Chapter 11: I Am The White Moonlight of The Reborn School Bully

The reason why Bai Cheng was excluded

Given Bai Cheng’s situation at school, Mo Li knew that acting rashly would only bring trouble to Bai Cheng.

As for what to do… He looked at Bai Quzhi again, raised his hand, gestured to follow him outside, and said, “let’s go out for a walk together.” If you’re not reading this on h olo lo novels, the ending might be missing.

Bai Quzhi was interrupted by Xu Jia in the middle just now. Although he really wanted to continue talking, he was afraid that Wu Shi will bother him if he sees him talking too much. Hearing Mo Li’s words, Bai Quzhi’s eyes lit up and he responded quickly: “OK!” Just when he wanted to smooth the pages and put the book back as if nothing happened, Mo Li had come over and sat next to him.

After that, he got up and walked out. Before leaving, he glanced at Wu Shi’s direction, and he was relieved to see that no one was paying attention to him.

The two walked downstairs, and Mo Li took the initiative to ask about Bai Cheng again. If you’re not reading this on ho lolo novels, there will be spoilers embedded throughout the chapter.

“You want to continue listening to what i was saying just now?”

Bai Quzhi asked quickly. He is a well-informed person, but he talks a lot, and his classmates are not very patient to listen to him, and now, there’s someone willing to listen to him. He was so happy that he could not wait to tell everything he knew.

“Where was I…? Oh, Bai Cheng defeated Xu Jia, right?”

Mo Li nodded.

Seeing this, Bai Quzhi organized the words and continued to speak: “Although Bai Cheng won at that time, he is different from Xu Jia. Xu Jia has a background, and his father is very fierce. I heard that he used to be a security guard and later won the lottery. Anyway, he was someone who made a small sum of money and started a company, and then gradually became rich.

Speaking of this, his eyes dimmed a little, and his tone was a little pity, “At that time, Xu Jia’s father came directly to the school and asked Bai Cheng to pay 100,000 yuan, but how could Bai Cheng afford it, we all know that his family is poor, and he doesn’t even have money to eat lunch every day.”

“And then?” Mo Li listened silently. In his last life, Bai Cheng had never said this to him.

“Then Bai Cheng’s mother came.” Bai Quzhi scratched his head, and his face became more embarrassed. He licked his lower lip and said, “She…how to say, she seems a little wrong.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he noticed that Mo Li stared at him with the cold and gloomy eyes.

With a thud in his heart, he quickly added: “I’m not swearing, in fact, I don’t hate Bai Cheng either. He and I were classmates in junior high school.”

Seeing Mo Li’s silence, he hurriedly continued: “so … umm, when Bai Cheng’s mother came here, she didn’t really ask what’s going on, and when she heard that it involved 100,000 yuan, she immediately asked Bai Cheng to kneel down and apologize. There were so many people in the school at that time.”

Even for Bai Quzhi, an outsider, the scene that was one was a little chilling thinking about it now.

His own parents actually loved face, but they weren’t as ruthless as Bai Cheng’s mother, who pressed Bai Cheng to kneel and didn’t say anything. When Bai Cheng didn’t kneel, she slapped him in the face. He could hear it at the door of the classroom.

Bai Quzhi was silent for a while, then continued to say to Mo Li: “Bai Cheng’s mother was so angry, she slapped Bai Cheng, and then cried in front of Xu Jia and the others scolding him like ‘Don’t you know what’s going on in our family, can you stop causing me trouble!? You and your father are both scumbags.’

Imitating Bai Cheng’s mother’s tone, Bai Quzhi paused and sighed: “It is from these words that Bia Cheng’s mother said aloud that people became aware of Bai Cheng’s father being a murderer. At that time, even the head teacher saw Bai Cheng’s mother’s eyes were not right.”

“Then Bai Cheng knelt down to Xu Jia.”

“Kneeling?” Mo Li murmured while looking at several students playing basketball on the campus playground.

Bai Quzhi said: “he really didn’t have a choice. His mother went crazy after hearing Xu Jia’s words, and screamed that if Bai Cheng didn’t kneel, she would jump down from the upstairs and it’s better to die than to harm others.”

“Bai Cheng didn’t want his mother to die, so he knelt down.”

Since that day, Bai Cheng became the joke of the whole school.

Then what?” Mo Li’s face turned pale, he restrained his emotions and stared at Bai Quzhi with scarlet eyes: “continue!”

Bai Quzhi was startled by the tone of Mo Li’s voice, and subconsciously took a step back before hurriedly saying: “And then, maybe because Bai Cheng backed down, Xu Jia kicked Bai Cheng in the face again, and accepted his apology. Bai Cheng’s mother was very happy at the time, and she was grateful to Xu Jia.”

“The teacher was very angry for what Xu Jia did in front of her, but he didn’t say anything after seeing the matter resolved.”

“This matter should have passed, but no one in the school wants to approach a murderer’s son, and his mother looked like something was wrong, and Bai Cheng’s own temper is not good, and his studies have plummeted. So, this is how it’s like this now.”

Feeling that Mo Li’s expression was as if he was about to kill someone, Bai Quzhi was afraid and didn’t dare to hide anything , and he said it all at once.

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