Chapter 12: I Am The White Moonlight of The Reborn School Bully

What’s the need of face in chasing a wife?

After speaking, Bai Quzhi tightly shut his mouth, instinctively feeling that this atmosphere is not suitable for talking.

He quietly glanced at Mo Li, who was beside him, and when he saw that his head was lowered, his face gloomy, and his thin lips tightly pressed together, he swallowed softly. If you’re not reading this on h olo lo novels, there will be spoilers embedded throughout the chapter.

In the next second, Mo Li made a sudden movement and kicked the guardrail beside him, shaking it violently. Bai Quzhi, who was watching, took a step back, and he was frightened.

He originally thought that Mo Li didn’t do anything to Xu Jia today, and his temper was better than expected, but he didn’t expect this guy to be so angry.

“Where is Xu Jia now?” Mo Li regretted it. He should have broken Xu Jia’s neck today and fed his corpse to the dog.

Startled by Mo Li’s wild beast-like eyes, Bai Quzhi clutched his sleeve tightly and replied subconsciously, “Xu Jia is usually in an internet cafe at noon…”

Mo Li glanced at him again and asked, “Which Internet cafe?”

This look is not very fierce, but it makes people feel frightened.

Bai Quzhi looked down at his toes with a dull expression. Although he was afraid, he still tried his best: “Mo Li, listen to me, you just transferred, so you don’t know. Xu Jia’s father is much more powerful than you can understand. He knows many businessmen in H City. The last time you hit Xu Jia with a book but nothing happened and that’s coz he doesn’t care about you, and if he really wants to do something to you, you’ll get into a lot of trouble.”

As he said that, he glanced at Mo Li cautiously, and seeing that Mo Li’s expression did not change, he added: “…You are so angry, do you know Bai Cheng before?”

When he heard Bai Cheng’s name, Mo Li’s eyes moved slightly. Although his expression was still not very good, the anger in his eyes slightly dissipated.

This name works better than any tranquilizer.

He lowered his eyes, snorted lightly, did not answer Bai Quzhi’s question, but calmed down and changed his tune: “I didn’t intend to trouble Xu Jia.”

Bai Quzhi had a look of disbelief. With the way he just looked, if Mo Li said he wanted to screw Xu Jia’s head off, he would have believed it.

And Mo Li already knew what he wanted to know at this moment. His heart was up and down, and the only thing he wanted to do in his mind was to go to Bai Cheng.

Not intending to continue to waste time on Bai Quzhi, Mo Li went and bought a bottle of cold drink for Bai Quzhi from the convenience store by the school gate.

“Thank you for telling me this,” he spoke gently.

“You’re welcome!” Bai Quzhi was not hypocritical, took the bottle and smiled, his throat was indeed a little dry after talking so much just now.

While drinking water, he quietly looked at Mo Li, who turned around to pay, and he couldn’t help feeling that the people from the big city were different. They were polite and easy to get along with.

Thinking about Mo Li’s attitude towards Bai Cheng, he should be a person with a special sense of justice.

Thinking of this, Bai Quzhi, who was bought by a bottle of cold drink, had a sharp rise in his favorability towards Mo Li, and even vigorously promoted himself: “You can come to me if you want to know anything else, there is no one in the class who knows better, and I’m glad you could listen to me.”

“Okay.” Mo Li nodded, his gentle attitude was completely different from just now, but no one saw the irritability and impatience hidden in his eyes.

After sending Bai Quzhi back to the classroom for lunch break, Mo Li ran directly to the rooftop.

Sure enough, he saw Bai Cheng there at a glance.

Bai Cheng was closing his eyes and leaning in front of the guardrail, his body was warmly covered with sunlight, the corners of his mouth rose slightly comfortably, and his small expression of contentment softened his cold face, which has always alienated those around.

It is unimaginable that such Bai Cheng has experienced the things that Bai Quzhi just said.

Mo Li couldn’t help but remember the first time he saw Bai Cheng. That time, Bai Cheng didn’t know his identity, thought he was there to buy a TV, and talked with a smile on his face to sell the TV. Mo Li still remember that he felt very comfortable then.

At that time, he thought, how can this man smile so well, and his voice is also good.

Later, he learned that Bai Cheng has no high education, no money, no family, and nothing.

But he could never see this from Bai Cheng, whose eyes were always filled with stars and warmth.

It was also the same Bai Cheng who pulled him out of the abyss.

Mo Li’s heart, that had been up and down, calmed down the moment he saw Bai Cheng.

His gaze became softer, he kept his steps lightly, and tried his best not to make a sound, but the keen Bai Cheng still heard the movement and opened his eyes.

Watching the approaching person vigilantly, Bai Cheng couldn’t see each other’s face for a while because of the dazzling sunlight.

It wasn’t until Mo Li sat directly next to him cheekily that he realized it was this guy again.

Irritably he closed his eyes and pretended not to see the intruder, and wished he could write the words “stay away from me” directly on his face.

It’s a pity that Mo Li’s eyes only see through the filter when it comes to Bai Cheng, and he moved to Bai Cheng’s side.

Bai Cheng couldn’t bear it any longer, he opened his eyes and stared at him and said, “Do you have to sit so close in such a big place on the roof?”

“Can’t sit here?” Mo Li looked surprised and touched the guardrail at the back, wondering: “Are the guardrails and everything in good condition?”

What did he mean by that! Bai Cheng frowned, staring at Mo Li but couldn’t say anything serious. After all, people’s mouth after eating is really soft.

Seeing that Bai Cheng was unhappy because of his presence, Mo Li smiled before he got up, and suddenly said, “What do you want for lunch tomorrow?”

Bai Cheng refused directly, “You don’t have to do anything more.”

He didn’t want to owe Mo Li any more favors.

Who knew that Mo Li pretended not to hear, “How about sweet and sour pork loin and stir-fried lettuce as side dishes?”

“The sauce is sweet and sour, and the tenderloin is the freshest and softest. As for the lettuce, it is refreshing. The crispness can relieve the sweetness of the tenderloin.” Mo Li used the best and most demagogic voice so vividly as if he was really cooking food and broadcasting.


These are all Bai Cheng’s favorite foods, and he was also the least resistant to.

Sure enough, Bai Cheng swallowed subconsciously, turned his head awkwardly and said, “It sounds pretty good…”

“No!” He suddenly frowned and turned to look at Mo Li: “I said I don’t want it!”

Mo Li directly ignored this sentence and asked with a smile, “Then do you want to come to my house and help me with it?”

“I won’t go, I said I won’t go.” Bai Cheng was a little desperate, not understanding why he and Mo Li were talking like chickens and ducks.

Unexpectedly, Mo Li thought for a while after hearing this, and said solemnly: “Otherwise… I will go to your house.”

Bai Cheng: “…”

His home?

The smile on his lips became more bitter. He ignored the coolness in his heart and lowered his eyes, “No.”

“This doesn’t work, and that doesn’t work.” Mo Li murmured softly, lying on the roof helplessly on his back, and finally stopped talking.

But in the bottom of his heart, he was thinking about how to get Bai Cheng to agree to go to his house.

At first, he thought that Bai Cheng didn’t want to go to school just because of economic problems, but now he sees that Bai Cheng’s family also has big problems.

Thinking again that there was no relatives around Bai Cheng in the previous life, something must have happened in between. He needs to find out more.

Only by knowing everything clearly can we help Bai Cheng.

Seeing that Mo Li stopped talking, Bai Cheng finally breathed a sigh of relief. He touched the roof warmed by the sun, and used this warmth to make his cold body feel more comfortable.

Neither of them spoke anymore.

In the afternoon, the two returned to the classroom side by side, but Bai Cheng found a bunch of abusive words written on his desk, and even dirty water was spilled on top.


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