Ch 15: TGCIR

Shen Cheng’s move is over.

She received her deposit and last month’s rent from the landlord and got a tearful apology as well. She moved to a slightly farther but cheaper new apartment, and surprisingly, her wallet wasn’t impacted at all. She was really happy!

After checking her savings, she was prepared to spend some money on her game account. She was thankful to her cub who set a good example for her on how to make bad people fall into traps and get revenge. Otherwise, she would have never stood up for herself, given her previous tendency to avoid conflicts.

However, when she logged into the game, she saw her cub had requested control of the base.

She thought, “This is your base, silly boy. Why do you need to ask?”

Of course, she agreed with his request and pressed “Y” on the keyboard.

Immediately, Li Weilan received a notification in the base:

“Li Weilan, management of the base has been fully transferred to you. Please enter the member list and base whitelist/blacklist for access control. For other settings and base permissions, please go to the control room.”

The mechanical voice was flat and unemotional, unlike the gentle female voice Li Weilan had heard before. However, after hearing the notification, Li Weilan’s expression changed slightly.

On the side, Xie Nan and Yan Hongyu, who had been skeptical of Li Weilan’s statement that “there’s someone else who owns the base,” were shocked. They exchanged a glance and confirmed that Li Weilan’s “kind and powerful” person indeed existed and wasn’t a lie.

Xi Nan had a thought: If that person is really that powerful, is there hope for his sister’s illness?

After all, they confirmed before the meeting that there was not even a single person nearby during the meeting. The fact that the prompt from the base came so timely in a situation where nobody could be eavesdropping made them think that it couldn’t be just a coincidence!

That person is really that capable! Brother Li isn’t deceiving them!

Li Weilan was even more surprised.

He didn’t expect that person to make such a decision.

He already had control over the control room, which was enough. But now that person has given him the entire base? Does she not want it anymore? Does she not want to be involved anymore?

Could it be because she was disappointed in him, dissatisfied with his previous actions of breaking his promise, and didn’t show it before to save his face, but now she is using practical actions to tell him that she wants to give up?


If she doesn’t care anymore, what is he going to do with this base?

On what grounds does she have to leave without even showing her face?

After a series of logical deductions, Li Weilan’s complexion turned pale.

Yan Hongyu and Xi Nan both saw him almost panic-stricken. Then this man, who they always thought was calm and collected, pounded the extremely hard base wall with a punch. There was a “bang” sound, and a block of the wall made of an unknown material sank. His hand was bleeding profusely, but the man seemed to be completely oblivious to it. After this punch, he quickly calmed down, took a deep breath, and calmly said, “I’ll go to the control room.”

“Brother Li seems unhappy.” Yan Hongyu looked at his inexplicably depressed figure disappearing at the door and whispered to Xi Nan.

“Who did Brother Li refer to when he said ‘them’? Is it the radical for ‘man’ or the radical for ‘woman’?” Xi Nan suddenly spoke in a low voice.

“!!!” Yan Hongyu’s eyes widened suddenly.

Right, why didn’t she think of that? In this apocalyptic world, how could someone be so generous to give such a big gift? Even if it’s a father-son relationship, some fathers would hold onto their power as long as they’re alive!

Brother Li’s description of that person was kind and gentle, so it should definitely refer to a woman!

Xi Nan winked at her, “Brother Li is in love!”

Yan Hongyu wasn’t interested in gossiping about her boss, but since it involved the stability of the Noah Base, she just nodded silently and felt a bit curious.


Li Weilan didn’t know they were gossiping about his behind his back.

In fact, even if he knew, he wouldn’t have too much energy to care about it at the moment.

He arrived at the control room and looked at the display on the setting table that read “all permissions have been granted”, and tightly clenched his fist.

Shen Cheng looked curiously at her own cub running around with sparks flying out of his head, searching for something. She found it amusing to see the sparks emitting from the little person’s head, so she couldn’t help but poke it a few times, causing the sparks to fizzle out. However, the little person’s curly hair was messed up by her actions, giving an angry look that could easily be used for cosplay.

He was furious!

Li Weilan felt a scratching sensation on top of his head, like a gentle breeze, but even though he knew it was from that person’s tenderness, he still couldn’t hide the anger deep in his heart.

With no one around and knowing that she was there, he finally voiced his deepest complaint: “You don’t care about me anymore? Noah is yours, and I can’t take credit for something I didn’t do!”

When a line of bubble text appeared above his head, Shen Cheng read it and was momentarily stunned: Who is my little one talking to?

Huh? He’s talking about me? There’s no one else here, right? Is he talking to me?

This game is too intelligent, isn’t it? My cub can even interact with me? Shen Cheng’s heart softened.

Shen Cheng was a bit puzzled: But… Noah was always meant for you!

Um…but how can I convey that to my cub? The game doesn’t even have a dialogue option?

Shen Cheng was feeling a bit defeated as she searched around with the camera.

At first, Li Weilan patiently waited for her response. However, as time passed by, he finally let out a long sigh.

Maybe he was thinking too much.

She had never shown her face from start to finish, so it was likely that she didn’t trust him. Even though he had gone through a lot in his own mind, it may have been just a small consideration from the person who saved him, not worth mentioning.

Yes, he had to accept reality.

Perhaps it was just someone’s momentary act of kindness in rescuing a stray cat or dog. Perhaps you were just one of the cats or dogs observed in an experimental lab. You were cute when you acted affectionate and playful, but if you acted ungrateful or complained too much, you would become very annoying.

Li Weilan remained silent.

Shen Cheng watched as his mood shifted from anger to calm, and then to despair as if a dark cloud had settled over him. He seemed to emit a gray negative energy all over his body, making her flustered. “Wuwuwu, what’s wrong with my baby? Did he get upset with me because I didn’t come online for two days?”

She didn’t know where she had pressed her finger, but suddenly the letter “W” appeared on the screen in the control room.


Shen Cheng was stunned.

Ah, she understood!

She almost jumped up: “Yes, she could move things in the game, so the keyboard in Noah’s control room was also within her reach!”

This game was really something; players had to figure everything out on their own. The game didn’t provide any explanations or interaction options with the characters, so it was not very beginner-friendly. If she hadn’t been brave enough to explore, her cub would have been waiting in vain and eventually turned black, right?

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Could it be that the player’s failure to find interaction options leading to a decrease in cub’s intimacy was also a possible branch of options?

Thinking about it this way… Hmm, how should she respond?

Shen Cheng scratched her head: The interactive mechanism of this game should be similar to the mechanism of Siri, where keywords and responses are set up inside. So what keywords should be triggered to make cub’s mood recover a little?

While Shen Cheng was thinking, Li Weilan also saw the sudden appearance of the letter “W” on the screen.

He was stunned.

In that moment, he felt like he couldn’t even blink his eyes. He stared at the flashing cursor, his mind only had a vague thought: W? What does she mean to express?

But in the next second, the cursor moved.

The W disappeared.

Li Weilan hadn’t had time to be disappointed, but he saw the person controlling the keyboard slowly brush out a line of words: “This is your base. If it’s given to you, it’s yours.”

“!!!” He didn’t know why this time she typed instead of speaking, but when he saw this line of words, Li Weilan felt his eyes moisten slightly. He pursed his lips and protested softly, “But I… ” He paused, took a deep breath, lifted his head, his eyes bright, “But what have I done to deserve it?”

Hey! Now when you’re raising a cub, does the game also need to talk about profound meanings and make players think about such philosophical questions?

Shen Cheng tilted her head and didn’t know how to answer for a while.

It’s true, many times in this world, others don’t need a reason to be mean to you, but they need many, many reasons to be good to you.

Many people will hurt you for no reason, but when you meet someone who treats you well, you may instinctively doubt, “Does he/she have any ulterior motives? Why is he/she being nice to me?”

It’s like not being able to find a reasonable reason to accept this kindness and it makes you psychologically uneasy.

But, my dear little one, you are not someone else, you are the cub that I spent money to raise!

This question is quite interesting.

After thinking for a moment, Shen Cheng chuckled and continued typing on the keyboard.

On the screen in front of Li Weilan, a line of words slowly flashed.

He read it word by word, and his face turned green.

“Of course…it’s because…I am…your…mom!”




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