Chapter 13: I Am The White Moonlight of The Reborn School Bully

Teaching the class

Bai Cheng was stunned.

It was true that some people did this when Xu Jia first targeted him, but these people just wanted to see how he resisted, and they quickly became bored when they saw that he was indifferent.

Why did someone suddenly do such a thing today?

He raised his eyes and stopped on Xu Jia in the third row, and he noticed that someone was secretly observing him while talking and laughing in a low voice, and brought a rag directly from the back of the classroom to clean the table.

But when he entered the classroom, the school bell has already rang, and the head teacher came in as soon as he brought the rag.

When the head teacher saw that Bai Cheng had not returned to his seat, he glared at him, and then watched Bai Cheng cleaning something on the table with a rag.

“Bai Cheng, are you still sitting down after class?” he frowned.

Bai Cheng didn’t want his school uniform to be soiled, so he was about to wipe off the dirty water and sit down when he heard Xu Jia say, “I want to report classmate Bai Cheng. He scribbled on the table during his lunch break, splashed dirty water on the table, and tried to slander us that we did it.”

The head teacher was stunned for a moment, stepped down from the podium, and grabbed Bai Cheng’s arm as he was wiping the table, you could vaguely see some abusive words written on it.

“Bai Cheng!” The teacher frowned, “How old are you to do such a thing, is it childish or not?”

Bai Cheng opened his mouth, and when he looked up, he saw Xu Jia’s triumphant look, and also noticed that Xu Jia was secretly watching Mo Li’s direction from the corner of his eyes.

At the same time, Mo Li stood up.

“Teacher,” he said, “I’ve never heard of anyone who tries to frame others by dirtying their own desk.”

The head teacher had habitually trusted Xu Jia, and when he heard this, he was about to speak, when Bai Cheng had already hurriedly said, “I did it.”

As he said that, he wiped the table with force, threw the rag beside the table, put his hand in the pocket of the school uniform, and looked at the head teacher with a tugging attitude.

When Xu Jia bullies others, he likes to see the bullied person resisting. The more intense the resistance, the happier he is. Read only on ho lo lo novels yeah? Because no matter what the final result is, with his family’s superior status, Xu Jia will definitely be the winner.

Xu Jia was smashed by Mo Li with a book before, and he still remember it. Splashing dirty water on the desk today was just a teaser, just to lead Mo Li to come forward.

When Mo Li was in his early years in the previous life, Xu Jia’s plan would have definitely worked against Mo Li.

The head teacher was angry with Bai Cheng’s attitude, so he pointed outside and told Bai Cheng to get out of class. “Where did you learn this kind of gangster attitude? If you want to be a gangster, don’t come to school!” He said with a look of disgust, “As expected, the mud can’t support the wall.”

Bai Cheng paused at his feet and left the classroom at a faster speed without a change in his expression.

The head teacher used to have expectations for him, but it was only when his grades got worse and worse that he gave up on him.

Besides, he can no longer drag Mo Li down.

It’s just that Bai Cheng didn’t expect Mo Li to come out after he had just stood outside for a minute.

“What are you doing coming out?!” He glared at Mo Li.

“To take you in.” Mo Li took him by the arm and entered the door, calmly ignoring everyone’s gaze, he walked Bai Cheng to his seat and let him sit down.

The head teacher’s face was flushed with anger, and he pointed at Mo Li and shouted angrily: “Mo Li what do you mean!”

“Teacher, we came to the school to study in class, not to be punished by standing outside. If you have any punishment, let’s say after class, don’t delay our class.” Mo Li raised his hand and said lazily, “You can punish me whatever you want after class. “

The head teacher choked, glared at Mo Li viciously and said, “What’s wrong with me punishing the students? You can stop me if you have the ability!”

Who would have thought that the daring Mo Li would actually nod his head, go straight to the blackboard, and looked at the class teacher: “What are you teaching today?”

The head teacher was about to be laughing out of anger by Mo Li, he pointed to a page in the textbook and sat next to the podium: “Let me tell you, if you can’t teach well today, I will make a person like you get kicked out of school with all my teaching qualifications for so many years.”

Facing the shocked gazes of the whole class, Mo Li seriously talked about the content of the subject. In fact, the second year of high school has already finished the contents that should be taught. Except for a few subjects that have some content left, other subjects have already started doing review questions.

He went straight out of the script and simply wrote a series of chemical equations on the blackboard, accompanied by his calm and low voice: “This kind of question just looks complicated, but as long as we write the chemical formula of the reactant on the scratch paper in advance, analyze the ions participating in the reaction, and the ions to be left, see—”

His handwriting is very beautiful, he marked it twice, wrote the correct answer on the blackboard, and didn’t even read the answer in advance. The speed was staggering.

Xueba’s thinking is clear and precise. He is obviously just a student, but his seriousness makes people involuntarily quiet down and listen to him. (T/N: xueba = study god)

If it wasn’t for Mo Li still wearing the school uniform, it would seem that there is no difference from what the teacher would say and his.

The head teacher gradually calmed down from the anger at the beginning, and gradually eased his expression, and began to listen to Mo Li.

Sitting in front of Mo Li’s desk, Bai Cheng looked at the textbook he opened, listened to Mo Li’s explanation, and tried to solve the problem, and he really solved it smoothly.

He didn’t dare to scribble on Mo Li’s question book, but just recited the answer in his mind, staring blankly at the textbook, his eyes turned red for some reason.

But how could Xu Jia let Mo Li shine so brightly, so he stood up and asked for trouble, “It’s simple, but I don’t know what to do with the ions and electrons of the chemical formula?”

Mo Li smiled, pointed to the textbook in front of Xu Jia, and said solemnly in his cello-like voice: “You can find it in the book, and you can memorise it using your brain. If you have no hands and no brains, you are welcome at the Welfare Institute for the Disabled next door.”

“You!” Xu Jia’s angry voice changed.

But Mo Li ignored Xu Jia directly, looked up at the other students and said: “next question.”

After class, Bai Cheng was forgotten by the head teacher, but Mo Li was taken to the office.

“You did good.” The head teacher raised his face and boasted reservedly. Checking Mo Li’s entrance exam results in his hand, he said in a heavy voice: “But you study well doesn’t mean you can ignore the teacher’s words and the classroom discipline! Last time, your math teacher, Teacher Wang, was mad at you, but this time you made me mad. Go back and write me an essay!”

As he was talking, he saw Mo Li’s admission results. Mo Li’s grades in every subject were close to full marks, he lost even the last bit of anger.

Regardless of whether Mo Li caused a ruckus, he should just let him go back now to study.

Mo Li’s grade in their school is simply a surprise! If you want to take the college entrance examination, someone with this result must be the number one scholar in science!

Mo Li didn’t say anything from the beginning to the end, nodded and left.

He was worried about Bai Cheng, and when he walked back quickly, he saw Xu Jia standing in front of Bai Cheng, grabbing his collar and saying something.



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