Chapter 16: I Am The White Moonlight of The Reborn School Bully

Now it’s my turn to protect you!

“Then what did Bai Cheng do wrong?”

Following Mo Li’s last question, the head teacher took a step back, completely speechless.

In fact, the substitute English teacher, Chu Yawen, teacher Chu, told him more than once that Bai Cheng was not a bad boy, and that he was very good and quiet in English class, and never made trouble.

But he never believed it.

“Today, in order not to let me suffer in the hands of Xu Jia, Bai Cheng has been making headway again and again.” Mo Li asked again, “Teacher, is it wrong to be kind?”

The head teacher seemed to recognize the real Bai Cheng for the first time.

He had a feeling that he might have misunderstood Bai Cheng before, but now that Mo Li pointed it out, he couldn’t get out of the play even if he was extremely embarrassed, and he was unable to refute it.

For the first time, the classmates in the class didn’t make a fuss. They sat quietly in their seats, their heads lowered in embarrassment.

Bai Cheng was stunned by Mo Li’s series of questions. He stared blankly at this person beside him, not knowing what to do for a moment. ho lo lo novels. Read here please? He didn’t even think that Mo Li could see through the things he did.

At this time, the head teacher rubbed his eyebrows and told himself that he should not lose face in front of his students. He took a deep breath and stared at Mo Li and said, “I can’t tell you what you said was truth or not, but isn’t it true that Bai Cheng is in the wrong? It is also a fact that his poor academic performance has affected the students in the class.”

“Is it wrong to have bad grades? Should I be given up if I have bad grades?” Mo Li chuckled, “If his grades are bad because he didn’t study, what is the head teacher doing to help him then?”

He paused, pretending he didn’t see the head teacher’s face, and said indifferently:

“Not to mention, Bai Cheng just had a fight with Xu Jia after hearing his parents were insulted. If it were me, Xu Jia would never be able to stand up in his life.”

“Is it right to hit someone in your opinion?” The head teacher finally found the point of the attack and sternly accused.

“Bai Cheng is right.” Mo Li spread his hands, his tone was careless, and there was no attitude of admitting his mistake, “But I admit my mistake, I shouldn’t beat Xu Jia like that, at least not in school.”

The way he spoke, because he did it in school, he accidentally involved Bai Cheng, and it was a mistake.

At that time, he couldn’t control his emotions. Otherwise, he would have picked a place where Bai Cheng wasn’t there.

The head teacher shivered angrily, “You mean to beat people outside the school? Do you know how difficult Xu Jia’s family is?”

When he was talking, a teacher hurried over and said, “Mr. Meng, something happened! Xu Jia seems to have called home, and the school leaders are rushing here.”

The head teacher’s face turned pale. He had a headache when he remembered how difficult Xu Jia’s father was last time. That time was solved by Bai Cheng kneeling down and apologizing. This time…

He looked at Mo Li, and his head hurt even more.

He wouldn’t lose his job because of these students, right?

Glancing at Bai Cheng and Mo Li at the same time, he hurried to the door of the classroom.

Bai Cheng listened to the noise in the corridor, looked towards the door, his eyes were sore and painful, thinking that his face must be looking very embarrassing now.

He couldn’t raise his head in front of Mo Li. He looked over, but his eyes were fixed on the brand-new sneakers on Mo Li’s feet, and he said in a low voice, “Thank you.”

The two were about the same height. Although Bai Cheng lowered his head, Mo Li could still see the dry tears on his face.

At the moment, he sighed lightly, resisting the thought of hugging him and whispering, “It’s okay.”

At this time, a male voice suddenly roared from outside the corridor, asking what happened, and then the head teacher explained in a low voice.

Bai Cheng glanced at the door again, took a deep breath, and when he raised his head, he looked stubborn again, even his body straightened.

He lightly patted Mo Li’s arm, looked over and said, “They will make someone take the fall in a while, I will take it all, anyway, I don’t want to go to school anymore, you can just push it all on me.”

Seeing Mo Li also looking at him with unpredictable eyes, Bai Cheng subconsciously pursed the corners of his mouth. For the first time, he restrained his indifference towards Mo Li, and smiled before saying, “You study well, don’t be implicated by me, stay in school.”

Bai Cheng’s timbre had the bright and crisp tone unique to a teenager, especially when he spoke with a smile.

He didn’t expect to be hit on the head by Mo Li as soon as his voice fell.

“I’ve put so much thought into it, I didn’t want you to drop out.” Mo Li ignored the other students in the classroom, raised his hand to touch Bai Cheng’s face, and said very seriously, “I am greedy… I want you to go to school well with me.”

Facing Bai Cheng’s youthful face, Mo Li almost said that I was jealous of him, but luckily, he bit his tongue, closed his mouth in time, and returned to his serious appearance.

The young Bai Cheng is still a little green, and he must be very beautiful crying when he is bullied.

Hearing that Mo Li was actually worried about this, Bai Cheng couldn’t help shaking his head and said, “I have already made up my mind about dropping out of school.”

“You really don’t want to go to school?” Mo Li stared at him and asked.

Seeing that Bai Cheng was about to nod his head immediately, he raised his voice and asked again.

This time, Bai Cheng hesitated for a while, and looked a little angry and said: “Of course it’s true!”

“Then why did I see you shed tears in front of my question book when I was lecturing today?” Mo Li gave Bai Cheng no face and made a short talk.

Bai Cheng was shocked and subconsciously replied: “I didn’t shed tears! I just—”

“You just …?”

Mo Li stared at Bai Cheng who had a guilty conscience and turned his eyes away, stretched out his hand and lifted the man’s chin to force Bai Cheng to look at him, “Lying to me?”

Bai Cheng struggled a little uncomfortably, he always felt that Mo Li looked at him with some emotions that he couldn’t understand.

But not malicious.

Seeing that Bai Cheng didn’t even want to look directly at him, Mo Li sighed and hugged him again, rubbing his head against Bai Cheng’s neck.

“You, what are you doing!” Bai Cheng was very sensitive, especially ticklish, and was almost made to laugh out loud by Mo Li’s actions.

“Didn’t I say it, believe me.”

Mo Li’s voice suddenly sounded in his ears.

Bai Cheng’s ears were a little numb, but it was the sudden beating in his heart that was more obvious.

This is hope, and Mo Li is giving him hope.

At this moment in his mind, he thought of all the pressure he was under, his eyes were red again, and he subconsciously wanted to reject Mo Li.

He no longer believed in hope, his edges and corners had long been smoothed out.

“Bai Cheng.” Mo Li called his name, his thin lips touched the fragile neck, leaving a warm temperature, “Trust me, I will protect you.”

In fact, Mo Li always knew that he had been protected by Bai Cheng in his last life.

He was a jerk and had done many unforgivable things to Bai Cheng.

But Bai Cheng still tolerated him, redeemed him, and stayed by his side.

Now it’s his turn to protect Bai Cheng.



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