Chapter 39: Busy Farming in the Last Days

The chicken coop has changed from the original semi-open structure to a fully enclosed structure, surrounded by bricks, leaving two glass positions at the top for light transmission. After the outside hastily completed a layer of brickwork, the sound insulation materials brought back from the village will be added.

One hundred yuan per square meter of soundproof cottons surround the chicken coop from top to bottom, left and right.

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Add a layer of cement to the outside of the soundproof cotton, and the whole is complete. The rest of the leftover materials are carefully numbered and placed in the small room of the warehouse. It took a whole day to complete the four walls, and the construction on the top had to wait for the overall cement to dry.

There are several ventilation holes in every corner of the wall to allow proper air flow. As for the sound proof effect after installation of the sound insulation cotton, this will need to be tested after it is all completed.


After confirming that the apples were all right, Ji Cha went to pick a wave of apples before dark, twenty red and ripe apples in total. He calculates who will eat one for two or three a day.

There are not many fresh vegetables at home, but fruits are none. Everyone has not eaten a fruit for a long time. Now that they have unexpectedly harvested lots of apples, everyone is very happy. What they didn’t expect was that the apple could be as sweet as honey in one bite.

“Why is this apple tree so good?” After dinner, everyone sat together in the living room. Zhang Qinqin cut two apples on a plate and put them on the coffee table. Everyone had their eyes widened after trying just a bite.

“I’ve eaten fruits from this orchard before, but there are no such good apples.” Zhang Qinqin ate two pieces in a row, her lips and teeth touched, and she felt that her mouth was full of candy.

It’s like pouring honey directly into your mouth, all natural.

This is probably the result of mutation. Ji Cha was relieved and felt very lucky. He couldn’t be sure whether the human body mutation like Liang Jincheng happened in the last apocalypse, but the plant mutation did exist as far as he knows. It’s just that most of the forms of mutation are not as positive as these apple trees, often either the mutation is very aggressive, or the mutated fruits are unpalatable. It is very rare to have a mutation like this apple tree that requires no fertilizer and no care, and the flavor of the fruit is heightened.

Ji Cha forked an apple and held it in front of him to examine its seeds carefully. The grains of apple seeds seem to be plump and much darker in color, and many seeds will degenerate to varying degrees without artificial selection, although the parent generation is very good. Ji Cha carefully took out the apple seeds, put them in the palm of his hand and looked at them, and then said to everyone, “Leave the apple seeds first, and I’ll see if I can plant them later.”

At this time, the sky was getting darker and darker. Everyone turned off the lights and closed the curtains as usual. Ji Cha took a flashlight and prepared to inspect the door of the factory, and then went back to the house. Liang Jincheng naturally followed him behind.

“The autumn batch of sweet potatoes and pepper seedlings are almost ready, and we can find time tomorrow to plant them,” Ji Cha muttered to himself by illuminating the open field with a flashlight.

The small green cabbage that was planted half a month ago was now about three centimeters high and looked green.

“When it matures, we won’t have to eat bean sprouts every day.” Ji Cha happily turned back to talk to Liang Jincheng.

Liang Jincheng was silently looking at Ji Cha’s waist and hips from behind, when Ji Cha suddenly turned around, he met the other’s gaze on his butt.

He couldn’t help but follow Liang Jincheng’s line of sight to look at his own butt, and turned his hand to have a better view of his pants with a flashlight, “Is it dirty?”

Liang Jincheng stepped forward and took the flashlight from Ji Cha’s hand, “It’s not dirty, just a little gray.”

Then he paused, and without waiting for Ji Cha to speak, he went ahead, “I’ll pat for you.” After speaking, he patted Ji Cha’s butt twice with his free hand up and down.

Ha ha, Ji Cha laughed dryly in his heart, convincing himself that it’s not a big deal for men to help each other pat the dust on their butts. Then Liang Jincheng grabbed his shoulder casually.

Wang Qinxue and several roommates did this to him in school, even Zhang Xing was no exception. Ji Cha never thought about it, but he didn’t know why. When it was Liang Jincheng who did this action, it made him feel strangely uncomfortable.

Could it be… Ji Cha was a little stunned in his heart, and then secretly glanced at Liang Jincheng’s profile from the corner of his eye, his heart was beating wildly, could it be that he was already bent?

At this moment, Liang Jincheng’s ears not only heard his own fast heartbeat, but even that of Ji Cha filled his ears. The five fingers that fell on Ji Cha’s shoulder couldn’t help but folded slightly. It was hard for Liang Jincheng not to think about the reason why Ji Cha’s heartbeat was quickening at the moment. At this time, he noticed the sound of someone approaching outside the wall.

Ji Cha hasn’t recovered from the shock that he may have been bent, and the shoulder that was grabbed by Liang Jincheng’s hand hurts, “Ahhh, senior…”

“Shh.” Liang Jincheng covered Ji Cha’s mouth, pushed him against the wall, got close to his ear, and when he spoke, the air flow blew into Ji Cha’s ear canal, and half of his body became soft. “Someone is approaching the factory.”

Ji Cha’s eyes widened, nodded vigorously, and then forced himself to stop. Only then did Liang Jincheng slowly let go of his mouth, and then grabbed Ji Cha’s wrist and ran upstairs, “There’s more than one person here, let’s go upstairs first.”

The two hurried to the top of the building, and the sky was completely dark at this time, which gave them a cover. The two of them crouched down to reveal only half of their heads. Ji Cha held up the binoculars and looked out. A group of six men and a woman were sitting in a pickup truck slowly driving to the door of the factory building.

Although it is not possible to judge the character of the people on board based on this situation alone, with the experience of the mob in Kantou Village, Ji Cha felt that he had underestimated the degree of change in people’s hearts in the early days of the apocalypse. Even with the hope that things might get better, there are still many “honest” people who will change their ways so easily to adapt to their current life. Not to mention the scums who have already been running around in the society would use this opportunity to bring out the ugliness of human nature to the extreme.

The light from a flashlight suddenly came out of the pickup truck and waved horizontally, slashing across the wall of the factory building. Ji Cha hid down subconsciously, the squatting movement was distracted by Liang Jincheng’s posture of pulling his arm, and the whole person slanted down. Ji Cha originally thought that he would hit the hard ground and hurt his flesh, but he didn’t expect a human pas under him instead of the ground. Even though this human pad wasn’t that soft.

Ji Cha’s face was pressed against Liang Jincheng’s sturdy chest, but he didn’t have time to sigh or be envious. The violent pull just now caught him off-guard and his teeth hit his tongue. The tip of his tongue was painful, and the faint smell of blood gushed out from his mouth. “Hmm…” He covered his mouth and groaned, grabbing the other party’s upper body and trying to get up from the body below.

Liang Jincheng hugged his waist tightly and whispered, “Don’t move.” In the dark, Ji Cha actually couldn’t see the expression on Liang Jincheng’s face clearly, but he could feel that his eyes were falling on him.

“My tongue…” Ji Cha reluctantly opened his mouth and said, “It hurts a little bit.”

The light from the flashlight outside flashed past their heads one after another, and it was a very tangled situation whether to expose the others immediately at this moment or not.

If you immediately declare your existence and occupation of the factory, people outside may choose to leave or they may covet this place even more. But if you don’t reveal your existence, you can be sure that people outside will choose to find a way to come in. In this case, the only choice for the people in the factory is whether or not to block their entry at an appropriate time.

However, there was another matter more important in Liang Jincheng’s mind. He stared at Ji Cha’s mouth, which was slightly open and gasping because of the pain, and the tip of the tongue that was bitten. His gaze was deeply surging, and the hand that held Ji Cha tightened.

Ji Cha didn’t check first, he moved his body, and suddenly feeling a little weird underneath. Did the senior put the flashlight in his trouser pocket?

Following his own thoughts, Ji Cha looked down and saw that the flashlight that Liang Jincheng was holding just now was lying peacefully on the side of the two of them.

Then the sensation below… Ji Cha’s face suddenly flushed red, he lowered his head a little uneasy, and stammered, “se, senior…?”

His eyes were mostly suspicious, but also a little shy, and more at a loss. Liang Jincheng couldn’t bear it anymore, he suddenly reached out and pressed Ji Cha’s head against him, then opened his lips and kissed the soft petals.

The pain on Ji Cha’s tongue hasn’t passed yet, Liang Jincheng wrapped his arms around him tightly, sucking and kissing Ji Cha’s slightly cut tongue in his mouth, turning into a pain and numbness. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Ji Cha was so frightened that he forgot to breathe.

“Huh, ha,” the light from the flashlight kept sweeping the area downstairs; at this time, Zhang Xing ran up, gasping for breath, “Ji Cha, outside…!”

Looking at the figures overlapping in the darkness not far away, he saw Liang Jincheng suddenly stopped his movements and looked at himself with intense eyes.

Zhang Xing: I might as well act blind.


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