Chapter 14: I Am The White Moonlight of The Reborn School Bully

A big disaster

Xu Jia could see that Mo Li, a transfer student, had an unusual attitude towards Bai Cheng.

Since he can’t find Mo Li trouble now, he will find some for Bai Cheng.

Bai Cheng was just picking up the rag to wipe the table, but Xu Jia came over and stepped on the rag, Bai Cheng was still holding, without saying a word. At the same time, he said triumphantly: “What are you doing in such a hurry to destroy the evidence?”

He looked at Bai Cheng, and it was funny when he saw Bai Cheng’s cold face but didn’t dare to say a word. He let Bai Cheng and Mo Li run away last time, and he was full of anger. He originally wanted to teach them a lesson today, but he didn’t expect to be slapped in the face by Mo Li in public. ho lo lo novels. He couldn’t take it anymore.

Bai Cheng looked down at the rag he stepped on under his feet, pursed the corner of his lower lip, and said nothing. It’s a pity that Xu Jia didn’t intend to let him go like this, grabbed his collar and sneered: “Look at you, you really have no father to support and no mother to teach. No one teaches you what politeness is. I will teach you.”

Bai Cheng clenched his fists fiercely, unable to bear it any longer, grabbed Xu Jia’s wrist and his expression instantly filled with anger: “Keep your mouth clean!”

“Ohhhh, so you want to do something to me huh?” Xu Jia smiled, pointed to his face and said, “Come on, try it. I tell you, if you dare to do something to me, this time I can make your mother kneel down and kowtow to me, understand?”

Wu Shi, who was on the side, even laughed out loud when he heard this, obviously remembering the last time Bai Cheng knelt down, his eyes were full of contempt.

On the other hand, Bai Cheng’s face was almost white and transparent. He clenched his teeth, his eyes were scarlet with despair, and his tense body even trembled. The blood seeping out in his mouth made him nauseous, he swallowed hard, and finally let go of the hand that was holding Xu Jia.

The next second Xu Jia kicked him in the stomach.

Bai Cheng lowered his head, but then, he heard a familiar voice: “It’s the first time I’ve heard such a cheap threat.”

What followed was Xu Jia’s wailing screams.

He looked up quickly and saw that Mo Li was holding Xu Jia’s hair with one hand as if he was just picking up a chicken, his expression was not so fierce, but the other hand slapped Xu Jia fiercely.

“Want someone to beat you? Come on, I’ll satisfy you and let you have enough.”

Everyone in the class was stunned.

Bai Cheng was also stunned. He quickly regained his senses and was about to speak, but Mo Li seemed to be aware of it and looked over at Bai Cheng, raising his chin slightly and said: “Go sit down and don’t get involved.”

At the same time, Wu Shi roared loudly and rushed over to grab Mo Li’s arm, screaming: “Mo Li, you are crazy, you openly beat up your classmates in the middle of the class?!”

Who would have thought that Mo Li would give him a kick when he lifted his leg. He was a little over 1.8 meters tall and had long legs, and Wu Shi was kicked away without even able to touch the corner of his clothes.

“A blind thing call me I’m crazy? I think your blindness and brain are inherited from your ancestors for eighteen generations. There’s no help.”

Mo Li moved his hands and did not forget to sneer. Seeing that Xu Jia tried to grab his clothes with his dirty hands to resist, he pressed Xu Jia’s head on the table with his backhand, aimed his heavy and fast fist directly at Xu Jia face, and smashed down.

If it wasn’t for Bai Cheng pulling him in a panic, he might have really killed someone.

Looking down at Xu Jia with blood on his face, Mo Li’s consciousness finally broke free from the violence. He sighed, he doesn’t have any drugs to suppress the stuffiness in his chest, he lost Bai Cheng for a long time, and this situation made him very emotional.

He turned around and hugged Bai Cheng subconsciously. When his irritable mood gradually calmed down and his heartbeat returned to a normal speed, he had to try hard to pull away from Bai Cheng.

Bai Cheng, who was suddenly hugged by Mo Li, was stunned for a moment, and when he was about to struggle, he noticed Mo Li’s trembling hands, he sighed and patted him on his back, just as he was soothing his frightened little brother.

“I’m going to tell the teacher!” The frail Wu Shi finally got up from the ground reluctantly and said this. “Go.” Who knew that Mo Li, who just hurt people, didn’t feel any guilt at all. He let go of Bai Cheng and looked at Wu Shi with a smile, “go on, don’t linger like a girl.”

Wu Shi was so angry that he rushed out of the classroom in a rolling and crawling manner.

Bai Cheng didn’t know how to deal with it at this moment. He looked at Xu Jia, who was being held up by his classmates with a weak face, and he was already panicking.

When things got to this point, Xu Jia might put Mo Li in jail, but Mo Li did all this to help him. He glanced at Mo Li, who was standing in front of him, and then at Xu Jia, who was half-dead. He took a deep breath. He was still scared, but his eyes became firm.

If Xu Jia really wants Mo Li to go to jail, he will die together with Xu Jia.

…He just hoped Mo Li can help him take care of his family.

“It’s okay, don’t be afraid.”

Just when Bai Cheng was flustered and scared, Mo Li suddenly tapped him on the shoulder, his voice was calm and gentle, as if nothing had happened.

“How can it be okay, Xu Jia … he … I told you not to have anything to do with me, but you just don’t listen!”

Bai Cheng was angry that Mo Li had acted rashly regardless of his own safety, but he couldn’t say anything serious. After gritted his teeth and said something in a low voice, he could only turn his head away from looking at him.

Seeing this, Mo Li was a little helpless, and was about to say something when the head teacher had rushed over in a hurry. When he saw Xu Jia’s bloody face, he almost fainted.

The head teacher felt that he had been a teacher for so many years, and it was the first time that a student who had only transferred for two days had beat a classmate to this state.

He took a deep breath, then hurriedly rushed to the other classmates who were still sitting in their seats in a daze: “What are you still doing, why don’t you hurry up and send him to the infirmary!”

The classmates suddenly became energized when they heard it. They were bored all day long, and now such a thing suddenly happened. They happily helped Xu Jia to the infirmary, and they were a little excited that they didn’t have to stay in the classroom all the time; can finally breathe.

Xu Jia was stumbled and sent to the infirmary, didn’t know how many lives he still had.

The head teacher was about to ascend to heaven. So mad.

“Call your parents!” The head teacher said angrily, “Fighting right at the school, you are gonna be in big trouble!”

“Isn’t that what you’re used to, teacher?” Mo Li swept his eyes around, shrugged and smiled, “Don’t you pretend you didn’t see Xu Jia bullying others.”

These words didn’t save any face for the head teacher. The head teacher was powerless to refute Mo Li, so he could only slap the table so hard that his nails almost broke.

On the way here, he knew the cause and effect from Wu Shi’s words. His eyes landed on Bai Cheng who was standing behind Mo Li, and said even more angrily:

“Bai Cheng, it’s you again! Why didn’t you drop out of school earlier!”



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