Ch 16: TGCIR

The little guy ran away.

Shen Cheng was stunned for a moment: Could it be that the AI ​​program setting cannot say the word “mom”? But she’s a real mother.

Grievance Baba.jpg

You come back, you come back, I won’t say it anymore.

Shen Cheng really didn’t want a single word to make her cub run away. She looked at the small words on the picture, “Li Weilan thought you were insincere and left angrily”, and her heart was messy.

…To tell the truth, you will make me lose the game like this, so arrogant that you will run away and leave me hanging, what do you want me to play?

Woooo, after waiting for a while, the notification still shows [Li Weilan is in self-closing]

Seeing that this state hasn’t changed for a long time, and she doesn’t know how long it will take to change, Shen Cheng had no choice but to stop the idea of continuing to play the plot interaction, and went to harvest the rice in the space.

Now her game interface has a lot more functions than when it started.

The top row is [character], [base], [home], [automatic trading system] and [mall]

Now that the [Character] column is arrogantly blacked out, Shen Cheng clicked the base button to take a look.

The building of Noah’s base is still very simple. There are only ten ordinary rooms in the accommodation area, and five of them are currently displayed as [occupied].

Li Weilan lives alone in a room, and 20 girls live in two full rooms. Xi Nan and Xi Bei share one room, and the other one is occupied by that gangster, Xiao Chu. He and Li Weilan are the only two who live alone.

In addition to the accommodation venues, only the [Warehouse], [Water Purification Room] and [Canteen] are currently open in the base. Relying on just these three venues, the current happiness level of the base has reached 80%. The next functional room that can be unlocked: [Hydroponic Room].

In business management games, Shen Cheng is quite clear about the middle routine: in short, the happiness of the residents inside the base must be guaranteed to unlock the subsequent functional rooms one by one – of course, unless you spend game coins once and for all.

But game coins to open the [hydroponic room] needs 999 gold, equivalent to RMB 999. Shen Cheng looks at the more expensive and more advanced rooms in the back, from the ‘cheapest’ hydroponic room worth 999 RMB to The most expensive entertainment facility (9,999 RMB) and fell into a self-doubt silence: It all depends on game coins to unlock, maybe she has to have thousands in wealth, right?

[Hydroponic Room] is open, but after it is opened, it shows that it cannot be in operation. Shen Cheng opened it and looked at it, and a line of small words popped up in the upper right corner: [1. Arrange for plant-type abilities to perform room production (unfinished) 2. Confirm the type of plant production (need to be confirmed by the master)]

It seems that even game coins cannot completely solve the problem of plant-type power users.

All right, let’s do it slowly.

Shen Cheng closes the interface of the base and entered ‘home’ to continue moving bricks and harvesting rice.

Counting the small money 50 gold game coins given by the previous sweeper mission, and then selling this batch of harvests, Shen Cheng’s game gold coins rarely reached the 100 mark, the first time to have three-digit small money. How is she gonna spend this money?

She opened the mall and looked around for a while, but finally closed the mall hesitantly: the AI of this game looks very high tech, part of the money is the labour of cub, who is still sulking now, might as well… coax him and hear what he wants?

Shen Cheng pondered for a while, and suppressed the idea of spending money. She was about to close the game mall when she suddenly saw a special offer of the day in the mall: It seemed that it completely met her needs! hololonovels. If you’re not reading this at the origin website, some parts will be missing.

[Common points for major bases in the game: 100,000 points]

Since it is today’s special price, the purchase is limited to one, and the original price that has been crossed out is 666 gold.

If it is the original price of 666 gold coins, Shen Cheng might have ignored this credit card type thing – after all, a sweeping mission gives her only 59 gold coins, but today’s special price is 1 gold coin, basically free ah!

Don’t need money, buy, buy, buy! It’s a loss if you don’t buy it!

Shen Cheng clicked, bought it, put it in cub’s belongings column, and rubbed her hands: Will cub be happy to see this ‘credit card’? In reality, if any overbearing president throws her a 100 million black and gold credit card, she will definitely kneel down and call her father, and then buy the whole game and raise her cub happily. If the cub is still not satisfied with this black and gold card… then…then she has no choice but to continue coaxing tomorrow.

Shen Cheng went offline.

After she turned off the phone, she felt the noise around her. Shen Cheng frowned uncomfortably and listened carefully, only to hear the laughter of the man and woman next door.

What’s going on?

She pondered for a while, and frowned slightly. There was a precedent from the previous landlord, and this time she learned how to be more careful. She thought it would be better to have a female roommate.

The roommate this time was a girl. She thought Wen Wen was well-behaved and a quiet girl. She also asked her about her visitors before moving in. The girl said that her boyfriend would visit her occasionally, but not overnight. She also promised to pay the rent on time.

what happened? The boyfriend next door came to see her?

This is my first day of moving in…

Shen Cheng smelled the unreliable breath.

But on the first day of living together, she didn’t want to knock on other people’s doors directly, which would make her seem very nosy. Shen Cheng suppressed her uneasiness, but she understood a fact in her heart: it’s not that there are too many wonderful things in the world, nor is it that she has a physique that attracts strange people, but if you are a “low-income population”, when you are in a small circle, you will be particularly prone to encounter other strange people.

In the final analysis, the only way to do it once and for all, whether in the game or in reality, is to recharge money.

Shen Cheng put on earplugs thoughtfully and tried to fall asleep.


Li Weilan really ran away at Shen Cheng’s answer. It’s fine if she doesn’t answer. He can understand that she may have difficulties, and it may be because it’s inconvenient to reveal her identity. As long as she says it’s inconvenient, he won’t ask any more questions, but what’s the matter with claiming to be his ‘mom’?

Her voice is not that old!

Besides, his mom’s already dead! The bones were cold.

He was so angry.

Xi Nan had something to look for him, but he didn’t dare to speak because the boss was full of anger at the moment. He carefully stuck to the wall, wishing he could stick himself as a piece of paper, please don’t let him see me.

Li Weilan still noticed Xi Nan.

He stopped, barely suppressed the surging anger in his heart, glanced at Xi Nan, who was acting a little cowardly, put away the rage in his heart, and asked, “Are you looking for me for something?”

“Well…” Xi Nan hesitated for a moment, glanced at Li Weilan’s still bleeding hand, and said carefully, “Brother Li, do you want to take care of the injury on your hand first?”

Li Weilan glanced at his hand and became even more angry.

Even Xi Nan noticed it.

But the person who claimed to be his mother didn’t notice it at all. She would have carefully applied medicine to him before… This time, she was clearly in front of him, but she…

Li Weilan was in a panic.

After all, isn’t it because she doesn’t care about him?

Stop fooling yourself, Li Weilan.

He tried his best to cheer himself up and looked at Xi Nan: “Small injury, it will be healed soon, don’t worry, if you have anything, say first.”

Xi Nan gave him a worried look, but he stopped talking.

Hey, this is with his girlfriend… oh no… well, if the gold masters quarrel, and their base will be affected jointly and severally. Brother Li doesn’t look like a person who knows how to coax a girl, this is really bad!

Xi Nan didn’t know what to do with this situation, he felt that his heart was broken.

He hesitated for a while before saying, “Brother Li, I’m looking for you because of my sister’s illness.”

Li Weilan was a little taken aback.

The first time he met Xi Nan and Xi Bei, Xi Nan knelt down and begged him for a mouthful of beast meat.

People who need to eat alien meat on a regular basis and can eat beast meat normally can only be those with abilities, which means that Xi Bei should have had abilities originally.

But Xi Bei didn’t look like a normal person.

Xi Nan protects his younger sister very tightly. Before they had officially settled down, Li Weilan did not ask anything, but when Xi Nan said it himself, he nodded: “Is your sister a second-order or third-order ability user?”

The mutant wolf meat they ate that time was Tier 4, and Tier 4 wolf meat is only valid for those who are also Tier 4 or below. Besides, every third level is considered a major level, and there will be some special promotion tests. Looking at Xi Bei’s current situation, it doesn’t seem like he has reached the fourth level.

But if it was not a mere first-order, Xi Nan wouldn’t come to him so solemnly.

Xi Nan nodded: “My sister is a third-order plant-type ability.” He hesitated for a moment, and said earnestly, “The hydroponic room of our base must be controlled by a plant-type ability user to start producing plants, and now plants powers are very popular in all major bases, I am afraid it is not a good move, if my sister can recover, it can also alleviate the urgent needs of the base.” The plant superpower can cultivate plants – although it has been radiated by the end of the world after the pollution, the fruits of mutant plants are mostly unpalatable, but still enough to fill the stomach. There are also some plant-based abilities that carry the original low-radiation seeds themselves, which are even more popular.

Xi Nan originally wanted to see what was going on in the hydroponics room in Noah’s base, but who knew that they wouldn’t even be able to enter the door without the plant-type ability user – the only authority to open the door was still in Li Weilan’s hands. Therefore, when Xi Nan tentatively said these words, he actually did not have much confidence in his heart.

“Can you make decisions on your sister’s behalf?” Li Weilan didn’t promise to treat this stubble, but asked a practical question first.

Of course he couldn’t save Xi Bei himself.

He is not a healing ability user, but he has seen how powerful that person’s healing medicine is. He is not worried about her ability, but he must not let her suffer.

Such medicine cannot be given away easily for no reason.

After discussing the cost of the treatment, he will ask her if she was willing to save Xi Bei. If she was unwilling or unable to save her, he would naturally handle it by himself.

When Xi Nan heard the words, he was overjoyed. He raised his head in shock, his eyes were full of surprise, shining brightly: “Of course, my sister and I are as close as one person, since I have already decided to stay, no matter what happens to my sister, she will also stay. Although her plant-type ability is relatively weak in attack power, the fruit she harvests is sweet and juicy. In the past, she mainly used to accelerate the growth of plants, but she also sold the fruits to provide for the two of us to live. As long as my sister can recover, she will be in charge of all the fruits in the base in the future!”

Li Weilan frowned faintly: In fact, after the end of the world, ability users of different departments have their own responsibilities.

In the current situation of talent pool in Noah, what is more urgently needed is the ability to attack and defend. The base is built underground, which is naturally a barrier against the smell of zombies, but once it is against human attacks, it is still necessary to recruit those able to defend.

But plant type abilities are indeed important to the current Noah base, and those capable of planting fruits is sought-after in the later stage no matter where it is, either small or large base.

These two siblings have a water ability and a plant ability. If they stay, Noah’s long-term supplies will be guaranteed.

After all, the things in his space are not enough for the time being, and the supplies of the base still have to rely on the hard work of the ability users in the ‘hydroponics room’ and ‘water purification room’ to solve for the long-term.

He pondered for a moment: “What’s the matter with your sister?”

When he changed his words, Xi Nan immediately heard the undertone.

His eyes instantly became more joyful, but it turned into a faint sadness, and sighed: “Brother Li, my sister’s ability is rampant, mainly because of me. We were at Tenglong Base before…”

Li Weilan’s expression changed slightly.

He repeated: “Tenglong?”

Tenglong Base is the largest base that is relatively close to their current location, and it is also the most popular gathering place recently.

But the most famous thing about this base is not its materials, but in the Tenglong base, only those with abilities are regarded as “human”, while ordinary people who are not ability users are all slaves and pigs.

If it weren’t for the fact that ordinary people could still give birth to future ability users, and humans couldn’t go extinct in their generation, he was afraid the status of those ordinary people would be even worse.

Xi Nan is a water-type ability, and his attack power is not too strong, and Xi Bei’s plant system is more popular. To put it bluntly, they are both “life players”. In the Tenglong base where the absolute power is in the hands of the strong, life players like these two siblings are at the bottom of the ability user ranking.

However, this was not the reason for Li Weilan’s cold expression.

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