Chapter 15: I Am The White Moonlight of The Reborn School Bully

I will

Fuck, is there a problem?

Before he came, the head teacher heard from Wu Shi that it was Bai Cheng who instigated Xu Jia, and Xu Jia got angry and said a few words to Bai Cheng. Who knew that Mo Li would protect Bai Cheng as soon as he came in, and beat up Xu Jia.

Thinking of this, the head teacher walked straight to Bai Cheng, he raised his hand to slap him, “The school is here for you to study, not for you to harm other students with some gangster behavior!”

Bai Cheng wanted to hide subconsciously, but when he looked up, he saw that Mo Li was in front of him again.

“Teacher, calm down.”

No matter how irritable Mo Li was when he acted just now, he was particularly calm when he spoke, as if it was none of his business.

The head teacher had a better impression of Mo Li, thinking that he might be a champion in his class, he was a little more biased towards Mo Li.

But who knew that Mo Li had beaten Xu Jia to the point of being half-dead within a few minutes?!

Who is Xu Jia? Xu Jia’s father has come to the school several times. He not only helped the school to promote, but also raised funds and organized some school celebrations. The lively activities from Xu Jia’s father’s arrangement at their school are famous among the rest of the middle schools.

Now that Xu Jia is beaten like this in school, a good seedling like Mo Li is likely to be expelled from school!

“Mo Li, do you think you’ll be fine after all this?” the head teacher said angrily, “Go and apologize to Xu Jia right away! If Xu Jia is appeased, maybe he can forgive you.”

Mo Li didn’t say anything, and tapped the ground with his toes a few times, not knowing what he was thinking.

“Why don’t you hurry up!” The head teacher angrily came up and hit him on the arm.

Bai Cheng didn’t want Mo Li to protect him anymore than he already did, so he stepped forward and grabbed Mo Li’s arm. At the same time, he blocked the head teacher’s movements and said, “Teacher, I’ll go.”

He can no longer let Mo Li be humiliated by Xu Jia.

“You still know to apologize?” The head teacher sneered, not having such a good attitude towards Bai Cheng, and pointed directly at Bai Cheng: “Today’s incident has passed, and I will go directly to the principal to ask you to drop out of school. If you stay in this classroom, I am afraid that my other students will also be damaged by you!”

Bai Cheng’s hand reached into his trouser pocket and clenched fiercely, but said nonchalantly, “Whatever, I don’t want to go to school at this place anyway.”

When he spoke, his eyes never fell on Mo Li for a moment, and as he was about to leave, raising his feet.

“How to apologize?”

At this moment, Mo Li suddenly spoke up.

Bai Cheng was stunned for a moment, then turned to see Mo Li looking straight at the head teacher, not talking to him.

The head teacher frowned, not understanding what Mo Li was doing by asking such an irrelevant question, and said casually, “How else can you apologize?”

“Kneel down?” Who knew that this came out of Mo Li’s mouth.

This time, not only the students in the class looked over, but the head teacher’s eyes widened, and even Bai Cheng suddenly looked at Mo Li. ho lo lo novels. At the same time, Mo Li turned his eyes away, his pure-colored eyes looked straight at Bai Cheng, and asked again, “shall I kneel down?”

At this moment, Bai Cheng only felt as if he had been stripped naked, shame and anger flooded his face at the same time, his mind was blank, and his self-esteem was completely shattered. He didn’t expect that Mo Li knew about it after only two days of transferring.

Why is Mo Li asking this now, looking down on him?

It turns out that the people who helped him… also looked down on him?

Facing a mother who was out of control, facing the embarrassment of not being able to go to school, facing the classmates who kept bullying him in the class, and facing the teacher who gave up on him, Bai Cheng never shed tears in front of others. But now he had red eyes, opened his mouth slightly and closed it again, and then asked in a hoarse voice, “Do you think I wanted to kneel?”

After he spoke, he suddenly raised his voice again, beating his chest in despair, and said, “Do you think I wanted to kneel!”

He started crying, his eyes were red, the tip of his nose was red, and his brows were also red. He didn’t want to show such a face in front of others, so he wiped his eyes hard and was about to run out, but his arm was caught.

“Let go!” he growled.

Unexpectedly, Mo Li refused and hugged him, ignoring his struggle and patted his shoulder hard: “Trust me, you are better than anyone else, Bai Cheng.”

Bai Cheng was stunned. Immediately afterward, Mo Li supported his shoulder and looked straight at the teacher: “Teacher, do you see how much pressure your students are under?”

“What pressure…” The head teacher said naively, unable to look directly at Bai Cheng for the first time.

“When Bai Cheng was forced to kneel down, did you do your best to protect your students?” Mo Li said lightly: “or, in your eyes, you always feel that a poor student is not a student, the big things are reduced to small ones, and as long as Xu Jia stops making troubles, it will be fine?”

The head teacher choked, and quickly said angrily: “What are you taking about such mess, when did I think about it, that time it was Bai Cheng who wanted to kneel himself, what does it have to do with me! Besides, that time Bai Cheng also fought, and he was in the wrong!”

However, Mo Li shook his head. He was obviously just a student, but his eyes were so sharp that the head teacher subconsciously looked away.

“Then do you know the cause and effect of his fight?” Mo Li said again.

The head teacher told himself that he couldn’t be afraid of a student, he straightened up and said, “It’s just a little contradiction…”

“Bai Qunan.” Mo Li suddenly turned his head and looked at Bai Qunan, “Do you have anything to say?”

Bai Qunan had been watching the play this entire time, but when he saw Bai Cheng’s emotional breakdown, he didn’t know why he only felt that his heart was heavy.

He blamed himself a little because he had been watching and isolating Bai Cheng for more than a year.

Hearing Mo Li suddenly calling himself, he subconsciously stood up, a little timid, but when he saw Bai Cheng’s red eyes, he suddenly made up his mind and summoned his courage: “Actually, teacher, it was Xu Jia who always tore up Bai Cheng’s books, insulted Bai Cheng, laughed at his poor family, and ridiculed that his shoes were old and worn out.”

Now that he has spoken up, Bai Qunan has also gone out of his way, even if Wu Shi and the others are going to find trouble for him, he has a clear conscience, “This is not the first time, every day Xu Jia is thinking of ways to insult Bai Cheng, saying that he His family was poor, his parents were poor, and he was poor all his life. The reason for the fight that day was because Xu Jia said that Bai Cheng was so good-looking, and his mother was also… verbally insulted his mother.”

The teacher was stunned, and after a long while he said firmly: “Impossible, Xu Jia is a good boy and a good student, it is impossible to say such a thing.”

Hearing this, Mo Li smiled, good boy, good student?

“Teacher, do you know why I hit Xu Jia this time?” Mo Li raised his hand and covered his lower lip, cursing his smile and said slowly: “Xu Jia threatened me with words at noon. Not only that, but when I came back to the classroom just now, he was grabbing Bai Cheng’s collar and attacking Bai Cheng.”

“Now I ask you, I beat Xu Jia, is there a problem?”


Translator has something to say: Although I don’t condone violence, but this Xu Jia …. serves him right.



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