Chapter 18: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Ji Cha purchased five laptops and a bunch of hard disks online, plus the computer that he had in his hand, using these six together, he downloaded all kinds of useful information from the internet onto the hard disks day and night.

After the end of the world, the Internet that is like water to fish to modern people will no longer exist. It seems that the countless information that is readily available at this time will be as difficult to find as reaching the sky.

The information downloaded by Ji Cha ranges from various chemistry learning materials and videos to TV series and opera programs, how to farm, how to breed livestock, how to make soybeans into tofu, bean paste, and soy sauce, et cetera .

There are so many information, there is almost no end, if he can even learn a little, who knows when it will be useful! As for the teaching videos of systematic courses from elementary school to university, Ji Cha still has selfishness, or is it more appropriate to call it ambition?

He didn’t want to repeat the last apocalypse, seeing the faces of dazed children. Please read this only on ho lo lo novel dot com, can you, love? The modern knowledge must be passed on. Even if his strength alone is negligible, it is better to be prepared than not.

This work is not only labor-intensive, expensive, but also time-consuming. Ji Cha spent five days sitting in front of the computer, while downloading and marking each hard drive with detailed labels, and then putting them in boxes and sending them to the factory.

Finally, some goods bought online were also delivered to the factory one after another.

Simple medicines are grouped into one category, and there are a large number of basic four-season clothing for both men and women, and other consumables such as sauce jars, plastic pots and plastic buckets. Ji Cha purchased everything he could think of.

Although there are many rooms in the factory, only half of them are still vacant in the countdown days.

Ji Cha has almost used the money in his hand. Taking advantage of the last ten days or so, he sorted out the reserved livestock area, and then asked Cheng Dongliang to accompany him to pick up all the pigs, chickens, and rabbits.

Poultry such as chickens and rabbits are small in size and easy to handle, and piglets only reached Ji Cha’s knee height now. These animals are easy to retrieve. Later, he will carefully follow the instructions of livestock breeding strictly, and with the experience he has in the past life, Ji Cha is not afraid of encountering any major problems.

The chickens, ducks, rabbits and pigs were fed and placed in their respective houses neatly and cleanly, and they all settled down immediately.

Ji Cha’s only concern is that the fish will not adapt well.

Before the rice was planted, he was going to open a small pond on the side, and put the fish in it first.

One thing to pay attention when raising fish is the number of fish. Too many of them congested will cause insufficient oxygen content in the water, resulting in the death of fish. But in limited circumstances, this is not completely without solutions.

In response to this, Ji Cha asked the workers to dig a rectangular canal around the factory along the wall. The canal is connected to the reserved small pond, and then the power device is used to assist the circulation of the water flow, which can naturally increase the oxygen content in the water, to be able to hold a large number of fish in the small pond.

The theory is feasible, but Ji Cha is afraid that there will be a big gap between the actual operation and the theory.

“You can’t buy a fish only for it to die first,” Zhang Xing said as he stood aside and looked at Ji Cha with a grimacing face. “Even if you can’t raise so many, there are still a bunch of them in the river outside.”

He wasn’t entirely wrong.

Ji Cha thinks that even if the fish is really not good at that time, it is not a big deal to either go out to catch it, or take a step back and not raise fish at all.

“By the way, I’m working on the solar power generation this afternoon.” Zhang Xing said, “Yesterday I tried it a bit, and it’s generally okay. Some minor problems have been adjusted. The energy generated during the day is absolutely enough for your daily use, and whatever leftover in the battery can also be used at night, watch TV, take a hot shower, and you don’t have to blink your eyes. If the sun is good, a spare battery can be used to collect some energy and store for later use.”

The upper and lower circuits and waterways in the factory building have been completely transformed, and they are on the road of self-sufficiency, which is also the basis for the operation of the entire fortress.

“Well.” Ji Cha listened and said, “For the remaining rooms, I have to buy a few wardrobes, desks, and sofas. I don’t have much money on hand, so I have to save it…”

The last half of the sentence is completely just talking to himself.

Zhang Xing sneered, “weren’t you a local tyrant a few days ago?”

“How can primary needs and secondary needs be compared to each other?” Ji Cha looked at the car parked in the garage. The body was strong and the space inside was large.

The security is the most important, who cares about the soft bed and the hard bed?

The car was delivered only yesterday, and he was very satisfied at a glance. Even though the speed of the car was a bit slow as Zhang Xing once said, Ji Cha didn’t care about that little flaw at all.

“Okay, I’m going to bed then.” Zhang Xing no longer treated himself as an outsider at all, he already occupied a well-lit room in the house, and he really didn’t seem to have any intention to leave.

Ji Cha was too lazy to care about him, he calculated everything he had now, recorded everything that should be checked, and filled in his notebook.

In addition to buying all these things, now is the time to move.

Many of the family’s furniture, Ji Cha planned to bring it all here. The distance between the factory and his gramma’s house is more than ten miles away. It is inevitable he had to abandon living in the village after all.

Before this, Ji Cha was a little confused about how to convince his grandmother so that she would just leave the house she had lived in for decades.

“Moving to the factory?” When grandma heard Ji Cha’s words, she immediately showed a surprised expression, “Why are you going there, in the wilderness, you can’t even see a person, and besides, can the rooms in the factory livable for people?”

It’s a good thing that there are no people in the wilderness!

But there was no strong disapproval in Grandma’s words, which was good. So, please read on ho lo lo novels dot com. Ji Cha didn’t talk nonsense, and took his grandmother to the factory directly by the little scooter.

Before they could go in, the changes outside had already startled grandmother.

“How did this happen? How much does it cost?” Grandma brought Ji Cha in and walked around twice, and she was speechless, so she just raised her hand in a hurry to beat Ji Cha.

Ji Cha hurriedly hid aside and pushed all the pot onto Liang Jincheng.

“No, grandma, senior helped me to get this. I cooperated with his company on a project! For an ecological park project,” Ji Cha hid behind the wall with a sincere expression, “Our factory is useless anyway. So, I thought it’s good to use it as an ecological park, and if it is successful later, it can make us a lot of money.”

Hearing Liang Jincheng’s name, grandma seemed to believe it.

“Really?” She looked around suspiciously, “Actually, it’s okay.”

That being said, she really moved in, but grandma was still hesitant.

“I’ve been doing pretty well at home. I’m afraid I won’t be used to living somewhere else all of a sudden.”

“I’m going to live and work here in the future. How can I rest assured that you are at home alone? In addition, there have been so many strange things happening recently, and places with fewer people are safer,” Ji Cha advised, “plus I’m not very good at farming. I need my grandmother to teach me.”

After all this persuasion, he finally persuaded grandmother Ji, for whom her grandson is the most important thing in her heart.

There was a lot of noise when they moved, and they only told the neighbors and the others that they were moving to live in the city. Of course, the fewer people knew about the factory, the better. After moving the house clean, Ji Cha locked the door.

Now there is only one thing to do, he wants to get Liang Jincheng and Wang Qinxue over.

Liang Jincheng’s side is easy to handle, anyway, it was agreed early to meet up, but for Wang Qinxue’s situation, it’s a little tricky. The internship in City A hasn’t ended yet, but what can be judged now is that there have been many small chaos before the official arrival of the apocalypse. If he really waited until the whole thing breaks out and let Wang Qinxue come back, by then it’s going to be too troublesome and extremely unsafe.

Ji Cha had no other choice but to make up lies.



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