Ch 15: TGCIR

Shen Cheng’s move is over.

She got her deposit back and the last month’s rent from the landlord, and received a tearful apology from him. Shen Cheng changed to a new house that was a little farther away from the company, but the price was cheaper, just right for her small wallet, which hasn’t gone at all deflated; she was really happy!

She checked her small treasury, and Shen Cheng decided that when she played the game this time, she’d be spending some money for her cub. It was him who gave her the idea so that she could take the money back from the landlord smoothly and also received compensation from the landlord. ho lo lo novels. With such merits, she really has to thank cub for setting a good example for her, teaching her how to dig a hole for the wicked to deceive them. Otherwise, with her own style of acting calmly before, she was afraid that the landlord’s actions would have just suffocated her to death.

As a result, as soon as she opened the game, she saw that cub asked for the control permission of the base?

Hey, this base was originally yours, idiot. Does this need to be asked too?

Of course, if he asks, she will just agree, agree, agree!

Shen Cheng happily pressed Y. agreed.

Li Weilan immediately heard the announcement from the base:

“Li Weilan, the base management authority has been fully handed over to you. Please enter the list of free access members and the base whitelist/blacklist. For other follow-up settings and base permissions, please go to the main control room to check.”

The mechanical sound of the announcement was not the soft voice of the woman he had heard before.

But after listening to this mechanical sound, Li Weilan’s complexion changed slightly.

On the side, Xi Nan and Yan Hongyu, who were suspicious of Li Weilan’s words “the owner of the base is someone else”, were also shocked. The two exchanged a look and confirmed that the rightful owner brother Li spoke of does exist, it is not his excuse.

Xi Nan’s heart moved: If that person really has such supernatural powers, his sister’s illness…is there hope?

After all, they already knew before the meeting, and confirmed that there was no one nearby when they were in the meeting. Under such circumstances that no one could monitor the situation inside the room, the base’s prompt came on time, making people want to deceive themselves that this is just a coincidence and not a possibility!

That person is so awesome! Brother Li is not lying to them!

The surprise in Li Weilan’s heart was even greater.

He didn’t expect that person to make such a decision.

Originally, he had the complete authority of the main control room, which was enough. As a result, that person has now given the entire base to himself? Did she not want to be here? Don’t want to care anymore? hololonovels.

Could it be that it was because she was disappointed with him and dissatisfied with his previous behavior of breaking the promise with the researchers? At the time, she did not show her face, and now she told him with practical actions that she wanted to give up?


If she doesn’t care, what does he even want this base for?

Why would she just leave without showing up?

Li Weilan’s face turned pale after this series of thoughts.

Yan Hongyu and Xi Nan both saw his almost panicked expression, and then the man, who they thought was always calm and collected, slammed his fist on the wall. He only heard the sound of “bang”. They don’t know what material it was made of, but the inner wall of the extremely hard base had sunken in. On the contrary, the blood on his hand was pouring out, but the man seemed to be unaware of his bleeding hand. He quickly calmed down after this punch, took a deep breath and said flatly, “I’ll go to the main control room.”

“Brother Li doesn’t seem to be happy.” Yan Hongyu said to Xi Nan in a low voice as he watched his inexplicably low-pressure figure disappear from the door.

“What do you think when Brother Li said that person, a man or a woman?” Xi Nan suddenly whispered.

“!!!” Yan Hongyu’s eyes suddenly widened.

Yes, why didn’t she think of it! How can a man be so generous with such a big gift in the last days? ho lo lo novels. Even if it is a father-son relationship, some fathers still hold on to their rights as long as they are not dead!

The adjective that Brother Li used to express that person is ‘kind’, and ‘above me.’ In this case, it should really be a woman!

Xi Nan squeezed his eyes at her: “Brother Li is in love!”

Yan Hongyu has no interest in gossip about her boss, but it is about the stability of Noah’s base. She just nodded solemnly, but she was also a little curious.


Li Weilan didn’t know that they were gossiping about himself behind his back.

In fact, even if he knew about it, he didn’t have much thought to care about it at the moment.

He arrived at the main control room, looked at the words “Permission fully enabled” displayed on the screen, and clenched his fist tightly.

In front of the phone, Shen Cheng curiously watched her cubs scurrying around, the little sparks on his head came out in a string, and he seemed to be looking for something running around. She looked at the little guy’s head, on which little planets rotating appeared. She thought it was a little fun, so she couldn’t help but stretched out her hand and poked him twice, and the little planets disappeared. But cub’s curly hair was already standing up straight because of this series of actions, and he was about to go mad.

Li Weilan felt the tickling from the top of his head, like a breeze blowing, even if he knew it was the gentleness of that person, he still couldn’t hide the deepest anger in his heart.

With no one around, and knowing that she was there, he finally expressed his complaint: “You don’t care about me? Noah base is yours, no merit and no reward, I can’t take it for free!”

When a line of bubble characters appeared on Li Weilan’s head, Shen Cheng was stunned for a moment after reading it: Who is Cub talking to?

Alas? he said you? No one else here? Are you talking to me?

Is this game too smart? My cub still interacts with me? Grandma’s heart softened.

Shen Cheng was stunned for a moment: But… Noah’s base was originally for you!

Hmm… But how is she going to convey her meaning to the cub? There is no dialogue option in the game?

Shen Cheng felt a bit like catching chicken, and she pulled the angle of view to look around.

Li Weilan waited patiently for her response at first, but as time passed by, he finally took a long sigh.

It was he who thought too much.

She never showed her face from the beginning to the end, so she didn’t trust him. Now even if he has a thousand twists and turns in his heart, but for her, it may just be the careful thought of a person she rescued at will and not worth it to pay attention to.

Yes, he has to accept reality.

Maybe it’s just like showing kindness to save the kittens and puppies, maybe he’s just like the cats and dogs observed in the research. The cats and dogs are at least cute and can play with you, but if they started complaining about troubles, it would be very annoying.

Li Weilan was silent.

Shen Cheng watched as his mood gradually changed from annoyance at the beginning to calmness, and finally to despair like a dark cloud. The whole body seemed to be sending out gray negative energy, and she was in a hurry: woo woo Woo, what’s wrong with my cub? Grandma hasn’t been online for two days. Are you making trouble with me?

She doesn’t know where her finger poked at this time, and a letter “W” suddenly jumped out from the keyboard in the main control room of Noah Base.


Shen Cheng was taken aback!

Ah she understands!

She almost jumped up all of a sudden: That’s right, she can move things in the game, and the keyboard in the main control room of Noah’s base is also in the category that she can touch!

This game is so real. Players have to explore everything by themselves. They don’t give game explanations, and they don’t give options for interacting with the characters. It’s really not friendly to novices at all. If it wasn’t for her patience to explore, cub would have to wait more and become more disappointed, and what if he finally turned black?

Could it be that even if the player can’t find the interaction option, the intimacy of their own cubs decreases as a possible option?

Thinking about it like this… um, how should I respond then?

Shen Cheng scratched her head: The interaction mechanism of this game should be similar to that of Siri. The keywords and responses are set in it, so what keywords should she trigger, so that cub will recover his good mood quick?

When Shen Cheng was thinking, Li Weilan also saw the letter W that suddenly appeared on the screen.

He was stunned.

At that moment, he felt that he couldn’t even blink his eyes. Staring blankly at the cursor, watching it flicker, there was only one vague thought in my mind: W? What is she trying to express?

However, the next second, the cursor moved.

W disappeared.

Li Weilan didn’t have time to be disappointed, but saw the person who controlled the keyboard slowly, and swiped a line of words: “This is your base. It is yours and that’s why it is given to you.”

“!!!” He didn’t know why this time she didn’t say anything, but typed, but the moment he saw these line of words, Li Weilan only felt slightly wet eyes, he pursed his lips, and protested in a low voice, “But I…” He paused, took a deep breath and raised his head, his eyes bright, “but why me?”

Eh! Now when raising cubs, the game still needs to pay attention to the profound connotation, so that players can think about such philosophical issues?

Shen Cheng tilted her head, not knowing how to answer.

That’s right, many times in the world, people don’t need a reason to treat you badly, but they need a lot of reasons to treat you well.

There are many people who will hurt you for no reason, but when they meet someone who is good to you, they will subconsciously doubt, does he have any thoughts on her? Why is she being nice to him?

It’s as if there is no reasonable reason to accept this kind of good, which is psychologically unsettling.

But cub, you are no one else, you are my cub raised by game coins.

This question is very spiritual.

Shen Cheng thought for a while, then suddenly “puchi” smiled, and continued to start typing.

On the screen in front of Li Weilan, a line of words flashed slowly.

After reading word by word, his face turned blue.

“That…of course…is…because…I…am…your…mom…ah!”



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