Who is more ruthless than Mo Li?

The students in the class looked at Mo Li and Bai Cheng quietly, wondering what the relationship between the two was, hugging each other like this.

Bai Quzhi, who was sitting in the front row, wanted to say something to Bai Cheng, but noticed that Bai Cheng’s eyes were still red, so he quickly withdrew his gaze. He couldn’t take a step.

He still remembers that he secretly went to play video games with Bai Cheng when he was in junior high school. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. At that time, Bai Cheng was good at studying and cheerful, and he was no different from other students his age. But now they seem to be separated by a long distance, and it is difficult to even say a word like in the past.

There was still a quarrel outside the door, and they could hear the head teacher trying to explain to the dean.

“Director, this time it was Xu Jia who made the mistake first. I heard from the classmates before that Xu Jia has bullied his classmates not just once or twice…”

Perhaps because of the influence of Mo Li’s words, the head teacher finally held Xu Jia accountable this time.

“Even if Xu Jia made a mistake first, there is still a problem with being beaten like that!”

Too bad the dean didn’t listen at all. He knew how powerful Xu Jia’s father was, and he didn’t have more than one head to lose. His head was almost bald, “I just went to the infirmary to take a look, Xu Jia’s face was swollen like a pig’s head, and his nose was still bleeding! How serious is this?!”

Forgive the dean for being so angry. He just had dinner with Xu Jia’s father last month, took some benefits, and promised Xu Jia’s father that he would take good care of Xu Jia. Who knew that his son would be beaten like this now.

Thinking that he was going to face Xu Jia’s father’s anger, the dean couldn’t help but blame the head teacher, “This time it’s another student in your class, Meng Zhi, what the hell did you do! If you can’t teach students, just quit!”

The head teacher’s face was also ugly, especially after hearing about Xu Jia’s tragic situation, he felt that today’s matter was difficult to handle.

Although he still wants to protect Mo Li, that is only if his job is preserved first.

The dean of education thought that the people from the Xu family might be coming over, and he spat angrily: “Okay, let’s call out Bai Cheng and Mo Li. They don’t know how much trouble they’ve gotten into and they’re still in the classroom!”

He roared loudly, and the entire classroom could hear it clearly. Everyone looked towards Mo Li and Bai Cheng.

Bai Cheng pursed his lips, originally intending to take all the blame, but when he heard Mo Li’s words, his heart shook shamefully.

He squeezed his sleeve tightly, and subconsciously told himself that Mo Li was just a student, and there was no way he could face the entire Xu family, but somehow he felt that Mo Li was very reliable.

“Don’t be afraid.”

Mo Li’s voice came from his ears, and then he saw Mo Li grabbed his wrist and walked out.

He finally recovered his voice, approached Mo Li and firmly said, “If you can’t handle anymore, you must put all the blame on me, I’ll be fine.”

At this time, the two of them had already walked out of the classroom, and Bai Cheng directly withdrew his hand and walked ahead from Mo Li for half a step.

Mo Li glanced at him with a hint of dissatisfaction in his eyes. When he was about to speak, a question came from beside him: “Is that what you guys did to my young master Xu?”

Everyone looked at the voice in unison, and it was a man was wearing a suit and leather shoes, and his expression was arrogant.

He came straight over and stretched out his hand towards the dean of education. When he raised his hand, his sleeves moved up, revealing a luxurious and expensive watch.

“You are?” The dean hurriedly squeezed over and shook the hand of the person who came, and asked with a flattering smile.

The man nodded, quickly retracted his hand, took out a business card from his pocket, and handed it to the dean: “I’m Yu Gao, Chairman Xu’s assistant. Chairman was very angry when he heard that Young Master Xu was injured at school. He specially asked me to come and take a look first, so that the students who committed the crime would not run away.”

When he spoke, his eyes swept over Bai Cheng and Mo Li, and the threat was obvious.

“It should be, it should be.” The dean of education took the benefits from the Xu family, and his voice softened. Hearing the words, he directly adjusted his emotions, glared at Bai Cheng and Mo Li, and said: “Look at what you two have done!”

Bai Cheng looked away indifferently, without making a sound. On the other hand, Mo Li smiled, his eyes staring at the dean for a few seconds, making the dean’s scalp tingling, and he subconsciously shouted angrily, “What are you looking at!”

Hearing this, Mo Li shrugged his shoulders and stood still straight. Although he looked at everyone, he didn’t seem to care about anyone.

Seeing this, the head teacher’s cold sweat was about to fall. He felt pity for Mo Li at first. He thought he would protect Mo Li if he could, but who would have known that Mo Li was so ignorant!

It’s okay to be casual in front of him, how can you still be like that in front of the Xu family!

Once the Xu family investigates what Mo Li did, whether Mo Li can go to jail or not, he will definitely lose his job if he protects Mo Li. Thinking of this, head teacher took a deep breath, no amount of regret in his heart is as important as his own career. Glancing at Mo Li, he took the lead in reprimanding: “What is your attitude, Mo Li, stand up straight for me!”

Although Mo Li’s original standing posture was not very respectful, but it was also upright.

Hearing this, Mo Li couldn’t help but glance at the head teacher, and put his feet together with a half-smile, causing a dull sound when the shoes collided.

When he saw everyone looking over, he asked softly, “Do you think it’s inappropriate for me to stand like this?”

The head teacher was completely speechless.

Bai Cheng also frowned, reached out and quietly pulled his sleeve.

His hand was instead caught by Mo Li. He watched Mo Li calmly take two steps towards him, holding his hand tightly behind his back and pinching it.

Bai Cheng’s scalp was numb, he withdrew his hand forcefully, raised his eyes, and met Mo Li’s light smile again.

He was immediately annoyed, and he didn’t understand why Mo Li still looked like he was not afraid.

“You student, you don’t know how to repent when you make a mistake? What kind of attitude is this!” The dean also scolded angrily when he saw this.

Mo Li’s arrogant attitude also attracted Yu Gao’s attention. When Yu Gao came this time, he thought he would have to teach Bai Cheng a good lesson first. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. After all, this is the second time between Bai Cheng and Xu Jia.

But seeing Mo Li like this, how could he still care about Bai Cheng. He walked over and stood in front of Mo Li.

Originally, he wanted to use momentum to oppress people, but he didn’t expect that Mo Li was about the same size as him.

The aura of an adult is not something that a little high school senior can resist. He reached out and patted Mo Li’s shoulder, and shouted sharply, “You are not small!”

Unexpectedly, Mo Li raised his arm to block his hand and smiled lightly: “The last person who said this to me is still lying in the hospital half paralyzed, and he may never wake up in his life.”




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