Chapter 38: Busy Farming in the Last Days

“Help us load the remaining 60 boards into the car, or I will kill him.” Liang Jincheng held the two ends of the three-section stick with both hands, and tightly pressed the village chief’s throat, causing his face to turn red and painful. He struggled in fear.

At this moment, everyone could see that Liang Jincheng was really capable of killing the village chief. He didn’t even seem to put much effort into it, and the head of the village chief seemed like its about to fall off.

The people of Kantou Village, who were originally going to show off their strength, were like deflated balls. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. The village chief was an authoritative figure in their eyes. Since the outbreak of the zombie virus in Kantou Village, the village chief has led everyone to remove the zombies as much as possible, returning their lives to its original state, and no one wanted the village chief to die like this.

“Don’t, don’t be impulsive, we will help you move the rest of the things!” A young man waved his hands again and again, and then quickly instructed other young people to carry the things to the car outside.

“Hey, don’t forget to tie it tightly with a rope, otherwise it’s easy to fall off while driving.” Ji Cha did not forget to instruct.

What they drove today was a remodeled van with a small guardrail on the top, and it was relatively easy to stack a hundred pieces of sound insulation material.

The young people were so angry but they could only do as they were told while secretly looking for an opportunity to turn the tables.

Liang Jincheng held the village chief and moved to the car, while Zhang Qinqin and Ji Cha stood behind him and walked quickly together.

“Come down, let me see if the rope is tight,” Ji Cha was a little worried that the young man was doing tricks on it.

Sure enough, when he climbed to the roof to check, he found several loose places. He quickly reinforced it, making sure that the thing would not fall off with the movement of the vehicle before getting down.

“Can you release people now?” the villagers angrily confronted Liang Jincheng.

Liang Jincheng disagreed, he said to Ji Cha, “You get in the car first and begin driving.”

Ji Cha nodded, then jumped into the car, closed the door, and fastened his seat belt. Zhang Qinqin sat in the back row, opened the car door and waited for Liang Jincheng.

Ji Cha has already started the car and drove slowly and steadily.

The village chief was dragged by Liang Jincheng for a while until they were more than ten meters away from the welcome sign of the village, he let go of the village chief and immediately caught up with the car and got inside.

The villagers in the back immediately chased after seeing this, and some threw the kitchen knifes and sticks in their hands vigorously. In the chaos, the window glass and the body were smashed with dents, but the damage could not stop them.

Although they escaped smoothly, it would be a lie to say that it could have easily gone wrong.

“Fortunately, you are here, senior.” Ji Cha took a long breath and sighed, “Otherwise, we might have to go back empty-handed.”

This level of black mailing only exists when the apocalypse has not yet completely penetrated the hearts of people. Soon, when people understand that government control no longer exists, the situation will not improve, and they can only survive by themselves, the relationship with others will deteriorate sharply.

Liang Jincheng sat in the back seat and raised his palm to look back and forth. A faint smile appeared on his face, and he thought with some satisfaction and some pity that this hand just patted Ji Cha’s round and plump buttocks…

He put his hand down and responded to Ji Cha’s words just now, “Protecting you is the most important thing.”

Even Zhang Qinqin, who was in a daze, heard the meaning behind this sentence, and looked at Ji Cha from the rearview mirror in doubt.

Ji Cha held the steering wheel tightly with both hands, and felt that his whole body was a little shaking. He noticed Zhang Qinqin’s gaze, and immediately felt tight in his heart. He wanted to reach out to stop her thoughts from flying around, shouting, “We are really not gay!”

However, in reality, what Ji Cha could only do is to redirect the words as best as he could, “Yes, it is very important to protect us people who can work hard.”

At this time, Liang Jincheng raised his head and looked at Ji Cha from the rearview mirror and smiled.

Ji Cha felt a little scared.

It was not long after the noon that the three of them returned to the factory, and everyone was naturally relieved to see them come back unharmed. Xiaochao was the happiest when he saw Ji Cha coming back. He took Ji Cha’s hand and took him to the chicken coop, “Brother, there is nothing wrong with the chicken, can I eat the apple now?”

Xiaochao looked at Ji Cha earnestly.

Ji Cha followed him to the chicken coop, and saw that the apple that he put before he left had been pecked by the chicken who was now enjoying the state of being full and not moving around much.

“Wait a minute.” Ji Cha stopped Xiaochao, “The chicken has only been eaten for more than two hours. Even if it is poisonous, we may not be able to see any effect yet. If there is nothing wrong with it in the morning, you can eat the apple.”

“But that apple smells so sweet.” Xiaochao was very confused, he hadn’t been so greedy for a long time.

Ji Cha also smelled it, especially the apple in front of him that was eaten by the chicken. Even at a distance of more than one meter, the rich sweet fragrance was still blowing on his face, as if it was right by his nose.

If this apple can be eaten, how sweet it must be.

Not to mention Xiaochao, Ji Cha still drools just thinking about it. It’s just that drool is drool, and life is the most important thing.

The next morning, Ji Cha woke up with a rooster crowing. He immediately jumped up to the top of the building to look around with binoculars to confirm that there were no zombies or people near the factory, and then he wandered about and prepared to go downstairs and continued to sleep. After all, it’s not even dawn yet.

He just went down the stairs, but when he saw Xiaochao standing there rubbing his eyes and he immediately said, “Brother Ji Cha, it’s already ‘tomorrow morning’, can we eat apples?”

Ji Cha endured the distress and didn’t want to spoil Xiaochao’s happiness, so he stepped forward, took Xiaochao’s hand and walked downstairs, “Then let’s go take a look first.”

Others also got up one after another with the rooster crows. There are a few things they have to do today that might take a while to finish.

As soon as the sound insulation material arrived, the most important thing is to transform the chicken coop. In the factory building, there are still bricks left over from the previous construction team’s renovation. The original semi-open state of the chicken coop needs to be redone, and these cement bricks can be used. After the first layer of bricks, the soundproofing part will take a few days of work.

Of course, the sooner the project is completed, the better, so everyone got up early this morning. Grandma and Li Xiuqin are cooking in the kitchen, Wang Qinxue and the others have already started to carry bricks and cement.

Ji Cha took Xiaochao to the chicken coop and found that yesterday’s apple had been eaten up. The hen was still sleeping with her eyes closed. She didn’t appear anything unusual. She heard the sound and lifted her eyelids, but she didn’t change her sleepy posture.

Ji Cha opened the chicken coop and released the hen, and the hen walked around the grass two times in high spirits, apparently without any problems.

Only then did Ji Cha put down his heart and told Xiaochao that he could go back to eat apples. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Xiaochao cheered and ran back quickly, and when Ji Cha returned to the room, he found that Xiaochao was already asleep with an apple in his arms.

The renovation of the chicken coop went well. The hens were lively with people fixing things here and there in their house. Ji Cha hopes that all roosters and hens will be able to live up to their expectations, so that their wish to have fresh meat naturally will come as soon as possible.

However, before dark, an unexpected guest arrived outside the factory.


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