Chapter 28: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Ji Cha: Why is this guy the ML? He’s too perverted. I want a refund.

The cage has a threshold that is higher than the ground. Ji Cha had already lifted his feet above the threshold, but Liang Jincheng, who suddenly appeared in the corner of the light, startled him, his feet dropped half an inch, and his body moved with his inclination. When he leaned back, he stumbled, lost his center of gravity, and smashed the back of his head on Liang Jincheng’s chest.

Afraid that he would fall, Liang Jincheng quickly stretched out a hand to support Ji Cha’s shoulder, and asked with concern, “Does it hurt?”

Ji Cha was embarrassed, he stood up holding the back of his head, and said in a low voice, “It doesn’t hurt.”

Does it hurt? Of course it hurts. Ji Cha felt that his head was buzzing and dizzy. It didn’t seem like he hit the flesh on a person’s chest just now, it was more like a steel plate was swiped towards his head.

Could it be that Liang Jincheng’s bones have evolved into metal?

Ji Cha’s suspicious eyes glanced back and forth on Liang Jincheng, and felt that this guess was quite credible.

From the look on his face, Liang Jincheng knew that most of these words were false. He put the medicine box he brought all the way to the cement block next to him, and asked Ji Cha to turn around, “Show me.”

When Liang Jincheng spoke, his tone was always calm, with an affirmation that people could not refuse. Ji Cha had no choice, turned two steps and lowered his hand slowly, “It’s nothing, it should…”

He originally thought that Liang Jincheng wouldn’t have anything else to do if he took a look, but he didn’t want to turn around and he was about to end this action.

“It’s fine if it’s not swollen.” Having said that, it seems that Liang Jincheng also knows how hard his bones are.

Rubbing his head like this for a man, Ji Cha inexplicably remembered the legendary “touching the head” that the little girls liked very much in the past. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Just with Liang Jincheng’s conditions and appearance, the little girls in their school would definitely want their heads to be touched until they went bald.

Now that it was him, Ji Cha felt a little strange. He couldn’t tell where this strange thing was, so he felt very embarrassed.

As soon as he panicked, he felt embarrassed. After the embarrassing atmosphere came up, Ji Cha felt that his mouth was a little out of control, and he said something stupid next. He looked at Liang Jincheng’s hand that was slowly put back, and suddenly said, “I, I was just thinking that your hand might crush my head…”

As soon as the words were spoken, Ji Cha himself believed that it was what he was feeling originally and felt quite good. At least this kind of thinking was better than letting Liang Jincheng know that he almost blushed just now, right?

Liang Jincheng was stunned for a moment, and then he couldn’t help laughing. Although what he thought in his heart was that he could not wait to hold Ji Cha in his arms and kiss his forehead and eyes.

On the bright side, he still gave Ji Cha respect by following along with this statement, “Maybe it might really work that way.”

After Liang Jincheng finished speaking, he compared his big pincer-like hand to Ji Cha’s face, causing him to shrank back sharply. It was really startling.

“Okay, I’m teasing you.” Liang Jincheng put away his smile, opened the medicine box next to him, took out the alcohol cotton wool inside, and took out a box of sewing needles from his pocket.

Ji Cha couldn’t understand what he was preparing for, “What are you doing with the needle?”

Liang Jincheng lowered his head and disinfected one of the needles with alcohol cotton, then grabbed Ji Cha’s hand and said, “Help you pick the blisters.”

Friction-type blisters need to be squeezed out the liquid inside.

His movements were quick, and before Ji Cha could say anything about it, Liang Jincheng had already put down the needle in his hand, and used the thumbs of both hands to gently squeeze the edge of the blister, letting the fluid in the wound flowed out from he small hole poked by the needle.

He didn’t know if it’s because the other party’s body has changed, Ji Cha always feels that Liang Jincheng’s whole body is hot now, and the hands they are holding show a clear temperature difference.

Liang Jincheng let go of one hand, but he still held Ji Cha’s with the other hand. He put the things back in the medicine box, and took out the iodine swap. He was so dexterous with one hand that Ji Cha couldn’t believe how he could easily disinfect his wounds.

Ji Cha got closer and saw that Liang Jincheng seemed to want to wrap him with a band-aid, so he quickly retracted his hand, “I think that’s it, it’s just a blister. I used to just squeeze the water inside and leave it alone.”

But in front of Liang Jincheng, his strength was like a mayfly shaking a tree, and he couldn’t move.

His breath swept across Liang Jincheng’s wrist. Ji Cha didn’t pay attention to this detail. He only noticed that Liang Jincheng’s hand was a little hot for a while, and now he only felt that his previous assumption was not fake. Liang Jincheng must have had a physical mutation. His body temperature is different from normal people.

As for Liang Jincheng, he endured the provocations from Ji Cha in his heart, put a Band-Aid on him steadily, and then concealed his reluctance and let go of Ji Cha’s hand.

Ji Cha raised his hand and looked at it in the sun. Although he still felt that there was no need to work so hard around a small blister, he did not deny Liang Jincheng’s thoughtfulness.

At this moment, Liang Jincheng suddenly said again, “I looked around here with a telescope from the second floor. There is only one village in the vicinity. Do you know how many people there are in it?”

Ji Cha didn’t know why he suddenly asked this, so he still nodded, “The village is not big, there are more than 400 people in it, mostly old people and children, not many young adults.”

Ji Cha has always wanted to be less provocative and hide in the fortress. Anyway, sooner or later, this part will be taken over by the army, and other defense work can be done before that.

But Liang Jincheng obviously didn’t think so.

Although the location is very remote, the population of S City is large. There are many zombies in the city. Some might eventually swarm to places with sparse population and a lot of food, and the zombie tide will follow. Before that, it’s best to have some knowledge of the surrounding environment first.”

Liang Jincheng said, “I’m going to go out and have a look this afternoon.”

“Are you going alone?” Ji Cha asked in surprise, then immediately refused, “It’s too dangerous to do this.”

Liang Jincheng shook his head and said, “The fewer people there are, the safer it is. There is no scruples in going back and forth, and even if I go out alone, I won’t be harmed by others.”

“You can’t die!” Ji Cha grabbed Liang Jincheng’s arm and said it directly.

He was finally reborn from the apocalypse that he experienced like a nightmare. He didn’t have any useful space ability or any other abilities. The only thing that can be regarded as a golden finger is to know one of the big boss in the later period.

How could Ji Cha be willing, in case Liang Jincheng became unlucky because of the butterfly effect, what a pity that would be?

But the complicated emotions he conveyed to Liang Jincheng were all simplified into a simple message by the other party: Ji Cha couldn’t bear to let him hurt.

Ji Cha has begun to miss him!

Coupled with Ji Cha’s undisguised little eyes, Liang Jincheng seemed to have been hit on the head with a sap, and his heart also seemed to be strangled by a hand, feeling that he was born to die in an instant. Read on ho lo lo novels. Please don’t support thieves. The hands hanging by his side were trembling faintly with excitement, and he was afraid that he couldn’t help but put the person on the spot.

“I won’t die.” Liang Jincheng held Ji Cha’s wrist with his pincer-like hand, and then slowly slipped down to the back of his hand, and finally stopped for about two or three seconds as if wrapping Ji Cha’s palm.

That’s great, Ji Cha’s feelings for him have grown beyond his original expectations, making him excited and happy.

Ji Cha was completely immersed in his own emotions, and he didn’t find anything strange at all.

But this scene fell into the eyes of Zhang Xing who just turned around and wanted to ask Ji Cha what he planned to do next, but the scene he saw was like a tenth magnitude earthquake.

He took a deep breath and took two or three steps back. He hid in the corner and stared at Ji Cha. He saw Liang Jincheng’s corner of the eyes seemed to look at him, and then the hand that was holding Ji Cha slowly loosened.

Zhang Xing looked at Ji Cha again, and found that the emotion in the other’s eyes was a lingering sorrow.

Without any explanation, Zhang Xing figured out the logic at once.

No wonder Liang Jincheng looked so cold, but he was courteous to Ji Cha. It turned out that the two of them had already…

Zhang Xing went his own way, thinking in his heart that we are all successors under socialism, little flowers with open minds and advanced concepts, there is nothing that cannot be accepted. After a lot of foreshadowing in his heart, he started walking towards the two.

“Then be careful on the road. Personal safety is the most important thing. If someone tries to bite you, run faster.”

When Zhang Wen approached, he heard Ji Cha’s instructions to Liang Jincheng, and couldn’t help but wonder, “Do you want to go out now?”

Ji Cha nodded, “He said he wanted to go to the nearby village to have a look.”

Zhang Xing hesitated, and after a while, he asked, “Drive?”

Driving back and forth, while faster and safer, will undoubtedly attract more attention. In addition, he didn’t know who is still alive in the village, so blindly exposing that there are good living conditions in the factory is undoubtedly stupid.

Liang Jincheng said, “I’ll run around in a detour.”

The aura on his body was so unfriendly that Zhang Xing couldn’t help but want to get closer to Ji Cha, but this also made Liang Jincheng’s eyes colder and colder when he looked at him.

The straight man Zhang Xing couldn’t keep up with this person’s brain circuit, so he followed the anxiety in his heart, and he shrank more towards Ji Cha.

“Why don’t you come with me?” The smile on Liang Jincheng’s face almost didn’t move with the corners of his mouth.

This proposal, on a hot day, Zhang Xing almost had a cold sweat on the spot, he waved his hands and smiled, “No, no, I’m going out, wouldn’t it be a drag for you?”

If you want to screw my head off outside, can I still be alive?


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