Ch 16: TGCIR

Her cub ran away in a huff and puff.

Shen Cheng was puzzled for a moment: Could it be that the AI program is not allowed to say the word “mother”? But she really is a fan of her own mother.

Feeling wronged.jpg

“You come back, you come back, I won’t be naughty anymore.”

Shen Cheng really didn’t expect that a teasing remark would make her own little character run away in anger. She looked at the line of small characters displayed on the image, which read “Li Weilan thinks you are insincere and left in anger”, feeling lost in the wind.

…To be honest, if the game is like this, she will lose interest. Being too arrogant to leave her with a blank space, what else is there for her to play?

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Wuwuwu, after waiting for a while and seeing the picture still displaying “Li Weilan is in self-seclusion”, she didn’t know how long it would take to change, so Shen Cheng could only give up the idea of continuing to play the interactive storyline and sulkily went to harvest rice in the space.

Now her game interface has many more functions than it did at the beginning.

The top row includes “Characters”, “Base”, “Home”, “Automated Trading System”, and “Store”.

Now the “Characters” section is arrogantly blacked out, so Shen Cheng clicked on the “Base” button to take a look.

The buildings in the Noah base are still very simple, with only ten ordinary rooms in the accommodation area, five of which are currently displayed as “occupied”.

Li Weilan has one room to himself, while 20 girls are crowded into two rooms. Xi Nan and Xi Bei share a room, and the other room is occupied by the little hooligan Xiao Chu, who, along with Li Weilan, is one of only two people who live alone.

In addition to the accommodation area, the only areas currently open in the base are the “Warehouse,” “Water Treatment Room,” and “Cafeteria.” With these three areas, the base’s happiness level has reached 80%, showing that it has been sustained for three days, and the next functional room, the “Hydroponic Room,” can be unlocked.

As a fan of management simulation games, Shen Cheng is quite clear about the routine: in any case, the happiness of the residents in the base must be ensured in order to unlock subsequent functional rooms one by one — of course, paying money can also do the trick once and for all.

However, opening the 【hydroponic room】 requires 999 gold, equivalent to 999 yuan (about $154 USD). As Shen Cheng looked at the increasingly expensive and luxurious rooms that followed, ranging from the “cheapest” hydroponic room worth 999 yuan to the most expensive entertainment facility (9999 yuan), she fell into a self-doubting silence: she would need a fortune to be able to afford all of these by just spending money in the game, right?

She opened the 【hydroponic room】, but after placing it, it showed that it could not produce anything. Shen Cheng clicked on it and immediately a line of small text appeared in the upper right corner: 【1. Arrange plant-type ability users for room production (uncompleted) 2. Confirm plant production type (requires controller confirmation)】

It seems that even if she spent money, she couldn’t completely solve the problem of plant-type ability users.

Okay, take it slow.

Shen Cheng closed the base, entered “home”, and continued to work to earn more coins.

Including the 50 gold she earned from sweeping the mission earlier, and selling this batch of harvest, Shen Cheng’s game coins unusually reached the milestone of 100 gold. As a gold master who had her first three-digit sum of money, how should she spend this money?

She opened the store and looked at it for a while, but in the end, she hesitated and closed it: the game’s AI seemed sophisticated, and part of this money came from her cub. She didn’t want to upset her cub and make him run away with just one sentence. Instead, she thought about what he wanted and tried to please him.

Shen Cheng pondered for a moment and suppressed her thoughts of spending money. Just as she was about to close the game store, she suddenly saw a today’s special offer that completely met her needs!

【Universal point for all major bases in the game: 100,000 points】

Due to today’s special offer, it is a limited-time and one-time purchase with a very low price, which rounds to almost free: 1 gold coin! Once the promotion time is passed, it won’t be available anymore!

If it were available all the time, someone might hesitate to buy it considering the market price for in-game items. After all, completing a sweep task only earns 59 gold coins. However, today’s special price is only 1 gold coin. If you don’t buy it, you’re a fool to miss such a great deal!

When something is so cheap or basically free, buy, buy, buy! If you don’t buy, you’re losing out!

Shen Cheng clicked on the item and purchased it, placing it in her cub’s inventory. She rubbed her hands together, wondering if her cub would be happy to see this “credit card” that he could use to buy, buy, buy! In reality, if a CEO gave her a credit card worth a billion dollars, she would kneel down and call him daddy, and then happily buy the entire game to raise her cub. If her cub wasn’t satisfied with the card, there was nothing she could do but keep trying to please him.

Shen Cheng logged out of the game.

She closed her phone and only then did she realize the noise around her. She frowned uncomfortably and listened carefully, only to hear the teasing voices of a man and a woman next door.

What’s going on?

She thought about it for a moment and frowned slightly. After the experience with her previous landlord, she had learned her lesson and knew that it was best to have a female roommate if she wanted to live with someone. This time, her roommate was a girl who seemed gentle and well-behaved. Before moving in, she had asked her about visitors, and the girl had said that her boyfriend occasionally came to see her but never stayed overnight. That’s why Shen Cheng paid the rent.

What’s going on? Did the boyfriend come to see her?

Just moved in on the first day…

Shen Cheng smelled an unreliable scent.

But on the first day of cohabitation, she couldn’t just knock on someone’s door directly. It would seem like she was being too pushy. Shen Cheng suppressed her uneasiness and understood one fact in her heart: there are too many weirdos in the world, or she have a physique that attracts weirdos. It’s just that if you are a low-income person and you are spinning in a small circle, it’s particularly easy to encounter other weirdos.

Ultimately, the only way to permanently solve this problem, whether in a game or in reality, is to spend money to recharge.

Shen Cheng put on earplugs full of thoughts and tried to sleep.


The mysterious person’s response really angered Li Weilan. If she didn’t answer, it would be okay. He could understand that she might have difficulties and couldn’t reveal her identity. As long as she said it was inconvenient, he would not continue to ask, but why did she claim to be his “mother”?

Her voice didn’t sound that old!

Moreover, his mother had died a long time ago! Her bones were cold.

He was angry all the way and walked like he had angry background music playing.

Xi Nan had something to say to him, but seeing his current appearance, he didn’t dare to speak. He carefully stuck himself to the wall on the side of the road, wishing to stick himself into a sheet of paper to avoid being seen.

However, Li Weilan noticed.

He stopped his steps, barely suppressing the anger still surging in his heart, took a glance at the somewhat timid Xi Nan, calmed his temper, and asked, “Do you have something to tell me?”

“Well…” Xi Nan hesitated for a moment, glanced at Li Weilan’s still bleeding hand, carefully considered his words and said, “Brother Li, why don’t you go and treat your wound first?”

Li Weilan looked at his hand and felt even more depressed.

Even Xi Nan noticed it.

But the person who claimed to be his mother didn’t even pay attention to this. She used to be careful to dress his wounds… This time, she was right in front of him, but…

Li Weilan felt helpless.

In the end, wasn’t it because she didn’t care about him?

Please don’t give false hope in the first place if you don’t care about others.

He tried to lift his spirits and looked at Xi Nan, “It’s just a small injury. I’ll be fine soon. Don’t worry. What do you want to tell me?”

Xi Nan seemed worried and glanced at him hesitantly, wanting to speak but hesitating.

Well, if he fought with his girlfriend… Oh no… benefactor, then their base would be affected. Li Weilan didn’t seem like someone who could coax people, which was really frustrating!

Xi Nan was worried sick and felt like he had been worrying for nothing.

He hesitated for a moment before saying, “Brother Li, I’m here to ask for help with my sister’s illness.”

Li Weilan remembered this matter.

The first time he met Xi Nan and Xi Bei, Xi Nan knelt down and begged him for a piece of mutant animal meat.

Regular consumption of mutant beast meat can only be done by the ability users, which means that Xi Bei should be an ability user originally.

But Xi Bei doesn’t seem like a normal person.

Xi Nan protected his sister tightly. Before they settled down officially, Li Weilan didn’t want to bring it up. Now that Xi Nan has mentioned it himself, Li Weilan nodded and asked, “Is your sister a second or third order ability user?”

The mutant wolf meat they ate last time was fourth order. Fourth order wolf meat is only effective for ability users of the same level or below. Moreover, every three level is a major level, and there are some special promotion tests. Judging from Xi Bei’s current situation, it doesn’t seem like she has reached fourth order.

But if she was only a first order, Xi Nan wouldn’t have come to him so seriously.

Xi Nan nodded, “My sister is a third order plant-type ability user.” He hesitated for a moment and said earnestly, “The hydroponic room in our base must be controlled by a plant-type ability user in order to start producing plants. Now, plant-type ability users are in high demand in all major bases, and it may not be easy to recruit them. If my sister can regain consciousness, she can also ease the urgent need in the base.” Plant-type ability users can cultivate plants — although most mutated plant are not tasty after being exposed to pollution, they can still be used to fill the stomach. Some plant-type ability users even carry low-contamination seeds with them, which are even more in demand.

Xi Nan originally wanted to see what the hydroponic room in Noah Base was like. Who knew that they couldn’t even get in without a plant-type ability user — the only door-opening permission was still in Li Weilan’s hands. So when Xi Nan tentatively said these words, he didn’t have too much confidence.

“Can you make decisions for your sister?” Li Weilan didn’t agree to treat Xi Bei, but instead asked a practical question.

He couldn’t cure Xi Bei himself.

He wasn’t a healing-type ability user, but he had seen how powerful that person’s healing medicine was. He wasn’t worried about her ability, but he couldn’t let her suffer a loss.

Such medicine couldn’t be given for no reason.

First, discuss the cost of treatment. He will then ask her if she is willing to be saved. If she is unwilling or cannot be saved, he will naturally handle it.

Xi Nan was overjoyed when he heard this. He raised his head, his eyes full of surprise and shining brightly. “Of course, my sister and I are as close as one person. Since I have decided to stay, no matter what, my sister will stay with me. Although her plant-type ability has relatively weak attack power, the fruit she ripens is sweet and juicy. In the past, she mainly used her ability to stimulate plant growth, but she sold all the ripened plants to support ourselves. As long as my sister recovers, she will be in charge of all the plants in the base!”

Li Weilan frowned slightly. After the apocalypse, each type of ability had its own direction. With the current talent shortage in Noah, they needed more attack and defense-type abilities. The base was built underground, naturally serving as a barrier against zombie smell. However, in the event of a human attack, they still needed to recruit abilities for defense.

However, plant-type abilities were indeed important to Noah’s current base. Planting food was a high-demand commodity in any major base.

With these two siblings, one with a water-type ability and the other with a plant-type ability, if they both stayed, it would ensure long-term supply of resources for Noah.

The things in his space could not be seen by others for the time being. The base’s supplies still have to be relied on ability users working hard in the “hydroponic room” and “purification room” for the long run.

He pondered for a moment and asked, “What’s wrong with your sister?”

His tone suddenly changed, and Xi Nan immediately noticed it.

There was a hint of joy in his eyes, but it quickly turned into a faint sadness. He sighed and said, “Brother Li, my sister’s ability went out of control mainly because of me. Previously, we were in the Tenglong Base…”

Li Weilan’s expression slightly changed at this point.

He repeated: “Tenglong?”

Tenglong Base is one of the largest and most popular bases near Noah. However, the base is not famous for its resources, but for the fact that in Tenglong, only ability users are considered a “person,” while ordinary people without abilities are either slaves or pigs.

If it were not for the fact that these ordinary people still have the potential to give birth to future ability users and humans cannot go extinct in their generation, the status of those ordinary people would probably be even worse.

Xi Nan is a water-type ability user, with not very strong attacking power. And Xi Bei’s ability is also biased towards planting. In other words, both of them are considered “life ability users.” In Tenglong Base where force is supreme, they would be at the bottom of the hierarchy among ability users.

However, this is not the reason for Li Weilan’s solemn expression.

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