it was still better than wandering on the wasteland. If he was driven out of the base, what would happen to his son and wife? Would they die in the wilderness?

Zhang Ming didn’t want to rebel. He could only pray to the heavens, hoping that next month would return to normal. The base still had to consider the majority of ability users and not go too far.

Sighing as he walked down the road, Zhang Ming brushed shoulders with a cloaked man and suddenly heard a mechanical, androgynous voice in his ear: “Do you want to buy rice?”

“????” Zhang Ming widened his eyes.

He did have credit points.

He himself didn’t mind. Adults could still endure some hardship. After all, the outbreak of ability user riots was still far away, and he couldn’t think that far ahead. But what about his son?

Zhang Ming didn’t care if this was a trap or not. He saw it as a lifeline and whispered, “Yes! I want as much as you have!”

After some consideration, Shen Cheng clicked the “trade” button with the ability user whose requirement was only “0/20”, then dragged out 20 portions of rice according to the system prompt and placed them on his side. He then clicked “confirm trade”.

“20 credits per kilogram, 5% pollution, a total of 20 kilograms. Are you sure you want to proceed with the transaction?” The mechanical voice repeated.

“Confirmed!” Zhang Ming’s eyes widened upon hearing the 5% pollution rate, and he impatiently confirmed the transaction as soon as the voice finished speaking.

The next second, he heard a “beep” and the voice said, “Transaction completed. The goods have been safely placed in your home.”

Zhang Ming returned home in a daze.

He had empty hands and a bewildered look on his face. If it weren’t for the unidentified person telling him to “check at home,” he would have thought he had dreamed it all up.

However, when he arrived home, his wife had already prepared dinner and their son was eating voraciously at the table. His son’s face, which had become pale and gaunt from hunger, lit up with a cute and sweet smile when he saw Zhang Ming and he ran over to hug him, exclaiming, “Daddy! Come eat!”

Zhang Ming looked at the rice bags piled up on the kitchen floor and, in a daze, opened his credit card to check. Sure enough, 200 credits were missing.

It wasn’t his imagination!

But his wife pulled him aside, looking anxious, and whispered, “Honey, who sent the rice? Little Bao was so hungry that I boiled some for him. There was a note in the rice bag…” She handed him the note, which had a line of small print that read “Keep it confidential.”

Keep it confidential, keep it confidential!

Zhang Ming’s gaze fell on the two bags of white rice, his face turning green and then white.

He lowered his voice and told his wife, “Hide this for now. Give our son a little bit to eat each day, and don’t let him… ” he gritted his teeth and whispered, “eat too much, so that others won’t notice.”

Eating rice with low level of pollution, you can clearly see it from a child’s complexion. That’s why the children of the leaders in the base are all chubby and healthy, while those who do hard labor often have their children die young.

As Zhang Ming watched his child devour the rice hungrily, he couldn’t help feeling a chill in his heart. The rice seller had asked them to keep it a secret, but would the base even confiscate the rice they bought outside?

Shen Cheng didn’t know exactly what had happened in the game. She had completed 160 transactions, selling rice to four people.

After completing these tasks, her cub suddenly spoke up, smiling, “We earned a total of 3200 credit points today!”

His excited look was like that of a household cat bringing back a mouse and rubbing its head against you. It made her feel a little envious.

Although 3200 credit points were completely useless to her – she had bought 100,000 credit points for only one yuan – she couldn’t help but reach out and gently tap his head and the smile at the corner of his mouth. “Li Weilan is the best!”

Li Weilan smiled faintly, but his heart sank a little. Although praise made people happy and dizzy, the tone she used was like that of coaxing a young child. It confirmed his other suspicion: credit points were useless to her.

In her world, credit points are worthless!

In this post-apocalyptic world, credit points were a kind of hard currency that was universally accepted wherever you went.

Since the credit points are of no use to her, it can only prove one thing: she does not live in his world!

She’s not living in this dimension, or not living in this world…either way, it’s not a happy thing.

Shen Cheng saw the smiling expression on the cub’s face, but the small heart on his head kept breaking and reassembling, like his smile was all a disguise.

Why is he sad again?

Shen Cheng thought back: Ah, could it be that my tone was too perfunctory and was noticed?

Okay, okay, let’s start over.

The AI intelligence of this game is too high.

Shen Cheng blinked and organized her language, earnestly blowing rainbow farts to the cub: “Now that rice prices are so high, we can earn back 100,000 credit points by selling for another 20 days! If I had your business acumen…”

Li Weilan remembered the last sentence “If I had your business acumen” in his heart.

He felt that her simulated image was now even clearer than before.

Previously, he thought she must be a powerful and gentle giant, but from her words, he guessed that she also lived in a society, which means that the principles of interaction between humans also apply to her.

In this way, his abilities are not completely useless to her.

Li Weilan felt somewhat happy in his heart, pursed his lips and said earnestly, “What I have is yours.”

Shen Cheng’s heart skipped a beat.

Although it was only something said in the game, she felt…her heart shook for some reason?

Hmm, it’s not mom’s problem, it’s just that my cub is too good at flirting!

Shen Cheng was about to speak, but the system popped up with a new prompt:

[Li Weilan proposes to sign a primary sharing contract with you, which will share system space and credit points with you.

Do you agree? Y/N

(Please note that after agreeing to this option, you will enter 24-hour system maintenance. Please choose carefully.)]

Shen Cheng was stunned.

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What does this mean?

Don’t I already share system space with cub?

The plants I planted in the system, Zaizai can also deal with them!

Shen Cheng clicked on the “primary sharing contract” with the blue highlighted characters below, and took a brief look. She found that there were a bunch of legal articles inside. The general idea was a bit like an “adoption agreement” with words and lines that said: do not abandon, do not abuse, do what you can.

Especially the column “cannot be abandoned”, there was a bold font that was particularly prominent, which said, “cannot delete the game without Li Weilan’s permission, otherwise there may be serious consequences.”

“…” Shen Cheng felt a subtle feeling in her heart for a moment.

To say that she wouldn’t casually delete the game, she felt that there was no problem: the game was so good, and she was still interested in it. She wouldn’t casually delete the game.

But this “serious consequence”…

Is it that the game company will come to collect debts and she will have to pay the monthly subscription fees?

And to say to the cub that she has raised with so much effort, “I’m going to delete you”? Even if she didn’t want to play the game anymore, she couldn’t say something so cruel!

How could she possibly say such a heartless thing to her own cub that she has raised?

Shen Cheng couldn’t help but hesitate for a moment.

Eventually, she decided to sign the contract, but she felt that something was not quite right. While she was hesitating, in front of Li Weilan appeared a light blue frame. He was stunned.

[Confirm sharing your system space and credit points with “XX”?

Please note: This is the only option. If you agree, you cannot break the contract halfway through. If you disagree, this option will not appear again. Please choose carefully.]

“XX?” Those two words were blacked out by mosaic font. Based on Li Weilan’s personality, a transaction like this without even revealing the name seemed like a trap, and he would never agree to it. However, he looked at the only option, which would not appear again, and his lips suddenly hooked up slightly. Life was already an irreversible gamble, and he had already placed his bet on this gamble.

Without hesitation, he clicked “Y”, and the cursor suddenly jumped, turning into a new line of light blue font:

[Please wait for “XX” to make a selection.]

She had to make a choice too? How would she choose?

The price he had to pay was his space and points… Points were of no use to her, and she could already freely enter and exit the space. Everything that belonged to him had no attraction for her.

If she refused… If she refused…

Li Weilan stared at the line of words in the void, and his calm eyes gradually became restless.

In just a few tens of seconds, Li Weilan’s forehead was covered in sweat, and his complexion gradually turned pale. Then, when he could barely bear it any longer, the screen flickered and a new line of words appeared:

[The contract has been completed. Please wait for 24 hours.]

“???” Li Weilan was stunned for a moment.

A frenzy of joy surged up in his heart, overwhelming all other feelings. The only thought he could think of was repeating in his mind: She agreed! She agreed!


Thingyan: Damn, as expected of male lead sama, Cub was way too smart, figuring out that Cheng Cheng might be from a different world


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