Isn’t it pretty cool, you boy?

Mo Li’s words were harsh, and he didn’t use an arrogant attitude when he spoke. He just narrated such a thing plainly, and his tone was no different from saying that the weather was really nice today. But it is this attitude that is even more creepy.

Yu Gao withdrew his hand subconsciously, and immediately realized that he was showing timidity when so many people around him were watching! Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Read there for the real latest chapters. Intimidated by a high school student? What a joke!

With a fierce look on his face, he suddenly pushed Mo Li’s shoulder hard and sneered: “Boy, you sure do talk a lot, have you been watching too many TV dramas?”

In H City, the Xu family can be said to be a big deal and has cooperated with many well-known companies. Even the mayor of H City had dinner with Xu Jia’s father, Xu Zhiyuan!

And Xu Jia, as Xu Zhiyuan’s only son, naturally condoned the sky.

Originally, with Xu Jia’s grades, he could have been able to enter a better school like the First Middle School, but Xu Jia felt that the environment in the First Middle School would be oppressive, so Xu Zhiyuan sent him to the current No. 6 Middle School without hesitation and repeatedly told the school to take special care of his son.

So, how can, he, the Xu family’s representative be frightened by a milky boy like Mo Li now?

Facing Yu Gao’s contemptuous gaze, Mo Li’s eyes were still emotionless, but he chuckled.

Seeing this, Yu Gao was even more sure that this kid was talking big and trying to scare people.

At the same time, the dean also fiercely reprimanded Mo Li: “Yes, what nonsense are you talking about, hurry and shut up!”

It’s a pity that Mo Li is naturally rebellious and is not an obedient person at all. What’s more, he can’t let other people pay attention to Bai Cheng, otherwise, with Bai Cheng’s brain, he will definitely try to bear all the blame again.

“First of all, it’s Xu Jia who instigated the fight. I was just protecting myself.” Mo Li took a step forward. He was half a head taller than the dean. He put his hands in his pockets and shook his elbows lightly. : “Secondly, Xu Jia’s own ability is not so good . If he is beaten, he can only call his parents.”

When the voice fell, he seemed to snort lightly, and his voice became more mocking: “Dear dean, when you questioned your sins, didn’t you know the reason?”

Seeing that Mo Li was about to say those nonsense words again, the head teacher’s face darkened immediately, and once again he felt that Mo Li, the child, didn’t even wink at all in the face of adults.

If the Xu family is reasonable, he would not be sweating in a hurry now!

The dean did not expect that a student like Mo Li would dare to question himself, and immediately frowned: “Why? What other reasons do you need? There are no more reasons for you to label student Xu Jia like that!”

“Then if it was me who was beaten into the ward, would you be so nervous?” Mo Li stared at the dean, his tone was obviously gentle and soothing, but inexplicably made people feel terrified.

At this time, the dean of course couldn’t deny it, and said with a cold face: “Of course, students are treated equally in my eyes!”

When the voice fell, Yu Gao’s cell phone suddenly rang. He answered it quickly, his expression gradually eased. After he hung up the phone, he pointed directly at Mo Li: “Call your parents, Chairman Xu said today’s matter is not private.”

If it’s not private, that means he wants to sue Mo Li and make him go to jail.

Bai Cheng’s face changed suddenly, and as he was about to speak, who would have thought that just after taking a half-step forward, Mo Li turned around as if eyes had grown behind him, and glanced at him with a smile, but it was enough to make Bai Cheng feel at ease.

“What else can you do now?” Bai Cheng whispered anxiously.

When the dean saw that the matter could be solved by handing over Mo Li, he breathed a sigh of relief, and hurriedly expressed his intentions: “Yes, yes, we will definitely not cover up such bad students who violate school discipline!”

In one sentence, Mo Li was sentenced to death directly.

The head teacher sighed; it is a pity that this child who studied so well ends here, but this was all brought by Mo Li. He has tried his best to settle the situation, but there is nothing else he can do at this point.

The classmates who heard the movements outside also spoke quietly. Most people felt that the result was similar to what they expected. Some people even looked at Bai Quzhi quietly, thinking that after Mo Li went to prison, Bai Quzhi would definitely be unlucky.

Who asked him to stand up and protect Bai Cheng, he deserved it.

Seemingly aware of the schadenfreude around him, Bai Quzhi looked down at the table, his lips were about to bleed; he didn’t know if he regretted it.

Yu Gao’s eyes quickly fell on Bai Cheng who was behind Mo Li, raised his finger and pointed at Bai Cheng, he sneered: “And you, this is the second time. This time you are using your life to repay our young master. Don’t think we will let you go easily.”

When the words fell, Bai Cheng’s face immediately turned a little pale, while Mo Li narrowed his eyes, and the smile on his lips faded.

“Wait a minute!”

At this time, a very gentle-looking female teacher hurried over, the thin figure stood in front of Mo Li and Bai Cheng, looked at Yu Gao and smiled hard: “Sir, we can discuss. Why do you need to make a big deal for a matter between children?”

“Ms. Chu.” Bai Cheng stared blankly at the teacher standing in front of him, and called out in a low voice.

Among all the substitute teachers, Bai Cheng is only close to English teacher Chu Yawen.

Chu Yawen didn’t look back, but took a deep breath and said, “I admit that it’s wrong to do something to a classmate, but Xu Jia is also at fault. Why do you want to place all the blame on Mo Li and Bai Cheng?”

“Chu Yawen, shut up, you are not the head teacher, why are you meddling!” The dean immediately scolded her when he heard the words, and did not give face to Chu Yawen at all.

Chu Yawen’s pale face turned red with anger. Isn’t it just right to protect students? Why is it OK to hand over students so directly!

She was about to speak again, but Yu Gao said slowly, “Teacher, our Xu family has never suffered such a loss. There is no more discussion today. We are ready to hire a lawyer.”

After that, he looked at Mo Li again, approached and grabbed Mo Li’s collar directly, “Aren’t you very stubborn, but unfortunately we not only have to let Young Master Xu fight back this time, but also let you sit in prison! ” Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Seeing that Mo Li remained motionless, Bai Cheng finally couldn’t help striding over him, and just as he grabbed Yu Gao’s arm, an anxious roar suddenly came from the other side of the corridor: “What are you doing! “

When he turned around, he saw the principal of their school hurried over.

“Here you are, principal!” The dean of the school said respectfully, “I’m teaching this student who hurt Young Master Xu, don’t worry, although this kid surname Mo is going to jail, it won’t affect our school.”

“Going to prison?” The principal repeated it with a strange expression, and then he avoided the fat face of the dean and approached Mo Li with great respect: “Young Master Mo, are you all right? I heard that someone was looking for trouble for you, so I rushed over here.”


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