Chapter 40: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Ji Cha was completely stunned.

He turned his head to look at Zhang Xing in a daze, and then turned back to look at Liang Jincheng. Suddenly, he felt that his mind was buzzing, as if it was crowded with zombies trying to break free, or as if the zombies had already eaten his brain.……

Ji Cha felt that he couldn’t figure out what happened just now. Why did Liang Jincheng kiss him!?

However, the current situation did not allow him to think too much.

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A flashlight suddenly passed Zhang Xing’s body, then quickly stopped and moved back.

“There’s someone up there!” someone from outside the wall exclaimed in a low voice.

Zhang Xing squinted his eyes and looked over, only to see several heads and couldn’t tell what was going on. But because he saw the strangers outside, he hurriedly bent down, and for a while, he didn’t care if his head would be screwed off by Liang Jincheng; he quickly rushed to Ji Cha and pulled him, “Your private affairs can wait, come, get up, and help!”

Only then did Ji Cha wake up, “Oh,” he wiped his lips and stood up with his cheeks on fire. He didn’t dare to turn his head or talk to Liang Jincheng. He quickly took Zhang Xing and ran to the small room on the rooftop, covered their upper bodies with a shield, and then looked out from the tempered glass mirror.

“There is a woman.” Zhang Xing could now see clearly.

The woman’s face was a little haggard, and at this moment, she stood in the middle of the men with her head hanging down without saying a word. The men have been talking in low voices, and it is difficult to hear from a long distance.

Maybe it was hesitation, after all, they didn’t know how many people were in the factory, and they didn’t know what weapons the people in the factory had.

Ji Cha first thought of weapons.

After the outbreak of zombies in country C, the conflicts between people often involved cold weapons. Because of the strict management of guns and alike before the apocalypse, the end of the world situation in country C is very different from that of the western countries such as country M. But this is only for the general population. Those who have the means can still obtain machine powered weapons.

So, it’s always good to be careful.

“Brother! How many of you are there? We don’t have a place to go at night. We just want to rest for a night. We have money.”

Only a fool would tell you how many people we have here.

Ji Cha moved the binocular behind them to a short distance. Although the moonlight was dim now, he could still vaguely see a few high bulges behind the pickup truck that were covered with canvas.

It may be food, or dead people, no matter which one it is, it can only prove that these people in front of them are definitely not good.

“We have a lot of people here, and we can’t afford more people. You continue to drive forward. There is a small village over there. There are many empty houses in it. Kill a few zombies and you’ll have no problem.” Ji Cha shouted back.

“Why so cruel, bro?” The man in the lead seemed to have pressed the lighter, and then a little red spark lit up, “We’re just staying for one night, how much do you want, ten thousand, twenty thousand? It’s time for the presidential suite.”

“It’s useless even if you offer a million dollars. You can’t stay here!” Zhang Xing also shouted, “I’ve given you directions and you still don’t listen. There will be zombies passing by in a while, then you will be in trouble.”

The people downstairs cursed severely, and then almost caught off guard, the woman who was standing quietly beside was suddenly grabbed by her hair and pulled it hard. She let out a low cry because of the pain, but it was for a very short moment, and she stopped.

The leader held a cigarette in his mouth, lifted his hand, and ruthlessly slapped the woman across her face, then raised his head, and shouted upstairs, “If you don’t let us in, I’ll beat her to death. Believe it or not.”

“Fuck …” Zhang Xing turned his head and marveled at Ji Cha, “Is there anyone who plays moral kidnapping like this?”

Ji Cha also showed a somewhat embarrassed look on his face, but even if he couldn’t bear it in his heart, Ji Cha was decisive. If the people downstairs really beaten the woman to death, he would only go downstairs tomorrow to collect her body and find a place to bury it.

How can someone who can bring out the vulnerable party to make a cruel sacrifice without hesitation at such a time have a good character? If they were really allowed in, these people would do something excessive when they got the chance.

When the group saw that the people upstairs did not speak, they became more heavy-handed and it was not only the leader who beat the woman, the entire group of people stretched out their fists and feet to inflict violence on the woman.

The woman was weak and powerless, only moaning in pain, not even resisting.

“If you don’t open the door and let us in, we’ll really beat this woman to death for you to see.”

They have used this trick several times on their way here, and they have also robbed a lot of supplies after trial and error. In normal times, this woman is a tool for them to vent their desires. Rather than saying that she is a person, in their eyes, she is not even comparable to an object.

Liang Jincheng suddenly stood up at this time. He first walked in front of Ji Cha and covered his eyes with his hands, “Don’t look.” Then he suddenly pulled out the three-section stick that he was carrying with him from Ji Cha’s side.

The connection of the three-section stick is almost impossible to be pulled off apart, but in Liang Jincheng’s hands, it becomes as simple as pulling weeds. With a light stroke, he pulled out the thinnest part of the top of the three-section stick, flicked his wrist vigorously, and the metal stick flew straight out, piercing the leader’s chest with a muffled sound.

The leader didn’t even stop smoking in his mouth, his felt chest was empty and a little cold.

The second part of the three-section stick also flew out. This time it landed in the heart of a man, standing on the left of the leader, holding the woman’s wrist tightly. He didn’t even have a chance to say a word before he fell down.

Panic burst in the air at this moment. When the third metal stick rushed in front of them and instantly took the third person’s life, they heard, “Do you want to live or die?”

Liang Jincheng’s voice was neither light nor heavy, but it fell into everyone’s ears.

Ji Cha’s back was against his chest, and he could feel that Liang Jincheng’s chest was broad and powerful. Liang Jincheng took over the matter that made him hesitate and feeling guilty. Although Ji Cha didn’t quite know what happened after the sound of the three-section stick being pulled apart just now, his heart was relieved because of Liang Jincheng’s words.

The people outside didn’t even dare to pick up the bodies of the three people into the car; they just flew to the back of the car, and drove away in a haste.

Zhang Xing was not as lucky as Ji Cha, and Liang Jincheng didn’t care about covering his eyes before killing others. He saw the speed, strength, and accuracy of the three steel pipes that killed three people. At this moment, he turned his head and looked at Liang Jincheng in a daze. Facing the calm outside, Zhang Xing felt that his hand that was carrying the shield was floating.

Such an event was the first but would not be the last. There would always be two or more, well, even countless more times. It was inevitable, the factory is not only a rare building in the surrounding open fields, but also an excellent fortress that can be recognized at a glance in the apocalypse.

Thinking of this, Ji Cha somewhat hoped that the army in S City would quickly withdraw to the rural areas. Although the government status has begun to be out of order, the soldiers who are the most powerful in maintaining peace in the end times are still soldiers. With their arrival, the peace around here can be restored. And it is only possible if the surrounding peace is restored and the S city base is established after the zombies are expelled, the production and recovery technology can be developed inside by building a wall around.

Ji Cha also understands that even in a completely peaceful environment, the labor force of less than ten people in their factory is far from being able to live comfortably enough. In the early days of the apocalypse, a large number of people might mean that there may be many zombies, but in most other situations, it is the opposite.

Zhang Xing caught a glimpse of Liang Jincheng going to take a bath, and he quickly ran out of his room and rushed into Ji Cha’s room.

He didn’t knock on the door, saw Ji Cha’s shoulders shrinking, and then looked back at himself in horror.

Fortunately, it wasn’t Liang Jincheng… Ji Cha breathed a sigh of relief.

“What are you doing?” Zhang Xing asked carelessly.

“No, nothing.” Ji Cha said nonsense, and casually told Zhang Xing something else.

After listening to Ji Cha’s words, Zhang Xing patted Ji Cha’s shoulder disapprovingly, “What are you afraid of? Liang Jincheng, he, fuck, I’m not exaggerating, he just … ah, you didn’t see what he did. I have to go to the toilet to wash my eyes…”

Zhang Xing was talking about the fact that Liang Jincheng killed three people in a few seconds just now, but Ji Cha thought he was saying that seeing him and Liang Jincheng kissing, he felt that his hot eyes needed to be washed, and the reddish cheeks that had just subsided not long ago suddenly reappeared.

“It’s not what you saw.” Ji Cha couldn’t help but retorted in a low voice.

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He has hid in his room since he came back downstairs and has not dared to speak to Liang Jincheng at all.

“I literally watched him do it, how could it not be what I saw?” Zhang Xing stared, “He covered your eyes, but I didn’t, I saw it with my eyes!”


 Ji Cha buried his head in his arm, hoping to jump out, and find a zombie to eat him.

Zhang Xing was confused by Ji Cha’s action, what did he say wrong?


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